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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday In House News



I think it is time to cancel the FAQ posts cos now everyone is asking questions and not really responding again..... Maybe i should shift it to once in a blue moon? Make una tell me oh cos left for me, I can do without.. I berthed the idea because of so many questions littering serious posts... I can forget it and be deleting the comments...
lets talk!

Send in your labour room drama, Omugwo chronicles (So nobody does Omugwo anymore?).. Send in your chronicles eeeeh...... 

My PA will lists all the columns that needs updating..please send in if you have any story that fits in



They say what a man can do, a woman can do even better. A female lecturer lured her male student to a hotel to have sex for grade, how the whole thing was caught on camera, nobody knows. The video was posted on their WhatsApp group for all to see.

 When Rector called her for questioning, she said it was a MUTUAL AGREEMENT, she didn't force the student, they've kept the matter pending.

The koko now is this lady is a senior lecturer and her husband is one of the big workers in school too. If she notice two lecturers standing and having conversation, she'll assume it's her matter they're discussing and trouble will set in. So due to her position in school, everyone is minding his/her business to avoid story that tickle the ear.

So anytime they (the junior lecturers, of which my madam is among) want to gossip or gist about the matter; 'IJ go and lock the door', hahahahha. Na the matter dey on board now o. In fact Rector wan to dismiss it cos of her reputation, and that of her husband. The question now is ' who made the video'. 

These students can do and undo oh. I come in peace, have a good and splendid night.


Na wah!!!



Maybe you have post partum..?



Guys I have a gist oh.
Ever since I heard this gist my body no dey ground 😁😁😁 I couldn't share with my gist mate(hubby) make he no go dey

Anyway this man(call him A)told me he once patronized their former tenant at her shop and in the course of discussion, he promised to take the woman and her friend to eat a special kind of fish at a joint someday that he was sure they'd enjoy it..

About 6 months later he discovered that her husband became malicious towards him but didn't know why. So one day, one of their neighbors told him how that woman's husband told him (neighbor) that A was asking his wife out. He became surprised because he didn't even have anything like that in mind towards her.
Anyway he confronted the husband and told him what really happened and the man apologized to him.

He later confronted the wife that why lie against him? She apologized and asked how can she atone for wrong doing. 'A' told the woman he wants to do what he was accused of.....

Months later the woman called him(A) to meet her at an hotel.
They met.. in his words 'i gbenshed the hella outta her'. And closed the chapter even though the woman kept asking for more.

Chai I shook oh.. I just kept asking why ?? This world don dey turn upside oh. Nawa.

WOW... so that means she wanted all along and used the lie to catch the mans attention and he fell for it...
He is lucky cos he could have been set up.
na wah sef


ADVICE ON N4million Investment

Hello my people. I am 28yrs old with just 4m attached to my name. I am still confused as to what I should do presently. I do not have a job but a business that requires no capital. Any investment plans?. I planned to japa and also buy properties.

Japa with 4 million yes and you will have a little change left to survive for a month or two...
Buy properties with 4million?hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha NOT POSSIBLE!



''Please, how good are man from Mbaise? I have been in a relationship with one for months now and he is hinting on marriage but this, "if you see snake and see Mbaise men..." thing is lurking in a corner of my mind. Thanks''.

Who knows any facts (not myths) about Mbaise men?... I know they are always hard workers and always very rich



Good Day Stella, 

 I don't know were this fit into. But i want to ask, "is it a good sign for a man that's not yet married to a woman to say to her that whether she doesn't know that she should have been supporting him financially in some aspects. Even when they're not married yet.

It is the same thing when you ask a man you are not yet married to for money to start a business or do something..... if you find this question he asked you wrong then dont ever ask any man for money...
BTW I hate it when a man asks for money from a woman........if its loan that is paid back fine,but dash? no na!!!!



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    The vicarious death of Jesus Christ defines my value to God. I am worth the very life of Jesus. He gave up His life so that I may live. I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me. I now live the very life of the Son of God – a life that is far above death, sickness, infirmity, and the deceptions of this world. Hallelujah!

