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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day Stella, thanks for all do especially through Chronicles on the blog.

 Please kindly hide my E- mail ID.

 Please blog Visitors I indulge you all to offer me advices because I need a lot of it at the moment that I'm in a fix.

 Pardon me for it's a long read so you all will understand where I'm coming from.

 I am from a family of Seven( four girls and a guy) married with two children and from one of the Eastern states in Nigeria. I am by the grace of God a graduate of Mass Communication ( HND) and has an NYSC certificate only and will be turning 38years by November this year. 

I am currently not working and I'm based in Lagos. Although my family have had our fair share of life struggles, pain, twists and turns owing to the fact that I and my siblings lost our mum quite early, she was 37 before she left us (God bless her soul, I love you mum and I miss you everyday.) 

As at the time she passed 27 years ago I was only ten and about gaining admission into J.S.S1 and I'm the eldest of five of us. We are presently orphans at the moment. Life and family hasn't and has still not been the same since mum's demise. 

My mum was a tailor when she was still here. My Dad on the other hand though late now; we lost him 2015( I love you Dad) was opportuned to be a high ranking Custom officer and had lived many years and acquired his education in the UK before he relocated to Nigeria thereafter and got the Customs job without breaking a sweat.

 We lacked nothing as little kids but the void of unfulfillment and emptiness was always there both in our lives and family. Dad never married another wife after our mum even till his demise because along the line, my only brother got married and they all lived together with his kids. His salaries, pension, gratuity from his 35 years of Civil Service didn't show on us as we grew into young adults both education wise or asset wise because we all struggled to find our feet through life and you'll never know from our appearances or by asset acquisition that we are children of a high-ranked Custom officer of that Caliber who once worked with someone like Atiku Abubakar back then in Kaduna while Dad was posted there.

 My Dad never had assets except for our family house back in the Villa. The Pension, gratuity and accumulated allowance arrears over time went in the whirlwind with my brother and his wife amassing all and despite that , they're still struggling till today and currently reside at the Villa. I and my siblings have been facing a lot of Physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, attacks here and there, forces from nowhere have been wrestling us and in my own case, it makes me weak to take actions and feel motivated to succeed and get something out of life.

 These forces block every opening doors, causes me disappointment, goose pimples on my body intermittently and make me feel some kind of vibration on my head at intervals. It also make me procrastinate and lack a great deal that I can't even transport myself to a prospective job market or even acquire needed skills such as baking, fashion and designing(my areas of interest) as you know I'll have to part with a sum to acquire these skills and also buy necessary materials for practicals which I don't have at the moment and hubby is not helping too.

 I'm just stuck at a point and have nothing meaningful going for me. My marriage too is nothing to write home about; It's just a whole mess. Let's save that for later because it's a whole world of it's own. Though hubby and I are only married traditionally, no court or church wedding. We've been married for 10years.

 Currently we aren't s#xually active and haven't had s#x together, next month will make it 5years I last had s#x. Please blog Visitors, I really want to move on, even separate from hubby too because the marriage isn't working either and I need to stand for myself and my kids in terms of being financially independent and responsible because my life in ten 10 years has been a static one and in ruins. 

How do I rise above all my life struggles of all round stagnancy, persecutions, family demonic and external forces trailing my life and preventing me from succeeding both maritally and making exploits like my peers in every facets of my life? Please my blog family, rebuke me all you can but be lenient and kind with your words for I am down already and crawling . 

I really need your suggestions and advices on how I can pick the pieces of my life together and begin to take a step towards advancement based on the little background information I gave up there. I need to free from perpetual bondage and explore life opportunities. Kindly help lift a Sister that's depressed, completely shattered, broken and had lost herself in marriage as a result of marital stress, unhappiness and feud.

 I want to be liberated from shame and ridicule and rewrite my life story and family at large. Please guys help me solve this life puzzle of mine that causes me sleepless nights and restlessness. Even in the myriads of these problems, I have this insecurity of a lingering fungal infection that affected my feet, In- between my toes and fingers; it's so severe and appear whitish that I need to get treatment fast because it's an eye sore. I'll appreciate every advice and suggestions offered me as I'll be in the comment section to answer any question if need be. 

Thank you all for your endurance reading through my piece.

* I am lost for words...
Have you tired taking all these problems to God in prayers? hes the only one that can help you now oh.


