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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day BVs Please I need advice...

 I just got married and before marriage we had no s#x agreement Now in marriage, the whole thing is scary...

 My husband lasts for over an hour and it is always so painful.. I don't even know what to do because he can't even help it. He told me that's how he has always been. Please married women, how can I handle this?

Both of you seem without experienced ... what do you mean by he cant help it? Get some Jelly and make sure you tire him out with foreplay before any gbenshing.....How can you allow someone be pounding you non stop for one hour? You be cow meat?



My people, my people I need serious advice come and help a sister I beg. 

I am no spring chicken but hate to sleep around casually. So I haven't been active in YEARS. 

Anyway, I met someone recently. It's hot and heavy but in talking about the "do" he said lack of experience is a turnoff for him. He says he's not interested in teaching a grown woman how to please him. Chai! Wetin I go do.

 True True I no get experience Sha. He said a woman my age should have had least 5/6 partners and be able to try style A, B, C, D or E to please him from experience. Haaa! 

I no know any different - different style like that ooo. Na for me to lie down and the man to pounce and pound. Which Kan play he dey look for again? I no dey put d*ck inside throat, I no like am. What do I do? 

I've only been with 2 men. Each lasted 3 and 7 years. My experience was very missionary and predictable. Will I not lose this man? Do I start sleeping around now for experience. 

Could he be bluffing. I'm just confused.

 Do I start practicing with bananas and cucumbers or buy a sex toy?
 Just jejely let him go???? My people, my people I beg come to my rescue.

Please let him go because this relationship will be all about gbenshing and he will finish with you and move on to something more exciting.... If a man is really interested that aspect of whether you know or not wont really matter and if it does, he will teach you how he likes it.....
This one is irresponsibly serial and looking for fun...... Discharge him please.


  1. Gbam Stella got it for poster 2.
    Drop him as e dey hot biko

    1. Stella and her advicesπŸ™„...@poster1, it's a new marriage and sex is a very sensitive and important deal breaker of not handled carefully. I think it's basically an issue of understanding. If he's one of those 'late comers', he can pace himself, take foreplay interludes, focus on foreplay... anything that doesn't make the focus the 'pounding' which I think is your fear. You guys need a compromise.
      @poster 2... Your partner has opened up to you about his likes and dislikes. You either take it for what it is or bounce. Sex isn't that difficult... You just need to keep a present and open mind to it and not be having unnecessary hang ups. It's about mutual pleasure within an environment of comfort. If you're having reservations, open up to him as well. Who knows what his response will be? He might actually relish the opportunity to have a student.

    2. Harder , Harder,na complain don start if na 40seconds husband wahala burst.

  2. @Posternumber1,keep being your real self and don't change whilst at it please
    @Posternumber2,let the sex starved or freaked beast go and i am pretty sure someone more befitting for you will most definitely come your way soonest

  3. Don't know why I feel irritated by/at the second chronicle.

    1. πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†, because Poster 2 knows deep down in her heart that the man is bad news and heartbreak waiting to happen but she will stick with him until he eventually dumps her.

    2. Real bad news. Stella hit the nail on the head. Poster 2 run ooo.

  4. Make the bobo teach the gal from his own experience, the lady can also consort porn video; over experience dey there kaimana

    1. What do they do in porn movies apart from sucking dick? The poster said she doesnt like putting dick in her mouth/throat.

    2. Discharge the guy abeg. He is not ready to settle down.

      Talk to him to adjust.

  5. Make the bobo teach the gal from his own experience, the lady can also consort porn video; over experience dey there kaimana

  6. Poster 2 you better listen to Stella, I hope he doesn’t think you are desperate, how dare he be giving you conditions about sex? πŸ™„, if you like hang on the wall, you’ll never satisfy that freak, let him get an ashawo and pay her to do that.

  7. Inexperienced girlfriend, for you to even contemplate sleeping around to gain sexual experience to please a man is appalling.

  8. Poster 1🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 poster 2 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    1. Lmao. You are silly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Make I join you laugh also🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. Marriage and relationships problems would never end as long as there's a male and a female.
      P1: I want to assume you and your partner don't indulge in foreplay. Because that is love making, kindly let him limit the sex - except for quickies. And focus more on love making as a couple, that way you both enjoy the process. Because every action counts. Intercourse is a big deal to many partners, in marriages. Your partner need to try and understand how your body work, with respect to intercourse.

