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Monday, May 03, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello Stella… Good to send this mail to you again. I’ve been an addict to two things for the past few years; one for more than half of my life- porn/masturbation and the internet for the past 8 years. Now, in one of your daily posts “Educative, Entertaining and Inspirational” I learned that a man produces 50 liters of sperm in a life time. I think I have less than three liters left for I have taken matters way too much into my hands.

It all started when I was a teenager, aged 15. My brother would travel to Lagos while I would be left at home. I never grew up with my parents. I could be home for three weeks and the only persons around were our neighbors whose children I used to mingle with. Somehow, I got an adult video from them. “Welcome to the world of addictions” says the devil.

I began to rent adult films. My feeding money would go into it. Pocket money. Sometimes, even if my brother is around, once he goes to work, I would use my feeding money to satisfy my insatiable self.

I never knew ejaculation so; my left-hand deflowered me in one of those episodes. It was one hell of a hot spunky Saturday night. “God of Israel have mercy!”

Whap-whap-whap… everyday. Whoop-whoop-whoop… fookoo-fookoo-fookoo…

Little by little, my conscience left me.

For 7 years, my hand was the go to place. 7 stars general wanktard.

Interestingly, I had the opportunity to sleep with many girls that I turned down. I mean, when I had my official adult s#x, my girlfriend never believed she was the first girl I was officially having s#x with as an adult. She was a virgin.

Now, if I say as an adult, it means I knew about sex as little as a 5 year old. Cousins and aunties. And my bad boy older brother (God bless your soul bro. I love you) initiated me.

Getting s#x from a woman does not stop me from wanking. It does little to stop me. Right after s#x, I am off to the bathroom to wank out the remaining demons left in my loins.

I have produced hundreds of body counts in an attempt to use s#x as an alternative. Hundreds. No official figures.

I am the guy who sees a woman today and would want to get down with her, only to realize that I have “done” her before.

We move.

Mind you, I am not a sexual predator. Naaaa, I don’t see myself as that. At least, no one has said so of me. If you are down, we do it. You are not, and we move. In the long run, you would forget I ever wanted to get down with you. I’m that cool.

But I can’t control my left hand. Lol… I used to think it would grow bigger than my right hand though.

Recently, I wanted to show someone something on the net, and there I was typing xvideos publicly. I quickly closed the browsing app.

In a meeting last week with some very important personalities, instead of opening my browser to show them what it should be, I was opening xvideos.

Then I began to have a rethink.

That is not me.

That is not the sharp intelligent book worm chap that reads like crazy.

I am no longer the workaholic I used to be.

I just want to cum.

I am not the focused man I wanted to be anymore.

Right after that meeting, I left feeling bad.

I mean…

I am married now to someone who is not a s#x craved kind of person. She has no idea. She only thinks I love s#x and a bit freaky. But the reality is that I have mastered and masked these cravings.

For the past few days, she noticed I have not demanded for s#x. She’s suspecting I am seeing someone.

She don’t know nothing.

I am tired of my demons.

I want my life back.

I once confessed this to three of my friends. We all cried. 13 years ago.

Second confession is this chronicle.

Writing this makes me feel better.

I pray I get over this.


  1. This feels more like an ode to yourself.

    1. Thank you o jare!
      Only the spirit could have told you this.

    2. @Perxian, you are so correct. I need to buy you a bottle of your favourite drink.

    3. You are the only one that can help yourself
      Just like every addiction you have to set yourself free.

    4. Since you have realized its not good, not you again, fight it, fight that demon off you, you will overcome, may our Lord Jesus Christ come through for you in Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Ah!! This one hard.
    Prayer breaks all addictions. Good luck.

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€ You got me rotfl with your choice of words.. You seriously do need Jesus in your darn life

  4. What did I just read? Thank God for the self realization, good to also know that you are making an effort but most importantly, you need Jesus Christ to totally overcome it like it never happened

  5. You wrote that you have been wanking for 7 years after you started at age 15, which makes you 23.
    Then you added you are married. Your story doesn't add up.
    You write like a teenager.
    The only thing I believe in your story is that you are a wanker who tells lies.
    Maybe you should see a therapist for wanking and lying.

    1. It’s possible he married at the age of 22.

    2. Learn to resist this urge to pick holes of whatshuda, whatcuda or what is!!!The poster must not dance to the tune of your imaginative jukebox!

    3. I got confused too. Poster please, add up to this story

    4. @15:12 Most times responses to chronicles benefit not only the poster but some other people reading. Ignore miscalculations.

    5. What do you want to do with the full gist.

      He needs help to overcome an addiction. Drop any positive input and move on..

      Poster, you can do all things through christ that strengthens you.. Delete all porn App. Unfollow any porn handle on your SM...
      Download praise and worship songs. Sermons about getting over obstacles. Go on YouTube, you shall see videos of redemption.

