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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dr Freak's Journal - In Lagos Take What You See And Run..

Dr Freak is a smooth one and his stories will Educate and/or crack you up.......

He says.....

Recently, I shared the video of a lad who reportedly came visiting from Abeokuta but on getting to LasGidi (Eko Igbehin), he met some fellas who were exchanging blows so he decided to display his journalistic tendencies and or skills by capturing the event live! 

Breaking news kinda stuff. 

He was not so lucky this time as some street urchins who had more pressing needs for his phone snatched same before our own "Mr Quest in the making" could mutter "Governor-Abiodun-E-Gba-Mi-O!"

The afore-stated reminds me of a personal experience that occurred in 2013.

I had just changed jobs and location at the material time. I left Banana Island where my office was located and as I was driving home, midway into my trip, I decided to drive towards "Freedom Park" to have "a bottle" before proceeding home.

I had a very brief stint there and as I was driving home I saw a young lady standing alone under the overhead bridge around Bonny Camp, Victoria Island. 

As if she knew where I was headed, she flagged down my vehicle and she was in luck as she was heading in my direction. The introduction was short. She was a "nurse" and she does long hours hence the late movement. Did I believe her? Why not, or did I have any reason to doubt? 

I can't remember exchanging further communication with my guest though until maybe around "Igbo Efon, Lekki" when she touched my right hand and giggled. I may have been a bit tipsy but I was conscious enough to know that that silly move was unwelcome. I simply shrugged my shoulder and continued with my primary assignment of driving.

She wasn't going to give up easily though. By the time we got to Oluwanisola, (Eleganza) just after the second toll gate, she was half naked!

 Holy Moses! 

I simply asked her to get dressed and desist from the silly act. You know what, when the Lord loves you, He would preserve you. For a minute, I paused and imagined what the likes of Joseph and David must have passed through. I decided to tow the path of Joseph. I fled. 

At that point, I perceived trouble and my sixth sense became awakened. If I can survive in UniBen where I spent 10 of my formative years, I should be able to survive anywhere now.

On getting to Ajah, I quietly parked and asked this unwanted guest to alight and boom! The "expected" happened! 

She became hysterical all of a sudden and screamed. "You carried me go hotel, you do me do me, you no wan pay me!" 

She was ready for a showdown most definitely. Before God and man, I may have been a "bad boy" before this day, but this time around I was innocent. I was only trying to be nice to a stranded woman without intending to take any benefit whatsoever ....

It was almost 11.00pm and bystanders were beginning to gather in their tens. My wife was less than 6 kilometers away, waiting for her husband. This was my neighborhood. "Wetin I wan tell Press?" "Meanwhile, my hand dey shake for statement." 

I was already imagining the headlines/captions in those blogs for a 'sin" I never committed before God and man! 

Then an idea sprang up! 

For once, I had to "impersonate." I had to tell the girl and the bystanders that I was a "soldier" (maybe soldier for Christ sha) and I headed in the direction of my boot as if I was going to get a weapon. Guess what, both the girl and the bystanders took off and I just "jejely" sneaked back into my car and zoomed off.

 Did I share the story with my wife? Maybe she's reading about it here now "sha" Lol. Girl, you know I'm a good boy now.

Please when next you see me driving and refuse to give you (female) a lift,this story is the reason.

This is Lagos, "shine your eyes and brain." If you fail to, you shall pay for your stupidity here in LasGidi!

I am Kunle - Stay safe!


  1. Wow, can you imagine. Some people are just evil...

    1. The reason some people don't like to offer strangers help.

      Kunle you were so lucky

      The most Complex B

    2. Wow! This is exhilarating and unpredictably fascinating

    3. Prof. Johnbull @ Eloquent! "Gud aftnun" Sir.

    4. Nice one Dr Freak. We can't blame you for not picking them up again nau...........

    5. Let me perch here and tell a story.
      So during lockdown, my boyfriend one evening he told me that he wanted to go for a walk around Lekki.

