Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 305


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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Labour Room Drama 305

''I took in at the age of 40 and carried it to full term. my first fright started when I wanted to book in for antenatal at 5 months the nurse upon taking my data and getting to age option flagged it out and gave it a medical name (primigravida) 40 years old was boldly written on my hospital card''.

Dear Stella,

Should I cant say my Labour experience was drama free or not, I guess you can decide what to call it after reading.

I took in at the age of 40 and carried it to full term. my first fright started when I wanted to book in for antenatal at 5 months the nurse upon taking my data and getting to age option flagged it out and gave it a medical name (primigravida) 40 years old was boldly written on my hospital card.

Luckily I knew the exact day I took in cos I was prepared for it as per lee boo is not based here so my fertility calendar is always updated, this I followed closely after being advised to treat PID cos a supposed pregnancy was lost after some delayed of my menses , the way it came the (menses) made me go for a scan , the outcome of the scan is for me to treat PID (Pelvic infection disease) and malaria for subsequent pregnancy to be able to stay. I was placed on antibiotics  for 5days via drip.

Back to pregnancy after the 1st 3 months of nausea I regained strength to be able to eat and dress properly, it’s only cold water I was comfortable with . I took loads of watermelon, bananas and oranges and later on mangoes came out.

Doctor gave me elective CS based on my age and 1st pregnancy , I wanted to counter it but she talked me out of it, so my delivery date was calculated and a date was fixed for me.

 2 weeks to the fixed date ,my BP rose and that was the only medical issue I would say I experienced but was managed with drugs and rest, then pains on my wrist which I was told would go after delivery . For the wrist nerves pain I took so many pain relief tabs after delivery without any changes and it got to a stage it affected the second wrist but I noticed the pains went away after 4 months of delivery cos I stopped using drugs for it cos I was on exclusive.

Delivery day (9months exactly)the normal ward nurses ish was there but I used smile and cry to handle it.

  I was prepared for the theatre the 1st person to go in that day , it was as if i was being prepared to be slaughtered, changed to hospital apron placed on operation table with catheter attached to pekus , the last thing I heard was hit her with the drug.

  I zoomed to the other world ....after many hours I heard my husband calling my name that I should wake up my baby is crying . This part really scared me my fellow BVS ...I didn’t know what was driving me around as if I was playing video game;  my vision was blurred and I heard my husband and sister calling me to wake up. I was responding but they couldn’t hear me ,I even requested my husband to pray for me and hold me, they couldn’t hear me, one of my friend later joined them praying and asking me to be repeating the prayers which I was doing but they couldn’t hear me . I later woke up around 4:00pm when every other person they operated on had woken up . (I entered theatre room 11am)

I later got to know the dose of the drug i was given was much hence me not waking on time.
That waking experience still scares me till date

May we all not do it in vain , kudos to all women and I am giving it to all caring husbands too cos some men are yet to get it pregnancy is not a joke people ,reproduction that has nothing to describes it is what I named pregnancy .

Stella Jeweluchi thanks for this platform 

We clocked a year March 25th our pic for your eyes only. I named her Oluwatishe Ikeoluwa we call her WURAOLA.

To all TTCing you will all get there In sha Allahu, I am using this holy month of Ramadan as praying point for you all . And for all with children may we not cry over them, they will all live to fulfill their great destiny.🏼


  1. Congrats ma'am,to God be the glory.

  2. Congratulations to you ma'am.

  3. "May we all not do it in vain". A big AMEN. Congratulations to ur bundle of joy as he turned one, Greatness from henceforth.πŸ™

  4. Congratulations poster, God bless Wuraola.
    Primigravida is nothing to be scared of, simple means first pregnancy.
    She probably boldened it because of your age so extra care is taken with you as the risk of complications often increase with age.

  5. Congratulations πŸ₯‚ 🍾

    God's Awesome πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ πŸ™

  6. Congratulations... Faithful God

  7. Congratulations ma'am. May Oluwatishe bring you and your family joy forever.

  8. Congratulations poster.
    Poster you guys should be explaining this things well.
    You were counselled on elective cs because you are an "elderly" first time full term pregnancy, hence you baby is a precious baby. Vaginal delivery is more risky for the baby than elective cs.
    God forbid anything happens to the baby, with your age and your le boo not being readily available to intensify gbenshing.
    So you get it.
    You had general anaesthesia with Ketamine.
    What you described is the side effect.

  9. Congrats😊

  10. Congratulations and Amen to your prayers...

  11. congrats Ma,I love your daughter's names,Ikeoluwa and Oluwatishe.

  12. Congrats poster, God bless your baby.When I had my baby here in Canada the doctors refused elective surgery which I insisted on because of my Naija mentality. The only reason elective CS is given is when the mother has serious health condition which the poster didnt have at the time CS was forced on her.
    I was over 40 when I had my first child and I was told no doctor will perform elective CS without a serious health concern.

    1. The same applies to England, as well. No one is going to perform an elective CS, unless there's a medical reason to do so! The "too posh to push" will only be granted at private hospitals like Portland Place and the Lindo Wing in London, because they are there to make money, and C-sections cost more than vaginal births. You end up staying at the hospital longer, so they can bill you extra.

      Canada and England offer free medical treatments/services, so your health is their top-most priority. Midwifery care is also more common in these countries.I don't know about Canada, but England will even allow VBACs (vaginal births after CS) if the conditions are right. England just isn't a popular place to give birth these days, because the baby will not get birthright citizenship.

      The US that most are trying, by all means possible, to give birth in...has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. The rate is even higher for black women, and it keeps rising, yearly. If anyone has the time, you should watch, "The business of being born". It's an eye-opening documentary, especially if you plan on having a baby in the States.

      @poster, Congratulations on your baby!!!
      I just want to clarify, that 'primigravida' has nothing to do with age! It's just a medical term for a woman who is pregnant for the first time. If they had written, geriatric pregnancy, then it would have had to do with your age.

  13. Congratulations poster and happy birthday to your baby.

  14. Congrats mummy wuru great baby wuruola for me.

    1. Wuru ke? Abeg the Name is WURAOLA.

  15. Congratulations momma, Glory to God Almighry. God bless Wuraola

  16. Amen.
    Congratulations poster.
    May God bless your baby.


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