Stella Dimoko Nigerian Minister Festus Keyamo Reveals That Musician Eedris Shaded Him In New Song Because He Did Not ' Settle' Him


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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Nigerian Minister Festus Keyamo Reveals That Musician Eedris Shaded Him In New Song Because He Did Not ' Settle' Him

Nigeria's Minister of State, Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, on Saturday night called our Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem for shading him in his new song Jaga-Jaga Reloaded ..

The call out comes with receipts....

Festus wrote on Twitter ;

1.) Eedris Abdulkareem just released a song, ‘jagajaga reloaded’, where he waxed the following lyrics, “where Festus Keyamo sef? He don dey chop with cabal o”. I laughed out so loud and even danced to the rhythm too. But there’s a small story behind this poor attempt at blackmail

2.) In 2018, when I was named the Director of Strategic Communications for Buhari Campaign Organisation Eedris waxed a song in support of Buhari and wanted to join us, albeit for a fee. He then made desperate efforts to see me through text messages from his phone no.

3.) When I finally met with him, I listened to the songs, but told him I had no budget for such or any for that matter. I explained that my job was voluntary. It was the same thing I told so many other so-called activists-by-day-and-hustlers-at-night who secretly approached me

4.) He then switched to the fact that he wanted a loan to pay for his hotel bills to the tune of N1.3 m and to cater for his ‘sick mum’. That was already running into more than N3m. However, one govt functionary called me to say he told him another story that his child was sick 

5.) He begged me to introduce him to Malami (AGF), Amaechi & the SGF and to paint a good ‘PR’ for him. He pledged that he was with us in the campaign with his whole ‘body and soul’. But at this point, I knew he was a desperate hustler who could embarrass me, so I ghosted him 

6.) Shortly after this episode when he could not penetrate the system to get the money he so desperately wanted, he then endorsed Atiku and called Buhari a ‘fraudster’. But we decided to ignore his weak voice of opposition

7.) After our victory, he went berserk and joined every protests against the same Buhari whom he wanted to serve with his whole ‘body and soul’, but needed money to do so. He has been mentioning my name specifically at occasions as if I am the cause of all his troubles in life

8.) Now, the latest is the ‘jagajaga reloaded’ that he has waxed to vent his frustrations at not getting into the system. His reference to me as ‘chopping’ reminds me of the gaffe of then Minister Sunday Afolabi who infamously said Bola Ige was invited to Govt to ‘come and chop’!

9.) I wish to assure Eedris and any who think being in Govt is tantamount to ‘chopping’, that for some of us (I can’t speak for others) it is just an honour to serve our country and an attempt to move from armchair criticism to a real participant in order to make a difference.

10.) Finally, we can all sit back and enjoy the ‘jagajaga reloaded’. One of the objectives of the song is to call me out since I ghosted him for attempted extortion - he has now succeeded. Another objective is to help promote the song by my reaction - that he has also achieved!

Na dem sabi Jor, Eedris is two faced and Keyamo sef is very tight fisted right from way back so even if he had,he would not have given him.


  1. You go fear receipts na.
    They only turn activist and wear a beret when they're not given a seat at the table, Judas!!

    1. Samurai, I see wetin u do, this shade whey u throw, name one guy dey 'so wore' (wear) the beret

    2. Keyamo, brother to FFK, this is quite low with ur high pitched arrogance what positive thing have u contributed contributed to the common man, with ur govt position? Tomorrow na ur own turn. Why call out wen u wont help? U no dey chop?
      Same way u were running ur mouth about Lavonne Cele-Tawo several years ago because she loved u & gave birth for u.
      Abeg shift with ur reputation in the gutter

  2. Hahahahahahaha
    I had a good laugh reading the chats. This man and Fani Kayode might be cousins. See Eedris yansh outside. I trust twitter and Instagram children to chase him off social media for a while

  3. Uncle Eedris wants to run with the hares while hunting with hounds, it won't werk!

    This is the same way the "soro soke" geng were cashing out after leading some gullibles into facing hot lead.

    Apart from the likes of selfless Baba Fela, Gani Fawehinmi, Saro Wiwa, Bala Usman, Beko Ransome Kuti ,Tai Solarin etc majority of our latter day "activists" are actually "cashtivists".

