Stella Dimoko Saturday Spontaneous Post - Welcome MAY


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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Saturday Spontaneous Post - Welcome MAY

#welcomemay #mayyoualwaysbewelcome #mayyouneverfail

Hello May..

Hello Blog Visitor...

As you step into the month of May, 2021.....

•God will Lift you.

•God will Hear you.

•God will Lead you.

•God will Help you.

•God will Light you.

•God will Guide you.

•God will Elect you.

•God will Name you.

•God will Crown you.

•God will Direct you.

•God will Locate you.

•God will Select you.

•God will Perfect you.

•God will Heal you.

•God will Favour you.

•God will Correct you.

•God will Elevate you.

•God will Rescue you.

•God will Defend you.

•God will Protect you.

•God will Change you.

•God will Liberate you.

•God will Restore you.

•God will Release you.

•God will Promote you.

•God will Position you.

•God will Support you.

•God will Connect you.

•God will Decorate you.

•God will Separate you.

•God will Celebrate you.

•God will Announce you.

God will bless you..Have a great new month.


  1. Enthroned To Reign!!
    Romans 5:17.


    "Use the authority He's given you to dominate your world. This is your time"

    "You were born to exercise dominion over Satan and the circumstances of life"

    "Whatever comes against you in life, take charge and reign over it through your faith declarations in the power of the Spirit"


    Through the ministry of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, i am trained in the way of life and righteousness and equipped for greatness. I've received grace to reign over circumstances and walk in dominion over and above Satan and the elements of this world. I'm in charge, for I'm enthroned with Christ in the place of Power and dominion. Hallelujah!

    1. Amen to your prayers Stella
      Wow,my anniversary month
      Thank you Lord

  2. HNM guys!

    Hello guys, so I am tired with keeping up with my skincare rooting. My haul keeps getting bigger and bigger. Thus, I am considering going the supplement way. What I have in mind is gluta detox, acorbic or DHC vitamins C, collagen supplement and any other that appeals to my skin needs. Is this a good decision. Ejor, help a sister out.

    1. Collagen supplements worked well for me. Honestly I consider myself average looking but I’ve noticed a big difference in my appearance with biotin and collagen. These have made my skin supple, soft and radiant—especially my lips. I take the liquid collagen before bed and my skin and overall appearance has really improved. Going to a spa if possible is good because they can analyze your skin and help you figure out what will work best. Happy New MonthπŸ’

    2. *routine
      *ascorbic acid

    3. Thanks dear @8:28. Anon with the red ink, you should have known that the error you highlighted was a typographical oversight. How you managed to look pass my well wishes and also ignore my question, but focus on my mistake is irksome. In the light of the pace that you have set, may I also bring to your notice that its *Acorbic and not Ascorbic (note that I capitalized the first word because they are nouns so take note of that too). Ascorbic (acid) is a compound which is commonly referred to as vitamin C and Acorbic is a brand of Ascorbic acid (just like puritans and others) sold over the counter.

    4. Thanks dear @8:28. Anon with the red ink, you should have known that the error you highlighted was a typographical oversight. How you managed to look pass my well wishes and also ignore my question, but focus on my mistake is irksome. In the light of the pace that you have set, may I also bring to your notice that its *Acorbic and not Ascorbic (note that I capitalized the first word because they are nouns so take note of that too). Ascorbic (acid) is a compound which is commonly referred to as vitamin C and Acorbic is a brand of Ascorbic acid (just like puritans and others) sold over the counter.

    5. Anon 8.01 /11.35, no vex.
      Not every time people will be correcting others up and down, sometimes read and pass.

  3. Amen,happy new month everyone.

    1. Amen to your prayers star woman. Blissful month ahead to us all

  4. Amen to your prayers Stella.
    Happy new month of May... May it be well with you all and all that concerns y'all.

    1. Congratulations to you Queen Perxian on the birth of your little cutie pie... May God keep and bless your newborn πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŽ‰

  5. Happy New Month Stella and fellow Bvs, may God's blessings overtake us in this month of May in Jesus name.

  6. A big Amen to your prayer Stellz.

    Good morning Stellz and people of SDKville

  7. Good morning good people of SDKville.

    Hope y'all are keeping safe and fine. Please be mindful of where you go and always keep someone informed about your location. Hiny Umoren went for an interview since 2 days ago and is yet to return.
    Desperate people have joined the government in making this country a living hell for everyone.