    1. Hello everyone,
      Welcome in house news

    2. Abeg,Stella FAQ should not be cancel ooh I learn alot there biko

    3. Stella please no cancel FAQ. May be the unanswered questions should be collated and used as opening for a fresh post on FAQ.


    4. Oil dey your head! This is exactly what I wanted to type. God bless you for this comment!

  2. Welcome ihn,hope everyone is fine? Pls FAQ should not be cancel biko

  3. Good afternoon to y'all on here and I pray that things begin to fall in the right places for you from this moment onwards

  4. Hello Bvs

    Please if you have any of these interesting articles below..
    Chronicles of a blog visitor narrative, Wedding night brouhaha, Omugwo Chronicles, Meeting Point, How Motherhood Changed Me, Service year Boulevard and Labour Room Drama etc..

    Kindly send directly to my boss via
    Thank you

  5. Replies
    1. God bless the givers.
      4m, abeg japa.

      Mbaise men are good, but dem too dey rack sense.

  6. Loaded IHN.

    The situation of this country is tiring. Titus fish is now for the upper class 😢😢

    1. A fish seller is saying 1k for one.

    2. That's for people who dont know how to compromise. I went to the fish seller in the market and saw small sizes of titus fish. The woman said N400 but I priced to N300 and she accepted. I bought 3 pieces before i heard someone say they are fake titus. As soon as I heard, I told myself I will cook this fish well. I parboiled it with plenty spices and then fried. They came out very sweet with the stew. Since then, na so so fake titus I dey find for market. Give me the fake titus, abeg no vex. I will prepare it to my taste. Thanks.

    3. @ Radiant no be lie. I bought a Titus fish for 1k on Monday, tired of eating Shawa fish. Things are getting out of hand.


    4. Hahahahhaahhaha 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 @julles oh God

  7. Thanks bvs for the enlightenment yesterday, I'm the bv up there and I'm glad I'm not alone on this journey....

    Stella, thanks it's not post partum. I met with my Drt morning and I was confirmed anaemic so treatment has commenced, I appreciate you all 💕💕💕💕

    1. We appreciate you too 🙂

    2. Thank God. It's well with you in Jesus' name. Amen.

    3. Hi sis... You will be alright okay? God who is the ultimate healer will heal you. You are in my prayers.

  8. Mbaise? They're too crafty and cunning for their own good. I have had Mbaise friends in the past and they'll shock you. They can have every detail of your life on the palm of their hands and refuse to divulge even the minutest thing about themselves.

    I dislike crafty and manipulative people.
    They are also erighieri (stingy).

    Check am wella

    1. I don't like this idea of condemning individuals because of where they are from. Yes an environment may influence people's behavior but there are some that break free from it.

      My husband is from Mbaise and he is nothing like what you just described. I met other guys from other eastern states before him and he is the best guy I've met.

      We make plans together, build together, I have hundred percent control of all the funds he owns, he is so romantic, attentive to detail, God fearing, treats me like a queen efc Infact he is nothing like the stereotype.

      My father in law and brothers in law are also really good. Infact my in laws are the best, zero stress from them. They love and respect me. His dad even treats me better than my own father.

      My advise to you is don't judge him based in the stereotype about his community, rather look at his person.

      Every tribe has one negative thing that people ascribe to them but that doesn't mean that everybody from the tribe is like that.

      As far as marrying an African man is concerned, just make sure you don't marry one that is stuck on his culture. Also one that genuinely loves God and treats you like the queen.

      If he is a typical African man who is so rigid you may have a problem. Mine didn't grow up in ibo land and doesn't have any affinity with the culture, so he doesn't behave like them.

      If your man is good and loves you and you have checked it with God that he is the right person for you, don't allow any stereotype stop you.

      Yea also check his family to make sure that they are not too traditional. If they are, let him be someone that can stand his ground.

      This is not just for marrying am Mbaise man, it cuts across different cultures.