      P2: I'm more worried about your mindset rather than the issue you have at hand. This is why it is good to have this kind of discussing, for one it helps understand the psych of your partner and where you stand sexually with eachother. You don't need multiple partners to educate yourself on sex related activities. The internet is a resource to anything information. Take your time and learn. But my worry is the mentality of your man, although he has given his position is that the direction you want to go? People who think like you, often have what they are gaining or enjoying from such opposite sex. That they'd rather bend than lose them. Is this you? If so, this situation you are in is already defeated.
      But if otherwise think with your head and be reasonable with what you wish for yourself.

  9. Poster 2, you are dealing with a prospectively selfish lover, see him already laying down rules and regulations. OYO o, better shine your eyes now that it's still early.
    Poster 1, your husband be like poster 2's boyfriend, always Me Me Me. Maybe start with trying to get and use lubricants to reduce the pain, there's only so much pounding the vagina can take before drying out (ky jelly, durex are some lubricants available over the counter in Pharmacies and supermarts). Have you seriously discussed with your hubby how you feel or you'd rather continue to suffer in silence?

    1. Very selfish partner all he talks about is how to please him.
      This is how y'all we see signs and think you can manage.

      He isn't even saying he will teach you, or touch you in ways that will make you want to try things.

      All I am reading is "him him him" better leavening, cus he will cheat on you and blame you for not being able to please him.

  10. Poster 1, if u are well turned on, trust me, one hour wil be pure fun. Now tell him to suck both nipples for at least 30mins each, that one will ensure ur fluids keep pumping. Sucking ur clits in a very pleasurable manner wil elongate ur virgina, also he can help u wit housework or do stuff that makes u happy. Nne, the sky wil be ur limit to bumper town. You can also get gorontula fruit seed to chew,that one will increase ur libido. Good luck.
    Poster 2, I can teach u sis, men also love romance, so kiss him nicely and follow his cues,suck his nipples too,e dey sweet them, touch rub and caress his body, hold his equipment nicely and stroke it. When the actual do is about to start, kiss him during it, start wit missionary then lift one leg very high up and gradually turn while he continues his job, from lying side to face down to the ultimate doggy,then reverse cowgirl which u now twist to actual cowgirl,ride him well and hard. Remember to tell him where to pleasure you too. Hope this helps?

    1. Oshey baddest 🀣🀣🀣🀣I've learnt something from your tutorial

    2. 😯😯😯@suck each nipple for 30 mins each

    3. Sparkle our styles expert. These styles ehn...

    4. Sparkle pls where can someone get the Gorontula fruit seed?

    5. Poster 2 please disregard this advice. I don't know your plan but trust me if your desire is to settle down in the near future and start a family, this guy is not for you. That's how one idiot I met not even up to a week was already saying he wants to be able to travel to my location to fuck when I said no sex. Quickly discharged him like rotten fish. Meanwhile he was asking for God fearing woman o. Yeye dey smell... So many nonsense people out there, you should never be scared just to cut them loose and wait for your own.

    6. See you, @Sparkle777 offering tutorials, yet you cannot even spell the female s*x organ! What is virgina??!! LOL. It's vagina!! Repeat after me, V.A.G.I.N.A!!

      @poster2, please don't break your celibacy over such a man! A high body count does not = advanced sexual skill.

    7. @pretty girlie, u are welcome,lol.
      @ prudent thabita,at least the Bobo can be loosing steam when milking nau.
      @Anon 16:25, it's abundant here in the north, ask those selling dates and tiger nuts, which I might add is equally good.
      @Bini, lol, wetin man go do naa.
      @Anon 16:28, be calming down, from her chronicle,it's obvious they've been doing the do since time imo river,lol. Yaa badluck is not for everyone, inugo.
      @SMH, tnx for the correction, I've been writing a report on the state of Virgina and my auto correct dey overwork. But you need to "breeeeeeeeeeete", I know say kontri hard but I can't help yaa pepper bodi,ndo.
      Ndi banyi, e go be.