      Reset your mind and keep busy with your wife. Fast and pray, God can do all things. Shalom

    6. Maybe na 17 years, ikwakwakwakwa 15.12 you no get joy

    7. What I got was his porn/masturbation started when he was 15, and internet addiction 8 years ago. Seems he is 30yrs, or thereabouts as he has been addicted to masturbation for about half his life

    8. I thought the same thing too, I had to go back and read it.
      He said he's been masturbating for more than half of his life, and he started when he was 15years old. Meaning that he's 30+ years old .
      The other addiction is the internet and he's been addicted for 8 years .

    9. Anonymous go back and read again….he said addicted to porn for half of his life and internet 8 years, so if porn for half his life and he started at 15 he should be about 30. English, maths and I too know are clearly your problems.

    10. Follow this advice, dear poster
      I started masturbating when I was less than 7
      I stopped after my 29th birthday
      Last time I tried to calculate my body count,I counted up to 31
      Sex isn't even an escape route!
      What Happened?
      I met Jesus and got tired of my old ways

      First, confess to your wife
      Confessing goes a long way to keep you in check

      Be born again

      Study the word of God daily

      Delete every secular music that can ignite your lustful desires and replace them with gospel music

      Delete every porn videos from your gadgets and resist the urge to visit porn sites

      Whenever you're alone and feel like doing it again pick up your Bible to read or distract yourself with something else. If it's not working flee from the environment and mingle with people

      I can confidently say since the day I finally made up my mind to stop, I NEVER did it again
      God helped me, He can help you if you're will to yield only to him

    11. Anon 16:18 mwaah

  6. Have you ever pray to God about it? Take it to God in prayers and see him steps in.

    1. Pray Bro, I started reciting Jesus is the lord of my life daily too
      This is the handy work if a spirit husband that is claiming she owns you now. So detach with prayer, ask God to help you and confess everyday that Jesus is the lord of your life. Trust me I know cause I have been there and these tips worked for me
      Pray yourself out

    2. Oops *spirit wife*

  7. Your freedom is here. Engage yourself with someone else whenever the urge comes, with time you will start loosing interest.

    And one more thing pray about it, let the Holy Spirit help you cause you can't do it on your own. Goodluck

  8. I was a porn addict and I will tell you what helped me;
    1. I gave my life to Christ and became serious with studying my Bible
    2. I got married and told my wife everything and she promised to help me fight it.
    3. I began a fruit fast for weeks and amazingly I had control of my mind and actions again.
    Before the above plans, I submitted all my password to my wife and she was monitoring my activities. If I failed, I told her and we prayed together.
    I found the fruit fast very helpful.
    You will overcome πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. I am proud of you and your journey. This is goo. Poster, you can do this too. You got this.

    2. ANG why do you change your stories like underpants in a bid to prove a point?

      Today you married as a virgin to your husband
      Tomorrow your husband takes care of the home while you make the doe
      Next would be that you were a prostitute who repented and gave her life to Christ.

      Stick to one TRUTH ANG!!!

      I know it's you, the 'fruit fast' gave you away.

      KINTU reloaded.

    3. I used to think you're female.

    4. @twins squared God bless you. It’s ANG and it’s changed to a man . See ehhn some people have multiple personalities disorder and they don’t know God will help you know who you truly are @ANG

    5. @Twin
      Please who is ANG? If you have a problem with ANG, please go and settle it with whoever. I gave a candid advice to a man in distress and you want to find faults where there is none? Please be serious in this blog for once. If ANG or whatever you called him/her is the only one that has the patent for fruit fast, let me educate you that I learnt fruit fast from the Bible in Daniel chapter 1 and 10. It was my wife that taught me that. I don't have anything personal against you. Peace to your soul.

    6. Wait a minute aren't you the christian lady with 5kids and a curvy shape according to you?
      You have an SUV and make millions monthly?
      Your children don't eat breakfast but fast every morning?
      You met your husband on a commercial bus after donating your car to missionaries?
      The wealthy man with a jeep that wasn't God's will for you died?
      I could go on and on about this commentorbottom line is that I know your writing style so well and you have portrayed yourself to be a woman or is this your husband? And even if he is does he write exactly like you down to the emojis?

    7. The people of this blog do not cease to amaze and appall me. What has the piece of advice of a repented sinner in this comment got to do with all that you folks are spewing here? What really are your unified aim and who are you all working for? So emojis are now brands? Very soon you will brand people like us who don't use emojis as Satan. I don't use emojis because for some reasons, my gadget doesn't have it. If I have emojis, I would have given this guy multiple hugs for daring to come out to seek for help from a condition that a lot of you church goers on this blog have and are hiding.

