Stella Dimoko NIDCOM Chairman Abike Erewa Wades Into Actor Baba Ijesha's Molestation Saga And Says He Should Get 14 Years Jail Term.


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Friday, April 30, 2021

NIDCOM Chairman Abike Erewa Wades Into Actor Baba Ijesha's Molestation Saga And Says He Should Get 14 Years Jail Term.

Abike Dabiri Erewa, the Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, says the Law should be effected on Actor Baba Ijesha's child Molestation case...


  1. Nice one Ma.this will teach others a lesson.

    1. The issue of child molestation is deep and has long been in existence in Nigeria.
      I too was a victim. Perpetrated by my male cousin who is now a up and coming actor in nollywood, by my father's staff, both when I was as young as 5, who knew what they had been doing to me before I had any inkling?
      And at the tender age of 17, I was raped by my first ever boyfriend, after several unsuccessful attempt. He put music on highest volume and stuffed my mouth... That was the last day I ever saw or talked to him.
      Anyway, in all of this, I don't think I was affected psychologically, I opened my heart to love and the things of the past didn't affect me like some victims who eventually suffer low self esteem and all, thank God.
      But I did get massively addicted to porn until very recently! And all the things my cousin and uncle did to me I practiced with a couple of other kids my mate in nursery./peimary 1. Imagine how young!
      Thankfully, by my primary 5 I knew how wrong what they did to me was and how wrong it was to do those things as kids because the two kids I had done that with asked us to have a go at it when I was in Primary 5 and I hated those kids for asking me such and never spoke to them ever again because I had known what a horrible thing it was.
      I am lucky to have been able to put a vehement stop to it but I resorted to porn from a very tender age.
      To those who ask victims why come out after many many years, well, I have all their names in my head, if I mentioned them you wouldn't know them and it will make no sense, unless they are actually popular then you can relate how horrible they are!
      I have no intention of soiling anyone's name (and it is not even soiling since I would be calling a spade a spade) because I have moved past that.
      I have not told this to anyone before, ever in my life.

  2. Very vood. Until this tins are being taken seriously they wont stop.

    Useless man

  3. Nigerian police I hail all of una!!

    I am shocked that the police who constantly disregard our rights and act with impunity are suddenly shouting that they need to adhere to the provisions of the law oh.

    So many people are languishing in jail indefenitely without trial but on this sensitive case, you guys remembered the 1999 constitution and read it back to back. It is not rape, it is inappropriate touching abi indecent touching yada yada yada, awon omowe.

    I make bold to say that a good number of you are guilty of this rubbish that is why you wouldn't give it the attention it deserves or pursue it diligently, bunch of failures.

  4. Baba Ijesha, Ije cha go,o fo gi una.
    Your cup is full.

  5. That first police person that made a statement shocked me no be small. The person even said the test showed the girl has had penetrative sex. That is it the penetration of 7 years ago? What was he insinuating? People need to fear God and have empathy.

  6. This man went to do welcome back jazz to revive his dead career, but the babalawo used the wrong incantation, now he's famous for the wrong reason

  7. Where is that charge and bail lawyer spraying foam in the name of law? Keep quoting Law. Potential P.A.N member.

  8. Thank you madam Abike

  9. This man can NEVER be held in jail/prison for 1yr. No be naija again?

  10. You see why this country is messed up. Abike Dabiri, a government official, is proclaiming a sentence without due process O mase o!

    Make una continue dey deceive Nigerians.

    Baba Ijesha is now the poster boy. Can someone remind me again what Abike Dabiri said about that child that killed her rapist that was sentenced in the North?

    This level of hypocrisy is astonishing. Where was Abike Dabiri when that man in EDO State was beaten by the police and the rapist when he went to report the sexual assault and rape of his 9 year old daughter?

    Stella, is it because the child involved is associated with popular person or the perpetrator is a popular person that everyone is jumping on the story? I wonder

    1. Make sense, please!!!
      Go back and read the post.
      Hon. Abike Dabiri said she sponsored the violence against person's law with a maximum sentence of 14 years and the case should GO TO COURT.
      Where did she proclaim any sentence?

      How do you know the cases you mentioned were not taken up just because it did not trend on SM (as you said the people involved are not popular).

      By the way, why DIDN'T YOU take it up on SM and get influencers to back it up.
      This civic responsibility is not for one but for all.
      YOU ARE A NIGERIAN! 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

    2. And this is how to "fail" simple logic questions. Sense 8s too expensive.

  11. Oh Baba Ijesha.

    The way my hubby loves his acting eh, especially as the gateman to the Dozie Anyanwu family in Edge of Paradise.
    We used to tease our security man because of his prowess,that Baba Ijesha didn't have gun but was a stronger man at the duty post. The English he spoke was so funny;he was so protective of Obinna and Ada, while wearing that his blue uniform and speaking grammar upside down.

    So this is how his career will end?
    Touch breast of a 14 year old? Confessed thereafter?
    Ah Devil. E no go better for you.

    What's his wife saying sef?


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