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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....




blog family.

 I have a teen boy who is in his first year in University. After Jamb while waiting for admission, He worked in my brothers shop for 6months where he receives 15k monthly directly to his bank. I also give him 5k monthly as pocket money. Our gas finished one morning and l had no cash with me. 

I took his atm to buy gas with the intention of giving him back the next day. There was no Kobo in his account. I called to ask him why and he lied that his friend borrowed money from him. I forgot about it till he got admission. 

The day l wanted to buy the things he will resume school with, I had another need for extra cash and asked him to give me his atm. He said his friend had not returned his money. I knew he was lying. I thought maybe he has started seeing a girl whom he is spending on. 

I asked him to follow me to his bank as l want to confirm something. In the bank l asked him to request for his bank statement which he did. From the statement ,I found out this boy has been patronizing betting outlet daily. He had gone as far as paying some people to give him winning numbers.

 All his savings was used for betting and he did not win KOBO. My world came crumbling. I had 100 percent trust on this boy. He looks so innocent. Very humble without too much friends. He hardly go out. His dad or anyone l know does not play betting. I have never seen him with gambling receipts before. That was the day l knew gambling can be done through your account online.

 In the midnight. With tears in my eyes, l asked him where he learnt it and he said it was when we visited my mother in the village. The boy staying with my mum taught him. This same boy staying with my mum is also a teen in SS3. I can't explain how l felt. It was deep.

 When he got admission, l opened another account where l get alert of his daily transactions to enable me monitor his expenses, He has been behaving well so far. Even during lockdown. I snooped on his phone but did not see anything. 

For the past few weeks, His financial need has increased. Any amount that enters the account is withdrawn. Before now, He withdraws his money small small but these days, he withdraws it all.

Because of this betting issue. I told my siblings not to send money to his former account again, even if they want to give him money, they should inform me so that we can monitor his expenses. We are struggling so anytime money enters our hand, I will transfer it to his account to avoid spending it and not having any money when he needs something. He once complained of things being expensive in school which l understand because of the situation of things in Nigeria.

 We have also increased his monthly upkeep. He now ask my siblings for money which he does not do before.
My blog family please how can l monitor this boy. I am afraid he might have gone back to betting. This issue is giving me sleepless nights.

'Unfortunately betting is really addictive and it will take God's grace to get him off it... Do it subtly and stop allowing him have access to too much money.
Please do it without gra gra....


  1. He's absolutely addicted o and you just try to do the best that you sure can

    1. Addiction generally is so dangerous.
      I am so sorry.

      You sound like a very reasonable parent, who wants him to learn the advantage of earning and wisely spending money but we as parents can't always control these kids.

      One thing with an addiction is that he has to be willing to let go of the habit, you can't force it but try and be firm.
      Buy as much as you can physically, if it's books or provision buy them yourself. Give him money for what you can't get yourself.

      Please as cliche as this may sound please put him in prayers

    2. Take him for therapy and don't forget midnight prayers.

    3. My husband bets too . He even takes loans from loan apps to bet and then when he loses, he’s stuck. Then he will borrow from another loan app to pay the last loan app and keep borrowing to pay. What makes it worse is that these apps have high interest rates, so he’s always stuck. Then he will bet again in the hopes that he will win to pay off his loans. Hmmm.

      It has taken its toll on my family. On him too. Sometimes I bail him out. He will always have a good reason why he is doing what he is doing (that he is trying to provide for us - but there are other ways to provide no?). Then when the loan apps embarass him, he will start telling me that he’s depressed and suicidal. It’s so so embarrassing and disgraceful.

      I pray he comes out of this stupid addiction soon.

  2. Also pray for him.its a strong addiction. I know someone who stole so much to keep up betting. It was a shame and disgrace to his parents

  3. So empathize with you madam for your plight.
    I noted that in all these narration of this boy's upbringing, I did not see,
    The Bible, Jesus as his Savior or any mention of any form of training in faithfulness.
    I saw "Trust" but trusts can be eroded when confronted with real idolatry; greed in this case (see Col. 3:5); the Love of money which is the root of all kinds of evil.
    The whole thing pitiable has to start with you, yes; you. You have to
    begin the journey Christ ward as I did not see him mentioned, not even a prayer to him.
    Pray for and instruct your son in love.
    From modern researches, the addiction of gambling is akin to that to cocaine or heroin.
    Jesus can save totally from them all. I have seen him do that a lot.

    1. You are sick! Is everybody a Christian? Plus must you announce it, your behavior will show that you are saved and you have Christ in your life. Stop being sanctimonious!

    2. 16.03 Thank you! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Her comments are doing more harm than good in genuinely bringing people to Christ.

    3. Nne, hope you know that a parent's faithfulness to God doesn't guarantee that of the child. The Prophet Samuel's sons didn't follow after his footsteps. Even some of God's sons that is some angels including Satan rebelled against God.

    4. @17:41
      Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it

      Psalms 119:81 etc. The Word of God is settled in heaven; right?

      Can you please explain the above Scriptures please?


