Stella Dimoko BabaIjeshaGATE - Comedienne Princess Reacts To Bail Granted Alleged Child Molester Baba Ijesha


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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

BabaIjeshaGATE - Comedienne Princess Reacts To Bail Granted Alleged Child Molester Baba Ijesha

 The Former Comedienne who is now a Chef says she will win in a new post on Instagram hours after Baba Ijesha whom she accused of Child molestation was released on Bail after weeks in Police Detention without being charged.


  1. Truth be told, the guy should have been granted bail. If the offense is bailable, he should get bail. Let him be charged to court and if convicted go to jail. We can’t be supporting holding people without bail in this country.

    1. True, let the law take its course

    2. My though exactly. If he's found guilty then he should go to jail. We can't be calling Buhari a tyranny for not obeying court orders and we also supporting the police holding someone on a bail able offence.

    3. Exactly!!

      If it's a bailable offense, then it's his right to be bailed! As long as justice still prevails

      I just hope this bail won't be the end of the matter..... But we need to be consistent in seeking justice

    4. It is wrong, yes but do you know the multitude of people held awaiting charge to court in this Nigeria?

      It has come to sexual violence against a girl child and all the dusty law books and constitutions are pulled out.

  2. God no dey sleep.
    Hope he won't rape someone someday.

  3. when you know you will definitely win,relax and follow the right process.
    Stop responding to their rants on social media and handle it gently.
    He is an ungrateful fool to pay you this way.
    Next time ,be careful who you render help.
    Those that don't value it will make you regret.

  4. If the crime is bailable he should get it.. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL but i doubt cos THIS IS NIGERIA

  5. 1. Is he being bailed into house arrest and does Nigeria have the facilities in place to ensure his risk of escaping justice is minimised?
    2. Which bail condition supercedes the risk he poses to other minors on the street considering the number of children hawkers on the street of Nigeria, the many homeless children he can easily call to ‘come inside and collect money’?
    3. For those of you toxically hailing Yomi Fabiyi as a true friend - I feel like only toxic people would be looking for toxic friends to stand by them when they commit toxic atrocities such as paedophilia. Paedophilia is not a great crime against humanity. It’s not like - oh You insulted someone and you need a friend to stand by you, or you snatched someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend. This is Paedophilia- apasaye(killed the person but the person is still living)......
    4. That a public figure as fairly known as Yomi, or anybody for that matter would be willing to stick out their neck shows how toxic Nigeria has become.
    5. That anyone would come out and defend a paedophile on social media, either stating the law or calling people hypocrites is a big shame to the mentality of Nigerians. About 1 in 3 women I know that grew up in Nigeria were sexually molested in one way or the other. The only way this can be reduced in the next generation is to Name and Shame - thereby educating young boys how dastardly the act is.

    Thank you

    1. Paedophilia is a great crime against humanity. Pardon the typo.

  6. Very good. Now we hear from every side. Even the child will speak in court. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. He that is guilty will surely serve his time 🤞🚶‍♂️

  7. See her nose! Sexual relationship gone wrong. Women and their sensationalism.

  8. Why does this lady look haggard all the time?
    I have never seen a women so non chalant about her looks. Gosh!


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