Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 77


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Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 77

A Cab driver's Job requires constant visits to the mechanic workshop for maintenance to avoid a breakdown of the vehicle.

I have observed that ‘agbo jedi’(local aphrodisiac) sellers who are mostly females get a lot of patronage from these mechanics.  I also observe the way the mechanics engage in ‘rough play’ with these women all in the name of buying ‘shots’, which are usually 50 or 100 Naira for a dose in a cup.

Sometimes, they even go as far as telling these women jokingly that they would love to test the efficacy of the ‘agbo jedi’ on them. The most appalling thing about these women is that they sometimes carry their underage girls to hawk their wares with them, thereby exposing them as easy preys to some of these men.

I have never taken these things and I will never try them because I believe that it is a waste of money. Why should I take an enhancement because I want to impress a woman in bed? 

God forbid bad thing!  .... I stop when i run out of gbenshing energy...

One of the mechanics (Abbey) who I observed always bought these things told me privately that he comes too quick and these concoctions help him in performance. Others said they buy these for varied reasons.

On my way home recently from one of my visits to the mechanic, I saw a commotion at the junction ... People gathered around a lady and a guy who just dropped off from a motorbike. I wanted to mind my business but I discovered that Abbey was the one being dragged by the lady. I quickly parked my car and pushed my way through the teeming crowd to know what was going on.

The motorbike had carried two passengers – a lady in the middle and Abbey at the back. When they got down, the lady discovered she was wet at the back and the culprit was Abbey who had come behind her.

 I was dazed because I had never seen a thing like that before. The closest I had seen was way back in my secondary school days in the boarding house where one of my friends ejaculated as we were all looking at a p@rn magazine.

A lot of people waded into the matter and the lady was eventually told to go home, have her bath and burn her clothes as that signified a bad omen. Abbey on the other hand walked in shame back to his workshop and I really pitied him as all eyes were on him since he is popular in that area. He is married with kids and I wonder how his wife is coping.

Chai … some people are really suffering sha. I give kudos to his wife because I know a lot of women cannot cope with such a man. If dem no leave the marriage, dem go dey collect D!©k steady for outside.


If i talk now i will see comments accusing me of attacking you.

Coming quick is good nah, there is nothing as horrible as a man with a deek that is like the last finger... I have seen this in my lifetime owned by a man who said when he was done with me I will be lovestruck.....

Oko Ashawo are you the last finger or the whole fist? hahahahhahahahahahha


  1. Stella ooo! Truly, i no know wetin oko ashawo buy from you wey e no pay

    1. i been don dey wonder too o! Ha! the matter eh!

    2. This Stella ehn cruise mama 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  2. Those days in Lagos. I entered molue from oshodi to orile. I was standing and a guy stood behind me. The bus was so filled that our body touched each other while standing. I felt his hard dick on my bumbum. Initially l thought it was a mistake and shifted. Few minutes again. The guy did as if someone is pushing him from behind and pressed his hard dick on my body again. Oga pls shift and he pretended not to hear me. Within a minute, I felt a cold substance at my back like cold water. Behold oga has released on my body. I shouted in tears and oga did not answer me. People started laughing and calling him names. I cried to my aunt's house that day. That was my first and last time of standing in any bus. Godforbid

    1. Oh my gosh 不賅不
      But how can someone release just by contact with full clothes on? That means by mere seeing a naked woman, before inserting the tip, everywhere don burst. Chai.....五

    2. Lol..
      I really dont want to comment about this but sometimes na the babe dey throw am come oh.. let me share 2 experiences of 'my friend', happen many many years ago..

      My friend took a bike one evening(already dark), a slim beautiful girl,probably returning from work came to join, she told my friend that can he please come down so she'll sit inbtw, that she can't sit at the back.. my friend who always help women agreed.. she got in, the my friend got in after.. immediately the bike moved.. she shifted back and was practically sitting in top of my friends dick.. now let me explain, this girl was wearing a free light gown, so you can practicality feel the softness of her ass .. my friend shifted back a Lil to avoid embarrassment, this lady shifted back again to continue her harassment.. my friend then understood what was playing. He decided to sit comfortably and accept the challenge.. it got to a stage that the girl was rolling her ass on top of the dick and my friend was using one of his hands to play on her Tommy and cup her lower boobs.. to summarize it all, my friend passed his busstop and ended up dropping at a far busstop that night, after he had relieved his stress Lol, when he got down finally, the girl threw away her face like she didn't understand anything that went down.. he paid for both and took another bike that took him back to his busstop.. maybe the girl has also passed her junction sef and didn't want to stop the session lol

      In a Danfo bus one night, my friend sat at the back sit beside a girl, as the bus began moving, the girl dropped her bag on the bus floor, drew up her short Jean skirt to expose her laps.. (it won't take you any stress to see her panties if you want to), then she put her hands on the chair infront and rest her head on it, pretending to sleep.. before bus moved 10 mins, the harrassment started.. she fell on my friend, rubbing her boobs all over him still acting like she's sleeping.. Lagos hold up didn't help matters, before they got to the last busstop, she was already sleeping on my friends lap with her hands Ontop of his deek.. people left in the bus were not up to 6 cos most had dropped.. she harassed the life out of him

    3. People laughed?! I find this very disturbing! Person wey people suppose gather beat! So sorry for that experience.

    4. Everything dey happen to your friends not you but you were so detailed. Just say it is you. Were we born yesterday? My friend indeed !!!

    5. 23:40, you know!!!
      Nonsense and orishirishi, always coming up with useless stories.

  3. I came here to read Stella's comments s usual 突突突突突五五五
    Which one be last finger or whole fist again nitori Olorun?

    What's the cure for premature ejaculation? I experience this sometimes 丹‍♂️中

  4. Why take all this yamayama.When fruits like banana,water melon and cucumber can give you a healthy life and quality yonder.

  5. stella, oko has suffer for your hands

    1. Honestly I look forward to her footnotes before i read the write up. Last week was so funny

  6. Stellz We won't accept any dick shaming here
    As una dey talk say all pussies are the same thing.. all deeks are the same too
    Swear that you weren't lovestruck after he finished dealing with you☺
    Someone you'll never forget in your lifetime.. one in a life time experience ☻

  7. Those ED and premature ejaculation and azoo or oligospermia are all gathered debris from living a lifestyle of
    fornication. If you read Genesis chapter one, God said that everything he created was good and man was created
    very good. But mankind have gone in search of many schemes outside the laws of God and that is where they gather all these debris.
    But Jesus re-creates, he came so that all the devil's works can be destroyed in your lives.

  8. Wetin Oko Ashewo do Stella like this...

  9. Why didnt the lady sit behind him ...that means the agbo he takes no dey work

  10. Stella's footnotes are bae 弘

  11. Stella, kindly leave oko ashawo for us oooo. . I don't know why these mechanics always like drinking stuff and patronizing ashawo's. That money they are using to do things like these could have been put to good use. That's why they always remain in one position all their lives. To each his own


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