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Friday, June 25, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I just got the shocker of my life from someone I call a friend!!!!!!..... question please, is it a crime to be single, I yearn to be in a relationship I want to be loved too but nothing is forth coming and I can't kill myself.

Back to the shocker, her traditional wedding is slated for this month end and I just called to ask about how the preparation is going and she told me that when she gets married, she's cutting off all her single friends becos single friends give bad advise and I asked her, if I have ever given her any bad advise and she said yes!(of which I can't remember), like I am Soo shocked by what she said, it was a shocker and I am feeling Soo terrible right now. i need to be in a beautiful relationship soonest, Please God do it for me.

P:S,I just jokingly told her I was counting down to her wedding and that was how all the conversation started. was it wrong for me to say I was counting down to her wedding???

Well if that is her decision (or maybe her husbands) just respect it and have a good time at her wedding and let her go as a friend if that is what she is wants.. Most Ladies getting married get rid of their singles friends out of fear that they will snatch their husbands or sleep with him..

Maybe you will also do it......

Just wish her well and dont feel bad... God will do it for you.


  1. Then I will not be going to the wedding. If you cannot wait to get married and cut me off then why wait till the wedding? I will find my own bearing.

    1. A friend has done this to me, cut me off when she got pretty to her baby daddy, lied that they have done everything on her head, me kukuma wished her well, only for hunger to start hammering her she remembered me and she heard things were ok for me she ran back begging me money up n down, only for me to take her back as a friend n assisted her with a job, now she even have 2 jobs, one in Lagos the other in her state LGA where she doesn't even appear.

      Poster leave her, limit pull her out of your mind n thank God she even told you

    2. My very good friend did this to me.
      She told me to my face that I will snatch her husband, I kukuma cut her off first and stayed on my own.
      Years later, her marriage packed up, I’m now married and she wants our friendship back.
      I wish her well and sad her marriage crashed, but I don’t give second chances to mean people.

    3. Don't feel bad but wish her well.

  2. Do not sweat it. After her wedding, respect yourself and stay in your own o. When some people marry they feel they have made it in life. Keep praying and waiting in God for your blessings and wish her well.

    1. After which wedding?? Why go to the wedding? Imagine the insult. It shows she never valued their friendship. Poster you had better stir clear and do not attend the wedding. Start getting used to the fact that y'all were never friends to begin with.

    2. Me I won't even bother going to any wedding.

  3. Can't blame her, women normally sontlike themselves. Anonymous stories of single or married friends yearning ans fantasizing after their friends husband abound.

    1. You no dey ever get sense receive sense

    2. But I didnt lie now, you dunno women are full of jealousy? Since u have sense, keep bringing your single friends to your matrimonial home, right under ur nose, they will catch feelings n break ur bed.

    3. Blackberry, you are not wrong jor.
      I refused to cut off any of my single or married friends after my wedding, that's how my so called bestie kept gushing about my husband any time she visited, I saw nothing in her utterances
      E.g BB your husband is so tall
      Kai your husband is so cute
      Ahn BB you are so lucky, you married a good man.
      Then she kept coming to spend the night at my place, barely 6weeks after wedding, then one day, she wore a sexy nightwear to my kitchen at 06am when she knows hubby gets up for his tea, he saw her in such a short revealing dress and fell for her.
      6mths into marriage, I was battling over my husband's infidelity with a so called "bestie" and everyone including my MIL blames me for not cutting off my single friends immediately after marriage.
      So please if you can, cut off cos these men ain't loyal...

    4. ANON 19:28:::: you married a DOG who lacks discipline and also doesn’t respect you and the institution called married. Your friend has her own blame been that she is your friend but she is not the only one your husband is frolicking with and you know it. Until you women start seeing that the problems starts from your boyfriends/ husbands and stop deluding yourselves blaming your fellow women then your problems are half solved

    5. Anon 19.28, your problem wasn't about cutting off. The problem was that you lacked discernment and was careless in your home, allowing access to your friend to stay with you.
      You don't do that in a young marriage please, bestie or not, single or married.

    6. 19:28.

      Your husband saw your friend in a revealing attire and fell for it,so you had to blame your friend not the wandering dick you called a husband ?
      Quick question when y’all go to the beach and he sees women in certain attire does he fall for them too ?
      I’m sorry your man is already unfaithful so whatever your friends wears won’t change that fact .

      Hopefully you haven’t catch herpes

    7. Anon 21:32
      Are you blind or you lack compression?
      Did you not read my last line?

    8. @sledgehammer
      Yes I was VERY CARELESS just because I was too trusting of my husband and my bestie, never in a million years did I think the girl had eyes on my husband, and never in a billion years did I consider my husband so irresponsible.
      I have learnt my lessons and I no longer blame anyone for cutting off anyone.

