Stella Dimoko Police Deny Releasing Man Who Stormed Hospital To Take Off Pregnant Wife's Oxygen Mask Causing Her Death


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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Police Deny Releasing Man Who Stormed Hospital To Take Off Pregnant Wife's Oxygen Mask Causing Her Death

The Police has denied releasing from its custody one Anthony Ikpeama who allegedly murdered his 28-year-old pregnant spouse, Adaeze while on admission in hospital in a Lagos hospital....

Muyiwa Adejobi, the Police Public Relations Officer, in a statement confirmed the case had been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, for investigation and denies that the suspect has been released.

“The suspect has not been released. It is a capital offence and the police will not grant him an administrative bail for whatever reason.”

The spokesman assured that the command will do justice to the case which sparked outrage.

Anthony who constantly beat Adaeze who is a Barrister, allegedly beat her to a coma at their Lagos residence on April 10,2021.

 Neighbours, who had witnessed previous assaults, rushed her to the hospital, where she was placed on oxygen but he went after her while she was on admission and took off the Oxygen mask until she died and he fled but the Police apprehended him after a manhunt. 

The couple got married in 2014 and have two kids.

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This man should not be released in this lifetime at all.... What kind of wickedness is this? Look at him!!!
If your spouse beats you and you read this and still sit there because of this kids, you will be next!... RUN!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm yet to recover from the video of that lady her police fiancΓ©e shot her inside her mouth. He has disfigured her badly. She can't even eat sitting down she has to lie down to eat and drink. I cried after watching that video and now another police demon intentionally killed his wife. I will advice Nigerian women to run away from Nigerian police demons. They're sadist looking for whom to kill. May God punish them.

    2. Stella he has come out to deny everything o
      I don't even understand
      His own statement is totally different, Asin you'd think they were two different families involved

    3. @Push up i read part of the long epistle he wrote and im just as confused. Two conflicting stories. I was wondering if its the same story sef.
      May the truth prevail is all i can say,i suspect they have a history of DV anyway,how can her family just form dat story if hes been a loving husband.

    4. Amen o
      But he lied in most of it cus he was really trying to drag her family down
      You'd know he was truly hitting his wife

  2. When I read this kind of story,to marry go just stop to dey hungry me, aswear. I lift up my hands and beg God to continue to keep me single than to allow me marry this kind of man. Chineke napu ekwensu ike

    1. Not all men are bad. Not all men best their spouses. There are still very many good marriages out there.
      Remember, we attract to ourselves that which we constantly dwell on, do tonight on the right things dear

    2. Marriage, especially in the Nigerian context is a huge scam. Women usually have absolutely nothing to gain so I don’t even know what the rat race to get married is for. God save us.
      Mentally ill and depraved men everywhere.

    3. No be all man dey fit beat their wife.
      I’ve had a neighbor in the village that used to jack her husband. The day I went to separate their fight as a teenager onwere aru tajipum aka. For 3 days I was receiving injections and my body saw pepper. She later visited me to say sorry sha but told me never to come close next time.
      After that horrible experience anytime I see 2 fighting I carry my fragile body like an egg and runaway. Some women are terrible too.

    4. DWELL on the right things dear.... this autocorrect can spoil things πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Έ☺️

    5. Pls watch your confessions. Not all men beat their wives. Tell God what you want.

    6. @anon 10:38, read her comment again

    7. Not all men are bad but who you decide to marry is the MOST important decision u will make in ur life cos it will either make or break you so choose wisely.
      Just marry a kind man is all i say....u cant even say godly man again,cos some sleep in church and are still wicked.
      One who is naturally kind to everyone and does not like seeing people suffer or sad. One with a genuine good heart.

    8. Richie Rich πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    9. My dear Snarker, honestly it baffles me till date how our women get so excited when getting married. Why will I be happy to go and suffer. All my friends are married and I've never for once envied them. In fact, I respect them. It's not easy to make that decision of suffering.

  3. This is really sad... It's the height of wickedness

  4. Two days ago I went to a very good pharmaceutical store to get stuff, a woman that so much look like the lady up there to walk in and started explaining this issue, words for words, I think she is related to the lady,

    The men fitted were just looking, the story was new to them, it's so SAD πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
    My question now is “Who allow a suspect to come close to his victim”???