    1. You again πŸ˜’

    2. See who is talking, are you not the one campaigning for tinubu upandan? There is no difference between you and Eedris. Rubbish

    3. On Tinubu's mandate we stand πŸ™Œ. We are not fence sitters, we are team Jagaban.

    4. Mandate ko, mandate ni. Mscheeew. No shame.

  4. Eedris got served with enough receipts. Like Keyamo said, activists in the day, hustlers at night.

  5. Replies
    1. Which pot and which kettle? Abeg Keyamo was appointed, he didnt start castigating anyone

    2. Eka the fact is that a lot of our loud activist do so to blackmail people into giving them something all dem militants , and so called anti government activist if you see what we see here your jaw will drop ...for your so called heroes

  6. Yeye de worry two of them.

  7. NΓ h wah oh! See yansh opening.

  8. Now, this is what I call a "call-out".


    Mention names with your chest, bring proof, be ready to defend it day or night. I couldn't care less about either of them but the award for the call-out moguls are as follows:
    1. Michael Jackson (call-out @Sony @ToyMotolla Abi wetin sef). That call-out hastened his death.
    2. Tupac (call-out @Notorious BIG in Hit 'em up). That call-out hastened his death.
    3. Timi Dakolo (call-out @Pastor Coza
    4. ESE (call-out @pastor coza)
    5. Ruth Kadiri (call-out @Moabudu @LASG)
    192. Keyamo (call-out @fake activists @eedris).

    Waiting for Eedris' response with a tall glass of wine likeπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ά. #Addictedtocelebdrama

    1. You are so damn right.
      Mention names with your full chest and not throwing shade like Shade upadan!

  9. Activism is not a job. To be an efficient and effective activist you must have your own source of income and then, contentment. This is what people like Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi, Beeko Ransome Kuti understood and what people like Charlie boy, Deji Adeyanju, Eedris and co fail to understand.

    Tai Solarin lived under a tree with his Caucasian wife while building Mayflower school. The fees alone and wise investments sustained him for long enough to cater for his family and face erring governments squarely. Gani in addition to his chambers also published the cases/precedents which every serious lawyer should have. This gave him very decent income with which to invest and build wealth while paying bills. Whatever you think of Keyamo, he is a product of that system and as such, cannot be a poor man. Beeko ran his clinic and although he wouldn't make as much money as the lawyers, he was able to afford his family a decent life and leave a little behind. Tunji Braithwaite had the same approach as a lawyer. Even the late Odumakin was able to put up a radio station.

    Music is art, a personal creation. There is no guarantee that someone will like or pay for it. In addition to doing your art, you must find a way to earn a steady income. It is not about calling your age mate or friend Baba and lying about sick relatives while crooning the praises of those who pay you. Look at Charlie boy today: who will take him seriously if he steps out for a process after he soiled his father's reputation by trying to extort the same Keyamo? If not for Deji Adeyanju, that gist for lost. He tried rebranding himself as a saviour to the gay community but his own lesbian daughter exposed him for pushing her out of his house despite his fake rantings on social media. Activism is not acting.

    This is a message to Sowore who has abandoned his children to annoy Nigerians. Keyamo called him out about his escape to the USA years ago. In a very immature way, he stated a lot about how Gani helped him seek asylum and how he refused to come back to Nigeria while those that stayed back have established themselves. Of course back then, Sahara reporters was just coming up. Sowore should retrace his steps and bridle his ego. His children need their father and his wife doesn't deserve to be abandoned. This is no longer about fighting for Nigerians but using them to achieve a selfish end. Build yourself honestly so you can afford to stand your ground without turning into the people you fight against.

    1. You have spoken it all ma/sir!!!

      Many activism in Nigeria today is for visibility. People rant and rave to attract attention which they commoditize and start cashing in.

      I was baffled during end sars when those who can't survive a week without some 'baba alaye' started throwing MC Oluomo under the bus. Now that things have quieten down a bit, they are surreptitiously begging him with 2023 proposals.

    2. Your lord and master that a bullion van was pictured driving into his house, please tell us the work he does to get such amount. Hypocrisy!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    3. He worked as an accountant with Mobil under Rex Tillerson (who later became US secretary of state under Trump).Later became a senator under SDP and later 2 term governor of Lagos.

      You however have only anonymity as your main life achievement.

    4. So Mobil staff and Senate salary translate to a bullion van amount. Shame on you!!

    5. Your own life achievement is defending a thieving politician, bravo!! Mschew

  10. See as Keyamo open Edris nyash😁😁. Most activists in Nigeria are in it for what they can gain for themselves from the system, and not due to patriotic zeal.


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