      He walked from around third round about to covenant Christian Centre at 4th round about.
      Here’s where it gets interesting, on his way back,
      he saw one girl crying under this their shade in the road.
      My boyfriend has a GOOD heart
      He went closer to inquire what the problem was and are came close to him to narrate.
      She sha said she was hungry and didn’t have money. He proceeded to give her 500 naira that was in his pocket.
      And in one minute, everything changed.
      She started screaming ‘you no go pay me my full money? You wan f@ck for free? Wetin be 500 naira?’
      It was a big deal as people from hidden places started gathering asking him questions and
      He obviously didn’t know what to do.

      His said his saving grace was that one woman who was beside came out and said she saw him walk by and just spoke to the girl some minutes ago.
      This was what made people step back.
      He called me with his heart beating so fast.

      I sha told him to go and bathe let’s do thanksgiving 😂😂

    6. Mmaoooooh don't kill me with laughter hahahahahaha,ur guy dey very lucky. These jezebels are not smiling atall

    7. Some girls are shameless shaa 😂😂😂😂😂

      God have mercy . Lagos people , una dooohhh ✊ ✊ ✊

  2. Hehe! A typical case of you do anyhow you see anyhow.


  3. Interesting!!! 👏👏👏

  4. Hmmmmm very interesting story.
    This is Lagos indeed ,shine your eyes and brain.

    Frustration and hunger is turning some people to something else.
    Not only some women are into this,some men are not left out.
    Before we know some women for this kind thing,but check around and see,some men are taking over now.
    All they do for money.

    Great write up.
    Weldon Sir.

  5. 👏👏 wonderful and interesting story

  6. Good that you didn't fall for that .
    It would have been another story entirely.
    It takes grace to conquer temptations from good for nothing humans.

  7. Hahaha 🤣🤣☺️😅
    I can relate to this story. Na old format. Thank God say you wise up 😛😀😀😀

  8. Lesson nummero uno in Lagos: never offer anybody/unknown people free ride. Face where you're going.

    Interesting piece,thank you Dr Freak.

  9. Wow! Things dey occur. Who knows what could have happened if you did not think fast. Wicked girl. Such nice read!

  10. Wahala!
    This is how innocent people end up in jail. Thank God for the smart idea.

  11. Chimo, see as one will just use his hands and carry wahala.

  12. OMG!! And something like this happened in my vicinity and the guy was beaten blue-black while still insisting he didn't have anything to do with the lady but only gave her a lift and nobody believed him, probably he was also innocent.

    1. 🤣🤣so funny.
      Very interesting story,it takes grace to over this kind of temptation.

  13. It was God that saved you,because these girls are out for blood and they will tell tales that even the devil will marvel.

  14. ThankGod for you. Great write up👍

  15. Heavenly father, people are so evil for someone who gave you a lift....the thank you he gets in return was that inhuman treatment. God save us in this world.

  16. Lol....guess it wasn't funny then o,but i had a good laugh reading this, thank God you were smart enough, some guys were not so lucky and had to part with some money

  17. Thank God for you.

    Nice write uo

  18. Interesting!

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. You be correct UniBen product!

    Sharp guy!

  20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣@'more pressing needs for his phone...'

  21. My boss told me a story like this. He said, he saw a girl standing along the road side, flagged him and he picked her up, he asked her where she's heading, she mentioned. Since he was heading that way, he decided to drop her. On getting to where people are much, she started screaming, prior to this, she never made an attempt of seducing or anything, just gisting

    He had to beg her to calm down, and ask her how much she said 50k. Told her, he will look for ATM, and where people are few, she said no problem

    He told her there's a street where people won't be much, she agreed. The street is still a busy one, that why she never felt any need to disagree

    Immediately he diverted to the street, he called on the area boys, that is his street, and the boys there knows him, they gather immediately, he narrated everything to them. He said the girl saw something that day. They even collected her phone. He drove off immediately

    He said since then, he can never picked any girl on the road again. Never

    1. Correct guy, 😂😂😂😂 you can imagine

    2. Wow things dey occur oo.

  22. One has to be very careful. Interesting read

  23. Wow, kunle just thank God for giving u a smart brain, if noteeeeeh u for collect. That girl na Jezebel, she go meet her match, they think after messing an innocent man up, they will go Scott free, they either get raped mercilessly or used for ritual, anyone doing such should desist, there is no peace for the wicked.


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