      I brought up the affinity to culture thing because if you have a western idea of what a home should look like, marrying a core African man that hold his culture dear will just frustrate you. Look for a man that thinks like you. Don't go marry one who believes a woman's place is in the kitchen and start complaining that he wants to turn you to a house wife. Know the model of marriage you want and get a man whose mind works like yours.

      Do your research well. And make sure you check it with God. I wish you the best 😘

    2. Mbaise people are horrible!
      Run run run!!!!

    3. Thank you Anon 15:10, I am not Mbaise but I frown at the generalization of a people cos of a single act of an Individual.

    4. Anon please don't say what you don't know. Mbaise people are known for their wickedness

    5. I even think its wrong to ask people you don't know about their perception about a person or group of persons. The stereotype we have as Nigerians about people should be unlearned. When some persons hear you are from Akwa ibom or "calabar" and you are a lady, they just feel the person can "gbensh" wella. Its derogatory to stereotype people because of where they are from. Know the person for who he/she is and make your decision yourself, don't come here to ask us how the Scandinavians are or if everyone in Rome is a catholic.
      Anon 15:10 Thank you for having a good head on your shoulder.

      Twin squared don't worry you will have an Mbaise inlaw. Do have a great day ahead.

    6. Anon 15:10 Stop contradicting yourself for God sake. You started off with not liking the idea of condemning individuals based on where they are from and you now talked about the typical African man with affinity to his culture. Then you talked about having a western idea of how a home should look like, for the sake of me stop this ambiguity. What is wrong with an Mbaise man to now compare western culture? Is western culture the yardstick for a well raised man? Only if your fellow women stucked in marriage to western culture tells you what they are truly going through, you will know that nothing compares to marrying your type, I must marry oyinbo man by force mentality killing and denigrating our women

    7. A well informed and educated person will NEVER stereotype people. Education really is very important. Both formal and non-formal. Dear Anons, if you can't get both, try and get one maybe.

    8. This your comment is very wrong Twins squared, surprised to read this from you tbh.

    9. Madam 15:10 you are just going round and round and round and round in vigourous acrobatics leaps.

      The sum of what you are saying is this:

      "If he is a typical African man who is so rigid you may have a problem. Mine didn't grow up in ibo land and doesn't have any affinity with the culture, so he doesn't behave like them."

      Can you read your last sentence again: ...SO HE DOESN'T BEHAVE LIKE THEM.

      That is just what you are trying to say that you are rubbing grammar all over like palm oil on a cup.

      Poster it is well with you.
      Look before you leap weather he is from Mbaise or Mozambique lest your assurance turn to '..ehm please hide my ID...

    10. Thanks 16:47. So you also saw the hypocrisy in that first reply? Mtchewwwwwwwww.

  9. Post Partum, I think it's a phase that will pass. I'm also good with remembering dates too but when I was pregnant, I forgot things a lot up to the point that my boss called my attention to it, I had to use my note pads to pen down things so I can easily remember them. After sometime, I was fine.

    See a doctor about this, it might help. You'll be fine.

    I greet you all.

  10. Hello my people...long time ooo😀😁😆😂

  11. "Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." So powerful.

    Thanks Stella, on your response on the last question. Some women have that ugly character of thinking a man should cater for her expenses simply cos he's dating you.

    Most married women indulges in discreet relationship with young men but just that unlike ladies, these young men don't blow it out to the open. Here in Port Harcourt there are many of such women dating guys between 25-30 years.

    The moral decadence in the society is on the high that I often asked, where lies our conscience?

    1. Teejay, what is it with you and 'ed'? Haba!

    2. So if there's a mistake in my comment, you can't correct me nicely? Who doesn't make mistakes in written English? You think I will be ashamed to accept my flaws in written English? Smh....

    3. Who noticed teejay has taken over from

    4. @varrey B, when truth is being said, to you it becomes bashing. It's okay. I see you people don't like the truth.

  12. Good afternoon everyone

    Loaded IHN. God bless our hustle

  13. Slow and wet day here in ph. I need me a vacation but to travel sef tire me. I don't want the vaccine. I'm scared of it! Must I take it to travel?