    I wish us all an amazing new month and eventful weekend. πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  8. Good morning y'all.

    Jeweluchi, I say a very big AMEN to your prayers.

    Happy New month to you beautiful people of sdkville.

    1. Happy new month Bvs, May evil be far from us and our families this month.


  9. Good morningπŸ’žπŸ˜˜.

    Amen! to your prayers Jeweluchi.

    A joyful new month lovelies.

  10. Amen to your prayers, Stella. God bless you too.

    Happy new month my people. It's going to be a great one for us all. Amen.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Happy ​new month to you.

    Thank you for your prayers yesterday

    I just entered calabar this morning like 30 minutes ago, it was a stressful trip but so greatful to God that I arrived safely. We had to sleep on the road as the useless cross country with terrible tyre, from utako to giri the tyre got bad. We had to wait for 3 hours before we continued the journey.

    Anyways we are in calabar, let me start preparing for wedding we came for. Thank you all.

    1. Thank God for journey mercies

    2. Thank God for journey mercies

    3. Thank God for your safety arrival. Please bring wedding cake for me when coming back😁

    4. You waited 3 hours to continue? Jesus!

      Thank God for journey mercies.
      Go enjoy the ceremony.

    5. Black thank you.

      BUXOMEBONY yes ohhhhh.

      The Mystery Woman cake will be collected on youe behalf πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

      Xhlrted three good hours before the driver was able to get fairly used tyres and we continued the journey. Can't wait to enjoy the ceremony ☺πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

  12. Happy new month everyone...
    Welcome to the month of MAY
    I say a big AMEN ooo
    Have a beautiful weekend

  13. Happy new month y’all. Year is moving so fast.
    Paris, how was your date last night? Details please ☺️

    1. Amen to your prayers Jeweluchi πŸ™πŸ™ happy new month lovelies πŸ₯°❤️

      Sis hehehehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it went well! I had a very nice timeπŸ₯³

  14. Good morning all hope we had a good night rest
    Happy weekend
    Know that is good to rest

  15. Great month.... I have this feeling that this month of May will be awesome and a special one. Feeling so excited this morning. All I have, God gave to me despite my imperfection.

    Happy New Month Guys...

  16. A big amen. Happy New month blog visitors.

  17. I say a big Amen to your prayers Stella
    Happy new month beautiful people πŸ’–πŸŽˆ
    Good morning to you all and enjoy the weekend ❤️

  18. A big amen to your prayers Stella babe, God bless you amen.

    Happy new month everyoneπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• God's grace will speak for us this month, amen

  19. Amen! Thank you for your prayers Stella. Wishing you all a great month ahead!

  20. XP, I read your reply to castle yesterday, that isn't for only castle but it should be a pin comment for all. But my problem is ,how do I change my caucus, I honestly don't really have one, I need to pick up my life,in 37 and no job ,just a degree and I wish to make something out of my life, but where and how do I start, how do I get a mentor, in life we all need a mentor. Please ma ,take your time to help us with guild lines.God bless you

    Good morning and happy new month to all

    1. XP is your Saviour???? Some of you BVs are funny. You take to heart everything you read here about some person's painted lifestyles??? Common!!! You are 37yrs and can't organize yourself? There are elderly and upward mobile professionals/business persons around you - neighbours, brethrens in church/mosques, family members, family friends etc. Pick one or two or three and open up to them. They will be glad to mentor and guide you. Anyone that doesn't inspire, motivate or add value to your life, excuse yourself from them.

    2. Thanks a bunch.

      First of all;
      Change your circle of friends.
      Make sure you get to another location every 3 months.
      Pray well, most times you pray fervently when your neighbors are strangers. Free your spirituality.
      You must have that friend who works in another city,go for a weekend. Get to a park and mingle, if you have a little change,go to a lounge.
      Get into your simple jeans and a colorful t-shirt, walk up to someone.
      2. Don't get stuck in one branch of a church.
      Worship in other churches or branches of same. God is everywhere.
      Speak with the youth leader.
      Be bold, walk up to the Pastor's wife with your CV.
      Target some ladies from the parking lot,hand them copies of your CV. There are Godly women who have compassion,they help strangers. Be a stranger!

