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Friday, May 07, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



I recently broke up with my guy of 3months because he is into yahoo, though not based in Naija but my conscience wouldn't allow me continue with the relationship cos I'm a strongly against fraud.

 Now my ex is back and I know I still love him but I'm scared of going back to him. 

The reason I left him before was because he wasn't very ambitious, he was just OK with his federal job and no side hustle. I'm so scared of marrying him because I'm far richer than him. (He doesn't know my worth though cos I'm a very simple person). 

On the other hand I have a great guy who keeps pushing me to be better and bringing up different opportunities which has gotten me to where I am today but I don't even have a single feeling for him, Just see him as a business partner.

*So the yahoo guy is one
The ex is another and the great guy who pushes you to be better is another? So we are talking three guys here but you love the one that has no ambition or side hustle? My dear have you not heard it said? Marry a man who loves you and has your interest at heart...It makes it easier!!... when you get married, you will understand.


  1. Pray about it and ask God for directions.

    1. Everything is prayer. imagine!!! Pray about a yahoo yahoo guy and a guy that has no ambition. i pity you.

    2. Prayer is good, but common sense is way better! So in your prayer, pray for common sense... Therefore instead of praying about this matter which needs common sense, why don't you pray to use common sense in every matter?

    3. I would have said last guy, but being in a loveless marriage is torture.

      I would have said B, but if his ambitious level isn't matching up to your own, you will be in sifia pains if you marry him with pull down syndrome. You will either be pushed below your level or you work & give him.

      As for A, you only mentioned Yahoo & no character. How do we advise on this? If he's good, talk him out of that useless Yahoo. If he's adamant, leave him.

      Simply put, e be like say your oko never show.

      All the best

  2. It’s either you get closer to the last guy and see if it will work or wait for another person

  3. You are absolutely bemused o and what's wrong with you being richer than him? Get a grip mbok

  4. Stella what's wrong with dating or talking to three guys ? She is single for all I care.
    Nne please take your time and study them very. If another one comes, add him/ them to the list.

  5. You don’t have to be with them ... let them go, all three.

    You are settling. If you have to ask these questions & even consider your ex.

  6. Stella your last paragraph saw in my hubby ND I did not.
    Now, I understand better

  7. Nne, kindly heed to Stella's advice , it's better you marry a man who loves you more maka Nsogbu umu nwoke isn't funny at all.
    E-hugs 😘

  8. Feelings are good in relationships. But the realities of life often send those feelings flying through the windows in just a short while after weddings. Start by asking yourself what you really want in life. Where do you see yourself in ten years time. Now visualize all three guys by your side. Which one fits in?

    Your personality, temperament and general make up should be considered too. Are you assertive? You shouldn't go for someone in that category and vice versa.

    The one you love, ask yourself why you love him. You'd be surprised at your discovery. The one that pushes you. If you discover suddenly that another woman has gotten hold of him, how will that make you truly feel? Will you feel you've lost out? Please, in your pondering be very honest with yourself. As per the Yahoo guy, abeg cross that one out.

    Most importantly, go to the one who knows you, knows these guys and knows the future. Tell him to choose for you. He will.

    All the best.

    1. Best advice @Jechix. 👌👍💯%✔️

  9. I married a guy I was earning 10 times more than.
    Through him, God has blessed me with 6 beautiful and intelligent kids.
    I am fulfilled in my marriage.
    Note that if you search your heart very well, it was your quest for the
    high income earner that you grabbed the yahoo dude.
    I forgot to tell you that Jesus is our Lord and the main party in our relationship.

  10. Get close to the 3rd and see.

    Is the 3rd asking you out?

  11. Poster I would have said fashi the 3 guys..But you see that 3rd guy hold him close...Start with friendship first, no condition is permanent..He may become richer tomorrow...Get to know him first and his intentions..From there you will know what to do..All the best...And please don't have anything to do with yahoo guys I beg...Get close to God and pray very well...

  12. There is nothing wrong with a federal job . There is opportunity for growth and there is job security. The higher you go the more salaries and allowances you get. The civil service gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family. I was in the civil service,I am a retired director, given the chance to relive my life I will pick the civil service over and over again without regrets. He may not have money now, but believe me he will be reasonably wealthy with time. If you like him go for him.

    1. The only thing wrong with guy 2 with a federal job is NOT BEING AMBITIOUS.
      That's what the poster pointed out. Obviously, that would affect her if she settles.

    2. 17:13 A federal job is a full time job . All he needs are professional courses , possibly also going for a masters/ PhD to aid his growth in the civil service. Some of us are not good with running businesses.

  13. Nne I'd rather go for the business partner oh because the bland guy you think you love will not last the test of time, you will get tired of his ambitionless lifestyle, anyway your future, your choice.

  14. Clearly none of these 3 meet your criteria
    And, there’s still plenty of fish in the sea
    So why not keep looking


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