Stella Dimoko Wednesday IHN - The Boxing Ring...


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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wednesday IHN - The Boxing Ring...

 The Boxing ring on Stella's Blog is for sorting out issues in house and only comes up when we see the comment section heated up....

If you have issues with anyone here, please call them out here and sort it out and please stop polluting the comment section with negative vibes...

Make i no lie, we all love drama when it does not involve us so bring it on and bring it on well....

I don't have any call out and just wanna reassure you all that i love everyone equally but the reason i don't post some comments is because of the kinds of curse words that is used....... Somebody go cuss you say you dey mad, you cuss am say em mama dey mad...

That is just an example oh.

Please sort out your issues and move on.... we forefathers say friendship no be by force nah.....

Wey dem?


  1. People still hey get issue for here.

    I haven't noticed any though

  2. Yo! I miss my sistahs πŸ₯Ί
    The White Enchantress
    Anon baibay

    1. Yeah,Nwunye Akamu Jehovah how are you and the baby doing? πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

      Isabella, how are you doing. Please come back. Miss you 😘😘😘

  3. Where una dey o? We love you right back Stella.

  4. Eku boxing....o,make sure you eat first before boxing

  5. Chisom, why are you always angry? I've noticed this trend for a long time. You have such a beautiful name, yet always sound so bitter. What exactly is wrong with you?

    1. Chisom is not angry, just frank and she explains reasons for her comments most times and doesn't find it hard taking corrections.

    2. Welcome Chisom πŸ˜‚

    3. Chisom is not bitter. You know what bitterness is. You guys ll use big words without knowing its actual meaning. Leave that lady alone and get busy with yourself. I am happy she no reply you because you are not worth it.

  6. The moon appears once in a while,I'm the moon!

    1. The moon In its stages appears 29x in a month and one full moon once every month. That’s pretty regular

      Unless it’s a blue moon you talking about.

    2. Epele oh, sisi Moona πŸ™„

  7. Aha! πŸ₯Š Ring don land o.
    My issue is with chisom,babe this ur byforce friendship na wa o,me think say friends correct each other o,trying so hard to be in shooter's good book so she can like u.just be urself u hear.stop forcing friendship.

  8. Stella I'm here for you. I wrote a love note to bv Eesah. You didn't post why? I love him and nothing can change that. The heart wants what it wants eh? Take ya time o.

    1. HeheheπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I hope he feels the same way about you.

    2. Imagine loving someone with a heart of stone. You dont love him but you love the idea you have about him. Get a hold on yourself and you will get the love you deserve. Na wa

    3. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ the heart sure want what it wants.
      But before you start falling in luv I hope you are still virgin?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Hope you're a varginπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. @anonymous 15:44 no let all these bad belle people stop you from finding true love, no mind them, they can’t stand seeing lovers display affection for each other, they don’t want Eesah to find true love, virgin or not, true love exists,and everyone deserves true love notwithstanding ones antecedent, If Eesah reciprocates your love vibes, go on do your thing, I wish you both all the best

  9. Drama still dey this blog?

    Everywhere is just quiet with so so shoutouts and air kisses.πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Kinda miss that blog nuisance "Rolex". Haha, that troll was one keyboard warrior.

  10. Let the drama begins.
    I love drama but hate been involved.

    1. What's "been involved"..pls it is BEING! Ha na wa.

  11. I miss the old BVs abeg, this blog was fun on like nowwnow everybody don turn motivational speakers dey carry hammer and wig dey judge up and downπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„, abeg I need fight and quarrel

  12. πŸ”” πŸ”” πŸ”” drama ehhh!

  13. Shantel (without an) empire, sorry, I never knew your face always made an onion cry, chai, eyah, ndo oh, sorry, pele. Anyways, I ain't one to "look for trouble". All I was/am saying is, if you wanna shade someone, my darling, do so, "with your full chest". Don't be a pot calling the kettle black. We all know/knew you were referring to Eka but your "boldness" didn't have to wait for the blog owner to ask who you were referring to before the lion in your kitten, decide to mention Eka.
    Note that, I ain't taking sides. Man gat no time for that.
    I like you, at least to some extent, so, please, my darling, Shanny,do not take this the wrong way and start throwing tantrums, ehn.

    Take care of you. Or should I mail Stella and shoot my shot sef? πŸ€”Lemme sleep over it.

    1. Shantelle addressed Eka directly just few days ago, can't remember which post, so really you could have saved yourself this epistle you wrote.

