Stella Dimoko Sunday Spontaneous Post


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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Spontaneous Post

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Guten Morgen,

Alles OK? Alles Klar? Haben Sie Gute geschlafen? SUPER!

Those of you going to Church, pray for those at home. Pray for us to have a splendid day, I may join one of the Online platforms that preaches the word of God...

Those of you who preach here on Sundays please leave a message for those presently battling depression.....It is heartbreaking to see that the Economic situation in Nigeria has plunged so many people into Financial difficulties and an uncertain future

Is Nigeria cursed?

Na wah!

If you dropped that Bombshell info on that reality star that I did not enable me, please send me a mail so that i can ask the necessary questions and see what to do next.... If i enable that comment it will become headline news somewhere else without proper investigation, you get? Thank you.

God Bless us all

Kisses to you 😘😘😘


  1. Happy Sunday everyone!
    It is a rainy one.....

    1. Same here,,heavy rain πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

      Morning Umuoma

    2. Rain of blessings it shall be for us all in Jesus name. Happy sunday guys!

    3. Rained here too. Beautiful morning good people

    4. It's a shower of blessings, I love this weather.

      Good morning BVs.


    6. Good morning everyone
      I came specially for the man who complained about his wife on BEP yesterday

      I am just seeing where you spoke about she needing CS cus of lack of sex...that's actually funny,
      Some people don't dilate, she may actually have a small cervix which has nothing to do with requent sex. Women with small cervix always ends up stressing the child which may lead to death.
      It's never okay to blame anyone for thier choice of birthing a child.
      We thank God mum and child are okay, some may give birth in the bush safely but remember people still die. Delivery is like going to the world of the dead and coming back.

      The doctor may have chosen the easiest and safest way out. Doesn't make it her fault

  2. Take Your Place As A Praying-Priest!!
    Pslam 149:6-7.


    "Take a  stand and say “no!” to the havoc, mayhem, destruction,  chaos and turmoil the devil is unleashing in the world"

    "Intercede fervidly for world leaders, Presidents  and Prime Ministers of nations, that their hearts and  minds be guided away from the devil’s manipulation"

    "It could take days, weeks or months before you  see the change that you require, but don’t stop; keep  praying"


    Righteous Father, the powers that be are ordained of  you; therefore, I pray that your righteousness would  prevail in the lives of leaders of nations around the  world. Protect their minds from wrong counsels and  judgements; and let the wisdom of God be granted  them, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    1. I pray thw power of the passover that killed the first borns of the Egyptians should come and visit every dirty politician and evil people in Nigeria IJN

    2. Anon 8:08,
      Do you think these stone hearted politicians care about that???? Most times they are willing to sacrifice their first born to achieve political positions anyway. So God’s wrath Upon their first born is no big deal.
      Our prayer should be against the actual perpetrators. Humiliation, shame, exposure of their deeds, misfortune, illness, and so on should befall them.

  3. Good morning everyone. God will smile on us πŸ™πŸΏ

  4. It's been six years since I stepped foot in wa..God dont reason like man anyway.

    BEP yesterday..hahahaha...hypocrisy is top notch..

    Pls do your things n do it codedly, na person wey dem catch be thief.
    God is a merciful God.

    1. You are the church. Your body is the temple where God resides. The church is an edifice a building and that's all. The coming together of brethren is what makes it a church.

      Still you need the fellowship of 'true' brothers/sisters if you find the ones who aren't wolves in sheep clothing and who aren't lukewarm either because iron sharpeth iron. Even if you don't go to church try and have real Christians friends and you can fellowship together. It is necessary for the growth of your spirit being and your soul.

  5. Happy Sunday EveryoneπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  6. A beautiful and a happy Sunday to you all. It's raining presently and I love itπŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ˜˜.

    I'm thankful for life and a good health. Thank you Abba, I'm forever grateful and patient for my miracle and success that is on the wayπŸ’ƒ.