    5. Okay, all of you offer your own advice or solution after condemnimg @**** for pointing poster and son to Christ. 🀷‍♀️

    6. 23.22 so, please where is YOUR own advice or solution?!! Smh

  4. Go easy on him and back it up with prayers. My boy that I thought is doing bad in his studies,I will bring lesson teachers, go to his school countless times to complain but still no improvement. We all started to pray about it and encourage him and now he is top in his class without any lesson teacher.he represents his school in competitions.

  5. He might have go n back to it.. Seek for therapy.. Psychological...

  6. Betting is a vice. And just like any other vice, it has a spirit controlling it. Work on your son majorly through intense prayer and fasting. Please this is more serious than you think. Because, the more it lingers in a man, the more vicious it becomes.

    The sole aim of the demon of gambling is to get the person hugely indebted and depressed until suicidal thoughts set in. Before you know it, the person commits suicide. Not to mention other sufferings, embarrassments, problems, etc that comes with the terrain.

    It may not be so now, because he is still in your custody. When he becomes a full man, that is when it will really get ugly (God forbid). The person that bears the brunt so hard are his family, especially his wife.

    Also, let him cut off from any association of friends that indulge in the gambling.

    Please, involve him in the fasting and prayer, that is after sitting him down and explaining to him, the ills associated with gambling. Say it in clear terms to him that it is gambling.

    Use the word of God generously in this battle. That is the only thing Satan and his cohorts fear. Sow a seed on his behalf. Look for other people's children who are battling same with you and pray for them the same way you would want someone to pray for him. The answers will boomerang to you. It is a prayer strategy called boomerang prayer. You will surely have victory.

    1. **** Come and see how to preach and draw people to Christ while offering practical support and help, with empathy! Come and learn.

    2. Perfectly written πŸ‘. Poster Pls read through. May God grant you wisdom as you handle the matter

    3. Betting is also corruption eating deeply into one's system.

      Na God go help him if he wants to stop.

  7. Baba ijebu is working, naija bet is working. You think when you play baba ijebu you will go Scot lie.

    Take the matter to God Almighty court. You have done your human capacity, allow God do His own.

    I think there is a spirit of addiction on these things, it is just Grace of God Almighty that people do leave this

    1. Dear poster God bless you for caring about the boy. I am suspicious of his needing more money because even though things are hard in Nigeria, he has an addiction. So he is now aware you monitor him online, what is not to say he has decided to gamble off line? What I am saying is you will try to find this out before you can rest. Maybe visit him in school? Have an idea of his friends? I pray all ends well.

  8. I was once an addict. ​
    What helped me was fruit fasts and reading my Bible.
    I am so grateful to the Lord for taking me off this hook.
    It nearly torpedoed by brilliant career in Engineering.

    Psalms 119:9"How can a young person keep his way pure? By giving heed to your Words"

    1. So glad for you. Indeed, there is hope for OP's son. Madam, it will be well, stay calm.

  9. Once you are addicted to betting, it takes they grace of God to quit..

  10. My fear is the online version of betting is very convinent &easy, thereby difficult to notice on time
    We need God& professional help on this.

  11. Pray with him. Pray for him. Even if he's in school, make it compulsory to pray with him on the phone first thing in the morning. Check If groups that help with counselling for gamblers exist. Register him. Talk to him. Keep at it. God will bless your efforts.

  12. Please continue to pray for him and counsel him too, betting is really addictive.

  13. It is an addiction and just like any addiction, it is difficult to break free from of his own volition.
    Start praying for him to break free from the entanglement.
    Find out if there's a support group for addicts or guidance and counselling unit somewhere around him where he can go for therapy.
    Continue to talk to him about the dangers of addiction, download books about conquering addiction and send to him, keep your lines open so he can always reach out to him.
    Tell him you won't judge him, you just want to help prevent it from spiralling out of control.

  14. Gambling is a very very serious issue that shouldn’t be taken with levity.My friend started off with petty gambling but now en,his life is disorganized.he has a very good remote job but lives in the casino.He has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and punting but he still hasn’t know when you spend so much money at casinos that they start giving you free exquisite hotel rooms anywhere you travel to in the world ?There’s nothing everyone hasn’t said or done,there’s no change.poster pls

  15. Lagos Mainland Girl26 June 2021 at 18:08

    Continue to talk to him about it and also pray for and with him.


  16. Unfortunately your sin is addicted to betting which will take the grace of God and continuous counsel to stop. My elder brother too is so much addicted to sport get that it has ratenbderp into him. Unfortunately he got addicted at the age where we can't monitor him. He is always broke from January to December, we have left it to God as we done talk tire. Your son is still young and he hasn't gotten too deep into it, there is definitely hope for change. Keep on advising him and above all take it to God also don't spread the issue he has to friends n family cos them go still use am against you.

  17. We went through this too. My only brother was also addicted to gambling. I even wrote to Stella about this in 2016. What did we do? My dear it drained us emotionally! I mean he even started stealing just to gamble, a teenager o. We prayed o but we knew we had to also take other steps. First we stopped him going out to watch ball, cut him off from friends and took away his phone. My mother went out of her way to tell his friends and one girl he was eyeing then, it was embarrassing for him because he liked to form big boy then. We treated him as a non member of our family, it was hard but we had to harden our hearts. We stopped him from working because na so so gbese he de enter . I don’t know if all this worked but we haven’t had any problem since, he’s grown now and I think he knows better .


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