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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day ,

 I am a lady, and I am 22 years old , I have been a relationship with this guy
 ( who is every much older than me) over a year plus, and I love this guy so much, he loves me too, so he said  and he treats me good too ..

What bothers me is that whenever I am with this guy , he will always say that he wants God to bless him with a good wife, and that his wife is going to enjoy him, the same guy who told me that he is coming to see my parents very soon..

 People are coming for me and I keep turning them down ,even my first love got married when I told him that I am no longer interested ,all because of this guy ,I am not desperate ,I am not ready to marry yet cos I want to build my own business first before marriage.....

This guy will always want me to be a great woman, but doesn't contribute to make me a woman he wants, and when he talks about the future ,i am not always there, but he will keep telling me he loves me..

 I am concerned because I don't want to waste my time on someone else things ,Stella please keep my identity hidden ,I need advice on what to do please...

*Why are you bothered about him? didnt you say up there that you are not ready to Marry? Is this what you told him? or the Impression you gave him? Have you had a talk with him on the status of your relationship? if not, please do.

You are still young so dont rush it...
That notion that he has to invest in you is wrong.... What are you bringing to the table if you want him to invest in you?


  1. Jewelu, this has been posted before

  2. Stella you ve posted this before.

  3. Poster you are still very young o, you have dreams and aspirations but lacks effort.if it's about the finances reason why you re in this relationship you better quit okay,guy man is building his future build yours are confusing yourself poster,don't get pregnant oo

    1. Poster you're still too young, Im married now but I look back at my life in my early twenties and I wish I had not bothered with some relationships. I wish I had spent time investing in myself, getting closer to God and building a career... Please move on and focus on being a better woman for you. And you can't be that better woman without giving yourself to your First Love, Jesus. You're still very young, you will meet better people even as your circle grows. Don't waste your youth on a guy, spend your time seeking God . Travel... Start a course, grow with God my dear... Just live your life and be free ! I wish you all the very best.

  4. I think this has been posted before.

  5. That guy will dump you one day. Go add value to yourself and read your books. Close legs like a mermaid.

  6. Stella, you've posted this before.

  7. This has been posted before

  8. Stella u have posted this before

  9. Poster I don't know if it's your chronicle that is confusing me or you are the one confuse.

    You said
    "I am not desperate ,I am not ready to marry yet cos I want to build my own business first before marriage"
    So why are you bothered about him marrying you and the suitors that left you and married other people after you turned their proposal down?

    I'm sure you have told or given him the impression that you are not ready for marriage.

    Why making simple things difficult for you?

    If you want marriage discuss it with him but since your are not ready as you claimed, have fun .

    Biko what do you mean by
    "This guy will always want me to be a great woman, but doesn't contribute to make me a woman he wants"?
    I hope the contribution is not money?
    But if it is money, I ask you, you that also want him to be great a great ma, what have you contributed to make him be the man you want him to be?

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  12. This Chronicle was Posted last month.

  13. If you say you love a woman, there is nothing wrong in supporting her with growth. There nothing wrong in adding you to his plans. What the poster said is valid. The reason why it sounds confusing is because she also is confused!!! Why say you love me if you keep telling me about your dream woman. Why say you love me when you don’t have me in your agenda at all🤷🏻‍♀️ I am impressed that at 22, you are smart to come here and ask this questions. When I was 22 I was not this smart. Kudos to you. Now here is my answer. The honest truth is that he does not love u. Period. It’s time to move. There is always a better man out there.

    1. 15:49...God bless you real good.
      The man in question doesn't love her or he is yet to identify her growth.
      Maybe to him,u are one little girl and not in the age bracket of who he wants to get down with.

      Or maybe he loves you but not the kinda love that will lead to marriage,more like a respect kind of love.
      You know...she call me brother and I call

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  16. Old chronicles

  17. The story have been posted before

  18. This man is trying to train you and manipulate you into what he wants. I highly dislike ppl who use manipulative underhanded tactics, they always calculating and instead of coming out and speaking plainly they have to act as if they are not saying what they are saying.

    Be careful that you are not trying to 'win a prize'. He is not a prize and I would suggest you tell him you want to take a break from the relationship and go date other ppl. Also focus on your future beyond marriage and think about how you can add value to your own life.

  19. You are the prize. Not him
    Anybody dating a 22yo shouldn't be expecting much. Rather he should be sowing into you if he has plans of having u in his future but clearly he doesn't. Leave him. This is the age bracket where you build yourself.

    1. What other sowing is better than imprinting self awareness, self discipline/control and the spirit of legal hustle into a 22yrs old, who has only SSCE cert and who wasn't raised by her parents?

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