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Monday, April 19, 2021


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Good Morning...

Hope the Weekend was good to you?

We start today on a fresh slate, please do not carry over last weeks worries into this new week and please have an open mind , be positive and expectant and stop waiting for the worst to happen.... Some of you are so negative that the aura surrounding you is too negative to be penetrated by good... #thinkaboutit

Some of you will receive your Data this Morning from Waju Data seller, I had to use her when the new Data seller did not contact me for the new job to give out Data, I waited three days.. Am i supposed to be running after her? its not like its on credit or I dont pay so why should I be looking for you when it should be the other way round?

I miss working with Isaacbaba, he is the best Data seller i ever had, he can do no wrong in my eyes #wemove.

I received a mail this Morning from BV Salma saying she is staying off social media this fasting season and that she misses all BVs..... She didnt say much but I hope this message is enough for her fans and foes who might look out for her and not see her.... LOL

Today's labor room drama is very Interesting and was sent in by the BV in by Favourite BV in the Abroad.... Wait for it.

Happy fasting to those of you fasting... May God hear your prayer request and attend to it speedily.

What was celebrated Yesterday in Nigerian Churches? Mother's day or what? I am confused!

We are still on COVID 19 restrictions oh.... Na wah!

Have you heard about India? They have run out of beds in hospitals as COVID 19 cases increases every 24 hours... hunger full everywhere.

Have Blessed day and remember that if its not business and dem no call you put for the matter,drink water and face front....Your ears can do the listening while your mouth keeps shut na...LOL

Kisses to everyone!


  1. Good Morning everyone!
    A blessed new week to us all.

    1. Data received.
      Thank you jeweluchi πŸ˜„. More money into your account.

      Able PA, I salute.

      On my way to oshodi. Let me consume my hot akara and Agege bread πŸ˜‹.

      May this week yield us increase in Jesus name amen. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    2. This week is blessed .

      Thank you jesus

    3. Morning blog family and have a productive and moneyful week. May all our effort bring us joy and profit in Jesus name amen. And to my Muslim brethrens may your prayers and supplications be met during this period .

    4. Data received. Thanks Jeweluchi.

    5. Data received. Thank you Jeweluchi may God bless you.

    6. Yaaaaah!!!, for the first time I receive something online, I'm so happy (dancing), thank you so much Tante Stella, thank you able pa, may God continue to bless us all, amen.

  2. The Power And Character Of The Scriptures!!
    Romans 9:17.


    "It matters  that you know this: the Scripture has personality and  character"

    "When you want to know anything, get into the  Bible to find out what God says about it. Whatever  God says about it is what should matter to you"

    "Build  your life on the Scripture, for they’re able to make you  wise unto salvation and make you an  absolute success"


    Thank you Father, for the blessings and impartations  I receive from studying the Scriptures, and the deeper  insight into the past, present and future of your plans  and purpose for the Church, for me, and for the  world. I’m transformed from glory to glory--complete  and proficient, well-fitted and thoroughly equipped  for every good work as I walk in your preordained  path for my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


    ‘Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you.’ Psalm 55:22 AMPC

    After preaching about taking our worries to God in prayer, a lady approached the great preacher G. Campbell Morgan and said, ‘I don’t bother God with little things; I only take the big ones to Him.’ Morgan replied, ‘My dear lady, everything we take to God is little.’ The Bible says, ‘Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you.’ God knows you’re not built to carry the weight of worry, so He invites you to give it to Him today. Anything that’s big enough to be a source of anxiety should be turned into a prayer.
    The moment you recognise that a worry is beginning to weigh you down, ‘cast’ it on the Lord, knowing ‘He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.’ Now if He was a distant God who didn’t care about you, you would have reason to worry. Or if He was a weak God who couldn’t do anything about it, you would have reason to worry. The truth is, it’s as you give your worries to God that you discover how big He really is. The songwriter Joseph Scriven put it this way: ‘Oh, what peace we often forfeit, oh, what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.’
    Word For Today

    1. Nice one Essa, thanks for sharing.

    2. Thank you for this piece. πŸ˜πŸ’•

    3. Thanks for this

    4. Data received.Thanks so very much.May God bless you richly.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. It's still our covenant day of congratulations! What has lingered or seems difficult can turn around in an instant!
    God is not done with you,so do not throw in the towel yet. Make sure you log on to NSPPD fire altar to order your week. Pray yourself out, because what God cannot do does not exist!