      Then this CV;
      On a single page should have;
      1. Nigerian as your nationality.
      2. Remove your age please.
      3. Your location,gender, email address and 2 social media handles(I hope they're SANE?).
      4. Polygot (in bracket,state level of proficiency for at least 3 languages. One local,2 foreign).
      If you only speak English as a foreign extra,download DUOLINGO and learn a language. Start now, leverage on your mobile data and use your internet time wisely.
      5. Your job experience from NYSC Scheme to present, 2 hobbies only. Just 2 please. Then your skills, innate and acquired,write down all.
      Make your CV look like what the HR officer can hang on her office walls.
      6. School attended. No primary please. State any certs in view or any scholarships won in academic fields.
      7. Make sure the CV has "key search words" pertaining to your field.
      If you need help on DUOLINGO,let me know.
      Many have 1st class degrees, what extra language can they speak?
      What skills do they have?
      What are their strengths?
      Can they pray like you?

      My current job, the interview ended in 3rd stage when I unknowingly murmured something in Spanish while flipping a document, one of the panel members was shocked, she went like "tu eres una hispanohablante mujerer?".
      And that was it.

      There are websites waiting for you to click on them, they're hidden in Ikoyi and Victoria Island if you're in Lagos.
      The ones for Africans who can migrate to other continents is favorable when you are a Polygot.

      Browse the internet,drop comments but don't stay fighting and dragging each other.
      There is success to be made.
      Your family is waiting for the good news.

      A graduate of Food Science and Technology is everly shouting"there's no job in this country until she adds a language to her CV and Eko Hotel and Suites takes her up for their " very hidden sister company".
      She didn't know they exist but they do.
      Welcome to Lagos.

    3. Anony 09:43
      Obviously,you typed from a PLACE OF PAIN.
      Why not allow her "free her destiny" and also have a painted lifestyle.
      The worst thing to happen to a 37 year old is to be "trapped" by some forces and be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

      Take your future in your hands NOW!

      Don't join those saying it's only an internet. No, it's not.
      Free your self from bondage.

    4. XP,thanks a bunch, I love you mama, you're full of knowledge.

      Bitter anon, you can say whatever you like ,but you can't deny the fact that XP is a highly intelligent woman, make envy no blind you not to see recognize an intelligent and sophisticated woman when you see one and yes! XP is my online mentor, I always read her comment to pick one or two things to learn from, I advice you to always do same and who know she might be my savior too

    5. XP, thanks alot ma. Comment munched oo.

    6. Leave them to be using internet to test their abusive skills and detailing the history of their lineage and what colour of rug is in their house.

      Let the internet be free for those of us who use it wisely.

  21. Baby Malu Over1 May 2021 at 08:15

    A sound Amen to your prayers Stella,so shall it be. God bless you and family too. Good morning and happy new month to everyone.

  22. Dear BVs,
    I need your advice...
    I am an extra year student, i have an extra semester to complete to graduate. I am not really financially bouyant
    I want to combine work with studies. My work only permits me to visit school once in a week... And am scared of failing so as not to have an extra year but at the same time, i need money to run my school. The problem is not even attendance but impromptu test.
    Mind u, i go to school twice in a week before
    I am also an average student
    Should i leave work 4 now and face school or combine both

    1. This is tricky, since you’ve said you need the money to afford school, why not try to work out a schedule at work wherein you can pay more attention to school and still have your Job. God will direct youπŸ’™

    2. I believe you have evaluated your work schedule and concluded you can’t attend school for more than twice a week.
      Do you have good rapport with your work colleagues? Can they let you get to school anytime there is a test? Is your school close to the office? You can explore that option.
      Otherwise, my suggestion to you is to stop work and finish school. Your certificate will improve your earning potential. Don’t ruin a better tomorrow just for meagre sustenance today.