  14. Good afternoon people 🤩.

  15. Ihn is here, how is everyone doing today?. It a cool weather out here.May heaven order our steps into greatness this day.Amen.......

  16. Mrs lecturer nah y..madam dnt continue with that relationship ,that bobo nah gigolo..the bv with 4m should try bar nd food business.

  17. Good afternoon blogfam 😘😘😘

  18. Post partum what?
    There is no medical diagnosis where a woman becomes forgetful after delivery.
    Please let us understand that there is a natural body and a spiritual body. 1 Cor. 15
    We as doctors have the training to take care of the natural body only and even
    at that, our training is so limited as so many things are not in the curriculum.
    This is one of them. Find them in God's Word.
    Joh 16:21 A woman who has given birth is full of joy because a child has been born into the World...
    This is what Jesus taught in the manual of life. So whatever things else like in this very case that is
    happening to you after delivery that does not conform to this is purely one of the works of the evil one
    for which Christ has come to destroy.1 John 3:15.
    Please begin studying the Word of God and pray and see he will make you whole. For he sends forth his Word and
    heals us.

    1. When you don't know something its better to shut up so you don't look extremely stupid.

      Medical journals online and offline abound with cases of changes to women's bodies after delivery both mentally and physically.

      Forgetfulness, absentmindess etc is nothing new.

      Be quoting what indent know to support abject ignorance.

    2. @16:55
      I spent more than half a dozen years reading medicine. I have worked as a practitioner for more than a dozen years.
      I am currently in the city in US that has the largest medical facility on earth. What I can tell you is that, medical
      science knows very little compared to what God reveals in his Word. The thing is that once we meet what we do not have
      understanding about its causal factors, what we term "idiopathic," we begin to expound theories and possible treatment
      modalities. Things like Schizophrenia, depression, some cancers especially the non hormonal ones like intracranial tumors and so on.
      If the mad man of the Gadarenes that Jesus encountered entered my clinic, I would have made a diagnosis of severe Schizophrenia
      and begun immediate palliative treatment and referral to the psychiatrist. The nature, cause and treatment of Schizophrenia is still
      unknown in medicine.
      So I am not here to dispute medical literatures that you are talking about as abounding online. I am talking about a superior knowledge
      even in the midst of all that.

  19. Loving this weather. It's doing my body gishgish.

    1. The price of Pampers and molfix abi what is it called is also gish gish.

  20. That adulterous "gist"
    He did not "gb8nsh the hell out of her,"
    He gb8nshed the hell into her and into himself. He gbenshed both of them
    into hell and that is where they've made their eternal home unless they both repent,
    confess their spouses and ask Jesus to save them from this hell.
    for marriage is honorable but God will judge the adulterers and sexually immoral.
    Be warned!

  21. I am married to an mbaise man, he is the best thing that has happened to me.From what i have seen thus far, they are not bad at all. At the end of day love and marriage is a decision. May you make the right one.

  22. One of the things I dread most about relocating abroad is cold weather
    My body system does not function normal in Cold weather, even when I am inside an air conditioned room, like bank, I get goose bumps all over my body and shivers at times
    God help me, abi its this a medical condition?

    1. Poshhajia, I don’t believe it’s a medical condition. I shiver in aircon rooms and cars as well so I think it’s the way our bodies are wired. If you have to live abroad you’ll find a way to cope with cold weather jare.

  23. IHN so loaded. Please don't scrap the FAQ please. It saves lives some times.
    Mbaise men are lovely. So so lovely if you meet the well trained ones. I am from mbaise and i can tell you that the man's character depends on his up bringing and kind of family he comes from. Well trained mbaise men are heavenly

    1. My SIL is married to an Mbaise man and from the little I know about him and his brother, they are lovely people but then again its down to the individual

  24. Bv with 4million should relocate please.
    Good afternoon bvs.

    1. Honestly the person should hapa abi japa. The country will drain up that money.

  25. Ha! Mbaise men are good, zero wahala, caring and very jovial. They make the best husbands. I knew a lot of them growing up and even now.
    Can't say the same for their women.