    Please, hold on a bit- everything is going to fall in place pretty soon. The way God will bless you beyond your expectations ehn, you'll be surprised with tears of Joy flowing from your eyes.

    Have an eventful Sunday lovelies.

  7. Happy sunday to is a rainy sunday morning .,i will be attending LFC latogun today.. may God bless us greatly today(Amen)IJN

  8. One event, message, or a single phone call can send your mental health on a downward spiral, altering the course of your life forever. But no, that's not your lot.

    This week, may God remove everything and every human determined to upset the equilibrium of your peace.



  9. Happy Sunday to you all...

    I've been very busy lately, but still manage to catch up with drama on SDk.

    Abeg, I wan know where the matter end put.

  10. Fear is the worst emotion ever. If you let it rule your heart, it will ruin your life.

    Fear creates an invisible yet real world of pain around you where you're alone in the misery of your mind.

    You will act irrationally, you will believe the most ridiculous outcomes and your health will also pay for it.

  11. It's official, Stella, I am battling depression. I met him here on s&m,2 years and counting now, now we are at the verge of a break up. Dear house, pls pray for me for the grace to move on and forget the experience.
    Grace to focus on me the way I was before. Grace , Grace is all I yearn for
    I am a good woman who he always misunderstood.
    It's well.

  12. Happy Sunday to you all ❤️❤️

  13. It's so hilarious when people delude themselves by only talking about God's mercy and stylishly ignoring his vengeance and punishments. Ignoring the fact that his word is a double edged sword depending on where you stand. His word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart of man and his actions(good/bad). These category of people only accept the fact that he is a loving merciful father yet ignoring the fact that he is also a consuming fire. Accepting all the good aspects of him that makes you sleep well at night when you aren't even interested in living right according to his word or making an effort to please him, after all he is merciful, right? keep abusing his grace if you like while boldly pushing aside the fact that you don't continue to abide in sin that grace may forever abound. May it not be too late for those of You in this WhatsApp group who abuses God's grace and forgiveness instead of coming into repentance and feeling remorseful thinking they aren't two aspects to God. May it not be too late for all of you. Amen.





    2. Exactly my thought. David is a typical example where God tempered Justice with mercy. God forgives,which is the simpler part of the offence but the consequences you will bear. He forgave David(for killing Uriah and converting Bethsheba) but He ensured the death of the child,ensured that David's wives were slept with in the open,the sword never departed from David's household,was done in the full glare of the entire nation, Israel,and then in His mercy,He gave Solomon from Bethsheba. Saul,who later became Paul was forgiven,but he borne the consequences. He was beaten 39 strokes thrice,stoned many times,left for dead many times but he only supported those who stoned Stephen. Moses was forgiven but he borne the consequence of not entering the promised Land. Just like I deliberately plant a grain of corn in the farm and multiples of grain springs forth,likewise in life, whatsoever I do,I reap in multiples. With this consciousness,I have prayed and I'm helped by His grace to consciously sow seed of goodness regardless of the curve balls life throws at me. No one can make me do otherwise.God is a God of Justice as well as a merciful God. He is a Righteous Judge.

    3. What happened afterwards when you ask for forgiveness after you sin is paramount. Did you feel sorry and hate that sin and rely on the help of the spirit to help you stop and be what the father wants or you simply feel God understands and continue to justify your actions while still sinning (with comments like, "God is merciful, he is a loving father, he understands that I am human, I have blood running through my veins)which happens not because you are imperfect like everyone else but because you love your sins and just want to make excuses for them so as to continue. Then you are only playing yourself and not God because God cannot be mocked.

    4. Continuation...

      The Bible says (2cor7:10) "For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death". Sadly, What most people feel is wordly grief. Wordly sin does not create repentance. 'REPENTANCE' is the whole basis of forgiveness.

      David asked for forgiveness God forgave but he still paid dearly for uriah's death and his wife(vengeance).

