Stella Dimoko President Buhari Denounces Killing Of University Undergrads As ''Barbaric Terror Attack''


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Sunday, April 25, 2021

President Buhari Denounces Killing Of University Undergrads As ''Barbaric Terror Attack''

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday strongly condemned the killing of three of the students kidnapped at Greenfield University, Kaduna State.
The President described the students as bright youngsters who were cut down by evil people in their prime.

“My thoughts are with their families in this time of grief. May their souls rest in peace,” said the President. He extended his condolences and that of the Federal Government to the relatives, associates of the murdered students and the Kaduna State government.

On the recurring incidents of kidnappings and killings in Kaduna State in particular, the President condemned them as “barbaric terror attacks,” and described as “unfortunate the tenor of some political and religious leaders that seem to further incite and stoke the pain and anguish of mourning families who are forced to confront these tragedies. Addressing this scourge, requires great show of empathy and coming together as a society to squarely confront these elements and the danger it poses to our democracy and peaceful life in the country.”

He gave strong assurances that those who think that profits can be made, either from money paid as ransom or in politics, “will suffer with equal measure of recompense under the full weight of the law for their wickedness and brutality.”
“Banditry, kidnapping and the politics of murders will be fought with all the resources available to our country,” declared the President.


  1. Non sense
    What will you do me President not just talk talk,do something

    1. nonsense
      That's how it is written.
      What will you do to me
      That's how it is spoken
      After 'president' there should be a "?"
      That's the correct way to write

    2. Buhari did not say any of those things. Prove me wrong.

  2. Condemn in public
    Moral and tactical support in secret?😏😏

  3. Useless mannequin.

  4. And that's all. Just leave, please.

    1. Useless national assembly should impeach him

  5. He wasn't shocked at it this time? I bet he and Pantimee are both giddy wit happiness. Keep fooling ur self Bubu, we know how una mind dey work.


  7. Every time he is thinking. Your "thoughts" no dey finish?

    Expected nothing less from him sha.

  8. I hope it's not the general hellfire that Idi-Amin and Babangida are going to that Angel Michael will throw this Bubu sha. They should build his own VIP section fire separately so that his firewood will not go and corrupt others. Wicked soul. Useless president. For those of you still supporting him, may your lives continue to be like Nigeria's situation since he took power in 2015.

  9. After this statement, what next?

    Making statements is not enough, take action. Find these evil people like you did ESN and IPOB.

  10. Buhari n story! Evil man! God will judge uuu


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