  1. Procrastination seem to be the problem here, lack of motivation.

    1. Pray to God. But first be thankful to him for being alive. Start some where.

    2. Procrastination is a sickness one has to really deal with, I am also writing from experience.

      Another thing is that you lack focus, a friend and I had a conversation just this afternoon, and after asking me some questions I realised that "focus" is important and I too have to get my life back on track.
      You can't say you want to do "this" or "that" you have to pick a part and work towards it, give yourself a target and just start anywhere, if you can start baking by learning on YouTube, do that. (It's also a foundation) when you improve and make a little from it you acquire more skill.

      I have stopped blaming family for problems that need to be fixed by me. Get up and start.

      Regrets are things that hold us back and fuel the fire of confusion and procrastination, the past is the past, write out a plan now for the future and work on it no matter how little.

      Lastly you have no other option than to hold onto God.
      As of last week I had things I needed to clear, I held unto God like never before and He showed up for me.
      Now my trust is renewed like never before and I am facing Him as I hope to achieve other things.

      Please listen to me, most times I don't even keep to it but a few little steps helps the journey.

    3. @poster, for the chronic fungal infection, check your blood sugar level and also check for diabetes.

    4. Oh ok Anon 18:14

  2. I literally am shook and gobsmacked..I pray that God comes through for you cos all these aren't easy for someone to bear

    1. Poster, you are moderately depressed.
      I'll advice you see a doctor at neuro psychiatry yaba, take your meds and see your moods, motivation and energy soar.
      It is well with you.
      Also, try taking your kids out somewhere just to play ,laugh and catch fun. It helps

    2. Exactly! life has so shaken her that she has become slightly depressed, that's why she lost
      interest in moving forward and so stucked.
      Please seek medical help to take care of this part first, then you will be able to move forward from there. It is well with you!

    3. Thanks Anon. I'll take that into consideration

  3. First, leaving your husband doesn't save you from "makes me weak to take actions and feel motivated to succeed and get something out of life." Second, you need to let go of what your father did or not do, what he left and did no leave behind at his death. First, you need to find a source of income. Its going to be tough with the not having money to attend interviews etc! if you are online utilize social media. Put word out there that you need a virtual assistant job, speak to people in your local church! There is no harm in asking and there is no harm in having a menial job. There is dignity in labour. About the sex with your husband, girl, you need to let go of whatever thoughts and misunderstandings and get laid! Ignite the passion in your marriage you need it. All the feelings and supposed " doubt" you've got is because you are worried about not thriving! In all, you need to stop talking about the spiritual attacks and get to resolving them. You should get on a psalm challenge! mediate on God's words, breathe and speak them into your existence and use them right back at God. Stop talking about the spiritual problems, deal with it! Quick question, where are you resident ? You never can tell, someone here may have a job for you!

    1. @ Blog visitor Anna, I'm resident in Lagos. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate

  4. Start praising God and pray.
    Stop believing that you are under any kind of attack.
    Use these kind of verses to pray, insert your name and utter them as much as you can. Num 23:30,Isaiah 43:19,Gen 26:12-30,etc Look for more as I no too sabi bible.

    You've identified that you procastinste so stop procrastinating.

    Peace be unto you.

    1. Thanks I appreciate your advice Ace

  5. Your answer lays with God. Only him can liberate you

    1. Lord have mercy...People are going through a lot

  6. Poster, with God nothing is impossible. Talk to God, may God through the Holy Spirit lift up your spirit

  7. Poster sorry for all you are going through. First of all, know that the economy is very hard. There's no job anywhere o and when you are jobless and in need, it will look as if there are forces fighting against you. You have everything to be thankful for, your adorable kids. From your write up, I think you are lazy and not ready to move from your comfort zone. You can do drop shipping business online and earn a lil money to register yourself for a skill. You can learn how to bake from Youtube. You can learn how to make drinks like zobo, smoothies, soymilk, tiger nut drink etc from YouTube and supply to shops. These are fairly easy na. Your own is good sef, you had a comfortable upbringing amidst the demise of your mum(sorry about that) but truth is that you are lazy hence you procrastinate. Disabuse your mind of the fact that forces are after you, nothing is after you. When you start earning, no matter how little, you would feel motivated and have this sense of fulfilment and Joy. Stand up and try something. Good luck

    1. Apt, poster listen to this advice, God bless you anonymous

    2. Thanks Anon 15:23 for your suggestions and advice, will put them into work

  8. Start somewhere with a lot of praying

  9. I'm so sorry for your experience. This life will throw challenges to you but don't see them as spiritual one..
    Dispel the negative vibes.. It would be easy if you have anything doing. You can start working for people around you. Cleaning, laundry jobs for families that will still give you time to take care of your children..

