Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 74


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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 74

Oko Ashawo is sending a memo to parents because of his recent experience!

The recent News in the social media about a teen who was molested by an actor brought back memories that i thought i had buried...

I was molested by our housemaid as a child and I know how this affected me negatively while growing up. My mother caught her the day she came home early from work unexpectedly and she was sent away at once. I got to know of this story when I overheard my parents talking about it much later in my teenage years and I had a blurry flashback of the events that took place then.

I must have been around 3 to 4 years old at that time when it all started. She used to pick me up from school and I remember faintly she would bring out my ‘kini’ out and do all sorts with it.

Not too long ago, a request took me to an area where a family friend lives. He is my ‘Egbon' ..... I saw him last at his wedding a few years back and it was a good opportunity to see him again since I was in his neighbourhood.

While I waited for him in the sitting room, i observed something his little girl did that shocked the hell out of me and left me frozen momentarily ..I cannot even say it but it brought back memories of the abuse i suffered as a child and i knew immediately this child knew more than she should.

Up until now, I have kept this to myself and I have been tempted to tell him but I am not settled about this yet. I am not certain about the outcome if I tell him, the story might also be turned around to indict me if i am not careful so i think it is better to drink water from my own cup and mind my business .

I know the economy is harsh and parents have to go out and hustle, leaving the children in the hands of caregivers, relatives, housemaids, etc. but Parents need to do more and pay extra attention to their kids because those abusing them have upped their games.


  1. Nobody drinks water when you suspect a child being molested. That water will choke you oh.
    Please tell your friend ASAP. Tell him it is just an observation, let them make look into the matter.

    You must give us an update. Which cam story be this. Berra so the right thing please. Blessings!

    1. This sexual molestation thing is so painful. It happens been happening so much, it's just that social media has made people very aware. I myself have been a victim. And anytime I think about it, I feel so terrible about it. Please find a way to tell your egbon. Let it free your conscience

  2. So sad, and I can imagine the pain, headache, some sleeplessness and confusion you would be going through anytime you think of your past experience and your inability presently to help that poor child (if your guess Is right) so they do not go through same phase in life.

    Thanks for your advice to parents, may God pave way for us to success so as to reduce this hustle so we can be more relaxed to take care of our loved ones.. Amen.

  3. Please kindly tell the parents of that child by whatever means you can to prevent further abuse and molestation. Thanks for the advice.

  4. I was also molested by our house maid. I understand the experience. The first sex I ever had was with the maid

  5. Golden oko ashewo, you are a great man, please there is a way you can diplomatically let the parents know.
    Visit them and bring up the current topic of baba ijesha, while being engrossed in the discussion, just drop in a general advice that parents with kids should very close and friendly with their kids so that they would be free to pour out their mind to their parents whatever is bothering them, with that a wise parent after such discussion will certainly like to be inquisitive about his or her kids

  6. Oko ashewo DONT TALK OOO. Pray intensely for the child and family. The matter will be turned on your head. Also do you know if it’s the father abusing her?

  7. I was abused by my own brother. I told my mom she beat the hell out of me. Years later, her pastor came home and wanted to try same thing. I told my siblings, next thing they said I’m possessed with marine spirit o! Just imagine!

    Family is your worse enemy period!

    1. My brother abused me too. I just pity his daughter. If his wife like make she no shine eyes

  8. This issue of child molestation is much more than we see o. It's only the reported ones that we know about. It has affected a lot of people's mentality about sex and destroyed some for life

  9. Please endeavor to let the parents know. Talk to some women around first before fixing a meeting to breakdown the discovery to the parents.

    There are too many paedophiles in Nigeria. They all behave alike,both male and female.

  10. It is what it is. Parents should protect their kids by all means

  11. Parents should plant CCTV cameras in their houses


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