      The thief on the cross couldn't make restitution but he was nailed even though forgiven(that could have been vengeance for all those he had robbed, killed, we could say he paid for his crime by being nailed and they felt avenged)

      It is a different case with the thief on the cross whom God forgave and could not make restitution. Who knows if that was the first time he came across Christ or recently heard about him?

      But with a Christian who knows what sin means day in day out. People preach but you try to silence them and call them names because you do not want to hear the truth because you do not want to ask for the help of the holy spirit to stop sinning, then it is a different ball game.

      It is a different thing if you know your left from your right and still continue to abuse his grace than when you do not have any idea at all what sin is. Jesus said ( 15:22) If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Here is God saying in his word that if you haven't heard corrections or are ignorant then you cannot be judged but if you have heard over and over again then no excuses because you cannot pretend you did not know any better.

      Lies, bearing false witness, fornication, adultery, fraud, .etc with these we have no excuses anymore.

      There are two types of sinners. The remorseful ones who are always thriving and relying on the help of the holy spirit(most in this category) even though they stumble they keep thriving. God sees their heart and know they do not enjoy the sin but their flesh sometimes takes over because their spirit is weak. However he sees how they THRIVE to stop with prayers, feeling ashamed of their sins, trying to live right with God.

      The second category are also plenty. these ones delude themselves thinking the merciful God will always make excuses for them because he is merciful. They feel God will bend to their ways and accept them in their sins without even showing him they desire to please him or are sorry. This is because they want to continue to enjoy their sin. They feel God's Grace and mercy is always available to be abused.

    5. Sorry, if this is coming late. Not sure I posted this the first time.

      About your question stella, Let create a case of someone who killed another person's child. The bereaved is asking God to avenge him son because they are powerless. While the other person is asking God for forgiveness.

      The question is, Are you asking for forgiveness because you are sorrowful/remorseful or due to conscience of guilt because you see forgiveness as a crutch to rely on so as to minimize the impact of your sin?

      The question now is, what will happen? God sees the heart and focuses more on the intention and motive behind an action. The real motive behind your forgiveness will be revealed to him.

      If you are trying to be a fraud and see forgiveness as an escape route to feel better or a quick-fix. In this case you go to commit a sin then you tell yourself you will ask for forgiveness later after you are done then you sin another one again on PURPOSE and ask for forgiveness over agan like it is a joke. He will know you aren't remorseful because he is God. You do not mock him and his grace.

      In this scenario I painted above about a man committing murder. If he is truly sorry then both forgiveness and vengeance will take place. Why?? Well, because If the person is truly sorry due to the conviction of the holy spirit. God who sees the heart will forgive(Forgiveness)that person but the holy spirit would convict them which would lead to them coming forward to pay for their crimes(veageance)and perform restitution if they are within the person's reach hereby given the bereaved closure.

      But if they aren't truly sorry but hiding under the cloak of forgiveness and God's mercy then vengeance without forgiveness will still take place.

      Stella, the question is,
      1)has the person asked you for forgiveness? The truth is, if the person is really remorseful, have contacted you to seek your forgiveness(that is if you are within the person's reach)
      2)depending on the wrong being done to you, has the person done restitution? Have they made amends to you for the pain they made you go through and you can see they are truly sorry?
      3) remember I said "feeling remorseful"? If you ask for forgiveness without feeling remorseful and turning a new leaf from whatever sin you are engrossed in simply because you feel God would always forgive you, then you are abusing your privileges. God also does not want to be used as a quick-fix to minimise the intensity of your sin. That is not what his grace is for.

    6. Someone who does not want to stop sinning but hoping God will understand are seen differently in the eyes of God compared to
      Someone who sins and wants to turn a new leaf by being proactive even if they sin over and over again till stop. God will give them his grace till they stop because he sees they are willing from the bottom of their heart. Compared to the one who is not willing at all and not 'THRIVING'.