  5. At some point you will realize it's a dead flower and stop watering it.

    Good morning beautiful people!

    1. Good dear Stella and bvs.

      Thanks for the data given, I received mine.

      Mummy Miracle

  6. Good morning to y'all on here and hey,go get all of them Benjamins..I was a bit under the weather for the better part of the weekend but i am recuperating now.#MotivationalMonday

  7. It's going to be a productive week. Every unfriendly friend should catch fire.

  8. There was a chronicle where some chic wrote in seeking for advice if she was to go ahead and marry a man who had a child. I still remember the answer most people put forward. "Abort mission", "sister there is no road there", " I will never find myself with a baby-daddy",..among other inconsiderate things most women wrote. I've also seen comments like "I can't start a marriage with a baggage. I will not marry a baby daddy. It comes with drama". I knew a day would come I'd read an oral somersault over the same topic if a woman was at the receiving end. It came yesterday. A guy wanted to marry a chic who was a badoo and had a child. He was lost and didn't know it. His friends noticed and brought his attention to it (the right thing to do). He played the ostrich until he also saw " there was no road there", so he had to "abort mission". That was what brought bedlam here yesterday. Why the thing pain una like this? No be the medicine una prescribe the guy come prescribe for him friend? Women!
    The main reason they advised that guy not to marry aunty was because she was a badoo. They could see it but he couldn't. He later did. You can't marry a badoo and keep at home. Na them dey stab their husbands. She will surely kill you someday. There's nothing wrong with marrying a woman with a child. I wouldn't want my friend to end up with a badoo as well. They did well.
    We all read what you all write when a rich woman writes in seeking for advise on dating issues. Una go scrutinize the guy until he loses value, then ask her to dump him. Let's be very honest, if a beautiful, educated and rich single lady who has never married and never had a child were to seek for advice if she should marry a baby daddy who isn't rich, what would be the direction of advice here? No be " abort, abort, abort.. " we go see here? Why do women dish out what they can't take?
    Mr writer, I enjoyed yesterday's piece. Keep it coming bro. You be correct guy even though I wasn't happy the other day you tried to please the angry women here. You saw how it backfired, abi? You don't please these women. You can't even please a woman. Just talk am as e be. If they want to hug a transformer, there are so many available wherever it is they are.

    1. There's a gender battle going on on this blog. When did things escalate this fast?

    2. Oya Mawumi, come and dump your dumb response to Ceaser as usual. I am sure you dont even read his comments before responding

    3. Ceaser dont mind them o,i see the hypocrisy on this blog a lot. The same advice the women always give out to themselves, they turn around and change mouth when it involves a man. Double standard much

    4. Abeg make you dey exonerate some of us na,
      My comment that day was “Before you advise this lady not to marry her guy simply because he’s a baby daddy, make sure you’ll give the same advice to a man”. Why you come dey drag all women na bro?

    5. No mind them.. see as truth dey always pepper them first body..

      Like I said yesterday in a comment Stella didn't approvr.. we have many 'Anitas' on this blog.. reason they got mad..

      Blessings bro

    6. Caesar, do you remember some of us scolded the Aymii guy for not telling his friend about his wife's sexcapades before marriage?
      Deep down, I know you saw something wrong with yesterday's chronicle but then, there's a ongoing battle.
      This gender war is becoming childish. Can we please be objective in all issues irrespective of gender, and I mean all of us men and women? Anon 8:44 take note.

    7. Castle...God bless you...Enough said.

    8. Our society is messed up. Families will advice their daughters not to marry a divorcee and then turn around seeking for their divorced daughters to get married again. So who's fooling who here?