    9. Please you people should stop painting men bad all the time, even the bible would advise that we flee from temptation. In yout case, you carried the temptation to your doorstep. The woman was giving ur husband attention and flirting with him and yet u let it be. Even a woman who gets attention from a male living in her house and comes out with briefs showing his bulge will feel some type of man. The only flawless person is God. Your husband was human forgive him if u can. Your friend is a scheming witch, you shouldn't have allowed her get close so i blame you. Women stop tempting men.

    10. Anon 20:35 listen to yourself. Dogs need bitches. Is it not women like you that these men go after? Why don’t you take your sermon to your fellow women? I am sure if you are all united and say NO the problem will disappear.

  4. Nor be only snatch. If you check am now you go see say na yeye man she dey marry. Dump her before she does. If I were you, I won’t even attend her wedding for her daring to spew such nonsense.

    1. Them no born person make go tell me that rubbish ,if you hold tell me ,I must ask you when I gave you that advice and I will let you know say life na turn by turn ......

      I will not attend such wedding and I will let her know and tell her to go fuck herself 😏 I dump her first

    2. 😂😂no be small yeye oo

    3. Is it not better she said her mind?

  5. Yours is a friend that's myopic in her way of thinking sha..It be nice you let her pull through with her decision notwithstanding

  6. It's better she told you now instead of ghosting you. Anyway, now you know to what extent you can go for her from now on.

    Wish her well and move on. Your husband will find you soon.

  7. I find it funny when ladies do this to each other. It actually depends on the type of friends you have. I am single and have never experienced such from my friends who are married.
    Probably, because they know the type of person I am. I don't have time to frolick around with my friends boyfriend, exes or husbands. I don't even attempt to get close to their partners. My business are my friends, not their partners and they know this.

    Poster, face front and stay your lane. After wedding, move on and pray for yours. Every Mallam to his kettle

  8. Its painful though,just wish her well and move on

  9. If i am you, I won't attend that wedding.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I am a married woman and I can tell you that my single friends have their position in my life, because we were both friends before a man came to give me a tag.
    Most of my single friends are even older than me.. I hardly make friends my age cos my education was fast hence my circle.

    My husband knows all my single friends and even asks me how they are doing at intervals. Whenever they meet physically, you would clearly see respect for each other's boundaries.

    I have friends that are mature, sensible and straight.

    That Mrs tag doesn't make superior to them or make them lesser than me.

    What kind of friendship have you been keeping? Obviously, it isn't mutual or beneficial to her .

    Throw this lady as far away from you as possible.
    I can detest people with this kind of mentality.. I bet it's the husband that gave her the instruction.

    When her eyes begin to see the other side in marriage, she would have no circle of comfort.


    1. Please from now on poster avoid keeping stupid people as friends

      Her ignorance is loud but her honesty is kind

    2. You said it all.
      Poster don't attend the wedding. She is evil.
      I'm married and 50% of my friends are single. I can't even imagine dumping my friends because of marriage. Women that do this, are most likely jobless with no life ambition and marriage is their greatest achievement.
      How does dumping your friends because they are single work? Nigerian women get wahala tufia

  10. Lmao, well, probably she feels threatened by single ladies crashing her marriage one way or the other. She's just playing it safe though but just have a good time at the wedding and wish her all the very best, you will be alright dear. ��

  11. Be sincerely happy for her. God shall settle you soon.
    Please, cut off from her before she starts herself. Ghost her immediately after the party.

    Stay cool.

  12. She is so wrong. She should have atleast kept this to herself and do whatever she likes after she's married. Na wa! It's things like this that make people to start seeing all sorts in marriage when they won't control their mouths.

    Just wish her well and don't let it get to you. Marriage na turn by turn so says my sweet Mum, your turn will come and it will be beautiful. Don't bother yourself jare. All the best to you.

  13. Most ladies think that marriage is the Eldorado; that utopia of inestimable value.
    No; rather a good character in a lady is the inestimable value; Prov. 31:1-3
    The invest their time preparing for wedding and very little time in character building for
    marriage. Your friend lacks this good character for an enduring marriage going by your narration.
    If you get angry, then you join her in being an ill-mannered lady.
    You see I quoted from the Bible in talking about character? When last did you spend quality time
    with the Lord Jesus to learn from his Word? When last did you fast and pray, not to get a good husband
    but to have an enduring relationship with God your Savior?
    These are relevant questions so that you do not see marriage as the heaven, for heaven is real, Jesus
    is there, the saved are there. Will you be there?