    1. Lilly I follow you ask. The neighbors that took her to the hospital left her all alone or what?
      RIP to her

  5. I can't imagine what kind of demon possessed this man. your wife is pregnant. You beat her to coma. Neighbors took her to hospital and you went to remove the oxygen just to make sure she die. He must be high on a very strong arusi. The only offence this woman committed was to marry her enemy. May Almighty God in his infinite mercy deliver us from household enemies.

  6. I know they say we shouldn't speak on anyone's situations as we don't know where we will be tomorrow, but is it too difficult to get out of this domestic violence situations? Or is the desire to stay married more important? I don't honestly get it.

    Omo Ghana

    1. It depends. For some, they don’t want to be shamed or talked about for leaving their marriage.
      Some do not have jobs and nothing to fall back on when they leave. Fear of suffering. They prefer to remain in an abusive marriage and keep chopping beating.
      Some can’t stand being alone, they are so in love and can’t stay away from the πŸ†
      The list is endless πŸ˜‚

    2. To add to the list @slutty :
      * some, their parents told them that after marriage, they should do all it takes to make it work and never comes back home (closed door)
      * some have no source of livelihood to cater for themselves and kids.
      * some have been threatened by the man that if they leave, they should forget the kids as he will rubbish them.
      ** some, their religion forwns upon it hugely and blames them for causing the trigger of fight.
      ** some, are ashamed to leave after causing out others in a similar abusive marriage.

      **. Overall, marriage in Nigeria is truly a patriachal one sided and favours one party.

      That's the fact. Truth is bitter.

    3. COG, that's the truth. I agree with you

    4. COG πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

    5. COG, you're so correct, 100%. My ex husband told me that if I leave, I will not be worth anything outside. Thos man will beat me, hit my head on the wall, over nothing, imo I carry my 2 kids and bag run one afternoon when he has gone to work

      He came back, didnt se us, he called, I told him thyas it, that i am done that he cant kill me, he begged that he is going to change, talk talk talk, when he saw my mind is made up ( why wont it be, I have been going and coming back after all such talks, that's how I had 2 kids for him but I was determined not to die not bc of mrs title.
      My husband went to work as he has promised he told all the neighbours how I am a prostitute, how I was mentally unbalanced. There was no lie that was too much but I didnt care. I just wanted to be alive.

      As Gods ways are not mans, 5 yrs down the line,I married a widower with 2 kids. Someone that was his exact opposite,very cool, calm and loving.
      Forgive typosoo, I'm cooking no time to.proof read

  7. Nigerian men keep leveling up on their depravity. God forbid.

    1. Not all men. Some Nigerian women have their issues too

  8. He went to remove the oxygen tube, he killed her intentionally ni o. Aye le o.

  9. The man is the devil himself.

  10. He went after her and took off the oxygen.
    Someone’s child and the mother of your kids.
    This guy should have been thoroughly dealt with before arresting him.
    He nor meet bad people.

  11. Ceasar wont see this one o.
    It is to be menstruating on ladies posts.
    Women have the short end of the stick!
    I am sure this lady was the breadwinner.
    80% of the time, Nigerian women carry the financial burden of their homes without complaining! Yet, the 20% of men who can provide for their homes will feel so entitled as if they are doing anything out of the ordinary. Ceasar, would you be kind to tell us who paid your school fees growing up?
    Stella kindly do 2 polls, How many Bvs were raised in homes where their mothers were breadwinners?

    Then do the second poll, How many women are the breadwinners in their marriages today?

    Growing up, my mother was the breadwinner catering for 9 children!

    When I got married, I was responsible for almost everything until God in his mercies gave my hubby a job years later. But I never for once complained.

    I am saying that you all should stop shaming women. If she divorced, she must have done something. No one will marry a single mother bla bla bla. This is one of the reasons the woman up there lost her life. She would rather remain with an Almighty man than to take care of her children in peace.

    1. I really hate how some men on this blog group all women in the same bottle.

      They believe all women cheat, no woman is a virgin, are cheap, are desperate, are all about money, do not support their marriages, would leave their poor husbands etc.

      We really need to stop this
      I am just watching those men and pray non of my relatives come close to them.

      I always want to ask who raised them? Or who hurt them? Cus they are actually suffering yet they think they are wise.

      Keep having such mentality and see if you will have a peaceful home, when you already have a sick mentality.

      There are actually a lot of peaceful homes where men see their wives as their equal and the women do not cheat...they respect their husbands because of the way the men respect them.