    2. Maami rest na. Shoot which shotπŸ™„

    3. What's going on here? What address? Where, how and why??? Let me not miss this vawulence abeg

    4. Oh, I've seen the comment, I no even remember who made that comment (that's how irrelevant the person is).

      I don't even think I even insulted her when I made my post but u know they just want desperately to feel like 'victim of Eka Joy'. She and that wanna be Raquel (this one i don't even understand what her own problem is). All because I commented under her movie diss post that people like different taste in movies, with neither insult nor malice, she came out saying her generation not me is what she will always remember as impoverished.

      It's her own that is shocking me the most. I guess she wants to jump on my name to be famous here.

      These things don't matter to me anymore jare. Some ppl have the mind to think I'm afraid of them on this blog sha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Warra mess!!!!

    5. OK Eka don't miss this,

      I read somewhere where you were talking about how you have changed and other crap like that, I don't know if you're the one deceiving yourself or its your colleagues here that's deceiving you.. omo.. you no change anything oh.. quit deluding yourself..

      Your comments which most times are your life activities reeks of selfish, insensitive and manipulative actions..
      I'll give you an example and keep it moving-

      You and oga planned on holding back before having kids, due to whatever reasons, you changed your mind, instead of discussing your fears with oga and reach an understanding or at least put him on notice, you decided on your own to stop taking birth control pills, thereby 'trapping' him into what he wasn't ready for or had plans for.
      Would you have been okay if you guys has an understanding to have kids immediately but oga was taking something to kill his sperm without your knowledge, due to whatever reason? That's exactly how your actions is..
      I wonder the lie (or should I call it excuse) you told after you 'fell' pregnant..

      You just came here saying the story thinking it was hilarious and of course your colleagues didn't deem it fit to put you in check or correct you. Always praising each other in trash and insult any fellow lady who talks common sense.. we see it here everyday..
      For example, if a lady comes here to say she can't hide anything from her hubby, na insult upon insult she go receive, but the one that'll come and say she hides alot from her hubby you go dey her 'way to go girl'.. 'smart girl' etc etc.. na so una curse Tanzania president weh say she still dey respect her husband, una expect am to dey insult her husband or divorce am so una go praise..

      If you like change, if you like no change.. na you sabi.
      I don talk my own✌

    6. Eka you mean its you now crying victim cos you don't want to be served your bitter pill? Shouting i've changed all over the blog when we know rain beats the leopard skin but it never washes out it spots. Your self deceit is amusing,I like it when you believe your own lies.

    7. Dante let me respond to ur miserable self. I clearly stated my reasons for stopping the pill as I was expecting to not take in immediately and wanted to clear my system and hopefully get pregnant around the time we wanted to. Luckily, it didn't happen that way and yea my ever loving husband said nothing.

      About a week or two after pregnancy was confirmed, I walked up to him and told him I needed to confess something. He just looked at me and said 'I know what it is, the pregnancy wasn't a mistake, you just didn't take the pills'.

      I was like if he knew all along, why didn't he say something. He said it was because he knew I would eventually tell him.

      Your miserable self could never ever in ur wildest imagination have the relationship I have with my husband. Never. You don't even deserve it sef.

      Oponu, woman hater, miserable he-goat. You will tell me what changing as it relates to attacking people's comment have anything to do with my marriage.

      Idiot. Don't go and look for someone who is as miserable as u are to marry u, be referring to my personal life every chance you get. Fool!!!!

    8. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„..
      Just see the crap defense filled with the signature of your 'old self' all over..
      Your change and APC change, no difference Lol..

      I have made my point.. you can keep crying all over for all I care☻πŸ˜„

    9. Raquel ignore her. The truth be biting their asses. Make i just see her call anybody hater here again.

      Tranny 16:28,another pathetic clown. All you've got is a head full of air! You pillock. You even had to use my own words,el oh el!
      How boring can you get? Damn! And oh,don't like me,I don't do peasants.
      Anon 17:19,ignore the attention seeking tranny that wants to be noticed so bad.
      Anon 17:27,what do you expect from someone with a feminine url,but claiming to be a man? The dummy be having identity crisis.
      eka be like,i no even remember who make that comment,but you remembered enough to give a reply the following day. lmfao! Whatever makes you so dumb really works.

    10. Hahaha vayolence. Eka is in a shalaye spree. Eka i believe sometimes you overdo it. After insulting all and sundry reflect on all have been said about you and adjust. This platform is big enough so people dont have to reply to you to be famous or known here. Just pipe down and adjust. Dont always believe the hype here. Some people will hail you but not truly dont gbedu you. My dear this world is small. Pipe down nneoma.

