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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Funny Comments From The Comment Section

 This set of laughs really cracked me up......

We are yet to find someone who can harvest laughs funnier than this from the comment section...

Enjoy these.... I did!


  1. They are all hilarious. I read some twice.

  2. I enjoyed myself. Walahi. Hahahahahaha

  3. Castle Nwannem talking about your daughter,my own 3yr old daughter gives but she has a bigger problem.
    Once a visitor comes to the house she'll engage the person.
    A woman came to our house and she told her that her bum bum is as big as her mummy's own.
    My sister in-law that came to our house took her out, when they came back her face was swollen up. I asked her what the problem is and she told me "Aunty did not take me to shopright, Aunty took me to a tall uncle's house". Unfortunately her boyfriend is short,so she swore never to take her out again. Oburu ihe adam ji onu ya kpata!

    Her daddy came back from work yesterday and she told him daddy you went to work where is the money you came back with? Luckily for him he came back with a huge money so he emptied his bag for her and told her to “give your mummy, that is how I give your mummy everyday”.😳

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 chai, the innocence of a child. Please endeavor to answer all her questions 😄

  4. Hàahaaahàaa, very funny. Stella, u for add that 'why are you franking your face' gist. That one make me piss for laff

  5. I can only imagine how the opening of door by Mother inlaw during hot knacking later ended. Chai!! E no funny at all

    1. That was how the maza queen of an ex mum inlaw was snooping around me to know if I and her Son f**k, when I realized her games I became careless and would moan loud when doing the do. She goes into our room looking for God knows what even to our bathroom claiming she is looking for detergent until the day she went in there and saw condoms on the floor that was how she started asking me to bring something for her in our room. Mother-in-law's are so lousy and feels it their right to barge into any of the rooms in their son house which is so wrong. My mum came for omugwo and didn't enter I and my ex room for the one month she stayed with me. The day she saw our room door open she was like I should come ooo my hubby room is open. There was one time I was sleeping with our baby in her room my hubby came and slept on me, my mum walked in and raced back with full speed Lol later she came to me apologizing that she didn't know hubby was on me that I should apologized to my hubby on her behalf, My mum isn't local ooo. The moment I sensed my ex mum in-law was jealousy I don't know if she want to sleep with her son I became careless and loud too. Now the marriage haff scatter all thanks to her let her go and screw her son.

  6. Castle ooo 😄😄😄how did you know that he'll is very hot?


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