    8. And do not forget that you ladies have branded me same ANG on this blog. I think you are all confused and hate this ANG too much. Anybody that quotes Scriptures or fast is ANG. Hahahahahahaha! Keep fighting with the winds like Jesus talked in John 3:8

    9. @***, I respect you but I think on this case you're unnecessarily angry for nothing. Me too have pondered whether there are two ANGs, cos of the writing style and stories. I even said to myself, seems there is a male and female ANG, just curiosity, nothing else. We are mostly anonymous on this blog but it's very normal to remember people's stories and ponder or ask for clarification when they don't add up. Besides, none of the comments insulted her.

    10. Twin squared shebi you are seeing what we're seeing too. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    11. @dainty
      You are seeing a mirrageπŸ°πŸ˜”πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°

    12. AGN abi ANG isn't the only Christain that practices fruit fast now
      You people should stop with the accusations, that's a very bad habit, if you are not sure who someone is please keep it to yourself.
      Some others will still learn alot from their comments, or kuku skip the comments all together.

      Even if he or she is the one, this is a free blog.

  9. Poster I am sorry about all you went through growing up. Habits are tough to kill. As they say it takes 21days to break off a habit.

    For you to have chronicled this shows you need help. And no one is beyond redemption. You have a wife now and a family you have to do away with this selfish act.

    So go see a sex therapist or psychologist there is something in your soul that is broken but you got to fix this. Not just physically but spiritually as well.
    I always say that to break away from bad habits, identify the triggers e.g your phone, loneliness etc. Try to engage in activities that will take your mind off: hang round in packs, make productive friends, register in a gym and exercise.

    Have you shared this with your wife? You cant keep this to yourself, you need her to know your challenges and see how to bring about solutions.

    Then ask God to help you, speak to Jesus he knows your struggles and he is ready to help. It does not matter how long you have been it. Jesus has the power to redeem you
    and he ll never condemn you. Ehugs and All the best.

  10. "I think I have less than three liters left for I have taken matters way too much into my hands"

    You are one hell of a good writer the sentence above cracked me up no offense.

    On a serious note jesus is the answer to fill any void and fix you.
    He doesn't care where you have been, where you are or are going he just wants YOU.

    And if it was just you on
    the whole earth with your "wanking" problem he will still come and die just for you

    See how special you are?

    Jesus says whoever calls upon him will be saved run to safety in him now.

    Lots of love.

  11. I don't know what to say but if you're determined, you'll achieve.

  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Very funny poster. Which one is Whap-whap-whap… everyday. Whoop-whoop-whoop… fookoo-fookoo-fookoo…

    Your last line got your answer. "I pray I get over it". Pray and you'll get over it. First step is done already, that is acknowledging that the actions are wrong. Next step, confess it to God. Ask him for forgiveness. After that, go for deliverance to exorcise the demons. They gained entrance into your soul when you started watching porn and practising it.

    Discard anything that is or has semblance with porn. Avoid places related to that. Read the bible daily to gain spiritual strength.

    You'll be free.

  13. I love you. #Nohomo.

    We all have battles we fight. Talking about it and finding solutions to them goes a long way to making us whole again. I also suggest the bible is a readily available go-to guide in conquering our personal demons! There are answers there! You will win.

  14. Only Jesus can break any kind of. Addiction especially this that you have described in this chronicle.

    Only God can help you. Cry out to him and He will help you.

  15. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    Biko permit me to laugh out, the poster is so hilarious and he writes so beautifully well too!

  16. Masturbation is soooo addictive and i believe demons are involved in it too.

  17. Poster, may the Lord see you through. I believe you’ll conquer this.

  18. See a therapist.have a revolution in this issue.ask and it shall be given,seek and you find,knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

  19. This is sad. But, how about you confide in your wife? Let her know your struggles and you two can work together. You should go for therapy.

    Most importantly pray to God. He'll heal you. While at that delete every video you have, clear your browsing history and saved sites. Avoid staying alone, make sure your left hand doesn't stay close to your crotch.

    You can do it, I believe in you. I really hope you get this out of you. I pray and believe that God will pull through for you.

    All the best

  20. My dear... Masturbation is highly spiritual, demonic and addictive
    My honest advice for you is to go to Jesus, only him can heal and cure you From that addicted
    Go to God in prayer and study the word, ask Him to change you inside and out
    The addiction might not go instantly but as you keep looking up to Jesus he will fix everything that concerns you

  21. Poster pls follow anon 15:15 comment..please that's gonna help you.. it's an addict and spiritual I think. God's gonna answer your prayer.

  22. Story of my life.
    I was into this before I even knew the name was masturbation.
    I'm 35 but started mastubation at 17, which means I have spent half of my age living in masturbation. I also have 35 body counts.
    The longest I stayed off it was 6 months when I did 3-days dry fasting and praying for mercy only.
    I masturbate when happy, sad, denied sex, alone, when I think of my exes, when I am in anxiety,when in pains before sex, in my hotel room, in school toilets, everywhere.
    The only benefit is it prevents me from cheating on my wife. It's my
    worst case scenario. I have given up on fighting masturbation, I will outgrow it.
    Poster download BlockerX app to block all porn contents on the internet.
    Freedom from Porn leads to freedom from masturbation.