    8. @Sparkle777, stop the BS. There is no place like Virgina! It's Virginia! What kind of autocorrect do you have?! πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜‘

      Also, it's "breathe"...not whatever the heck you typed!! LOL.

      Lastly, I am not Nigerian! I have absolutely no idea what you typed at the bottom of your comment! You are welcome to translate it into English, but it will probably be full of spelling mistakes, so do not bother! *Shrug*

    9. @ sparkle777, you will eat and drink to stupor from the cup of evil you have proclaimed over your own life in that response to @ 16:28. As for me, God's got me; the plans He has towards me are good.

  11. Poster one,maybe your husband take tramadol,how person gbensh you for one hour?your waist go break soonest.
    Poster two,na blue film Una wan act ani na woman wen the guy wan marry he dey fine? Please,allow him to go,he has nothing to offer you .If he he is looking for plenty styles,tell to go to a brothel and select a wife there. That one go give every styles,rat styles,cowboy,cowgirl,pig styles,snake in monkey shadow style,even fowl styles.

  12. Which kind thing be this, 2 poster please run for life okay.

  13. Today na gbenshing things. In as much as sex is vital in marriage and relationship. It doesn't mean we should kill ourselves and do the unimaginable. May God give us Sense

  14. The second post is disgusting and somehow dehumanising. Please respect and dignify yourself, walk away from that guy. He wants a subservient woman, a sex slave. If not for you, do it for your family and save yourself from ridicule. Again, please walk away, there are men befitting of you out there

  15. Poster 2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Poster 1, advice ur hubby to suck u wella before he slids in, by the tym u are over slippery, he will not even last up to 30 mins talk of 1hr.

    Poster 2, come close I no wan shout, how old are you? By the tym that olaniyi pounds out the things ur hubby will enjoy ur eye go clear.

  17. Poster 2 - I'm speechless, is the relationship friends with benefit? That man is so selfish and he is making it all about him. Have seen men say I will teach you, but he is already snapping at you for not having experience. Nawa oh. And I know, either he is rich or already calling you my wife, for you to sound this desperate

    1. “ Nawa oh. And I know, either he is rich or already calling you my wife, for you to sound this desperate”

      Sad but true. For some women, once marriage is mentioned, their senses fly out the window.

  18. Poster 2. That sex animal just wants sex from you and nothing more. He wants to suck you dry and throw away the wrinkled wrapper left.

    This is one of the ways God shows people signs before they entangle themselves with a wrong man or woman but most will not listen. The signs are always there. Don't continue with this guy and come back later to complain about how he only used you for sex after giving it to him at various angles.

    The guy gave himself away by that comment already. He has no plans for you. You will just be a fuck buddy, a sex tool for his release.

    But why are you even engaging in premarital sex? Why not wait till marriage. It saves you from sex-obsessed men without good intentions from you.

    Besides why is it that your concern is how to satisfy sorry commit fornication with a guy who only has one thing on his mind: how to rip your vag... apart. Instead of worrying about how to please a man who doesn't have your interest at heart, one that hasn't gone to see your parent or married you why don't you focus on something serious with a serious minded man. Please avoid that bad news you call a man.

    1. Please poster 2 digest this very well. Receive plenty sense, wear your joggers and jappa!

  19. Poster 2 5he man wants to turn you to Olosho. Runnnnnn

  20. Poster 2 the man wants to turn you to Olosho. Runnnnnn

  21. Poster 2 he wants a woman your age to have had '5/ 6' partners . This are the same type of men that will still call you loose for having 5/6 partners. You never see boyfriend sha. My advice, keep it moving. You will find a suitable man.

    1. That is because the man she is talking about does not want something serious at the stage he is in life at the moment. He just wants to have sex to the brim and she seems to be a willing participant for his sexual experiment.

    2. Thank you o
      They will want a holy virgin who will have experience, be hot like cardi b and still engage in mid night prayers.

      Better run away

    3. Anon you right
      Push up na them o

  22. Poster 1 your husband should do more foreplay than only putting his stuff inside, you don't have a problem here just that you and your man has to understand what turn you on and what he should do to help serve him better in bed.

    Tell your husband what turn you on, how to go about it, do you truly live tour man Cos of you do and have feelings with him you should enjoy sex even if you both last for 1 hour. Please find what work for you both.

