Stella Dimoko Truckload Of Live Bullets Fall On The Road In Onitsha


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Monday, May 10, 2021

Truckload Of Live Bullets Fall On The Road In Onitsha

Residents of the commercial city of Onitsha in Anambra State were thrown into panic on Sunday morning after a truck loaded with live ammunition fell down in the area.

It was gathered that the truck fell in the early hours of Sunday just as residents were making their way to church for worship.

The incident generated tension among the residents who raised an alarm before security operatives arrived on the scene to cordon off the area.

The incident however caused panic and apprehension among the residents after the Mercedes Benz 911 truck fell along Awka road in the city exposing cartons of bullets that spilled into the drainage when the truck skidded off the road.

Different eyewitness accounts said the development put everyone in the area on high alert particularly with the recent spate of gunmen attacks in the southeast.

It was gathered when the truck skidded off the road and fell into a ditch, the driver and his mate attempted to quickly conceal the contents but “they could not do much before daybreak when some police operatives arrived at the accident scene only to discover the truck was laden with a consignment of live bullets,” a source said.

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  1. With all the check points on the highway, they didn't discover it was live bullet that is being transported until the truck fell, na we dey do ourselves for this country.

    1. They're after their daily #100 contributions they take from drivers na. We're on our own

  2. The East is preparing.... Was it not late last year something like this was seized in that same part of the country.

    Easterners don't turn your Cities to Borno.

    People like Nnamdi the coward who's enjoying his life in the UK (his family is well protected) and people like Caesar who came from the poorest and lowest of animals in the zoo will not be of help when the numerous killings escalate.

    1. Good morning Mrs A.

      Happy belated birthday.

      This is uncalled for...seriously...for all you know is the Fulani in the bush that sent for the bullets.

      You're bigger than this...

    2. We didn't see your comment in the post when Sunday Igboho ridiculed Bishop Adeboye, your shame is shaming me.

    3. Mrs A, why accusing the East for this without a verifiable proofs it was them? Do you think if it was IPOB or ESN that imported those bullets, it will leak like this? What if this is a ploy by the DSS and Nigerian government to further tarnish the image of the Easterners by calling them terrorist. Don't Fulani herders carrying arms reside in the East? What if they were the ones that brought this in?

      Just like the commenter above said, you are bigger than this you are doing now each time news about Easterners are being broadcasted here. What is your grouse against the Igbo race?

    4. Fulani in the Bush? Lol. Y'all should keep lying to yourselves o. Keep lying to yourselves. Kanu and his boys are about to turn your zone to Borno and you are gullibly cheering them on and making excuses for them because of your hatred for Buhari. When e set well, na people of that zone go suffer am

    5. So the fulanis knownthe terrain and forests in igboland? The youths esn,ipob, stood by and watched fulanis take over their forests and plan terrorism? Lol, you people should keep blaming the govt, your people are in cahoots with terrorists and your state is already infiltrated with the help of an igboman.

    6. Teejay..

      There is no word like "commenter" doesn't even exist in Scrabble dictionary to talk of Oxford.

      I, Amethyst wrote that πŸ™„. one has time for hatred for your people. You do it all by yourselves.

      Your zombie mentality hasn't allowed you see that with all the heads of security being from the North and yet, you have the highest insecurity.

      Igbos are not your me.

    7. Anon obviously don't know what you're talking about so no need replying.

      Let those who do ✌️

    8. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€ @Amethyst, are you for real? It's okay. Noted.

    9. The fact that the truth is staring at you all at the face and you still refused to see it or you just want to be ignorant so that the unrest can continue is frustrating.

      How can you say its Fulani herdsmen that is shipping guns and bullets to the East?
      Okay, please stop already!

      Sunday Igboho is nothing and him and his likes will continue to be nothing to most of us. He's a nuisance just like your coward Nnamdi.
      All those nonsense talks will never get to Pastor Adeboye and his family

    10. Thank you Amethyst πŸ€—πŸ’›πŸŒΉ
      No, its not the Fulani sending guns and bullets to the East.

      The Easterners know their terrains better than any other Nigerians.

      Y'all should not be blind to the truth.
      We know how it always starts but, not how it ends.
      And the story tellers always telling half of the story or should I say history.

      History must not repeat itself in the East. We can't allow the East to become like the North!

    11. commenter

      a person who expresses an opinion or engages in discussion of an issue or event, especially online in response to an article or blog post.

    12. Teejay, why are you always far from the truth?
      You're a supporter of that coward called Nnamdi and I bet you've been brainwashed so badly that you can't even see the truth staring at you on the face.

      According to your words, Nigeria must scatter. Please, tell me again how you and your Bα»‹afra agitators want to achieve that without all these guns and bullets?
      My respect and love to all the true Igbos that want peace and tranquility in the East.

