Stella Dimoko Stop Choking Nigeria, REMOVE YOUR KNEES FROM HER NECK


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Saturday, May 08, 2021


Don’t asphyxiate us, let us breathe. Remove your knees from the neck of Nigeria, and let the country be. What do we owe you, that you make it seem we must never have peace?

That was the sum total of the caution given early this week by the Department of State Services (DSS) on the state of the nation. Nigeria is currently undergoing severe security challenges, but rather than team up with government and security agencies to find solutions, some past and present political leaders, disgruntled religious leaders, and ethnic champions are in cahoots, to exacerbate the situation. 

They are plotting to hold conferences, which would pass vote of no confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari, a man they so much love to hate.

These agent provocateurs were the first to sow the seed of evil, disharmony and suspicion in the country, through the war of tongues they have deployed against the government of the day for many years. In their estimation, nothing good is happening in the country, except killings and bloodshed. And the only way out, in their narrow minds, is a removal of the constitutional order.

Now, how do you achieve such in a democracy, without subverting the very essence of democracy itself, and throwing the country into a tailspin? They do not bother, neither do they care. All they want is to get the man they do not want to see out of power. They have deployed everything against him: evil speaking, hate speech, misinformation, disinformation, bile, malignancy, and more. In the build up to the 2019 elections, they banded together, endorsed a candidate, whom they were already calling ‘My President’ before the polls. But what did we see? They were beaten black and blue, as Nigerians opted for a man they could trust.

What they lost through the ballot box, they have been plotting to get through the back door. Bad-mouth the man, paint him black, portray him as incompetent, and turn the people against him. And they have found a smokescreen in the security challenges the country is facing. They have crept under it, to show their hidden, hostile hands.

Incidentally, while combating insecurity, and myriads of other challenges, President Buhari is making conquests on other fronts, particularly infrastructure. Roads, bridges, rail network, airports, gas pipelines, other massive projects are ongoing. And they are telling themselves: unless we stop this man, he will still become the authentic Nigerian hero. So they are throwing everything against him, including the kitchen sink.

There is one funny fellow at the National Assembly, who is always using foul words against the leadership of the country. The more uncouth the words from him, the happier he seems to be. He has, to a large extent, poisoned the minds of people in his region of the country against the government. Evil words inexorably germinate, and bear bitter seeds.

It was ironic to see the fellow this week talk of massive insecurity in the land, poor state of the economy, and alleged stifling of voices of dissent. This was a character who stood surety for an insurrectionist who then jumped bail. The government has not put the man in the slammers, where he rightly belongs, and he has the temerity to talk of stifling of voices of dissent in the land. Good grief!
He talked of utilizing all constitutional means to do the needful against the government of the day. 

Well, every butterfly fancies itself a bird, and the fact that the mangrove tree lives inside the river does not make it a crocodile. Talk is cheap, and dreams cost nothing. The intention of that fellow, and his co-travelers is not really about now. What they are playing is the politics of power grab in 2023, thinking they should muddy the waters before then, as much as possible. When the lobster walks on mud, it stirs it up for everybody. The welfare and well being of the country and its peoples do not matter.

The disgruntled, caterwauling religious and political leaders are working towards a vote of no confidence in the President. After that, what next? The DSS has indicated support for a united, indivisible Nigeria, stressing that government can only be changed through the electoral process.

The military has equally done same, saying it is committed to the present Administration and democratic institutions in the land. Good.
The military went further: “The current security challenges are not insurmountable. The Armed Forces in partnership with other security agencies are working assiduously to ameliorate the challenges. Nigeria will know peace again.”
Amen and amen. I can hear you say. 

This land will know peace again. And yes, this is where those past and present political leaders, religious figures, and chieftains of ethnic groups should have positioned. Instead of shenanigans to pass yeye votes of no confidence in a President doing his level best for the country, they should align with the military in the conviction that “Nigeria shall know peace again.” True, the security challenges are troubling and daunting, but they are not insurmountable. And Nigeria shall win.

These political, religious and ethnic leaders should please get their knees off the necks of Nigerians, and they should let us breathe. They have arrogated too much influence and authority to themselves, while not knowing that they are mere paper tigers. Nigeria is bigger than them, and the country will survive. As I often say, this country is like the testicles of a ram, which gyrates from side to side, as the animal runs. However fast the speed of the ram, have you ever seen the testicles fall off? Or when a woman runs, and holds her breasts, is it for fear that those tender parts will fall off? It never happens.