      Being a proactive/thriving christain here means,

      1) Godly sorrow( avoid and flee from the things that causes the sin, yank it off from your life, is it your friends you surrounded yourself with, your job, the movies you watch, pornography?)
      2)ask for forgiveness(admit you know what you have been doing is wrong)
      3)Repentance(This is the most difficult stage for most accalimed Christians. They trivialise their sins because The devil blindsides them he knows if they their eyes is open to their sins and they have to admit what they are doing is wrong then they would be moved in the spirit to change their ways with the help of the holy spirit. So he tells them it is nothing and creates excuses in their head why this and that is right and justified.)

      4)Restitution if possible. If you can't for reason beyond your control(like distance, many passed and do not know the lerson's wherabout or they have died) then God understands.

      It is sad that some christains do not know the worth of their souls. A whole God came down to die for us all. Can we mere human die for an Ant? Now divide yourself to smithereens and and try to envision God multiplying him by trillions folds as your human ability can take and ask yourself why someone like that would come and die for you? And at the same time ask yourself why the devil is fighting for you too like you are worth more than a diamond. God knows the worth of your soul even the devil as proud as he is, cannot deny your worth but most you as a christain do not know your worth. If you do, the way you treat sin will be different. It is not easy but you will never fail because he will help whenever you fall because he sees you are willing and eager to please him by surrendering to his will(That is why the Bible says in prov 24:16 a righteous man may fall seven times. The Bible did not say " A MAN will fall...., but it says a RIGHTEOUS MAN so there is a huge difference depending on who the man is to start with)rather than thinking just sitting and being dismissive while kissing up to God's grace after willingly given into sin without totally surrendering to his will, will do all the work for you.
      Please know the worth of your soul.

      A lot of Christians do not want to hear the truth even on this blog. Your refusal to hear it does not change any thing. God has given us all all freewill and we have the right to pick our final destination. It is not a joke. May we all pick wisely, with his help( that is, if we surrender to him) Amen.

  14. It's so hilarious when people delude themselves by only talking about God's mercy and stylishly ignoring his vengeance and punishments. Ignoring the fact that his word is a double edged sword depending on where you stand. His word is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart of man and his actions(good/bad). These category of people only accept the fact that he is a loving merciful father yet ignoring the fact that he is also a consuming fire. Accepting all the good aspects of him that makes you sleep well at night when you aren't even interested in living right according to his word or making an effort to please him, after all he is merciful, right? keep abusing his grace if you like while boldly pushing aside the fact that you don't continue to abide in sin that grace may forever abound. May it not be too late for those of You in this WhatsApp group who abuses God's grace and forgiveness instead of coming into repentance and feeling remorseful thinking they aren't two aspects to God. May it not be too late for all of you. Amen.

  15. Good morning everyone and happy Sunday
    Welcome to new week
    May God divine Blessings be upon us today Amen

  16. Good morning Stella and beevees🀩πŸ₯°... It's a rainy Sunday here in LagosπŸ’ƒ

    Happy SundayπŸ’›❤️🧑

  17. Good morning and Happy Sunday to you all

  18. About to rain here in the Garden city.... Making a delicious meal while watching some sports highlight. I hope I don't get my food burnt.

    Good morning guys.

  19. Can cloves water reduce belly fat

    1. Yes it does wonders!

    2. Can you please give description on how to use the cloves water?

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Happy Sunday beevees!!! Rain rain go away πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  22. Good morning everyone 😊. I hope you are fine
    I Pray this week will be better than last week Amen

  23. Happy Mothering Sunday to you Stella and all the mothers here . 🀰 πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘¦‍πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§

  24. Ekaro gbogbo ile ooo

    Happy Sunday lovers

    May God bless our new week

    Its so cold here and I am loving it so much 😍😍

  25. Happy Sunday morning lovelies 😘 πŸ’•

  26. Dunno how to make my infant sit in her car seat. When she was born (during the pandemic ) the few times we would go out, she would cry and I'd carry her. Now at one she will not sit there. I now carry her at the back which is annoying. Do I force her to sit on her car seat or hope she grows out of it

    1. Put her on the seat, strap her and give her phone to watch cartoon.

      Hoping she'll stay still.