    9. BITCHandSLUT.com19 April 2021 at 18:49

      Ah teejay talk truth...

      In this our Naija, the ratio to a divorced man remarrying to a never before married woman to the ratio to a divorced woman remarrying to a never before married man is what to what?

      Consider the rate of acceptance of families of a man that has never been married wanting to marry a divorced woman and the rate of acceptance of families of a woman that has never been married wanting to marry a divorced man.

      Which family is more difficult to accept a divorcee?

      Talk truth.

  9. This week, the Almighty God will guide your steps, your legs will not slip from the purpose of the Lord. Wherever you go, the presence of the Lord will be with you, His defense will be sure upon you, not one will be able to stand against your Breakthrough, all who have been assigned to help you shall not be at peace until they fulfill that wish God ordered them in your progress. You shall not end this week in shame and disgrace. Your victory shall be announced. Do have a wonderful week.

  10. Beautiful Morning Umuoma ❤

    Up and thankful πŸ™ πŸ™Œ

  11. Good morning All


    1. I received the data
      Thanks Stella jeweluchi,
      God bless
      Thanks sdk pA

    2. Thanks for the data Pa.
      Thank you Stella πŸ’š

  12. Pleasant morningπŸ˜˜πŸ’ž.

    I received data, Eshey Jeweluchi, Eshey blog PA, Eshey Waju data. Thank you, I'm gratefulπŸ€—.

    Have a terrific Monday.

  13. Who yawns as they start to pray? You talk, browse for hours but once its prayer time, the urge to yawn is strong. Even in the prayer proper, to yawn overwhelms us. I have controlled mine %98 but my wife's is still same. Is there any spiritual meaning to the yawning?

  14. Good morning,
    The following Bv's have been gifted data by Stella.

    1. mummy pp
    2. first lady
    3. Amyviv
    4. Mark
    5. Osundi
    6. blessings
    7. Bv poshhajia
    8. Otha~lee
    9. justyswt
    10. something light
    11. lucid media
    12. Okorie Samuel
    13. Baltika
    14. mum SDK
    15. Radiant D
    16. Wendy
    17. Gem
    18. MaoAkuh
    19. Jules
    20. Metoyou.
    21. Seun
    22. Adaoluchi
    23. official Prestige
    25. Joy
    26. mummy Miracle
    27. Henry
    28. Pamela
    29. Glorious
    30. Okorie
    31. Eujiparv
    32. stardust
    33. Lora
    34. Lily Ambrose
    35. baby Malu
    36. Simply divine
    37. Mum B
    38. Zoella
    39. Sensational
    40. Gracious jessy
    41. Golden
    42. Stella Maris Baby
    43. Able God
    44. Tiana
    45. Omass
    46. I'm Blessed
    47. Mary Jane
    48. khaleesi
    49. Floxy
    50. Raquel

    Pls dial *556# to check your data balance.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes I got data..
      Thank you Jeweluchi and Sdk blog pa...
      God bless you...

    2. Congratulations to you all
      God bless you Stella

    3. I got my data Waju.

      God bless you all.

    4. Thank you Stella, I received mine, PA, Weldon ma

    5. Data received. Thank you Stella. Thanks PA. God bless

    6. Yahoos morning Waju

      I didn't recieve any data this morning. I also dialed •556# but didn't see any data. Thanks

    7. Yes ooo,data received, thank you Stella and our able PA,thanks Waju

    8. Yes, Thank you . I got mine. Thanks Stella. God bless you. Thank you Waju and our able blog P.A. do have an awesome week ahead guys.

    9. Thank you so much Jeweluchi. May God bless and replenish you abundantly. Thank you blog PA.

    10. Data received.
      Thanks Jeweluchi

    11. Data received, thank you.
      God bless you Stella!

    12. Data received
      Thank you Jeweluchi, thank you blog P.A and thank you waju

  15. Yes Jele it was catholic's mother's day, the last mother's day we couldn't celebrate with our pentecostal brethren because it was Lenthen period and we were fasting and being mournful, so after the lent, we celebrate our own mother's day.