  26. That is one thing about a one sided narrative.
    Hope they told you people that the same man that said this about Sir Warrior the musician came back after so many years to seek for forgiveness?
    That is to say that every man from Judas Iscariot's village is a betrayer.
    Is it that in your village their is no bad person?
    Wait to the person that say they "rack" brain too much,does it mean that y'all ain't smart except that mbaise man?
    Make una dey talk with sense sometimes.

    Dear posts,if he is good to you and his family is too,marry him.
    It is good you asked but some questions are not really necessary.

  27. Mbaise men are good, though not perfect. They are mostly schooled & hardworking Just that they don't like helping one another, if a woman births only girls, she's definitely in trouble. They get 'heart o'

  28. How would a guy be expecting you to support him financially when you guys are not married, run, it's a red flag, dude is a gold digger

  29. Good afternoon.

    Please Stella, don't cancel FAQ.

  30. Wickedness no get tribe o...I am married to an mbaise man and my dear he is good,I never knew marriage could be blissful till I met and married my hubby...leave tribe and check out the character of ur guy but note of warning,u must have plenty sense to deal with an mbaise man because their sense to be let them cheat u and never start what u cannot finish...

    1. You never knew marriaige could be blissful? So every marriage you came across was point of war? Including that of your parents? Na wa.

  31. Hubby no get sister,so I don't know about their women but I think they r more troublesome than their men...

  32. Hello ihn!!
    My lovely bvs how is ur day going,I assume fine oo.

    Na wa for madam lecturer,there are things men do and it will be like it's a normal thing but if a woman do same the whole world will frown against it and this here is one of those..gbenshing a male student for grades..ah ah madam na so the thing dey scratch u😉

    Mbaise people are nice and hard-working people,their men can sabi take care if Dem dey wear one trouser everyday but madam get different types of hollandies wrapper 🤣.

  33. To the poster asking about Mbaise men, you are generalizing and stereotyping Mbaise men and that is wrong. I am an Mbaise woman and married to an Mbaise man and I will advise you get to know the man you want to marry very well and not dwell on hear say as I will call it. My Mbaise husband is quite caring, hardworking and hands-on at home because that is the way he was brought up and that is his personality. I can tell you my husband is a lot better than most men from the seemingly safe communities. So do your check properly and I wish you all the best.


  34. Please don't scrape the FAQ post, i got my Redmi phone from that post and so far I'm getting value for my money

  35. Please scrap the FAQ.

    All these emergency nurses that will be using the page to try to learn their profession and the ones that are copying everything they see on youtube in a bid to sound intelligent are just spoiling the page.

    Let people ask questions whenever they feel like. If you feel like enabling fine, if not fine.

    1. Lol @ emergency nurses!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.. gawd!! my belle ooo. damn!!!

  36. Abeg RUN for that Mbaise man oo! I dated two Mbaise men at different times hmmmm wetin my eyes see eeh. One of my ex has been married 3 times but he is so self centred,cunning, tricks,borrow me borrow me doesn't pay back. No future ambitions sold his father's estate they shared money gave him the biggest share and he squandered the money. Went to south Africa came back empty handed claiming cold weather was too much for him. He reconnected with me and was pestering me for money I jejely blocked his sorry ass. The other one borrowed a huge amount of money from me and never paid back I was doing love because the guy na fine guy. I learnt my lessons in a hard way. Watch the Mbaise man date him and see how he is but don't give him any money ooo. Shine your eyes well. Good luck to you!

  37. About BV asking about how Mbaise men are:
    I was a student in Poly Owerri. My initial stay in school was facilitated by people from Mbaise. I can't remember any bad memory of them. I can only pray God to bless them where ever they are.
    The Mbaise....myth is just a with people individually and not based on hear say...if your man is good by your rating please don't look back.

    1. God bless you Anon. In every tribe...scrap that,all humans have the good,the bad and the ugly. They can be found anywhere!
      If you find the Good anywhere and his family is good too,marry him.


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