    1. I don't know if you are being fake or honest with this level of spirituality you are keeping up.

      But I'll like to think you are being honest and just tell you to prayerfully study on the state of the dead according to the scriptures.

      I am referring to your statement "the saved are there". There's no saved currently in heaven asides those that didn't taste death and those that arose when christ did.

      After then, all the righteous including apostles and patriarchs that stood for God till the end and even the "righteous" man who literally died yesterday are currently sleeping (the first death). All awaiting the second coming of Christ.

      Please prayerfully ask God to teach you this doctrine correctly. There's a lot of lies on it being peddled by the devil including the popular "rapture" where people will just disappear when the Bible clearly says "All eyes shall see him descending in the clouds"

      I am intentionally not dropping scriptures so you could search and find yourself with no prejudice.

      There's no 99% with God, he demands a totality of obedience and belief in biblical doctrine.


    2. Luke 16:22And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's
      bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; 23And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,
      and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
      24And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip
      of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. 25But Abraham said, Son,
      remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but
      now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

      I decided to post the teachings of Jesus about afterlife raw for your consumption.
      NO matter what ideology you espouse, there is a "place of COMFORT and a PLACE OF TORMENT" for souls
      that die on earth depending on how they lived their lives.
      May the Lord help you to understand. I don't belong to any church. I belong to Christ.

    3. You guys should stop confusing me abeg. I'm trying to be a good child of God here. Hian.

    4. @22:06
      Please who is confusing you; hope not me cos I pasted the very Words of Jesus here.

  14. Poster don't attend the wedding. First cut her off before she ghost you

  15. Baby girl, don't take it to heart.

    With many ladies doing the unthinkable to their friends these days. Snatching partner, sowing seeds of discord etc.
    Plus, there are some people that their husbands insists they cut off from everyone. That could be why.

    If you are observant, you'll notice married ladies now are friends with their fellow married women.Your views will be different. Her husband will come before her and it won't be the same for you. The thought process will change. So it's a case of like minds linking.

    I have people who just ghosted, people who carry face for you, the ones that will insist you don't have respect because you didn't address them as Mrs,and the ones who are still cordial.

    I am not a gumbody person, now when you get married I'll increase the distance.

    Her fear may be that singles may snatch her husband, forgetting that the married ones do same. So, don't worry your head.

    You know your heart is clean,so wish her well, snap fine pictures at the wedding. Give her your gift and quietly leave her lane. I wish her all the best, and most importantly I wish you 😍 LOVE and I pray God blesses you with your own life partner.

  16. I am not sure I would have attended this wedding. Imagine the attitude. And you've been friends for how long? Na

    No need to be treated shabbily. Give her space already. Attend the wedding. Congratulate her and say bye for good. There is no need to remain friends.

    She has just shown you what you mean to her.

    Most of my friends were married by the time I married.
    Come on its not every lady that will sleep with a friend's hubby, sdk.

  17. I received enough snubbing from married ladies when I was single, I chose not to dwell on it, they obviously felt threatened by me and I don't blame them, desperate ladies abound. I am now married and I stopped keeping friends a while back so nobody to cut off. If I were you, I will attend her occasion, my body language all through will make it clear that I have already cut her off, then face my front after her wedding.

    Don't feel bad or blame her, at the same time, respect yourself, proving you are not a desperado. Wish her and husband the best and face your own life. I am in the boat of late bloomers and let me tell you one secret about us, when our own finally comes, it comes with a bang. Mark my words.

    1. Hmmmnnnnnn..late bloomers....
      You're right...when our time sure does come with a bang.


  18. Please respect her wish for your own good. There is nothing wrong with what she said. She is even nice. At least you know what to expect. What if she had done so without informing you? You would have felt worse than you're feeling now.

    Only menfolk can handle such friendship after wedding. We women can't. It is either the single one is envying the married one for getting married before her, and having a beautiful home, or the married one is angry anytime a suitor comes for her single friend, and she feels the suitor is better than her husband.

    I have heard stories of married women going behind their single friends to spoil their relationship because the man is what their husband is not; single ladies also trying to destroy their friend's marriage out of jealousy. Some even go as far as sleeping with their friend's husband or pimping girls for him. What about ladies that tie each other's womb? These are all borne out of jealousy and could have been avoided by keeping friends at arm's length.

    Thank God say na she start am. If she tries to reach out after wedding, abeg just be aloof. Don't try to rekindle the friendship. Leave it as it is: platonic.

    Poster, stay in your lane.

  19. Wait how do people feel down about stuff like this tho? It's not like she said she's cutting just you off... she said all her single friends; stupid ideology but still, it's what she wants..
    Except she's your best friend, I see no reason why this should be shocking cause, ko ye mi o.