    Poster 2 you mean the only thing your man want you to offer is different sex style πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ he should wife you before he should be complaining of sex style. So you want to start sleeping around cos you want to please a guy who cannot marry you but will dry you up and dump you.

    Please give him long space and face front.

  23. @poster2,you sound like you have no worth for yourself,where is your dignity biko.

  24. Poster 2, seriously? This should be the most jaw dropping chronicle I have seen here.

    You'd contemplate sleeping around to get experience?
    Even if you learn the whole karma sutra, you can never be sexually enough for this particular man you described above.
    Please do a research instead on financial options. What the ..!

    Poster 1, there's really no detail, is it the foreplay plus penetration that is 1 hour or penetration alone is 1 hour?

  25. Poster 2
    You should actually, quickly lose that man who is only interested in pounding your body silly.
    When such men want to marry, they will go for a virgin. Yes, we've seen it multiple times on this forum

  26. Poster one,
    You both are married, congratulations.
    begin to learn to have love-making just like a new
    born baby learn to breastfeed. Nobody teaches a newborn how to
    breastfeed in the womb. And the mother does not throw away the
    new born because she bites her nipple, does she?

    I got married as a virgin, to a virgin and we both began to learn it.
    When he wanted to enter the first night, he wasn't able to and it was
    painful. We prayed together and slept. Next day we tried again and
    he was in and was it sweet? Wow, blissful 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  27. Poster 2, that guy is a dog. Run as fast as your legs could carry you. Don't ever consider rubbish because you want to please a man.

  28. 2. If you really want something serious in life with a serious human being, please leave this guy and move on. Na gbensh this one come this life come do. Inukwa you should have several partners just to learn how to nak. He's not serious. Leave now that he has shown you who he really is to avoid stories like "he used and dump me"

    1. Tell him to teach you and also tell him to touch you where you'll feel pleasured.

  29. Poster 2. Leave that Sex toy and run for your good before heart attack will follow. He's just after sex and not serious for anything nor even love you. A word is enough for a wise.

  30. Poster 1. Trust me, doing the do for an hour isn't necessarily bad. It just needs to be more spiced up and engaging for both of you. It is normal to think that he may have taken drugs but a good number of men can go that long without cumming. You may just need to gently tease his nipples to speed up his release. It does wonders!

    Poster 2: Where do I start? Are you still there? The kind run I expected you to run is the kind of run that your body reaches your destination before your legs. Just like them Tom and Jerry. That man only wants to use you.
    It was on this blog last week that we all read how issues of fake body count was threatening to tear a family apart. No man truly desires that his woman has a rather high body count. Not that it is necessarily an issue but if it can be helped, men would rather have it low. Now this person is telling you the rubbish that he is. He doesn't want to have a future with you. He only wants you as a conquest and nothing more. I advise that you give him space.

  31. Poster 1... hmmm 1 hr pounding, God forbid ehh! Could that be the reason he agreed to no sex before marriage?
    Anyway you both need to talk seriously. Let him understand the pains he put u tru , maybe you both should see a sex therapist. Something must work out for you both. Ndo

    Poster 2 let that he goat of a man go. He isn't in love with you,he isn't interestedin you as person who deserves care & respect. He just wan chop clean mouth. You don't need that kinda toxic person. But if na only knack you want from him you can go ahead & watch porn & use him to practise then dump him
    Next level things

  32. @ANG with this you described here I can tell you were not a virging or maybe you no get strong hymen! Whaat!! Poster2 run ooooo.

  33. My husband loves me to bits and he also loves sex . That’s how he is wired . From the very beginning , we can have sex for hrs .
    He told me from the beginning that he is adventurous and he wants an adventurous woman .
    I changed o cos he is a very gd man .
    Loving , kind , respectful , handsome and a gd father .
    My hubby ‘s minimum is 3 rounds and if we have not seen in a while uncountable .
    I don’t even feel it cos I love him so much and sex is fun with him. Never a dull moment . The way he grabs me ahhh .
    10 yrs of marriage and we still can’t get enough of each other .
    Loving sex and wanting adventure does not and can never mean a man is bad for you pls


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