Stella Dimoko Actress Monalisa Coker Throws A Memo To Women Who Talk About Each Other In A Bad Way


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Friday, April 09, 2021

Actress Monalisa Coker Throws A Memo To Women Who Talk About Each Other In A Bad Way

 Nollywood actress Monalisa Coker posted a memo and it looks like a shade ....

Me - wondering who the girl is........



  1. Na idleness dey cause am.
    When your mind is occupied with meaningful thoughts and you are so busy,you wouldn't have time to even notice when flies pass.
    Talk more of checking what others are doing.
    Na dem get their mouths.

    1. Not only idleness but complacency n a lack of discipline to change. U see another lady glowing up and thriving, getting fit x looking good n making money n just cus u don't have the will power to do it u choose to hate on her. there's a mutual friend that does come along when me and my secondary school friend are going for outings n she is always doing that irritating thing of sizing me up, looking at me commenting on this and that. First time I ignored cus it was my first time meeting n assumed it was shayo. Second time she tried it, asked if I was wearing a waist trainer n she gave me one disgusted look. I told her "yes I am cus it makes me look damn good" and walked away. I also told that my sec school she needs to stop inviting that babe on outings cus her personality is wack

      Some ladies derive joy from making other women feel less than because they feel the other women are receiving more Male attention or have looks more put together. If u want to know how to look good too, just ASK FOR TIPS u won't die o. No let jealousy make u a witch at a young age

    2. God bless you 14:15, it's just jealousy, then they will be saying things to make you feel bad.. just to make up for their insecurity.
      Ask for tips you won't die.. tueh!!!

  2. She said the truth. Just the Chioma saga alone is enough evidence, viciously tearing the girl apart as if she doesn’t already know she messed up.

  3. Omo, beecee don hear am ontop this chioma matter

  4. One word I saw in that her rant, that is a liability to women
    One word that has reduced the value and grand standing and decency of
    women in Nigeria.
    Just one word; do you know what it is?

  5. It's not just about women, you shouldn't speak ill of your neighbour.. Both men and women

  6. She is so....hmmmmm🙄

  7. For me, I just let God answer them on my behalf, He sure knows how to. Aunty Floxxy & Co, how far market, come carry your load.

  8. Reminds me of my SIL who had to reduce my job title from Lecturer to tutor during an introduction, I smiled and said she was right.
    Next time, she lied to her hubby that I studied sociology instead of engineering 😂
    I v just been made an Assoc Prof and if she still introduces me as a tutor, I will accept with a smile.
    No time 😂

    1. This can't be me. I can't smile and agree that I'm a tutor when I'm a lecturer, I just can't.
      This your SIL, avoid her.

    2. Thanks @ fabulous onyx, I de avoid her die.
      I v since come to the conclusion that her actions are deep rooted in inferiority complex and personally, I feel it’s not my responsibility to ‘heal’ her.
      Besides, her husband found out she was lying about the sociology/engineering thing and nearly embarrassed her for lying and tbh I felt sorry for her cos it was in public 😂

  9. Baby Malu Over9 April 2021 at 14:49

    Well said🤗💋. Stella she may be shading the perceived ' male_ faced' co_ host that spewed rubbish about Chef Chi recently.


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