No matter what they do or say, irrespective of their machinations, Nigeria will survive. And peace, flowing like a river, shall return to this land.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity


  1. As far as the eye can see the land is desolate and full of despair. Shadows draw across the earth and block out the light. Darkness oozes from every crevice. Hope has been eradicated, only terror reigns!
    And yet the one at the helms denies the omnipresent evil eating up the land all above & beneath.
    Nigeria will implode, it's a question of when.
    Off to find Aku

    1. sent him to the future where your "evil" reigns so no need 😁.

  2. Who read this crap? I only read the first two paragraph before scrolling down to see who the writer was and when I saw femi adesina I knew I just wasted about 5inutes of my life reading crap.

    Hiss outta post

    1. Also did the same.

      Time wasted in writing this epistle should have been used to show PMB the current affairs of Nigeria....


      Ok he doesn't have access to PMB

    2. Didn't read. Nonsense!

  3. He is speaking for his paycheck. PMB is no longer in control. It has never been this worse.

  4. We know it's all about 2023. What they couldn't get at the polls in 2019, they want to get it via the backdoor. In this Nigeria and they think it's possible?

    They see that Nigeria is progressing under Buhari and if they allow him to continue, they'll have nothing to campaign against the APC with in 2023, so they engineer security problems across the country.

    The security challenges the country is facing is man made, engineered by disgruntled politicians across the country ahead of 2023 but Nigeria shall win. All those who continue to cause unrest in the country and using the lives of innocent people to play snooker because of 2023, God is watching all of you and He knows what to do with y'all


    1. Man made security challenges ahead of 2023? Like they weren’t there ahead of 2019? And even before? Isn’t this boko haram a tool northern elites set up which has defied being controlled? Have we forgotten so soon Buhari’s inciting comments and his defense of this same boko haram?
      Let’s not even get to the role the center has played in instigating violence in the south east, both through these bloody nomads and through stooge governor’s. Let them continue, time will unravel the true intentions.

    2. Eesah, is an enemy of Nigeria. You are one of the people who hates this nation. Goodness, did you just say Buhari is making progress????

      Wow! Just wow.

    3. Eesah which one is man- made security challenge? Are there God-made ones?

    4. Nigeria is progressing under Buhari?
      You are not only disillusioned but also brain dead!

  5. ‘ President Buhari is making conquests on other fronts, particularly infrastructure. Roads, bridges, rail network, airports, gas pipelines, other massive projects are ongoing’
    You don’t say!!! Pray tell us the exact number of these things and more importantly how they are funded. Also tell us if on the scale of preference of this country, airports should rank high. Tell us how your economic team is managing the monetary and fiscal policies of this country. Tell us your plan to stop or manage the free fall of the naira. Tell us mitigating factors put in place to manage the trickle down effect of the policies put in place at the top, eg subsidy removal (I didn’t say it’s wrong, but it’s impact ought to be managed). Tell us your unambiguous proposal to end the agitation by the herdsmen to annex land that isn’t theirs for private business purposes. Tell us how you can rationalize the printing of new money for funding projects, as though you can’t see the effect this has had on countries like Zimbabwe and Greece. Tell us what the common man has to gain in exchange for the unbearable cost of living your policies has forced on them.
    Adesina, you are just an image launderer. I do hope you will be proud of how you penned fallacies with your pen in one hand, and a toothpick in another. Keep doing the dirty job that pays you, while you close your eyes to the many failings of your principal.

    1. I really believe these people are talking about a different buhari, the one is the USA or Russia and not President buhari of Nigeria. This is my only conclusion to half of what I just read in this post.

  6. If you have the means to travel out of this country, please explore that option to the last, I get why.

    Mr.Adesina, may history be kind to you at the end of the day.
    I won't say more than this.

  7. Mr Adesina is trying hard to protect his job and his stomach. Few years from now, he will become miserable. Feigning ignorance of many blood bath's, tension and hunger every where. GREAT ANON

  8. The few lines I read has changed my mood for today,who are the THEY oga Adesina?God will help Nigeria!!


    Once I found out it was from Femi Adesina.

    1. Same here, can't waste my time on a sycophant. I'd rather read comments.
      I know the "asphyxiation" thing is trying to relate to the present social atmosphere of Goerge Floyd's victory over Chauvin. I'd like to beg Adesina to let people with real problems make that analogy. I wish he'd stop using that context, and respect the needs of people that are living a life of "asphyxiation" of the good things of life being denied to them.


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