Stella Dimoko Chronicles Of A Married Man - 25


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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Chronicles Of A Married Man - 25

There are some things that can leave one restless and peaceless....

Early 2020 I got a call from P when I was offshore at work and he wailed that Clara said she had taken in for him.....

“Which Clara?” I asked.

“That babe na, that lady that stays in my former area. The one with the big waist that we hanged out with the last time at the roof top bar”

 I remembered Clara and asked him how it happened.

“My guy I don’t know, I’m confused. I have told her to abort it. I even gave her 30k to take care of it only for her to return two weeks later that she didn’t. That she is scared. I even took her afterwards to my medical doctor friend’s hospital and she refused when we got there. I think this girl is trying to trap me with this pregnancy.”

 I  asked him in a cocky way if he skin dived in

“Which kain question be that na… “, He asked

“If I used protection, we won’t be talking about pregnancy now na. But on a serious note, this her pregnancy is kind of strange to me. Even when she came to my place that night my spirit told me something was amiss. I used coat on the first nose ooo but she was just saying we should do skinny on the second one. I protested but my erection got the better of me. The next day morning I ran to the nearest chemist to get postinor 2 and forced her to take it but I suspected she went into the toilet later to vomit it”

“I think she is trying to pin someone else’s pregnancy on me”, he concluded.

“Are you saying you are not responsible for the pregnancy?”, I queried.

“hmmm, he heaved a sigh. Something tells me that pregnancy isn’t mine. Looking at her that night. She was all very busty and has added some weight and she “looked” pregnant.”

I wanted to know what he wanted to do about it

The answer to that question took us one year two months to implement. P was devastated and he wasn’t ready to father a child that way. At that time, he was already planning for his marriage in the middle of August. How is he going to tell his fiancée that another woman is having his baby for him?

To make matters worse, Clara started her drama one month later. She reported P to all her family members and her pastor. Different people started calling him and sending him death threats because P told her he wasn’t sure he was responsible for the pregnancy and even if he was, he doesn’t want her to keep it. Clara was sending him caustic messages and even swearing for him and his generation.

In order to resolve the matter, we fixed a meeting between her pastor, family members and us (me, P and another friend of ours). In the meeting the pastor started talking about P coming to do the marriage rites, bla bla bla. P told the pastor that it won’t be possible and that he already had a fiancée; and besides it wasn’t his decision to keep the pregnancy in the first place.

 To calm everybody down, we agreed to take care of Clara till she gives birth after wish we will conduct a DNA test and see what happens afterward.

Having done that, the next decision to be made was whether to tell P’s fiancée or not. We all advised him against telling her. We felt it wasn’t a wise decision aftercall we weren’t sure about how she was going to take such news. P against all our advice did tell her fiancée and she was heartbroken but surprisingly she agreed to go ahead with the marriage, but on one condition. The child will be born and DNA conducted first before the marriage can go on. So, the marriage was suspended, then came covid-19 too.

This reminded me of my experience quite similar to P’s. Two months to my marriage, I got a call from an unfamiliar number. The caller from the other end gave me a shocker. I was stunned.

“I’m carrying your baby”, I heard her say. Pat was a girl I was dating on and off even before I met my wife. The relationship was pretty more of an “old firewood” affair that we just pick up from wherever we left whenever we meet.

Prior to that call, I saw her 8 months before. I had to travel out of the country for a professional course. Came back and continued with my marriage arrangements. I had even forgotten about Pat and in our usual way, we had carried on with our lives.
I asked her how old the pregnancy was and she said 8 months.

  I screamed. “8 months? You are carrying a child you claimed to be mine for 8 months and you didn’t even tell me”

“Early in the pregnancy I tried reaching out to you a couple of times; but your number was not reachable. Anyways don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. I just wanted to tell you just in case of the future, that’s all”, she concluded.

I told her to send me pictures of herself to be sure she wasn’t pranking me. She did showing her heavily pregnant.

I was filled with a kaleidoscope of emotions. Anger, regret, fear, confusion, sadness and uncertainty. And this was 2 months to my marriage ceremony! Should I or should I not tell my future wife. I had to seek counsel from my bosses and mentors. They told me point-blank “don’t tell your fiancée”

I continued with my marriage plans and it eventually came to pass. I was married but was restless and peaceless because i kept thinking I have a baby somewhere .

 Three months after the marriage I eventually decided to call Pat to get an update and to know what to do about the baby. I assumed she would have given birth by then; I was even wondering why she didn’t call me that she had given birth…

To be continued next week.



