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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...




Please Mrs Stella help me .....I have been dating this guy for a year and 4 months now and When we started he was advising me to go for a genotype test and blood group test but I played deaf ears to it but Now I am pregnant for him:

 At the hospital I was told to do the test I did and the result came out and I Am AS. My blood group is B Positive, I showed him the result and He said that he is also AS.

 I asked for his result he said he will get it for me and He said I acted out of ignorance and thats the punishment we are suffering, That we should pray that the baby is AA .

He is just showing this I don't care attitude and I know AS and AS can't marry For the future of their unborn children.... Just look at what my stupidity has caused this unborn innocent baby. I am Am 4 months gone, what do I do?

Oh dear!!!..   costly mistake!... what ever you do, please dont make more babies with him.. Good luck with the baby...
Pray that the baby will be AA? that would be a miracle!!



I'm not in a relationship because almost all the men I meet wants s#x, some would say it upfront, some as we progress .

I'm not a virgin but I've given my life to Christ and I'm committed to building a relationship with him, I've been celibate for 5yrs now , I believe in love and I want a partner who is my friend and my forever .

My question is, are there still men who subscribe to no s#x before marriage or who is willing to wait? Am I going to loose out because I don't want to compromise my faith? I've been praying, but I'm scared ....

I Dont know what to say about this.............Are there any men on this Blog that can answer this question?


  1. To the first poster kindly find out if there is a way to check for the genotype of your unborn baby while in the womb

    1. There is

      Not common and quite expensive

    2. And a very painful procedure too!

    3. Owk since there is a way to determine the genotype of an unborn baby I will suggest she go for the procedure then if the result comes out to be ss,I suggest that she follows the doctor's addive

    4. Poster 2 ....

      E go hard ooo. Most young men , like 90% plus want sex in any dating. Infact once the relationship starts getting serious then they will demand gbenshing.

      The few who will agree to being celibate , equally need intense scrutiny from you . Why????

      Some guys will agree to being celibate with you, but are knacking someone else . Thier sexual pressure is released elsewhere. So they won't disturb you for sex....

      Some have small dicks or not confident about their sexual ability , those ones too can agree to or even initiate celibacy.

      Finally you have a little percentage ...very few guys who are okay without defects who are genuinely celibate because they are born again and have the fear of God.

      Poster your best bet is with the latter type of guys. The committed Christian guys.

      It won't be an easy journey,... sticking to such celibate decisions will try your faith sorely.

      you might have to break or give up several relationships ..

      But God is faithful, if your eyes are on him you won't be disappointed. He will bring your own husband to you.

      On 2 the Next!

  2. Poster 1, his attitude shows he never intended to marry you. He was just using you until when he is ready to marry someone else. Don't abort the child irrespective of the genotype. I sincerely pray the child would turn out to be AA or AS.

    Poster 2, remain celibate. If you decide to sleep with the next guy, is that a guarantee he'll marry you? No. Remain celibate and please your Creator. When it's His will, the right man who values and lives by the same morals as you will come

  3. Stella, sometimes, your answers make me smile widely.

    1. Poster 2: Youth is transient. Pray you don't wake up one day and wonder what happened that you didn't have fun when the youth sun shone. Pray you don't become a bitter judge against young ones making the most of every stage and season life has presented them. Meanwhile, your celibacy is no guarantee for a beautiful or fruitful marriage tomorrow. No guarantee that the very next guy you give your cookies won't be an ass hole. There are more important boxes that needs checking ✔ asides his interest in sex. Infact, sexual compatibility is very crucial..

      Take it from who has been there, done that.

  4. Poster 2 do not compromise your faith , the God sent man will come and he will respect your relationship with God and wait. Poster 1 pray and have faith in God while positively confessing an AA baby.

  5. Poster With AS genotype, your bf is not showing an I don't care attitude. He is actually terrified and very angry with you because this could have been prevented. Watching your kid in pain without the ability to help them is torture and that's what you've put yourself and this guy into. Cut him some slack. Just have a sincere heart to heart with him.
    Here are your possibilities;
    AA, AS, AS, SS
    May God forgive your ignorance and right your wrongs

    1. May God forgive that secret sin that resulted to the pregnancy, and have mercy.

    2. Troy There’s no way Two AS will have AA baby

      Both of them have one Abnormal Gene and one normal gene they’d pass on to the baby .the only thing that may happen there’s 50% chance the baby will have sickle cell trait (not the disease ) and 25 % chance of carrying the sickle cell disease itself ..
      In all honest she’s 4 months(second trimester) it’s best she just wait it out and when the baby is born they can check fir the disease and the trait..hopefully the baby may carry only the traits and not the disease..

