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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Wordless Post...



  1. Replies
    1. Nigeria Leaders 😏

    2. E still no stop God from blessing and multiplying you.
      The Bible spoke about a cheerful giver,they r not Mumu but once u observe a leech in form of friend/receiver,abeg use ⚔️.
      Don't let this type of pple ☝️stop ur heart from giving

  2. This the case of Northerners to the rest of Nigeria. They are dragging and insisting that oil is for everyone but the Gold that was mined from their region is only theirs for keeps.

  3. The picture speaks a thousand words.
    The heart of men.........

  4. This can be interpreted in several ways.
    One of such is that the guy with bread and coke behind him, is testing his friend to know if he is unselfish. When he passes the test, he can then bring out his bounty for them to share. LOL!!!!

  5. This is the situation of the masses in this country.The rich(politrikcians) continues to enrich themselves from the poor masses.

  6. Life! The one hiding his own ia the loser. But he doesn't know.

  7. I laughed so hard seeing this cos I was calling someone ' Beggers association'.

    They born some people born beggy beggy, they will beg both known and unknown without shame in doing that.

    Long throat is in their gene.

  8. In actual sense,the picture portrays greediness and selfishness.
    Meaning that some people are not contented.
    These set of people never like to see others grow pass them.

  9. Association of collectors plc...

  10. Sadly this pic depicts, Fulani and the rest of Nigeria.
    Imagine that Patantami, can still talk.

  11. I had this Friend in 100l that would finish all the food stuff we brought in 2wks if we allowed her, she doesn't bring much but will eat it all and still eat ours in our absence as she knows where we dropped keys, omo we had to hide our stuuf oh, stopped buying food stuff n cooked without meat or fish.. It was hell, immediately moved out, the other girls and I were sharing what each got, this one will finish ur tuber of yam while u r in class

  12. One picture
    Thousand words unspoken


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