    11. 😁😁😁😁 Okada drop me here osiso hahaha.... Never a dull moment on SDK's blog. Dante, now I know the meaning of the pin in your moniker.

    12. I'm here for the vawulence, nobody should separate this gbas gbos, it's good once in awhile biko

    13. The for this Teejay. If Eka decides to face you, you will begin to rave like a rabid lunatic. Continue, that thing you are looking for, you will surely find.


    14. Hahaha @ okada drop me here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Wait, so you and your husband agreed to wait BUT you went ahead to stop taking pills. Wow!! You might not realise it ut you've broken some level of trust between you and your husband.

    15. Anonymous 20. 42 You are the real ewu and rabid lunatic.Okpo and May Ekuke bite you there. You think Teejay cannot defend himself. Do you know what that guy went through because of Eka low budget CIA accused him falsely. Did she apologize to him. But i thank God for saving him.

    16. Hmm na wa oh

    17. 20.42 you are the real ewu! Create a separate comment if you want to face Teejay. Coward.

    18. Abeg, who is this Mummy El o eh? I avoid people like her, always causing fracas wherever they go.

    19. Although I'm enjoying this violence but truthfully Dante you need help ASAP! Your point is just way off. You really really really need help

    20. Wow!

      I am so late to this party

      Like wowwww!

      Why do y'all hate this Eka so much?

      I see a lady with a very good sense of reasoning in her!

      The only person that has right to fight Eka this dirty is Teejay because of the oha accusations that time.

      The rest are just chasing clout!

      Raquel tryna use Eka to be known

      Shantelle without empire, still playing her old tricks. Seeking endless attention with others.

      As for Dante, like wowww. Is it the small dick that tumbles your emotions and sense of reasoning or what?

      Boy look how you twisted that story! Wowww!

      Eka said she went off pills to give her body time to heal from long time of taking pills and pregnancy happened. How did that translate to deceiving hubby?

      Mehnnn people will go any length to bring you down in this life!

      Guess her rising story upset a lot of people especially those who were hoping she keeps struggling for life.

      Eka, guard your GRACE with wisdom! Everybody dey anon. Some are even typing from the other side (if u know what I mean)!


      The hate on you is not normal!

    21. See them. I said what I said. 21:02 and 21:47. Go screw yourselves. If she decides to face him then it will now be that she is a bully. Why can't he waka pass. Nooo, he must chook mouth. Wasn't he vindicated. Hasn't he gone on to rise above it all but nooo he must be petty.

      Both of you fools should drink cold water, una go dey alright. Rabid fools.

    22. 1.36..
      "Eka said she went off pills to give her body time to heal from long time of taking pills and pregnancy happened."

      You see how stupid you are. This wasn't what she said. Ode. Just jumping in to defend your colleague without knowing the real state of things. If you like don't tell her truths.

      "As for Dante, like wowww. Is it the small dick that tumbles your emotions and sense of reasoning or what?"

      πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„.. ode.. do you really think I'll join issues with you about this.. Lol.. it's very easy to confirm oh.. just volunteer a natural Beautiful girl like Gem, to come and confirm and report back to you guys ☻☻

    23. Anonymous 01:50 You are the real April fool here. Wherelse did he chook mouth for Eka. You are just delusional someone is giving facts here but no you have hail her. Some of you here are really dumbskulls so no need enlightening you. Na you suppose screw yaself because you are indeed very sick in the head. Ozuor.

      Anonymous 01:36 All what you said is BALDADASH Racquel tryna use herself to be popular some of you here are real dumbasses. I have to reply Eka to be famous you are so unbelievable and delusional. You are free to defend her but the truth must be told about her. You want people to celebrate you like blog celeb but once its time for giveaways, her ear go stand like rabbit to know who is lying and who is not. I know she is a blog ancestor but she should learn to pipe down. Some people need to swallow their own bitter pill.

    24. See how Mummy el whatever her name is stirred up trouble and jejely waka away. Devil go dey fear some of you.

    25. If you pigs knew who Anon 1:36 aka ME is, you will know well NOT to near me on this space!

      I am not Eka you maggots think you can keep crawling all over her!

      You better be warned!

      And yes, you are all terrible hateful WEAK souls!

      Her progress upsets you smellos hence the constant attack!

      Trying so hard to weaken her and bend her to your wills! Useless irritants!

      Eka I have finished telling you. Guard your GRACE! This hate is NOT normal.

      You think is everyone that wants you happy?

      They want to CONTROL how you think! If you like allow them to succeed!