      Ps: AA,AB,AC etc can actually carry the sickle cell trait and pass it on to their AA,AB etc kids .
      You can be AA married to an AS and baby comes out with SS (because both parents carry one abnormal gene )

      That’s why it’s always important to get genetic testing done before anything .

    3. Anonymous 3.58 how can you br writing falsehoods which such confidence and long epistle.
      Please they have a 25% probability of having an AA child.
      But that is all it's a probability

  6. Poster 2 I believe that there are men who will wait. My husband did. Poster 1, I pray the baby is AA or AS. There's nothing impossible for God.

  7. Yes there are but they are rare

    1. Poster 2 the are men like that. You will meet him
      Keep faith alive.
      Meanwhile keep upgrading yourself. Being a virgin is a virtue but if knowledge is not added to it, it will not guarantee a beautiful marriage.

  8. You’d be amazed at the number of men who don’t do premarital sex and I’m certain one will find you.
    Also, note that there are some men who’d claim same but they are not being sincere probably cos of their not so big manhood.
    Be vigilant and stick to your faith.

  9. Poster 1 you deserve a big knock on your head! A grown woman like you does not know her genotype? Jeez! Unbelievable! Both of you are AS, I would have advised abortion but you are too far gone.
    Anyway, get ready to be a single mother. The man is not even serious, he didn't tell you his own genotype till you got pregnant. Are you sure he isn't looking for a way out? Get something doing if you have none and prepare to birth and care for your baby.
    Ladies need to take charge of their reproductive systems. See how you are asking what to do as if you just woke up one morning and saw yourself pregnant. I am so pissed at you!

    1. She has acknowledged her mistake. Why beat someone when they are down? Encouraging/being positive won't remove anything from you

    2. Anon 15:42. I will not mince words because this is a clear case of nonchalance and I am so sick of women who do this!
      Refusing to do the right things after ample warnings and running around after wards when it backfires.
      This is not a mistake, if you think that the poster did not deliberately get pregnant without knowing her genotype, then you are quite naive.

    3. But I dont see anything wrong in what RSQ said anon,...Pls not everything needs petting,the poster was just careless.

    4. There are some mistakes that are avoidable worst of all,irredeemable when the consequences arrive.If the child turns out to be SS,do you know the agony it will cause the family?especially in Nigeria where men are mostly the breadwinners.

    5. RSQ,my dwarf, I see them all the time in my clinic. You counsel and counsel on abstinence or protection but they are too " woke" to heed.

      Then they come down with infection or "missing period" and the "wokeness" flies out of the window and they start crying. E tire person.

    6. * my dear, not dwarf abeg. Autocorrect sef🤦‍♂️

  10. Poster with genotype issues, goodluck to you on that.
    Poster 2, continue with the celibate you, your prince charming would locate you.
    E-hugs 😘😘

  11. You ladies must sha always find a way to blame a man. PS. I am a woman and poster 1 has herself to blame for two reasons: Getting pregnant out of wedlock and without the man's consent and also not adhering when the man suggested she check her genotype. A very costly mistake has been made and I do not blame the man for his attitude. We women should act more responsibly really especially in issues like this. I have a friend who ignorantly married an AS like herself and luckily they had two children who are not AS. They had to adopt a third baby. I pray for you poster that the child will not be an AS.

    1. Why is the lady to be blamed? Monsieur couldn't use condom ni? abeg stop sounding like all these motivational speakers joor

    2. *two children who are not SS

    3. *That the child will not be an SS

    4. So u blamed only the lady. The man nko??? Na she fuck herself ????

    5. Sexy hips, well she’s the one who will carry the pregnancy and most of the responsibility will be on her in terms of breastfeeding, etc. so yea women need to be more responsible especially when the guy doesn’t want to use condom! Heck abstain from sex period.

  12. Poster one pls if u love urself go and abort that pregnancy and u guys aren't married yet o.That guy will so frustrate ur life and u will hate urself and that innocent is not too late o.Sin na sin..u dey commit fornication and I commit abortion,both of us na same sinners we be o...God have mercy.

  13. Poster 2 There are men who can also say no to sex. I decided to be celebate because of a costly mistake i made and i also decided to remain single. I have been friends with a guy i met on facebook and he want to take it to the next level since i'm single now . I told him about my no sex stance and surprisingly he agreed to it. Although i'm still doing shakara for him sha but i am praying about him codedly. May God help you. Keep holding on and praying too

  14. Poster 1 is one of those ladies that believe you use pregnancy to trap a man.
    Let me tell you baby girl, if that baby turns out to be SS? You will see shege. Sorry will be your first name cos that guy won't be there to support you, last last na money he will give you.

