Stella Dimoko Educative, Entertaining And Inspirational - 2041


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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Educative, Entertaining And Inspirational - 2041

 These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate, Entertain or Motivate you.



  1. Women😒😒
    SAME way all these silicone yansh, waist trainer and all other nonsense would soon give them serious health ishh

  2. X-ray is still harmful to the body.
    God bless the old scientist.

  3. fact 2
    Women are too craving and easily swayed; too fickle.

  4. The scientist is worth celebrating👏👏👏

    I think fact 2 should find it's way to Instagram o. They are plenty there.

  5. B4 I concieved my daughter, I had a revelation she will be a medical inventor, a breakthrough in her generation and a gift to mankind. I was told not to hold her back because she is going to be selfless to her vocation. I only ask for Devine help to parent her right and grace not to meddle with her mission on earth.

    1. God will help you. Keep praying for her and please don't go telling anyone around you about this revelation. Keep it to your heart like Mary and just observe. Heavenly children are God's precious gifts.

    2. Anonymous, please don't mention this to any soul again, keep it to yourself and always pray for her.

    3. Also try not to force it on her if she actually tends towards a different tendency.

  6. Fact 1: Lived a genius, died a genius
    Fact 2: Wow horrors to attain beauty!! When I read what women did during the middle age to attain beauty na wa...Using leeches on your face to attain a pale beauty; using radium based creams ,lead laced make up for beauty care..Chai na wa


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