      They will still suspect I am you!

      My Joy is that you Eka knows this is NOT you.

      There are other good people reading, observing, watching and shaking heads at the attitudes of these irritants!

      Look how that small penis that should go and join bobrisky crew is everywhere crying.

      Dante when they say men should stand up in your family meetings, do YOU?


    26. Teejay comes in to stir trouble also. He humiliates,laugh, mock.
      When you reply the comment Stella will eat it.

      He was not vindicated anything,we portharcourt blog readers are waiting for him and Stella to mention the business he opened then we take the matter to Instagram.

      Plus Stella ern, plus sexy daddy ern,plus mneka his wife ,it should be a tears galore season.


    27. Lol..9.46..
      No I don't.. I sit, cos I have a bore hole pussy just like youπŸ˜„

    28. Dante women hater? Says the no1 women hater on here. Buhaha
      Let your fellow women come appreciate their men and watch you get riled up like an agitated oaf! But you don't want same for yourself now so you came up with the 'change' mantra. You want to sow 'agbalumo' and reap mango,nonsense!
      You can fool all the ppl some of the time,some of the ppl all of the time,but not all the ppl all the time. We see through your bullshit.

    29. Anon20:42 aka 1:50,stop! You're doing the exact thing eka is being called out for, trying to 'police' ppls comments. Leave TJ to comment wherever and however he wants. The TJ sef I no understand am,today we are 'friends',tomorrow we are giving each other gbas gbos. El oh el!

      Dante all these ones na atutupoyoyo wey dey form,fine girl where? Buhahahaaa!

      Anon 1:36 aka 9:46,and who exactly are you? A wanna be,a simpleton and a delusional monkey! I refused to see you,but for mentioning my ID? bring it on! Anumpama.

    30. 6:51. I guess you are a new comer. I am not holding brief for eka. Far from it. You do not know the character I called out. This isn't the first time he's doing something like that.

      Shantelle, I am not policing his comments. Who am I to do that.

      As for 6:51, you are the ozu. Dead body still roaming the face of the earth. Imbecile.

  14. I like everyone on this blog,you are very interesting and entertaining, there is never a dull moment on this blog, Stella you are simply the best

  15. If l offend you. Please forgive me.

  16. I am here to know if i have offended anyone.. if yes kindly spit it out so we can all enter the matter.....

  17. Lol who wan box me abi who I wan box laidis. Oya shey make we start ni?😏πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  18. Ah, nobody gree fight oπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚who wan fight me? πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️

  19. Please the person I will like to understand better is Alexander pls sir your comments here a times makes me wonder if this is your real character or just you catching cruise please I will need answers from you whenever their is a post on how bad Nigeria is you will always remind us that it was like that during your own time my question is do you actually hate change, we voted this government believing that Nigeria will become better but when we complain about things not working out the way it should you will quickly remind us that it has been like that. I know you said you retired as a director that means you might have travelled outside Nigeria don't you feel bad about what is happening in your country or do you enjoy the way this country is please, another one I read your comment on the man that was burned to death and your reply is that it happens in the south please I want to know killing a human is it justifiable regardless of where it happened your comments a times makes me wonder that is why I have decided to know is this your real personality or you are catching cruise so that I can know whether I should be replying your insensitive comments or avoid you entirely please reply it is urgent

    1. That Alexander guy is FAR from okay. Some people's comments should be jump and pass.

    2. Hahahahahahahaha.....Anon 18:21, abeg no kill me with laff oh

  20. Abeg me I want to box Sanwolu and all the useless government officials. Lagos no water for more than a month now. Last month I bought two paint of garri for 1,200ngn. Today i am buying 2 paint of garri for 2,200ngn. Yet we have a useless president who hopped on a plane to seek medical attention without batting an eyelid while the people will suffer on the planned resident doctors strike commencing tomorrow. Same tomorrow, fuel hike will take place. Wicked set of rulers that are sadists who derive joy on inflicting pain and hardship

  21. Dante's epistle. Eka personal issues no be ya business o

    1. Anything brought to the general public becomes everyone business. People read stuff on the Internet and copy. Some lady would read what she did and also decide to do same thinking it's okay to do so since Eka did it and everyone was fine with it.

      What's up with you writing Dante's epistle under my post all day.. hope all is well?

    2. As in eh, Her husband isn't complaining but you're here gnashing your teeth. It's so foolish for you to bring that scenerio up considering the fact that the pregnancy brought forth a beautiful girl

    3. Like dude is totally losing it! This is not normal anymore


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