    2. Yes, I will tell you who paid our (ALL my siblings and I) school fees. It was my dad. He did it alone even though my mum had her own dough. He was 100% Igbo. A real nwafor. My parents are still together living happily. My dad still takes care of her. All their kids are doing very well in their chosen careers. Yours sincerely will take a cue from dad and handle ALL the bills when/if he gets married. But she must be very very loyal and submissive. I can't be paying the piper and you'll open your smelling mouth and tell me you want to dictate the tune all because you have breast, pussy and nyansh.
      So madam anonymous, don't use the home grew up as a standard for me. You and I know the stats you dropped up there is rubbish. 80% indeed! How many Naija women get money sef to start with? Is it these ones around abi na the ones wey dey moon? A woman pays one or two bills in the house, we no go hear word again. It will now be "most homes are catered for my women". Don't get me started this morning.

    3. In other words, you Ceaser supports what the nan in the post did because it involves a woman who is his wife, right? All I have to say to you is, may your words not come back to haunt you. Such a vile person and you are a man.

  12. He deserve a slow painful a
    Ladies, marriage is not a do or die affair... Haba!

  13. I wouldn't date a man I won't have respect for.
    But any man that lays his hands on me,trust me I won't fight back.
    Thank God I have brothers,I will call them he will beat them join that day.

    What would push a man to beat his wife to death??
    Why not him walk away or the wife should walk away instead of a fight that leads to death.

  14. Whoever the late Ada's family are, whoever the brothers and sisters are, all of you are a disappointment to your late sister/daughter. Ifele mekpo sikwa unu anya. An animal that you lots would have silently kidnapped and given the most slow, gory and gruesome death is whom you people are giving the privilege of going scot free? Y'all are sicking justice in this animal kingdom? I bet that down-syndrome has bribed his way out.

    Continue to rest in peace Ada. The devil's incarnate you married failed you and the people who aught to fight back for you are dulling. Nne ndo!

    1. Chisom I won't blame her family members, some married women facing domestic violence will embrace you, help her out today, tomorrow she crying to be with her husband.Some will even fight those that rescued them just to remain with the man.

    2. Chisom easy with the curses.. Firstly two of her siblings are not in the country. This man shielded her from everyone.. I would say he instilled so much fear in her that made her not tell any of her siblings or her mum.

      They are a very close knit family so I'm very surprised she didn't tell them until recently..

      It'd be very hard for that man to escape justice... Ada's mum is well connected and has the funds to follow up this case till the end.. just that whatever they do now won't bring Ada back

  15. The man is wicked! Very cruel.

    Run! them no go hear, person when dey hit you, you still get belle for am.hmmmmmmmm

  16. I knew this girl. We went to school together. They say the guy was yahoo plus and refused her to work. She grew up with a single mum who ran away from DV . Her mum adviced her to run but she thought she could make it work (in other not to be like her mum). The bastard shielded her completely from family and friends. When she finally got the nerves to run, he found out though CCTV he put in the house to monitor her, came home and pounded her belly.
    In fact, she was pregnant a third time in 6 years and it was a high risk pregnancy. The doctor adviced her to remove it. She agreed. The bastard refused. He came back that day shouting that so she wants to go and remove his baby? Beat her to stupor.

    Bastard oshi
    God punish him in this life and in the life after.
    Bush animals are better than him. Anumanu!

    1. Ada's mum is a single mum yes but her dad died a long time ago.. This is not a case of not wanting to be like her mum because her mum is a successful politician..

      Those saying the story is not true and the hospital should say the truth... Her brother was with her in the hospital but briefly stepped out to get something... He came back almost immediately and saw the bastard husband removing the oxygen mask...

      He wrestled him and called the attention of the hospital staff that got to work on her immediately but unfortunately it was too late.. No one knew the husband would come to her hospital room.. I'm sure if the brother knew, he wouldn't have left his sister's side or he would have assigned someone else to stay till he gets back.

      This story is sad and painful.. Ada was a calm sweet soul just that unfortunately, she married a beast. May her sweet soul continue to rest in God's bosom

    2. Nawa o. This story is just tragic and she married him quite young at 22.

    3. So painful. They should have caught him and released those bad dogs on him to do finish him off.

    4. Hehhh God anon 12.56 just reading this account. Pls what manner of wickedness is this....removed her oxygen mask when d bro stepped out.
      God pls punish this man, let him be inflicted with all manner of illness. Let him have a slow painful death. His type should be hung immediately, no need for trail.
      How can you use and kill someones child like a common animal..a child a single mum suffered to train to this level.
      It shall NEVER be well for him. Im so angry.