    You didn't tell us what is the problem in your marriage. You don't seem to be suffering DV or mental abuse.
    Ask your husband to assist you with a capital to start business. You can start without a shop or embrace free skill acquisition programs organized by NGO..learn pastry from YouTube.

    1. Thanks a lot @ official Prestige, arguments, disagreement, hitches here and there in my marriage. A lot Sha. I'll make use of your suggestions God's willing

  10. I just want to give you a hug and assure you that everything would be fine .
    I dont have the right words, but just know that it would be okay.

    1. Amen @ Chocolate Noir
      Thank you❤️

  11. my dear SISTER go to mountain of fire and miracles church for the Wednesday service
    its online too

    love uuuuu

    1. I'll try, thanks. Love you right back❤️

  12. 1) Change your mindset.
    2) Get up.
    3) Get up.

    Do you know the power of midnight prayers? 12am prayers?
    Babe rebuke procrastination and be determined to get up. I promise you if you try it once, you'll never go back (granted your sleep will affected but trust me it's worth it)
    Get up! Acts 16:25 key into Paul and Silas midnight prayers and break every prison chain and reclaim your open doors.
    Pray against disappointment at the edge of breakthrough, laziness, confusion, childishness,lack of focus, shame, tears,anxiety, low self esteem,pray for your life, marriage, hubby, kids, family.
    Pray for mercy, grace, joy, peace, love, favour, strange helpers, strange partners, advancement, etc.

    Pray for your self esteem, self worth, self confidence, self motivation.
    Speak positivity into your life.

    Baby girl get up! Enough of all the excuses. Speak into your life.
    You can do it, just start anyhow. Please don't give up.

  13. If you break up with your husband,will you carry your children along?..
    Remember Naija men dont give child support!..
    You will now go and be suffering with those kids..
    Madam,there is nothing wrong with you!..
    What you need is a financial support to start up a business but unfortunately no body is there to assist you..
    You are not the only house wife in this Lagos..
    Forget what you see on social media!..
    So many people are jobless!..

    My advise is for you to accept some of those guys asking you out!..
    Yes every married woman has a toaster!..
    Get your self a sugar daddy that would open up a business for you no matter how small!..
    Try and look beautiful,clean and sexy so you can attract the rich ones!..
    If your tummy is big from childbirth,start exercising!..
    Go for early morning jogs and trim down!..
    This is what most married women do to raise money for businesses..
    Remember to thank me later!..

    Please dont leave your marriage!..

    1. Queen o! You made sense until you gave your advise. Poster pls do not heed her advise. Queen is a comedian

    2. Queen may God have mercy on can wreck someone's life.

    3. Your advice no follow at all. Poster please ignore

    4. @ Queen and boss , you just lost your crown!

    5. πŸ˜„ I swear I laughed at your comment queen.
      But seriously are you serious?

    6. Queen o
      Poster, please don't mind Queen,she's a joker.

      Just get up and start doing ANYTHING legit. GET UP NOW.

    7. Queen, Queen I've always admired you on this blog. You and your wierd advices. I've taken the positive suggestions and trashed the others. Love you

    8. Ok, thanks

  14. Hi Poster,


    Thank God for your life, I know how it feels to be an orphan and challenges that come with it.

    I'll suggest you take a journey of "Self-Discovery". It's journey that will make you recaliberate, evaluate and assess your life.

    Kindly provide answers these questions as follows;

    Who am I?
    Where am I going?
    What do I want from life?

    When you can diligently provide answers to above questions, then your journey towards SELF DISCOVERY has just begin.

    "Tough time never last but tough people do."


    1. Enjoy the present moment
    2. Take Action
    3. Accept and Embrace Challenges
    4. Be Self-Discipline
    5. Remain Positive
    6. Willingness and Drive to help (even when down)
    7. Be Resilient
    8. Have Passion for Learning
    9. Believe in yourself
    10. Grow Consciously

    It's all begins with your #MIND!
    What have you been feeding your #Mind with?