    13. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at Mrs A comment. Those of you supporting rubbish just know Nnamdi Kanu is not in Nigeria. His family isn't here either. There are lots of Igbos with thriving businesses in other parts of the country. So before you start drumming beats for war use your tongue to count your teeth.

    14. Mrs A, only Nigerian government wants war. All we are asking is referendum. All the countries that broke up, did they do that through war? Why do people always assumed disintegration must come through war? Didn't Britain conduct referendum before leaving the UK?

      All we are asking is for referendum to exercise our right to existence. Is that too much to ask for? We are not calling for war but if push comes to shove, we are battle ready for any and every eventuality. This is no 1967.... The world won't join their forces with the Nigerian government anymore.

      We are keenly watching.

    15. Teejay if you followed the Brexit referendum, how it started and how it ended, you wouldn't be supporting that coward called Nnamdi!
      Were there people being killed on the streets of Great Britain just because of the referendum?

      It was done maturely and intellectually.

      The Catalans has been asking for referendum too, I have never seen them killing themselves on the streets of plaça Catalunya Or in Vic.

      They asked and demand for it peacefully... Not setting their State on fire.

      And for your information, the world is very business savvy (its a capitalist economy system being practice nowadays, even communist China also practice capitalism) so, the world will rather go with the government that they can negotiate business with, and believe you me, Nnamdi is not even close to being sane enough to sit with the people that negotiate business, He's a nuisance and so, he can't sit on that table because he's not qualified.

      The world always join forces with the side they will gain more from.

    16. Amethyst, the word commenter clearly exists. If you're going to correct someone, you better be sure you are 100% right.

      Cc: Teejay

    17. Interesting from you Mrs A, but not impressive. When IPOB started the agitation, where they armed? It was a peaceful movement all over 90 countries. If they were terrorist like you and your likes said, no country will host them let alone the UK offering them asylum. Didn't that speaks a lot more to you?

      What you should be talking is, why haven't the government address the grievances embedded in the heart of these agitators.

      You think the world is daft to see how Nigerians are persecuting the Christians non Islam. Why do you think the US rejected the request from Nigerian government. No sane country will involve themselves in a failed country like Nigeria.

      Each time I pray, I always asked for forgiveness for all the time I pledge loyalty to the Nigerian state as a young secondary school student.

      Nigeria will never be redeemed. I beat my chest when I say that and obviously it's heading towards disintegration. I owe no one apology for that conviction.

    18. Mrs A...You're welcome 😊

      What I said was hypothetical. Until we know the owners of the truck...then we can ascertain which tribe it is.

      I get where you're coming from but you can't compare UK to Nigeria. Most of the people doing this are backward in intelligent person can never choose anarchy to get what they want...only a mad man you can't expect anything less from them.

      Please note I don't support violence or Kanu's idea of's just the obvious tribalism that I have a problem with.

      But we can agree to disagree without insults...just saying.🀝


      To the Anons whose took the time to tell me that "commenter" is a word...good for youπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

      Hope you got paid 😁

    19. I heard IPOB wants to start their nonsense in lagos. I laugh in swahili, as una mad reach, zuzuwekwanu ihe ahu na East. Yorubas are waiting for you guys to make that mistake, na that time we go know the level of resentment other tribes have against the Igbos. Teejay you think if it starts you will comfortably continue your business in PH, okwaya? Ana ejighari unu, una no wan hear. Igbos are the tribe enjoying Nigeria the most, we are everywhere doing business, building empires peacefully. Yet it's not enough, make una try that nonsense for Lagos, oso Abiola dey learn work where this one dey. The coward dey UK dey ferment trouble for people that deals with emotions and sentiments. Let it start with one tribe, you will see how other tribes will unite against the igbo since you people cannot feel the heart beat. As if Igbos can live together. Unu nile na agba oso from village. War is absolutely good for nothing, yet we have learnt nothing. Let me tell you, more than half of igbos will not go with you. Infact it will be dead on arrival because we will rat you out. Just watch and see you people die needlessly. How many of una get ordinary international passports? Thry no dey give our states allocation? Wetin governors use am do? Abia State is the worst state yet na una supreme leader state.How has he ensured good governance? Hie nu asaa na anya. Atuoro o mara , o mara, Atuoro ofeke, ofenye isi na ohia.

    20. God bless you plenty, they just keep giving my maternal place bad name. I have to remove my Igbo middle name when this there madness started. Too much money dey shark

    21. Anoy 15:58 God bless you ooooo Amen. You know the truth and you are saying that truth. Let the greedy one like Teejay that are still hurt since outcome of 2015 election keep hitting up the politics and drumming the beat of war which only them will dance to to.

  3. Replies
    1. Good question? And where is it coming from?

    2. Good question

    3. No one go gree answer such question.

    4. We still don't know who order the lekki toll gate shooting almost a year after. It will be up to five years before we know who owns the truck and where it is coming from. I won't be surprised if the truck has no papers.