    2. Thanks Waju but she will not. She has toys, a tablet , and snacks yet nothing. She only agrees to sit on it when I'm driving and she's in front or her dad is driving she's in the front and I'm not in the car. The moment she realises I'm in the car. Game over! the tears start

  27. Happy Sunday my people,thank God for the rain. A tu wa lara o

  28. Nigerians should learn to read other spiritual books apart from the bible and books published by so-called pastors and religious bigots.

    Believe me, when I say you will become very enlightened! We have been brainwashed so much to put us under control,if only you all know the truth about creation and spirituality, these myopic attitudes to other beliefs will stop.


    1. Leave Nigerians alone, let them read what they want to read, you too read your own. Ahn ahn!!

    2. So other spiritual books are not written by religious bigots. According to you, It is only the Bible ba? We understand you don't worry. You hear??

      It is obvious there are some hard truths written in the bible that goes against your lifestyle or things you do that is why it is the only book you attacked while praising other spiritual books. Be looking for what did not lost there and not stay in one place. We should believe you that we are brainwashed? Because you and stacks of religious books said so? Ndi woke generation. Na dem.

    3. 14.19, did I hold their legs, hands and mouths before?🀣

    4. 15:23, I hear,religious sycophants! What hard truths that affects my lifestyle?🀣🀣 with all the religious books you all read,Nigeria is still the most corrupt spiritually, morally and financially! Or did I spoil your business in selling these religious books? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  29. Sometimes I am baffled by the cunning attitudes of some Nigerians.Someone asked to borrow money for something urgent, because the person knew I just got some money,I declined because I had financial commitments to sort out. Guess what? I just saw this person with a brand new car he bought today! I congratulated him.He wanted to take me for a fool,thinking he is smart.He spent his own money to satisfy himself,then wanted to borrow money from me to pay his rent? I learnt a lesson today,not to believe every sob story you hear.

  30. Relations that live with couples and don't know what it takes to run the home will be talking s*** about the wife or husband.

    Be patient until they get out of the house and be taking care of themselves and get married.Then the story will get more interesting when the complaints starts to flood in.Some will be ashamed and embarrassed to admit they were wrong and apologize.
    The self-entitlement feeling is appalling!

    I try not to gloat but it does brings closure to know I have been validated and vindicated. Now,they know I had been a good and patient wife all these years,because their wives are not take nonsense from them! The same nonsense I swallowed and cried in my corner for years. Today,I am reaping the fruits of my.labour. I am enjoying my marriage to the fullest! Marriage is sweet without third parties.

  31. Nigeria is not cursed oooo @ Stella, it is some/ few of the people that are cursed. After all, some people are making it legitimately in this country. My believe is that whatever you profess, so shall it be with you. If you cuss out your motherland, you will continue to reap what you sow.

    Like I said up there, people are truly making it legitimately in this country. The problem with some of us is that, we all want to make it within a short period of time, forgetting that consistency and hard work is the order of the day. Let us use our entertainers as a case study. They are divided into two categories
    The first are;

    The likes of Joke Silver, Rita Dominic, Genevieve, Omotola, Funke Akindele, Ramsey Noah, Basket mouth ,Ali Baba,Bovi, Wizkid,Davido,and a host of others all made it in this country and are still making it.Their believe in their motherland is what is keeping them in this country.

    The second category of persons had to come down to their motherland to make it. They are the likes of Don Jazzy, JJC, D-banj, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy,etc. We also hear the likes of Okonjo, Adesina, Amina Mohammed etc,who made it in this country and are today making us proud.

    Let us be reminded that consistency,hard work and finally professing positivity should be our mantra. If not, we would continue to use our tongues to destroy ourselves, all in the name of becoming a woke person.


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