    I'm here for you anytime to assist but I don't condone #PityParty or Self-Pity because it kills great ideas on arrival.

    Thanks for sharing, God bless you.


    1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
      I am not the poster oooh, but thank you for this recalibration of mindset, nothing as good as discovering oneself.

    2. @Bonnie, thank you, I'm humble...

      @Poster, write down your aspirations and dreams. Then wake up everyday adopt Mirror Techniques by saying out loud your aspirations and dreams to yourself.

  15. You are your own worst enemy. Never taking responsibility for your own short comings. Oh, poor me, poor me tales.

    1. Ok sorry for being harsh. Start with GRATITUDE. Can you write to Stella or to ur own self enumerating all the good things that are going on in your life? Let me help you from the little you shared on this chronicle;
      1. In spite of loosing your mum at a young age, your father did not neglect you or marry a step mother that made your lives a living hell.
      2. You are educated, you have certificates to use in looking for jobs and you write well.
      3. You are healthy.
      4. You are married so you are not alone. You have a life companion.
      5. You are fruitful.
      6. Your children are alive and healthy.
      7. You have a support system and not alone in this world.

      About your memory, that sometimes comes with motherhood. The many sleepless nights take a toll on your brain and it results in the forgetfulness and procrastination you complained about. Take life easy. I don't care what your marital issue is but can you as well try your memory on all the good qualities of your husband and all the beautiful events that are good in the course of your marriage and be thankful for them all. When you let yourself bask daily on these positive memories, I promise you 1. You will heal and not be depressed anymore. 2. Your relationships will heal and you will see and reap good in your marriage. 3. You will attract favour in career so long as you don't waste time on the few disappointments that might come b4 the success.

      Learn to celebrate little blessings and successes. STOP LAMENTING, it will only attract the very things you don't want to keep getting worse.

    2. Thanks@ Ms Saphire, dwelling on the positives it is so it can outweigh the negativesπŸ™ŒπŸ‘

  16. May God fix it and give you the help you need..

  17. dear sister, your story is so touching,i would suggest you join the NSPPD prayer altar which takes place every 7am monday to friday every day, it is an online prayer section champion by Pastor Jerry Eze of Streams of Joy. you will be glad you did as see God turning your situation around if you can avail yourself this opportunity in jesus name

    1. Poster I wouldn't want to say much, because there are very good advice above you can take e.g that of Gbaoo, Ms Saphire and many others. But just to add, you need to do a mental sanitation. Clear your head from all the things militating your mental health. When you are mentally OK, then move in discovering your purpose in life, it is in doing that you can find a lasting peace.

      Lastly just like Unknown suggest if you have enough data please join NSPPD every morning by 7am, if your hope does not jack back to life after one week then you can find your solution somewhere else. I don't know if you are Christian,but even if you are not, join them and call on the God you serve; God is not man, grace is always available, he will surely visit you.

      Since I came in contact with that fire altar I have never missed even a day, and my life have never remain the same.

      You need start believing in yourself again and no doubt NSPPD will help you do that. Try it and come back with your testimony.

      I can't wait to have your rejoinder. God bless you

    2. I'd have love to @Unknown but by that 7am my kids have not left for school. They usually leave by 7: 20

    3. Poster you are doing it again, excuses, proscastination, thousands of women who have children in school tune in to NSPPD every morning. If your children leave by 7:20a.m then tune in by 7:21a.m, from your write-up you are not doing anything for now so you have the time to try anything that might help you, the program is on till 8:00a.m

  18. No forces pushing you down, remove that nonsense from your thoughts. Your problem is simply self sabotage. You know what to do, how to go about it, but you lack the will to do anything. Self limitations is a huge drawback for lots of people. Stop hiding under forces, you have given up on life and procrastination is now your only motivation. Go get yourself a job, even if it's cleaning homes and move out from your marital home. You are just a lazy ass who is using childish excuses to run away from facing that which God has preordained for you.

  19. Poster. You have confessed so much negativity into your life that I had to stop reading half way. You write so beautifully and you seem knowledgeable. Put the fact that your father was somebody behind get up and hustle like you never did before. Start by starting something meaningful.