  17. It's only an evil person that won't feel sober after seeing her in that state but still go further to remove her oxygen mask. All the family members and people that were begging her to stay with the evil man despite the beatings will be in their various houses now praying for long life while she's no more...

    That man should pay! The police shouldn't do any hanky-panky with this case.

  18. He beat his wife into coma. Okay.
    He followed/traced them to the hospital. Okay.
    He entered the hospital, past the security at the gate, past the nurses at the reception, identified her ward/room, then fiam! He removes her oxygen mask and then runs away afterwards. much as I enjoy amebo (not this life and death type though), it's obvious someone forgot to add maggi or someone added too much salt to this story.

    A woman was rushed in comatose, the doctor(s) and nurses would have asked the good Samaritans questions about what led to her condition, they battle to save her life and then leave her alone enough for her assassin husband to waltz into their hospital and undo all their good work? No security at the gate? Possibly. Did he wrestle anyone to gain entry into her room? The hospital management should please suspend this African magic script and tell us what truly happened to their patient.

    I'm out of RIPs for all these "I must die a Mrs. Somebody" women and I hope the brute of a horseband gets his due for his role in the death of a woman whose major crime was stupidity. My prayer is that the two innocent children find a real home with better parents this time around. The ones they had before na mistake. Like Stella said, if you refuse to commot for where you dey chop steady beating, you are next! No be curse o; na truth.

    1. Amebo, you've spoken very well πŸ‘πŸΏ πŸ’―

  19. My worry here is that his name in Igbo translates "never to be found guilty"
    Please, let this man be guilty and be in jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!

  20. I remembered going for a weekend at my then fiance's one thing led to another he slapped me,I warning him to to ever try that with me again ,next thing he went for my neck held it and squessed until my eyes pop out.i had to pretend to die before he left me.,and to think TM is just in 2 weeks time. mehn I raceeeeee ooooooo my people talk tire. I always tell people to be knowledgeable.

  21. Anon 11:40 from the video that circulated,it was on the reception floor of the hospital that they tried to resuscitate guessing that's how he found her

  22. Wickedness.
    May we not die in the hands of our spouses

  23. Please when sad events like these happen, it is better that BVs dwell on and clarify the story from insider's knowledge for us all to learn from rather than turn it to a gender war zone, or opportunity to call out (name and shame) other BVs.

    Incidents of matrimonial homicide are too sad and serious to score gender war points with, especially as both husbands and wives have been known to kill their matrimonial partners. Today, it is a female lawyer that was killed. Yesterday, it was a female lawyer that killed her husband and cut of his private after death.

    The best we can do is to find out the true story for learning purpose. So that others may be quick to recognise the signs and triggers of these sad story and quickly take protective action. In Ibadan, the other time, it was said the woman started a fight, injured the man, after he was treated, he was warned to stay away from home that day. But he went back home. In the midnight, the wife killed him. Maybe he would have lived if he did not return home or locked and barricaded himself in a room. As in this case, with or without CCTV, the woman could have simply walked away without packing to alert the man, etc.

    Some people may not like this: We should start reconsidering the culture of bride price and heavy financial demands for marriages in some parts of Nigeria. Evidence "appears" to show that cultures that glorify in heavy bride price and financial demands for women, experience lower divorce rate. But such cultures also have lower remarriage rate (for example, fewer single younger men marry divorcees with or without children). The covered middle fact is that more of the women in such cultures stay in really troubled marriages, sometimes and sadly, till murder occurs.

    May Almighty God assuage the grieve of this woman's family and leave them only with the warm comfort of the good times they had as a family. Amen.

  24. Ada may your Gentle soul rest in peace Amen. T

  25. My sister is presently married to a man who beats her despite knowing she is a sickle cell patient. We asked her to leave the marriage but she has refused saying it's for better for worst. the most annoying thing is she always post loved up photos of she and the husband and claiming she is happy despite receiving daily beatings. We have decided to let her stay since we cant force her to leave. when he kills her she will blame herself. we have tried.

  26. I lost my younger sister to a horrible marriage. She refused to leave because of her children. She's been gone 5years now. Those children are living their lives. The husband doesn't even take our calls. We are completely locked out from those children. BVS, it's better for your children to say my Mum is divorced than my Mum is in the grave.


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