    Honestly, I hope this week would be better because last week was extremely draining in every way 🀦🏾‍♀️ but above all, thanks to God.

  16. It's a new week, thank you, my Lord.

    Good morning great people. God bless your week and beyond.

  17. Good morning beautiful people. May this new week be filled with goodnews only. Amen

  18. Jeweluchi baibay, Thank you so much for the data! I truly appreciate it, God will continue to bless you. Thank you able PA, I'm grateful. Wishing everyone a blessed day.

  19. The more you dwell on the right thoughts, the less room there is for the wrong thoughts.

    We all spend time every morning getting dressed and ready for our day. We take a shower, shave or put makeup on, and decide which clothes to wear. We put effort into getting the outside looking the best we can, and that’s good. But a pretty face can’t hide low self-esteem, and wearing the latest fashions won’t cover up feeling unattractive. I wonder what would happen if we took five minutes every morning to get our inner person ready for the day. What would happen if before we leave the house, we remind ourselves of who we are? “I am strong. I am talented. I am attractive. I am disciplined. I am focused. I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Take time to make these positive affirmations over yourself. If you do it in the morning, it will get that recording started in the right direction.

    Beautiful morning to y'all.

  20. AM +1 TODAYπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Happy birthday to me🎺🎺🎺
    Thanks to my solid Rock that can never be shakenπŸ“
    Stella and BVs please wish me wellπŸ’ž

    Thanks Stella and blog PA got my data
    First birthday gift for today😭
    God bless you immensely
    Love you♥️

    1. Happy birthday to you Something Light.

    2. Happy birthday to you. God's blessings and peace be upon you. Enjoy your day.

    3. Happy birthday to you. More blessings are yours. Amen. Enjoy.

    4. Happy birthday babe girl. God keep you & enlarge you. πŸ’‹

    5. Happy birthday to you beautiful, enjoy your day

    6. Happy birthday dear❤️

    7. Happy birthday to you, I wish you heaven's best.

      Enjoy your day.

    8. Happy birthday to you and I wish you many happy returns. Have fun

    9. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day

    10. Happy birthday

      Pretty Patience

    11. Happy Birthday darling.. God bless your new age!πŸ₯°❤

    12. Happy birthday to you πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

    13. Many happy returns, cheers.

    14. Happy birthday to you.The Almighty God bless and grant you the desires of your heart according to His will in Jesus name.

      Mimi Love.

    15. Awwwww
      See love
      Thank you everyone for the prayers and wishes.
      And I say a big AMEN to all of them.

      Love you allπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

    16. Happy Birthday Celebrant. May Lines fall in pleasant place for you. Age graciously to the glory of God.

    17. Happy birthday
      God bless your new age

    18. God bless your new dearie

    19. Happy birthday dear πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯‚ 🍾 πŸ’“ πŸ’› πŸ’—

    20. Happy birthday! God bless you

  21. It's the beginning of a new session for the kids
    May all things work together for our good.

    Good morning😘😘😘😘

    1. New session? Wow, you guys are through with third term? So fast, we are still in second term over here

  22. Mother's Day celebration day is now confusing. I thought it was one for Catholics and another Sunday for Pentecostals. My church had theirs yesterday. It looks like it's a Diocesan thing these days, to fix date as approved by the Priest.

  23. Happy Monday FAM! All I see is good news throughout this week.

  24. Good morning y'all.

    Jeweluchi, I received my data. God bless you ma'am. I am grateful. And thank blog PA.

    Can't wait to read the labour room drama by Eka Joy.

    Have blessed week y'all.

  25. Beautiful week family.
    Lovely Monday morning with Beautiful weather.
    I pray our hustle pays as always.

  26. Good morning everyone
    I received my data gift this morning, Special Thanks to Madam Jeweluchi and to the blog PA for choosing me as one of the beneficiaries...God bless you richly...
    Have a great week ahead...