    1. Thanks Anon 15:55, will work on thatπŸ‘πŸ™Œ

    2. I'm a Christian @ blog visitor Heartbeat, will put your advice and suggestions to work. Thanks

  20. This is serious, if yo can eh, watch or download Apostle Joshua Selman's videos on youtube, ( the mystery of deliverance) it is in 4 series watch all 4 and bet me you will come here to testify. you can also follow his Sunday program on facebook live, just look for KOINONIA I hope I got the name right. your deliverance is here.

  21. Life and it’s struggles.
    Sorry about all you’ve been through.
    To get a good job these days, you must have strong connections. Call on God
    You can do one week fasting and prayer. You wake by 12 and put all your problems before God and tell him what you want.
    Do this like twice every week and see things turn around in your favor.
    Just don’t sit there and lament, get to work(prayer/learning a skill) Dem nor dey shame put.
    I’m sure no parent would want their kids to suffer or lack basic stuff, let that be your driving force.

    1. Thanks @ SluttychicπŸ’•

  22. Good afternoon poster.

    Your problems have nothing to do with your marriage. Your poor marriage is just an offset of the real problems. One striking thing I noticed in your write up is how far your father went, in the labour strata. In Nigeria, nobody goes that far without "belonging". I know you know what I mean. For someone who worked with the high and mighty, hmmnn, he must have "gone far". That's what gave rise to all the problems you and your siblings are facing. Plus, you could also have back load of generational problems.

    I'll tell you a story. A man became wealthy in the environment where I am. Within 3 years, the wife ran away. Everyone was surprised. Which woman leaves a wealthy husband? She must be foolish, or so we thought. This man had six children. He sent the first daughter to the UK to study medicine. She was bundled back two years later, stark raving mad. Her books alone which was brought back were worth hundreds of pounds. Her siblings started dying mysteriously until only one remained.

    But you know what? With each calamity, the man kept climbing higher on the social ladder. He's among the who's who in this state. People asked his wife to go take the remaining children since the man was hardly around to care for them. She went and came back crying. The mad daughter had become a bit well but her father was sleeping with her everyday. And the instruction is that she alone is allowed to prepare his meals. As rich as her father is, she treks to the market and back every time.

    That other sibling remaining is doing very well now! She now "belongs"! Infact, her position in the society now will make any young lady green with envy. The family is still like that till today. You understand now abi?

    My advice:
    1. Finance: The bible says in Gen. 8:22 that as long as earth remaineth, seed time and harvest will not cease. This means that NO demonic power can touch or control your finances if you do the right thing. And the right thing is to give (continuously). As long as you are not a giver, there is no magic about it. You must lack and vice versa. Ten naira is big money in giving. But you have to give it regularly. My dear, there's no other way around prosperity but this.

    2. Progress: I won't mince words. Your father must have done something with you guys' destinies in trying to help himself. But you can undo it. Matt. 15:13. If it wasn't done by God, then it can be undone. Pray. I mean pray until you see a change. Fast. Those powers involved are vicious. This is no joke. You won't find solution anywhere else. I mean it. I advise you to go for deliverance severally, to severe everything linking you with those foolish, powerless powers

    2. Marriage: You didn't say anything about your husband, but believe me when I say the problem is not with him. Pray about your marriage. Put it in God's hands. The lack of motivation seems to me, to be orchestrated by the enemy to make you waste away your life.

    One thing I know that breaks the hand of the devil completely in anyone's life, is prophet offering. 2 Chron. 20:20. Not just any person, but a man of God who is a known giver and carries God's unction. I once sowed into the life of my father in the Lord and that marked the beginning of the end of troubles for me. Now I sow continuously into his life and I tell you, the grace he carries, speaks continuously for me. You can't engage me in any battle and win. It may look like you're winning at first, but by the time I give to the needy, sow into my spiritual father's life and fast/pray, you go run. And this covers any problem.

    By the time you've gone halfway into all these, you'll see change. I mean real change. Don't leave your marriage. It won't solve anything.
    God will help you. Give him time.