  1. See gbege 🤣🤣🤣🤣poster come and finish the story mbok

    1. Same men that keep wailing about their wives passing on another man’s child to them keep deceiving their fiancés/wives by fathering children before and during their marriages?

      Y’all keep fooling yourselves.

    2. If you all had concentrated on your wedding arrangements and left sex alone you won't have been in the whole mess.

      I am very sure Pay lost the baby but what if, is this how you all plan to start your new lives?

  2. U better complete this story o...both ur own and ur friends own...una third leg no de stay one place...

    1. Like poster like friends. How majority of his friends are in one situationship/entanglement is a major indicator of the kind of person they all are. Birds of the same feather kinda shiii.

  3. Wahala be like orange blanket

  4. Please, send the part 2 ASAP.

  5. Sweet story😃

    Nothing scares the shit out of you men like "I am pregnant"😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “she was heartbroken but surprisingly she agreed to go ahead with the marriage, but on one condition...”
    Some Women and their desperation for marriage. A man is engaged to you and still goes on to have unprotected sex with random woman and yet she’s ready to continue with marriage plan, all in the bid to answer Mrs somebody.
    Tomorrow, Stella’s inbox would be filled with chronicles of cheating husband and they would be sounding all so “surprised” and confused.

    My cousin who was supposed to marry traditionally last Christmas season got himself entangled in similar circumstances, his fiancée found out and called off the event. Baby mama had a set of Twin, boy and girl in feb and the boy is his replica, no DNA needed for me. His name has changed to Papa Ejima.

    1. 99.99999% of Nigerian women can't leave their husband/boyfriend because he cheats.

    2. Asin enh
      If it were the other way around, we know how the story would have ended.

      I am even happy he told her, it's not easy to live in guilt.

      I am more concerned about his friends telling him to keep it a secret, God help us o.

    3. @push up
      Turning the table is unimaginable, which Nigerian man would go ahead and marry his Fiancée with another man belle.?
      Imagine this same Mr married man discouraged his friend from marrying Anita because she had a child out of wedlock, and was “too exposed” for him, yet they are encouraging this one to keep such a secret from his Fiancée.
      It’s only his friends that deserve “good things” in life.
      Zero conscience and integrity.

    4. Anon 14.57 I cannot agree or disagree with you because there’s no scientific back up to prove or disprove your assertion.

      However I do know A LOT of responsible, sensible, smart, self confident women who would rather not settle for such condescending sham of a marriage or relationship self. It’s a boy bye 👋 , good riddance to bad rubbish asap.

      Only a woman that has low self esteem feels she doesn’t deserve any better, and settles for such.

      “Cheating is not my deal breaker” ni, don’t worry HIV, Herpes, and their relatives will break that deal and whatever is left of it

  7. Haha, what kind of cliffhanger is this? Mind yourself mr married man. I left a comment yesterday on how I caught my fiance with another woman months to our wedding and I didn't call of the wedding, married for over 21 years now. Like Mr P's fiancee most people would wonder why not call off the wedding this and that? I don't even think it's desperation honour paths, life is sometimes just complicated. How can anyone be sure that the next suitor would be faithful if the wedding is called off. Then again, we all have our deal breakers, mine is domestic violence and for some its cheating.

  8. Anticipating for part 2
    Wahala be like belle

  9. Ahah!you didnt even complete your friend's own at least...I don't use to like this kind of suspense o😑

  10. Wahala be like to be continued next week, Chai so we will have to wait a whole 1 week . anyway nice story

  11. This poster used our mind and data to play football😂

    What sort of suspense is this ooo
    You better come and finish what you started 😁

  12. Ekwekwe!

    Next week wa!

  13. Thanks for sharing.
    Please you and your friends are one of a kind.
    How do you all have "pastors," go to churches where they preach the Bible
    and still revel in pre-marital and extramarital affairs with strings of babies
    to show for it?
    This is the puzzle I have reading you over the series you've written. Don't these
    pastors correct you and tell you about the consequences of fornication, adulteries,
    abortions; Prov. 6:16-17, Rev. 21:8 etc.
    I am just curious and concerned.

    1. I think there will be a lot of fights to settle in hell.
      People fighting with their "pastors" for taking them along to that evil place.

  14. See suspense!

    Not surprised though. I discern poster and his friends are oil workers. Women throw themselves at them as they have money to spend.

  15. Please oo come and complete it.i can't wait

  16. HAaa🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  17. @Stella dimorkokus... Please change the title of this post from what it is because it is a gross misrepresentation of married men. This is the Chronicle of a certain type of individual and shouldn't be used as an example of sincere challenges a lot of us go through.

  18. Belle dey get level sha...


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