  4. Guard your states. Things is, they are killing themselves, destroying their states, who go lose? Govt? You become an enemy when you kill your brother. Nobody should support nonsense. Blaming Buhari will not stop the menace that has already begun. He will sit in his office and watch you kill yourselves, the east will gradually become a red zone like the North, where will you guys run to?

    1. Who began the menace? Same Easterners! Just because they don't like Buhari even tho he has given them more than what PDP gave or did for them in 16 years. We don't even want Buhari to stop it. Let it continue. Shebi they think it's Buhari they are doing 😎

    2. This one is still crying about PDP vs APC. Better open your eyes to what's on ground. Narrow minded guy.

    3. Eesah, just hush it already.
      It is more honourable to zip your mouth instead of yarning dust.

      So the Northern part of the country that so much love their brother PMB, and whom all the juiciest position and appointments are given to are peaceful and secure????

      Don't call a spade a spade, continue sugar coating the obvious.

      PMB has FAILED WOEFULLY in all sphere, know this and know peace.

      Bikoo stellS post.
      Thank you

  5. God have Mercy 😳🀐😯

  6. Mrs A. You are not a good Person,what is your obsession with the East,you always disappear whenever there is bad news about the West,but jumps out to say trash about the Eastners.

    1. She is partly Easterner too and she knows that most of y'all don't like telling yourselves the truth, and she is helping y'all with that 😎

    2. You dey mind that one? Yeye dey smell.

    3. Another anonymous that have refused to learn or know the truth.
      Why are y'all so good in covering up your lies?!

      My dear, I am not your problem. An innocent woman was a collateral damage yesterday or the day before, I guess you read it somewhere on social media.

    4. Mrs A.. What truth if I may ask? Your certainty that the goods belong to IPOB without investigation leaves more to be desired about your person. For crying out loud, this just happened yesterday and today you already know the culprit even before the security agencies.

      Pls tell me how you come about your investigation.

  7. Ms A ,that you might hava married an Igbo man does not give you the right to hate on a whole tribe ,state you problem let's know how we will be of help to you,yes I am an Igbo but I don't support evil,stop talking without evidence and may God help you as you do so

    1. Come on anonymous, I have never been married to an Igbo man!
      The joke is on you, I do not hate Igbo tribe (hate is the word used when people don't like to hear the truth)

      How can you see all these unrest happening in the East and y'all keep quiet?
      An innocent woman died the other day and more have been killed and many of you are still in support of this shit?
      How do you people sleep well at night?

      Why are y'all not talking... Same thing happened in the North in the early 2000.

      When a man eats a woman for a meal, when he can no longer get a woman, he turns to men of his kingdom and start eating them one after the other.

      The East must not be Borno!!!

    2. Ms.A is partly Igbo. Her dad is from the west and mum from the east according to her. Mrs A always says the truth, even though her choice of words might be harsh most times. The truth is, the unknown gunmen causing damages in the east are IPOB/ESN members. You guys should learn how to say the truth always.Dont let your region be like the northern part of Nigeria where kidnappings, killings, bombings, shootings are the order of the day. You might be happy with it now, but you will surely regret it later because arms have gotten to the wrong hands of people.

    3. Opeyemi darling, my mum is not from the East, she's from the West. Its my paternal great grandmother that is from the East.
      Moreover, three of my siblings married from the East. I have uncles, aunties and cousins from the East and none of them support this nonsense going on in the East right now.

    4. Thank you for the correction @ Mrs. A

  8. Ms A ,that you might hava married an Igbo man does not give you the right to hate on a whole tribe ,state you problem let's know how we will be of help to you,yes I am an Igbo but I don't support evil,stop talking without evidence and may God help you as you do so

  9. I heard of this on the radio this morning .

  10. All I know is whatever is happening in the east, has the hand of an igbo man in it. Total strangers cannot enter a state n destroy it, haba, na zombie dey d state? There is an enemy within.

    1. Gbam Gbammer Gbammest... But my people won't open their eyes and see

  11. @blackberry..oil dey your head abeg

  12. Well orchestrated LIES!!! Where is the evidence and photos? How many check points and no one saw them. The container load of ammunitions has it not been swept under the carpet. If you fear distrust and resent a tribe because of the past, must you also work to instigate group action that would lead to hatred and destruction of everyone from that region? Please, let us all have a rethink and resist our common enemy. Nigeria used to be a once happy and peace-loving nation with each tribe moving around and living amongst each region. What is all these agitations because of some selfish, self-serving lots bent on having it their way? Nigeria is our country and we have no other nation. We cannot afford to fold our hands and watch the wick destroy our land. There is no "hausa, igbo, yoruba or any other tribe." WE ARE ALL NIGERIANS, PLEASE and must fight for the restoration of peace in our land. Enough blood has been shed in the past and so much daily. All these cry and keep crying. May God show us mercy and heal our land, amen.


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