    Poster 2 keep being a mermaid. Men that mostly agree to no sex always have small penis, low sperm count, watery sperm, erectile dysfunction and the like. But have sex only if you want, not cos of someone else.

    You should be old enough to make and own your decisions

    1. Anony 15:58 are you discouraging her for being celibate? I honestly do not understand this your explanation on men that says no to sex, are you serious ?

    2. Nawa ooo. This your write up eh. You just concluded. Take am easy

    3. You’re such a liar!

      Poster 2. PAY HER NO MIND.

      There are men who are ready to wait and be celibate and who have nothing wrong going on with their sexual organs/drive.
      But listen, let celibacy not be the only reason why you agree to be with someone.
      Please. Look out for other things.
      Is he kind, teachable and humble? Does he love you wholly and accept your family? Is he a responsible man? Can you have deep conversations with him? Can he be your leader? Is he hardworking? Is he willing to improve and grow?
      Let it not be that once one says ‘I can be celibate’, you rush into relationship with him.
      Pray and ask God to bring your Boaz.

      I’m in a relationship with a handsome, loving, amazing man and we are celibate.
      Note that he didn’t have any issue having sex, but I told him I’m not about that life and he got his own convictions fixed. I also have to really limit the time we spend together by ourselves, but we are on the journey together.

      So yes. I wish you the best. Pay these ones no mind.

      And let me say this. A horsepower today can turn into a flaccid frog tomorrow.
      All these test and taste doesn’t guarantee anything.
      Have conversations about sex and conduct your own findings. But things change in marriage, you need to find the one person who you can communicate your wants and needs to always.
      Was it not here a certain BV said wives showcase their skills before marriage and turn into ‘old Mary’ once they get in.
      Abeg oh

    4. Poster pls follow ds advice biko let celibacy not be the only thing you are considering before you start a relationship. Another thing is don't be moved by just the celibacy aspect of the relationship because sometimes the guy can be OK with it since it's you he loves to marry but he's getting sex outside.

    5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 na wa oo. Your write up is full of lies

  15. You decided not to test and collected deek till belly enter, now you are crying? Pray your baby comes out AS..cuz AA would be a pure n undiluted miracle.

  16. Poster A
    yOu will be alright if you make the right choices from now onwards.
    simply waiting for marriage before sex could have saved you all these worries.
    Are you worried at all that you broke God's command by fornicating?
    Are you worried at all about the consequences of that in eternity?
    You are only mindful of marriage and babies, wow!
    Just make sure you don't add the sin of abortion to it. YOu will be alright.

  17. Poster 2
    Yes, there are men (in Christ) who do not ask for fornication. I dated my fiance
    then for 3 years and he did not ask for or mention it. We were okay with each other's
    company. We studied the Scriptures together, fasted and prayed together. We are married
    with kids.

    All those men asking you for sex before marriage are not Believers in Christ.
    Since you have "given your life to Christ," look unto Jesus for your husband.
    Study the Scriptures, fast, pray...he will open your eyes to see the person and for
    that person to find you. He may not be in the same "Church" you attend. If you desperately
    crave for a husband, you might fall into the hands of the evil one. Please wait patiently.

  18. poster 2, please build your relationship with God. HE will surely give you a good man who wont ask for sex. I was a single mom of one and I rededicated my life to GOD and was literally celibate for 4yrs and God came through for me. God didnt just give me a husband but a very good one at that who loves and cherish my son. My husband didnt ask me for sex till we were married, today na everyday gbensing. So keep FAITH ALIVE IN GOD!!!

  19. Ah! Poster 2 was it not just last week that Stella posted about the lady in Niger state who was asking for divorce few days into marriage? Because she couldn't handle the gbola? Abstinence is very much okay and I support you. I believe you will meet a man who equally shares that stance. There are a lot of them out there. But please be careful, while you are abstaining, also codedly get an idea of the package and it's functionality.

    Sexual compatibility is very much a thing o

  20. Poster 1 heii four months gone, that means you ve already planned to marry the guy for you to wait till now, i dony want to blame you but most times when we re entering rships you ll do all tests both stis in case if you want to take it to the next level, sickle cell its not sth somebody will just gamble in this modern time but faith conquers, just pray and believe, better still meet good good doctors it will really open your mind and options to take, future is really pregnant

    1. Pray and believe on top fornication??? Haha haha you lots are delusional

  21. poster2 if you have given your life to Christ,why are you still dating?????

    1. No. She no go date. She go order husband from konga abi na jumia.

      Some of you Christian folks sef. How do you guys think?