    1. Jechix let me also add my own perspective here. You see Customs and police officers, so many of them have laid up sorrow and pains for their children because of their wickedness. I have someone who's into frozen food business, she goes to buy from Cotonou and resells. After borrowing from Lapo to invest in her business, it got seized by Customs officials and all her pleas fell on deaf ears. Her shop became empty and over a year she's still struggling to pay back the loan. She said her case is a mild one, because others whose goods worth millions of naira that were seized have either died from shock and suffering. These goods they seize are often resold and the money pocketed or shared amongst themselves and their wives and children gobble down another person's sweat in the name of contraband goods. My dear, it's time to start praying unto God for mercy. I am not judging you, but if some of us find out the level of evil some of our predecessors perpetrated, we will do anything to remedy the reward they have laid down for us. Start praying for grace and mercy. Wishing you peace and love.☮️❤️

    2. Thanks for your insightful narration @ Jechix. My Dad wasn't into Fetish stuff or soiled his hands in bribery . He was an upright person, helived most of his active years abroad after his education before relocating back to Nigeria. I got your advice though, merci beaucop

    3. Thanks @ Twins squaredπŸ™

  23. Don't leave your marriage, go on your knees and pour your heart out to God. Love yourself first and be grateful. God will show up

  24. Poster there is nothing wrong with you except that you lack courage and motivation. First try treating you infection with hot water and salt. I treated my foot some years back with it. Secondly, if you were single and didn't have much responsibilities, I would have like to employ you and help you become productive for yourself. I'm positive you will get better offer. Stop thinking there is something spiritually wrong with you, because such thoughts will always take you double step backwards. Have a positive mindset. We are all spiritual being and can fight whatever. And how you defeat is by standing up always, never remain on the ground. When the enemy hits down, look him in the eyes and get up again and again. If Catering and culinary skills is what you desire to learn, start by walking into one the academies, find out what it will truly cost you. My church used to charge 5k for 3weeks and if you can't afford materials everyday, you offer to be their errand person and wash up after every session, in turn, everybody will contribute their materials for you. if you get up and look for an affordable one, you will definitely find. The next is getting the funds. You can get loan from apps such as jumiapay or from relatives. Practice as you learn, fry chinchin and pass to kiosks owners. I'm just saying, Honey you need to take a step just a step. If you were close to me, I would task you daily, happiness and motivation builds from seeing your own accomplishments on daily basis. When you are happy at who you become, you won't have the energy to think about all these spiritual attacks and have problems with husband. The reason your marriage is not in a good place is because you are not happy.

    1. Dear poster. Please employ me and l swear you will not regret it. I am πŸ’― single and with less responsibilities. Divorced due to infertility. Please help a sister. I can relocate within a short notice as l am currently staying in Abuja I am a graduate. Lost my job during covid-19 lockdown last year. It has not been easy but God has been gracious to me. I can send my details to sella for a background check. Please help a sister by giving me a job. God bless you

    2. Thanks Anonymous, wouldn't mind the job offer. I'm based in Lagos. I appreciate you

  25. This poster is simply ungrateful to God and very lazy. You have a very bad attitude towards your husband too. 5 years of no sex. How can you say you're stagnant and been spiritually attacked. Only God knows the spiritual house you're visiting, that is ruining your life and your mindset. First born for that matter, what example are you showing to your younger ones? You are married with 2 children, you're a graduate despite been an orphan yet you're claiming to be stagnant. Instead of you to go get a job or start up a business you're there lamenting. I wonder what you have to teach your children. Nigeria wit all its problems, you're saying it's spiritual attack. Dont go and hustle, be looking for your brother's inheritance or a husband that will provide all your needs even when you're not performing your wifely duties well. U no get problem. Go and see orphans or motherless children that have no access to education, matured singles praying to marry or childless couple looking for children. If you're looking for my sympathy, you will not get it. Even to tell us the colour of your problem, you cannot. Only beating around the bush. Nonsense and ingredients.

    1. Do you have a job for her?..
      Start up a business with what?her urine?..
      Poster,this is the more reason why you should stick to my advise..
      Nobody cares how you make your money!..

    2. Sorry Anon16:22 I don't visit spiritual houses ok, never.

    3. Thanks@ queen and boss foe being considerate. Love youπŸ’•

  26. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  27. Once you identify the cause of your problems, you are on the pathway to a solution.
    You mentioned "demonic attacks," right? Now, the power to overcome demonic attacks
    is JESUS; the name at which every other knee shall bow.
    You are just grappling with depression and so on, right? My sister was stark naked and
    raving mad after a long time of stagnancy and battling depression and so on.
    It was then that we began to analyze and understand that our family had really been under
    demonic attacks. Few of us that were believers in Christ began to pray and fast daily, while
    she was restrained in a church and hospital and different times. We fasted and prayed and
    shared Scriptures daily until my sister got well. In spite of all her challenges, she got
    married a few years later. Let me also add that she was talking about the person that did
    that to her; a family friend. Of course, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but
    against the powers of darkness. We do not hold anything against them. We are all happy in
    the Lord till date and that is what matters. Peace to your soul dear as you seek Jesus.

