Stella Dimoko Young Men Flaunting Luxurious Lifestyles On The Social Media Arrested For Alleged Armed Robbery.


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Thursday, March 04, 2021

Young Men Flaunting Luxurious Lifestyles On The Social Media Arrested For Alleged Armed Robbery.

Oh dear... What a wasted life!

Two young men were arrested by the Nigerian police for armed robbery..

Both who gained notoriety for flaunting luxurious materials and promoting promiscuity on the social media were nabbed during the early hours of Tuesday, March 2 during a robbery operation.

They had been sharing videos of themselves on the social media, living large without any revealing their sources of income.




  1. I don't trust the Nigerian police. A lot of innocent people have been paraded as criminals. So except with strong evidence will I believe them. I am not saying these two are innocent but the Nigerian Police can show you a white handkerchief and dye it red then make you believe it was originally red.

    1. Until Nigerian Police display arms and tag your brothers 4 armed Robbery,na then una eye go open
      I can never forget an incident that happened way back,d days of ODE ESHI,a neighbor was displayed on NTA,d weapons,big ite ona pot,red clothes, skulls.
      D story was dey went to fortify themselves against a Robbery and got nabbed,we all blved.
      The young man was released but d confidence he walked Ard d whole Estate not minding the whispering made so many of us question the alleged Robbery.
      His father an Igwe,dey were very wealthy,y Robbery ?
      Many yrs later we found out it was a set up by his father's rivalry.
      Trust village Pple and ISHA ASI SA during death,the man openly confessed.
      Just forget this NP. They r bunch of HOODLUMS o

  2. But Nigerians worship anyone "living large" irrespective of not knowing the means of livelihood. How many "chieftains" of parties do we know their means of livelihood?
    How many "hot slay queens on social media"
    do you know their means of livelihood?😏😏😏😏😏

    1. Not only Nigerians please. Vain people are found all over the world living large and above their means and you get people that worship them too.

      Thank God they are caught but they should tell us how.

    2. @Akunya
      Did I say it is ONLY Nigerians?
      You see how you quickly ran into defensive (midfield)position?
      Guilty as charged?🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  3. I would love to read the full story and how they were arrested.

  4. Sincerely speaking I find it extremely difficult to believe ndα»‹ NPF, they lie with so much ease

    1. As long as they had no visible source of income for their lavish lifestyle,they are criminals!

  5. Police force don cast! People don't believe them again....smh

  6. Awon pepper dem geng and then all the tapperw, that keep tapping into a blessing u don't know it's source, you know not all that glitters is not gold.

  7. Look at them in the dirt


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