  22. Poster 2 pls don’t give in to the pressure.
    Continue pleasing God. The fear of God is the begin of wisdom and God is a faithful And just God, His plans for you are of Good and not of evil, to bring you and Expected end.
    Like in the days of Elija, there are still a remnant who are devoted to honoring God.
    I lost a lot of relationships too while I was single for same reason but I never really regarded them as a ‘’loss’’

    At the right time God sent my man who told me himself on our 2nd date about no sex relationship. He revealed his main desire in life was to please God in His daily life and make Heaven, every other thing was secondary. We wedded in less than 5months and marriage has been great by the Grace of God.

    continue being faithful in truth and in spirit and you will never be disappointed.
    Wish you the best dear.

    1. See you see groove! I pray I meet someone with your husband's mindset.So many fuck boys everywhere. I'm tired.

  23. Poster you don't give deaf ears to matters of the heart, life especially when you don't know your genotype. People with AA genotype can ignore since they can be with any genotype. I will say you should pray for a miracle to happen to your unborn.

    Men don't feel the pain when crisis comes, women have sleepless night, sleeping in the hospital till the baby is okay. You must take full responsibility of your actions when making a choice.

    Poster 2 there is nothing impossible in this life, no matter how bad men are tou will still find a good and decent one. The only issue is that it will take time but last last you will meet one.

    1. That statement of men don’t feel pain when crisis comes is very wrong and uncalled for.

  24. At poster 1, if you're in Lagos, visit the sickle cell foundation opposite LUTH and request for information about pre-fetal test. Their test result is pretty much accurate. You can get to know the baby's genotype beforehand. Time is of the essence cos I think that the test should be done about the 3rd or 4th month of a pregnancy. Like 4 years ago, it used to cost about N250k. Dont forget to go with your partner.

  25. I'm dating one now and he's my second. Honestly, I'm not so comfortable with the relationship especially with the no "sex thingy" and we're just two months gone. May God help me

    Make nobody bash me o mbok

  26. Getting pregnant out of wedlock should be totally blamed on the woman. You should put your foot down even if the man no want condom. If you have decided to engage in pre-marital sex then all consequence must be taken into consideration. When the wahala starts it is mainly the woman that bears the brunt. Women, let's be wise!!

    1. rubbish. why must it be blamed totally on the woman? that mentality is what makes men refuse to do their part in taking care of the child. yes the woman should try be extra carefyul because she bears the brunt of the wahala but the man is also responsible cos he was the sperm donor. if one is careless the other should have been wise so now both were careless they should face the consequencies. when we preach abstinenece they say we are judgemental but these are the fall outs of premarital sex. the guy ia a manipulator. if she did not go for the test why did he not do his own and tell her the result? is it a law that the woman must be the one to do the genotype test? poster you both messed up so dont let him blackmail you emotionally. if you did not do why did he not do his own and tell you his result. mistake has been made, so brace yourself and start to pray. ask God for mercy. he is still merciful and gives second chances. let your child come out AA by his mercy..dont force yourself into keeping this relationship cos of this pregnancy, learn your lesson and move on if the guy is till being unreasonable.
      poster 2. if you truly gave your life to Christ then wait. our relationship with God is more about purpose than any other thing. what if you do not get married in this life will you stop serving God? will he stop being God? if you desire marriage and family then believe God can do it any age and time. however also know that some men claim celibacy because they are impotent so pray more and watch out for other signs too asides only no sex. God is worth waiting for

  27. Poster 2, it depends on your age. If you’re getting close to your mid-30s then please look for someone you really connect with then go ahead.
    No need to announce your decision at the beginning of the relationship. Do it when the relationship becomes serious and needs to move to the next level.
    By then, if the guy truly loved you it will be up for discussion But don’t unload this information at the beginning, it’s a turnoff for most guys.
    I’m talking from experience 40s n still searching. I regret taking this attitude in my 20s n 30s but my faith was so strong. Now, I think God wants use to be sensible and realistic too. Don’t jump into every bed. But if you feel strongly that you are with the right one move ahead with caution. Watch out for telltale signs if there’s any.

    1. meaning u regret being celibate so she can have sex with cannot be mocked

  28. I so love the decision of poster 2. Keep on been you and celibate till the right time. I know it’s not that easy been a guy writings this. 2 years plus down the line and I still thank God for the grace to have kept on pushing.
    STay still dear till you find the right to unleash it on an God be you strength .
    Please God and not man.

  29. Poster 2, please hold unto the faith do not be afraid. Always remember you are not of this world. When tempted, call upon the name of the Lord and be saved. Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. You shall run and not grow weary, you shall walk and will not faint.

  30. Contraception is the responsibility of both parties. They both failed and must now bear the consequences.


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