  28. Sorry at your predicament poster. If you are in Lagos, pls go for deliverance at MFM Prayer city. Begin to join their online programs, also buy a copy of Prayer Rain. A lot of people here won't understand what you described but only he who feels he's fighting some invisible forces knows it.
    Sadly, no one can help you except you and God Almighty.
    Pls don't lose hope. Arise and fight for your life and destiny
    Fight now to stop this so it won't extend to the next generation
    Meanwhile, don't leave your husband. Your marriage is part of the agenda.
    Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!
    The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force ni o
    You and your siblings can do the fight together too so you all can stop the battle at this generation

  29. Poster, please get a teaching job asap! Stop complaining and lamenting. You have a certificate, if other jobs are not coming please get a teaching job. Start from there. You will see that even the joy in your marriage will be restored once you start earning.

    Don't be lazy or see some kinda jobs as demeaning. Do something no matter how small. Your mental health and physical health will thank you.

  30. ...I only stopped by to give you a big e-bear hug. You'd get through this sis. One day at a time.

  31. Dear poster,as per the fungal infection between your toes and what my friend once did. Get original jik bleach,pour some into a small bowl or plate without diluting with water. Keep your fingers flat so that the jik soaks the fungal area. Do same for your toes. Leave for about 30minutes. Do it after your morning and night bath. Be consistent with this for at least one week. See if it helps πŸ™

  32. It's all in ur head, poster.
    Change ur attitude, approach to life & mindset.
    Develop & maintain good, positive social connections like church, friends, community, people who r positive & warm towards u & most especially helpful.
    At the same time stop wasting time in unhelpful habit, mind laziness, gossip, jealousy, self blame & blaming others for ur peoblems!!!
    If u fail, get up!
    If u fail, learn!
    If u fail, move on!
    If u fail, that's ok. It means u should try again!!! Till u achieve what u want for ur life.

  33. Dear poster hope you read this, I don't mean to sound this way but you are depressed take medication and see a psychologist, I lost someone I love to depression 3weeks back. As for the feet I had such in 5fingers and used mixoderm not the tube but the circular type rub it regularly and will go. Good luck

  34. Wow! Isn't that going to worsen it? The thought of the bleach without being diluted scares me. Thanks though πŸ™Œ

  35. Thanks Anonymous 20:46 quite encouraging, I appreciate

  36. To be realistic , u sound lazy and laid back, u do t have the hussling spirit! In this life u work for things cos life won’t hand u what u want in your hands just like that , look for business opportunities around U, look for something u can afford for now? As people won’t really give u lump sum except a miracle happens, start a small business of buying and selling, just get up nd stop being lazy and lamenting, see how u are talking about your parents like u want them to be alive just to help u, stop being lazy nd stop procrastinating

  37. My advice please go living faith Church....if you are in lagos go to the head quarters at ota. There is an anointing that liberates people from the wickedness of the devil. Please just go. Give your life to Jesus again and let Jesus redirect you. I am very sure before 3 months is over God will turn your life around. Please give it a try. It is well with you.

  38. We can do whatever it is we set our minds to achieve.It's just the myriads of problem that's making you sleepless at night, you don't need a psychiatrist for that
    Concerning the Fungal infection,pound/cut garlic(it's a great anti-fungal) and put in btwn your toes,wear socks on it till it goes

  39. Join nsppd on Facebook or YouTube 7am weekdays and your life will change.

  40. Dear poster, there is a being in heaven. His name is God, God Almighty. He is Almighty because he is the creator the maker of the earth and everything in it. He is the most powerful. His power surpasses the power of any being on earth, under the earth and beyond. Guess what, He, God, also created human beings. He loves us so much that he created human beings, us, in his image: as in we look like him. He even loves us so much that he sent his ONLY son to earth from heaven to be sacrificed so that "we" whom he loves can have LIFE.
    So, why are you spending unnecessary time dwelling on what has gone wrong in your life and in which spirit is holding you down? That is not God's plan for us.
    Solution: Seek God my dear. Seek and believe in him and he will come to you and he will reveal himself you ans turn your life around.


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