  27. Its a cold morning here,Thank God I will be working from home...Thank you Jeweluchi for the data.God bless you..

  28. Good morning beautiful people and have a great day today 😍πŸ₯°

    1. Jeweluchi God bless you for the data. Thanks too to blog PA, I have received mine

  29. I can imagine how much it costs Stella to to share data to 50 people almost every other week. Thank you Stella. Na woman you be.

    1. How is that your problem? You don't know say levels dey in this world?

    2. There is this thing about giving,the more you give out, the more you are blessed richly....

    3. @anon, dyu have a problem with the English language or u just feel like displaying ur stupidity???

    4. Anon 11:18 calm down now. Why are you so worked up this monday morning? Do you have a problem with gratitude? This life no hard oh. Take some honey. It's too early for this dear.

    5. Anon 11.29 please tell her. Next thing now will be to say they should reduce the number. Is it your money? No. Is the giver complaining? No.

      World peoplw smh.

  30. Good morning bvs
    Have a great day ahead ❤️❤️

  31. Good morning everyone! Have a productive week ahead.

    Lots of people around me are no longer using nose mask and even look at you somehow if you use one. May God help us all.

    Stella, I'm sorry. It is not what you think o.

  32. A very gudmorning to everyone nd happy new week..God save us 4m coro

  33. Was at a party yesterday, enjoyed myself sotay time fly, I no notice.

    Shout out to
    Wyclef Jean
    Majek Fashek
    Ras kimono
    Christy Essien Igbokwe
    Bob Marley
    Any many others

    Legends living and dead that blessed the world with good meaningful music.
    Una too much
    They don't make them like y'all anymore 😭

    Good morning fam, lovely day to y'all

  34. Thank you for the data,I appreciate.
    Thanks PA.
    God bless you Ma

  35. Martins bro please is there any App aside snapseed that I can download with iPhone 7plus for a better camera quality? I can’t take any good picture with my phone

  36. Don't know why I never get picked for data giveaway. It's alright

    1. Bcos you only comment when you need data. I don't even know your ID

  37. Good morning Bv's, Stella thanks for the data,more blessings in Jesus name, thanks our able P.A gracias.
    Bv Henry.

  38. Good morning blogfam
    Good morning Stella Jeweluchi
    Happy birthday BV something light and to a the celebrants this week🍾🍾🍾

    May the Lord grant us all our heart desires this week amen.

  39. Data received πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒYipeee, thanks so much Jeweluchi, our able PA and Waju data for facilitating it. I appreciate. Lovely week to everyone and good morning.

  40. I am Soaring like an Eagle in all area of life in Jesus name..Amen

  41. Good morning all. Its a great week ahead. Lets go out there and keep making each moment count positively! Thank you Stella and our P.A, i woke up to data on my phone! God bless you guys! Do have an awesome day ahead all.

  42. good bless you Stella, I received my data this morning.thanks you ma'am

  43. Good Morning Everyone. Catholic Church celebrated their Mothers Day yesterday. It's a pity for India. May God protect us all.

  44. Good morning madam Jeweluchi and dear bvs, it's a lovely week, may it favour us all
    So I wasn't selected for data again 😒, na to fast and pray be that πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
    Dear Stella, I would be patiently waiting for.the labour room post, it's really educative.
    E-hugs everyone 😘 😘😘

  45. Good morning my lovely bvs.
    God bless u jeweluchi,I received my data,may God replenish in million folds. thanks our able PA for choosing me and thanks waju for delivering,God bless u all.
    Jeweluchi may God come thru for India o,here life is back to normal,even church no send facemask again,even joints don dey operate in full gear..may God safe us oo.
    Bvs have a blessed and wonderful Monday.. it can only get better.

  46. Data received. Thanks Jeweluchi and able PA.

  47. I woke up to the data gift. Was so happy. First time ever! God bless you, Stella. God bless you, P.A. May your pockets never run dry, in Jesus Name.

  48. Jeweluchi stelalicious πŸ₯° thanks for the data....Data came in when I was hungry for it....Tanks for always making us smile....u rock

  49. Data received... thought I will never benefit o....I don apply tire..and when I was expecting.boom....


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