  23. Good morning to y'all on here and happy weekend to you too.It's a spanking new month and I pray that your expectations shall not be cut off IJMN

  24. Happy new month everyone. The month of May is on of my favorite months. God bless everyone of us. πŸ₯‚❤️


  25. Does anyone looove dates here?

    I'm not referring to that dirty one abokis carry in their wheelbarrow o.

    There was one delicious Mahjoob dates that I bought almost 5k. OMG!!!!!! So delicious, so soft and chewy. Even more delicious than chocolate. Kai. The way I rushed it ehn...pricey but worth it.

    I have no idea how anyone can eat that rubbish they sell on the streets, strong like iron with rubbish maggots filled inside.

    1. The ones abokis sells are different types of dates, you can actually soften them.

      The other soft ones are usually from all those Muslim African countries.

      Dates food poison almost killed me last year... I stopped eating them altogether.

      Try slicing those soft dates in your bowl of salad πŸ₯— with Cashew nuts and pomegranates scattered inside; you will love it.

    2. Dates from the streets had maggots? How?

      Please I get bags of free dry dates many times from my northern friends. It's one of the sweetest things Nigerians neglect.

      I deseed, soak with salted water for 3 hours then blend to smooth juice.
      Store in glass bottles in the fridge.
      That's our sugar, real natural maple.

    3. That dirty one abokis carry in their wheelbarrow?
      Stop being a snob and making blanket statements biko.

  26. Jeweluchi Stella,a hearty amen to your prayers,I claim it all in Jesus mighty name.

    Happy New Month blog famz.

  27. I was in a place where some people were gossiping about me. They didn't know how I was there.

    One of the gossips knew me very well but the other didn't.

    They know my name, but sometimes cannot match the face correctly. The person who knew me well was the initiator of gossip.

    I thought that I would be angry in that type of situation but I was visibly embarrassed for these people.

    It is the feeling you have for someone, when their pant is showing in public but they do not know.

    Or when their mouth is filled with spit from talking too much but they are unaware.

    The lead gossip is one of my praise singers, and I was surprised that they would say what they said about me.

    But maybe they were bored and just needed some thing to gossip, and Oshimade is a hot gist - always.

    It made me remember when I was much younger and people would say terrible things about me and my mother to my face. I would listen to their rant on and on...

    Brethren words can make and break.

    Let's be nice with our words in the presence - and especially behind the people we talk about.

    But me presently, I have developed a thick skin. If you say something good about me, it is in your pocket. If you say something bad, it is on your head.

    It makes me appear stubborn and proud. Because I only believe what I say and think about myself.

    1. You should be thankful. God wanted to reveal her true colours to you. Now you know she is not to be trusted.

      It's even worse for some other people where it's their own family members that do this backstabbing, so really you should be thankful.

  28. Good morning guys & happy new month. I’m still exploring Lagos cos I’m new in this city. How do I get to ogba from obalende ooo? Got an interview today. Bvs abeg epp me oo

  29. Amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Happy new month everyone

  30. Good morning lovelies.
    The sleep here is different. No noise from any aircraft, kai.
    Getting in the shower to prep before The Platform starts their live transmission. I want to hear something. Hmmmm!

    Happy Workers' Day to all workers. Everyone is celebrating us, even Google.
    May our Labour Not be in Vain.

    Amen to the prayers Stella Kork.
    Amidst all the insecurities bedevilling the Nigerian society, God is still winning.
    We shall Overcome!

    Belated happy birthday to Plumpy J and others who celebrated this week, may lines fall in pleasant places for you all.

    Perxian... congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.
    God protect her now and always.

    Stay safe and protected.
    Corona virus is real.

  31. I stay at home from Mon - Sat. Doing nothing. Tired of seating down. It's almost a year I lost my job. God please come through for me. I can't even count how many application letters l have submitted. Attended few interviews yet no job. I am TIRED. What can l do with my time. Done few courses online. I need to go out daily. How can l get an online job. I need SOMETHING before l go crazy. God biko

    1. What skills do you have? Have you tried starting small online with fiverr and co?

  32. BITCHandSLUT.com1 May 2021 at 08:39

    Amen to the prayers!

    Wishing you the same.

    Happy May to us all.

  33. Ameen Ameen Ameen!

    It is always hard to understand these three things: when is the time to let things go, which things to let go and how to let them go.
    Smile πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Good morning my good people..

