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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Wise Sayings...

When a man begin shout for house make you know say the voice don begin lower for another place....



  1. This parable carry belle front and back oooooooh

  2. Which kain parable be this o? 🤭

  3. Yup. That's how I always knew when my husband is having an affair. Once, his voice starts to rise at home, I start planning on how to snoop on his phone. I was always 100% correct. Thank God we have moved to another country, marriage is much sweeter and better here. Lagos has a way of draining marriages, a weak and undisciplined man will always find it difficult to remain faithful. We had to pull ourselves out of that environment to make our home work. I give my husband 100% blame, but women we are our worst enemy. You smile at me, you buy gifts for my kids, we organize hang outs, I send lunch to you guys, but yet you all were taking turns to seduce & shag my husband because you knew he was weak and each of you wanted to be seen as Oga's main girl. It was tough but I stood by him and helped him overcome his weakness. Shame shame on them. And before anyone comes to talk trash under my comment, yes I tolerated a cheating man because he is a good man, and a good father but he had a weakness for the opposite sex especially those working close to him. The same way I have a weakness for food, no matter what, once I see food, even if I am fasting, I must eat that food and I just can't stop. Luckily I am not overweight, but it is disgusting to me at times, it is also embarrassing, my whole body will just be shaking, I must eat that gala and plantain in traffic. My driver don yarb me tire, even my kids. hahaha.

    1. I pray God continue to bless your marriage and hold you both up over your weaknesses.

      Thank you for saying the truth that for any married man "going outside", their is a woman supporting him knowing he is married or not caring to find out whether or not he is married.


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