    1. Do a fruit fast for a month and thank God after that.

  23. Yet you see people encouraging masturbators here, I have never seen any masturbator end well with, they always regret at the end of it. Poster all you need is self discipline and go get a doctor to help you.

  24. I masturb sometimes thrice a day I have now flattened my once erect clitoris . Hmmm God help me

    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. What is this???🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. OMG? WTF! I'm an addict too but common naa. Flattened?? To think I'm also bisexual but haven't been with a woman in 3 years. I'm a work in progress.

  25. Dear poster the simplest way to get rid of this demon is to make a conscious decision to stop it, surrender your life to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit take the lead of your life. You can win if you decide to.

  26. Poster, i had similar problem though not as deep but it was still a problem. I kept asking God for help after the Act until one day I realised my urge started reducing and I began to see it as disgusting, I was no longer getting any pleasure from it. You can go for therapy but I can tell you, only God can help you. Keep asking, He will gradually get you off it. A child is not weaned overnight, that is how your healing will come. I will say a prayer for you.

  27. I have battled with masturbation since I was 6 years old till 29 years of age,I tried stopping but found myself going back to it.However I stumbled on one of NHN couture 's preaching about social addictions on Instagram last year and she stated that people have sex with unseen demons while masturbating.Few days after,I saw similar line of thought from another preacher on Instagram and that put paid to masturbating because the thought of having sex with demons was scary to me.Also,I read sometimes on the blog that it causes hindrances to breakthroughs and attracts spiritual wives and husbands

  28. It's good you know that it's a demon, cause that's exactly what it is .
    The solution is very very simple but will require that you give your life to Christ, like confess him as your Lord and personal saviour, and commit to living a life that is pleasing to him.

    Step 2: Drive out the demon (it lives in your fingers ).
    For step 2, go to YouTube and search for Derek Prince.... Look for any of his videos about expelling demons (I'm sorry, I can't remember the name ) but in one of his sermons, he conducts deliverance from various kinds of demons, including the one of masturbation (the deliverance session is about 17 minutes long).
    Have faith, God will deliver you .
    I'm speaking from experience.

    1. I'm back!
      The title of the sermon is "how to be delivered from demons" .
      It's an hour, 56 minutes long.
      The deliverance is towards the end but I advice you listen to the teaching from beginning to end to understand the nature of the powers you're dealing with.

  29. All u need poster is Jesus and only Jesus, cry to him, he will help u,when u are at your deliverance stage, u might see urself going back, but don't worry u are a work in progress, ut will get to a point that u will no longer be willing to do so.

  30. Hmmmm, honestly I just feel sorry for you and I pray that the Lord will heal you. You need to ask God to help you hate your addictions!!! Cause aside the embarrassment it had caused you, you don't sound like you hated it.
    But I believe God is exposing you so that you can see that you seriously need deliverance. I used to be addicted to porn but I asked God to make me hate it, it took a while but I was still falling back into it but as soon I joined Jesus discipleship fellowship and I was thought what sin does to me as a person, God helped me.
    It's going to two years and I don't feel like going near it. God will work something out for you in Jesus name. If I could be delivered, you'd definitely be too!!!

  31. Please confess to your wife, avoid being alone (especially indoor).
    Embrace JESUS listen to christian music instead of circular music.
    Avoid watching porn videos
    Avoid whatever that triggers your feelings to masturbation.

  32. Una no go kill person for his blog. Masturbation demonic? Story. The issue is anything you overdo na problem. Too much drink, food, sex na problem. Everything na moderation. You create sexual urges in a 15 Yr old child, and you say maturation na sin. Abegiii

    1. Just because you are created with to feel hunger pangs does not mean you eat everything in site per second and become a glutton.
      Again, having the ability to walk does not mean you cross the road without watching out for moving vehicles or you become 'Johnny Walker', walking from one end of the world to another.

      "POWER is NOTHING without CONTROL." - Pirelli ⚡

  33. Everyone is saying embrace Jesus or see a sex therapist, kmt.

    Poster I was in your shoes, I didn't give my life to anybody or see anybody. I just decided within me to stop and I did. You have to make a conscious effort to stop. Now, if I have the urge, I will intentionally start going through social media platforms, before I know it, I have forgotten about it. You can save yourself from yourself, you don't need help from anybody.

    1. then your addiction was not spiritual. there is something called the spirit of lust and yes it can come through pornography or having sex with someone. it will not go out except you give your life to christ and let his word dominate your mind. if he could stop on his own he would not have brought it here. poster repent, give your life to christ and watch him help you


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