  34. Happy new month..Amen to your prayers Jeweluchi.

  35. Amen

    Happy new month fam

  36. Amen to all your prayers, may God continue to bless you too SDK.

    Happy New Month to everyone here, may the peace of God be with us throughout this month.

  37. Amen!
    Happy New month.

    1. Hey Castle...Inokwaya? Saw your post about wanting to study law last night.

      I don't know if you're up for it but National Open University now offers Law part time but the only downside is that you will have an additional 2years of law school after that can work , take care of Mini castle, Mpa and Mama at the same time.

      I found out from my friend cos his set graduated in 2015 and law school refused to take them cos they were part time law students. They sued The Legal Council of Education and they won apparently cos now he will be attending law school this year.

      I didn't believe it at first not until I had to help him process his admission cos he is not in the country at the moment and his story is similar to yours...only difference is that he has HND and not a Bachelor's.

      Just think about it. Kisses to mini Castle. Jisike Nne

    2. Amethyst my darling sister, thank you very much for this. I'm really glad I opened up last night, been eating me up a long time. You know I was thinking of going to NOUN to enquire. Your info came right on time. Best news this week. I don't care how tough or how long it takes, I'm getting it.
      Daalu nwannemπŸ€—. O ga adiri gi na mma.

  38. Oh! Didn't know today is 1st of May sef. Everyday seems like every other day to me.
    I lost my grandma yesterday.i can't even cry or feel bad cause I wasn't really closed to her. It's a weird feeling.may she rest in peace finally,she has been sick for a long time
    Happy new month peeps. Have a nice day

  39. A very goodmorning to everyone..nd happy new is our month of celebration baby Sterling will clock one year on may18th while my own birthday is may29th..hbd in advance

  40. Happy new month everyone, I observed I am now addicted to eating Ulo.I hope it doesn't have healthrisks

  41. Happy New month everyone. The prayer of Jabez Is our portion in Jesus name. Amen

  42. My lil cuddly munchkin sleeps too darn much and all i can do is stare at her whenever her dad and big bro give me chance. The way they hover around her like bees..smh.

    I want my mummy. 😒

    1. If your cutie is the sleeping type, girl you're damn lucky! You can do some other things and care for yourself too.

      My boy used to sleep for 14hours straight when he was a baby, it helped me organised my life and I was also able to get some sleep myself.

      When you have healthy milk, all babies do is eat and sleep and worries for Colic

    2. Lol..
      More Blessings to you and your household

    3. Congratulations Perxian. May she and your household be blessed, amen.

  43. Good morning loveliest
    Happy New month.

  44. Please, on the FAQ post, someone responded to an anony's question on body cream for a not so fair skin, etc. Please, I am in that "boat" but, ma'am, is there no other body cream you can suggest, that is price-friendly? Buying the soap you mentioned ain't a problem. #800. But, you see that cream of 5,500, na person wey get more than enough fit afford am. Please, if you read this, kindly respond. Or anyone who can suggest a price-friendly body cream or/and soap for a light skinned person, should please, help me, biko. Stella, abeg, no vex, please post. It's important.

  45. Please, since there are no forthcoming jobs, can anyone be kind enough to tell me(us), jobs (sites) on can do online? I don't mean trading jobs, because that one requires money and there isn't that money, yet. Please, help oh. This 2021 mustn't end/be like previous year

  46. Happy new month
    God will bless this month for us all

  47. These housegirls are something else, if you treat them good, they will take you for granted. This girl went to school and came back by past 6 pm carrying ShopRite Bag packed with stuffs...Her parents said I should beat her very well but Me I no wan kill person pikin. Let me be managing her till o find someone else

    1. Do your part and still treat her well.

  48. Does anyone knows if Living Faith(winners) are on Mixlr, please? I want to join/listen to the program coming up next week, please.

  49. Amen to your prayers.

    Bvs welcome to my monthπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ€©πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜. May we all be blessed this May πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  50. Good morning.
    Happy New Month.
    Stella, Amen to your prayers.

  51. Amen to the prayers Jeweluchi
    Happy new month!

    Pretty Patience

  52. Amen to yourt prayers Stella,happy new month to you allπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•


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