  20. Is she getting married to community man that is snatchable, For her to tell you like that means she never value nor respect you before. Someone that doesn't know tomorrow and she is not even married yet o mtcheew. Go for the wedding as a guest and stop calling her from now. Letting go of a true friend is something she will later regret.

  21. That was not a nice thing to say to someone, even if you are thinking about it saying it to your single friends that you will cut them off when you get married is just not nice that was very rude. Some ladies and there myopic way of thinking trust me it might not be that her husband told her anything many Nigerian women think marriage is the ultimate in life don't get me wrong marriage is good but it is not a competition. Who says married couples don't give bad advice too ? Woo abeg I don't know what to say you all be alright just attend and her wedding and move on if not she will start telling everyone that you were jealous that is why you didn't come for her wedding because you have called her to tell her you can't wait so if you don't go she will not see that it is what she said that made you stayed away. Nigerian women tsk tsk that is why I don't go close many of them are really empty and full of low self esteem.

  22. Hmmm na wa for this kind friend o.
    If u don't attend her wedding,it will be like u aren't happy for her so attend the wedding, participate very well,dance very well. Then after the wedding,block her and face front.
    Don't worry,ur own man will find u.

  23. Poster your friend lacks empathy, i wouldn't call such person a friend. Even if she was to do that, theway she communicated it was void of any modicum of responsiveness.

    Anyways for your sanity and mental health sake, respect her wish and stay away from her.
    God will give your dream man. Saleh

  24. Allow her enjoy her few months of honeymoon.She is a typical low self esteem foolish Nigerian woman. Most of them are like that. The men never cut off their own single friends but it’s the women who do it. You see why men Never rate them.
    Anyway the abuse and cheating will
    Start soon. Then she starts looking for who to cry to. Cut her off now and forever. Focus on other areas of your life. Yours will

  25. Men marry and continue with their circle, while some myopic ladies marry and put their single girl friends on ghost mode.
    My dear dont let your friend make u slide into depression. The funny thing is that you dont know God's plan of a life partner for you. She married her own not yours,so your own man will locate you and when he comes, you will know that he is God sent.
    Let me tell u what these myopic girls do. Once you marry, they ll crawl back into your life. At that time they ll start telling you how their husbands have been treating them badly.
    That she's the first to cross the bridge does not mean no girl ll cross the bridge again. Move on with your life, pray from your heart and tell God the type of man and family you need.

  26. Poster if I were you, I won't smell the venue of the wedding from TM down to Church Wedding and immediately I get off with her call, i'm deleting her numbers, pictures and also block her off from every platforms that will show her face to me. Also, if we meet on the road, I'll say hi and move.

    No human should be feeling like a demigod simply because she's getting married

  27. What if she hadn't told you and she just ghost you, ignore you or block you? But she told you so you can understand her decision.respect her decision but I think she's going through it the wrong way.

  28. These her words shows she had you in mind all these while and waiting for the right time to fling you off her friendship hook. She has simply told you she does not value your friendship. Stop forcing yourself on her,she is not your friend. Don't attend the wedding. Buy the wedding asobi, get her gift if you wish but stay milles away from her from henceforth.

    . Bye Felicia.

  29. Poster why are disturbing yourself? Be thankful to God that she spoke her mind out loud. My dear stay on your lane. It's this type that you will greet her husband and she will say you want to snatch him, meanwhile, she knows she's married to a horny goat.

  30. Poster walahi make i follow you go so that i go set leg for her

  31. Take it to heart and do not attend the wedding .
    Imagine she may even have one expensive asoebi and after the wedding she will remember you are not good enough .
    Some friends even travel far to attend weddings and honor you but you want to cut them off ??
    Some donate massively to bridal shower and you want to cut them off ???
    Poster do not attend

  32. Maybe she wasn't your friend after all 🤷

  33. Mine cut me off, way back in school, we groove town well, I think she feels I might continue the groove with her husband, and truth be told, d man is rich n handsome, you can never tell, so I'm kinda glad she cut me off.

  34. Please don't attend her wedding before they accuse you falsely

  35. The so called married friends they cling to are the ones that betray them and sleep wit their husband's. I pity your friend and her likes. They never end well in their marriage. They should continue. Imagine leaving someone you've known for years to cling to total strangers becos they have the Mrs title. She thinks She's God. Tomoro is pregnant. No one knows tomoro. Poster, thank God she told you her mind. Face front. Your husband will find you. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  36. My friend did this to me. I was her best lady, I organised her bridal shower etc she just ghost after wedding it has been 10 years and never again do I speak to her or make friends with people like her.

    God will give you your own man soonest don’t sweat it babygirl


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