Stella Dimoko Ooni Of Ife Unveils Indigenous Drug For Cure And Prevention Of COVID 19


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Monday, March 01, 2021

Ooni Of Ife Unveils Indigenous Drug For Cure And Prevention Of COVID 19


 Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has unveiled Verozil an indigenous drug for prevention and cure of COVID-19.


Verozil, which is available in capsules, blisters packs and liquid, was certified by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Verozil, which was launched alongside other three indigenous drugs, was researched and produced by Yem-Kem International Group and Ooni Ojaja Global Outreach.

It is will be distributed by Organic Remedies.

Oba Adeyeye said it was a privilege to unveil indigenous medicines, noting the potencies have been tested and proven by governmental agencies.

His words: “Today is a great day for in the history of this great nation, I give kudos to the Minister of Health, NAFDAC DG and the presidency for the success of these products.

“I want to announce to the whole world that there a new phase in traditional medicine research that will be berth soon with the introduction of an Executive bill, which is at the second reading at the National Assembly, on herbal product research.

“We are also launching bitter leaf a very powerful product and now it is in gelatin form to be consumed easily by people and it was produced in Nigeria.

“We have been on research for over one year on indigenous medicine. We have taken every step and form alliances with every organisation at the Federal Government level.

“We have passed through every stage we need to pass and NAFDAC has given us the approval needed since last year September.

“We started administering the medicine on lots of COVID-19 patients to boost their immune system even our political leaders; thousands of people have tested this product since last year.

“We are very convinced that something good is coming out of our dear country. This product is for the benefit of mankind.

“As the world is celebrating their COVID-19 vaccine, we are here to unveil and celebrate our own indigenous medicine.”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yem-Kem International Nigeria Limited, Akintunde Ayeni, revealed Ogunwusi phoned him during the COVID-19 and inquired from him what he was doing in respect of the deadly virus.

He said the monarch sent him some recipes that they can use in making indigenous medicine to fight COVID-19, which he studied and gave birth to the medicines.

He explained: “Verozil-Immune booster takes care of new day infections, including COVID-19, Bitter leaf capsule, specially produced to attack diabetes and high blood pressure, Vision Pro takes care of eye problem and deficiencies while Rio Capsule has been specially produced to regulate men’s sexual disorder.”

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  1. We bless God.. I no why I like this guy Sha..#nohomo

    1. Thank God. Relying on the west for everything in 2021 is disgraceful and sad. They don't even like the black race, how can you rely on those who don't like you for a cure to a pandemic? Na mass death in waiting. Thank you to this team for taking away this shame.

      I pray it works well and shame the devil

    2. Hmmmmmmm, it is well. The rich ones and politicians will still travel abroad to get vaccinated secretly. Wahala for poor man.
      Poverty is a painful disease aswear.

  2. This is wonderful!! Welldone Ooni and Yem-Kem..We need to appreciate our own and make use of our herbs...Using local herbs to fight local problems..

  3. Congratulations Oni.

    From a business point of view, isn't this a little late in coming since there's a vaccine and people would soon not need this in few months?

    1. go and sit down, which business point of view? when will the vaccine get here and be share to millions of Nigerians?

  4. Now this is the remedy am willing to try in lieu wit Covid.
    Well done, Kabiyesi

  5. Great news,
    A step in the right direction

  6. I rather take this than the vaccine o. Me organic product is better than plenty petri dish cultured and harvested protein. See as I am talking sef

  7. Kudos to Ooni of Ife, great stuff.

  8. Please Stella how can one get these.

  9. Everything that Africa needs is already in Africa. I support this.

    He glowing though, glow on. He really exemplifies the purpose of the throne. Love his push for innovation and development.

  10. He and the rest of the privileged will go and get the vaccine while the poor hail primitivity. Agbo has ingredients with botanical names. Aspirin was from the bark of willow tree before being produced en mass synthetically. Quinine, the precursor of chloroquine is from a tree. Enalapril the first ACE inhibitor used for high blood pressure was from snake venom.. on and on like that. Nobody is against natural herbs but in 2021 the active ingredient needs to be identified and removed. Africans are not willing to take up the science so they lump the active with the inactive.

    How many COVID19 positive patients did he try it on and what was the % of those that survived etc. there is a reason for clinical trials else I can say my edikaekong cures COVID19. I feel sorry for the masses hailing the 1% who are already taking or have taken their second dose in America. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. I was asked if I wanted the vaccine due to my profession. I don’t want the vaccine because it’s still in phase 4 clinical trial if you are familiar with the process here. It’s called post marketing surveillance and a lot of meds come back with negative adverse events reports in phase 4. Forget this BS unless they try it on all the Covid patients in isolation centers. You cannot cook Adam with mouth or talk. Stella please post. Nigeria won’t make progress with this 1900 mindset when Quinine was isolated over 2 centuries ago.


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