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Friday, April 16, 2021

Wordless Post...



  1. So true... That's the Nigerian state

  2. Apt. We are gradually getting there sir.Thanks to our greedy, selfish, thieving politicians.

  3. WORD!!!!!!!
    Pa Awolowo, the best president Nigeria never had.

  4. We are gradually moving back to the state of nature where life will be brutish, nasty and short.

  5. Was that why as minister of finance after the civil war, he gave every
    Easterner 20 pound note as their bank deposits?
    Imagine having 20 million naira as your account balance and you are told that
    all you can get is 20 naira?
    He created more poor or penurious people in Nigeria since its existence.

    1. Keep lying dia so every easterner had 20 million in their accounts in the 1960's.

    2. Purveyor of fake news.

    3. Please move on from your one sided biased story told by your people everyday. Whether you like it or not, Awolowo was one of the best Leaders in this country.
      The likes of him, Nnamdi Azikiwe and the rest that lead Nigeria during their time can never be compared to the greedy leaders of today.

      Go look for their children and descendant, they are not stinking rich like the children of today's leaders. Most of them are just average citizens benefitting from the good names their parents left behind.

      What you should be more concerned about is the wicked heartless people parading themselves as leaders all over the country now, looting away the treasures of this country for their generations unborn.

      Stop looking at these ones that ruled in a different era entirely. Talk about the leaders of today YOUR OWN GENERATION and their injustice and contribute on the way forward.

    4. None of you have been able to face the reality of what I said
      and concluded that I am an "Easterner?" If you were getting set to
      be sent to the UK to study by your parents and the war broke out.
      After the sufferings of the war, your parents who are traders are
      reduced to penury because the banks were mandated to only give them
      20 pounds. You will understand this. Was there no such policy?
      What of the abandoned property policy? Please, if we as a country keep
      sweeping our historical misdeeds under the carpets, we aren't going anywhere.

  6. He was a visionary, he actually saw the future.

  7. Hope those concerned that call him their mentor will heed to his words before their imminent downfall.


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