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Friday, June 18, 2021

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

 Na wah!!!...



How can l get over him?. I love him so much but he does not love me as much as l love him. I caught him in a brothel with another woman and went mad. Immediately he said sorry l felt pity for him again and forgave him. 

We have not really come back together but my anger has ceased. I do not need him again but my emotions is still strong on him.

 How can your emotions be strong for a man that sleeps around? Please break up with him and face front oh....
Stop chatting with him and stop listening to his excuses and apologies... shut him out and move on



 Hello house, there is this lady that is always asking me for money yet she's not ready to start a relationship with me. 

According to her, she's taking her time but she has friends with benefits. When I get her a gift she hardly appreciates it. What should I do?

Hmmmm that one real OPIO, abeg no toast am again.
She don tell you say she fit gbensh you but she no want relationship because her hand full.... na up to you to decide whether na to chop clean mouth waka or to continue to wait make others chop belleful...
Stop to buy am gift abeg, you don see where Opio dey talk thank you? Dem no send!


  1. People like u who love hard always learn their lessons the hard way when they refuse to let go, either by an incurable disease or small skoin skoin go enter.

    1. Dear poster one, kindly hook up with poster two.
      You guys are wasting energy, love and attention on the wrong people.

      Dear stella, hook them up

    2. Lol @ Push up

  2. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "18 June 2021 at 15:06

    Hahahhahahha Stella reply got me laughing lol. Abeg today CHRONICLE Funny die, see the two agbaya posters dey act like say no be this world dem dey again, abeg make una move front leave this people before them turn una to everlasting Maga/Mugu.

  3. You need make person konk that stupid love comot for your head …

  4. Mumu poster one, girls like you will never learn unless through the hard way. It's better you get over him now, bear the pain of losing him than sticking around to regret in the nearest future, use your brain and quit being stupid.

    Poster 2 please stop giving her any guilt, she will dump you immediately she gets a replacement, stop giving space to users.

  5. @Posternumber1,move the heck on
    @Posternumber2,stop whatever thing you are doing and let her be mbok

    1. You gave advice today. Wow! Congratulations.

  6. What this first poster feels is LUST. Most ladies construe that to mean "Love."
    If you want to be truthful to yourself,
    you've slept with this man and keep longing more for him.
    You are taking him back because you have not found another and above all,
    you've not found Christ; the one that died for your sins.
    In Jesus you will find Love; Love like God loves you.

    1. The countless orgasms is clouding her brain.

    2. Not necessarily. I am not poster but I have a similar experience. My ex guy I still care about him because he was my friend before we dated but I had nothing sexual with him. In a space of 2 years he cheated twice and the second one made me totally disgusted with him and I have lost most romantic feelings but he is begging, looking sad, looking sick, looking like the shadow of himself. I don't know if it's an act but I feel for him and still check up on him to know how he's faring but no more love here. Disgust is a stronger feeling than love for me.

  7. Stella, that your response to the second poster where you use the word "Opio" made me laugh. I grew up in Benin, but since left. It's been ages since I heard that world used.

    Poster 1 and 2, please take Stella's advice.

  8. Poster 1: So sorry about how you feel..Its hurtful when someone you love does not love you back...You will be fine at the end of the day...Him patronizing a brothel should take your LOVE-O-METER level from 100 degrees to -32 degrees..He is not worth your tears sef...Just tell him you have forgiven him but you MUUVEE! E-hugs dear...

    Poster 2: The devil is in the detail! The girl has unveiled herself to you as a wakawaka girl...You know the girl has nothing to offer you then why are you buying her gifts..Abeg move on oh so you won't see her as ''Nigerian girls'' and place all of us inside those old metal portmanteau...May you find the girl that you seek!!

  9. This second poster also wants to be "friends with benefit"
    YOu want a piece of her vjay; right?
    Well, just know that a lot of things are hidden in there; STDs are just a small amount of the hidden tortures in there.

  10. Poster 1 - You need to deliberately forget about him. Tell yourself that you deserve better.

    Poster 2 - Please keep your money and love, she doesn't deserve you. Look else where.

  11. Hahahahahaha na real opio. Stella na itibolibo okpo for poster 2.

    Poster one that energy you used in breaking up with him, still use it to remember how you caught him in a brothel, you will feel pains and throw him away.

    Just continue remembering that, you will be alright

  12. Poster 1 : if you don't leave him now you will still leave him later....get busy

    She dey use you catch cruise

  13. Both of you should please quit the mumu friendship please

  14. Poster 1
    You are infatuated. Break up totally from him before you get infected with horrible diseases. Infatuation clears with time. But the best way is to discontinue seeing him. Out of sight is out of mind. Once you don't talk to him and see him for a while, it will fade.

    Poster 2
    Guy just go bank go save your money. Na akawo you dey do for the gal. Lol. Contribution. Leave that girl and face front. She has absolutely nothing to offer you. Goodluck.

  15. Poster 1.

    You can do without him.
    Read that again.

    It will take a while, you will miss him, you will feel alone, you will cry your eyes out, you will long for him, you will feel as if a part of you died, THEN YOU WILL BE FINE. This process will take between 1 to three months depending on how you handle it.

    Delete his numbers and block him on ALL platforms. I MEAN ALL so nothing reminds you of him.
    Get yourself busy with the things you like, go out more, you could also go shopping (window shopping if you don't have much cash to throw around) . You will be fine.

    Do not surcharge yourself by playing second fiddle to a man that doesn't vlue you. You think you are sad now, you will be more than miserable and depressed if you marry a serial dick WHO GOES TO A BROTHEL of all places??? Ahn! ahn!! Love gbakwo oko! The best part is that the moment you truly remove him from your heart, then the door will be open both physically and spiritually for the right man to come in to your life.


    POSTER 2.
    Maybe you are into charity or want to open an NGO on top her head,. Abeg come and do giveaway for us here in SDK blog jare. IMAGINE!!

    Better listen to Stella's advise.


  16. Poster 1. To err is human, to forgive us divine. Jesus implore is to forgive wholeheartedly, tell him to go for a medical checkup before you continue with him and make him give you his word he won’t dabble into olosho runs again. The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, what’s the assurance that the next man won’t cheat, you know men are scum, we just dey manage them like that
    Poster 2: Adjust, no dey fall hand, she already told you what’s up, find your level straight, no dey go waste time for babe wey no send you

  17. What took you to a brothel in the first place?

    Kindly fall out of that love to avoid stories that touch he is a serial cheat and a cheap one that can fuck anything or anyone

  18. Poster 2, take your time too in giving her money. Poster 1 idi alright???

  19. Today chronicles na ije love🀣🀣
    Poster1 pls learn to love urself,cos it's obvious u don't love urself and on this street,self-love matters. it's unfortunate that u are a bv but lack selflove cos it's being preached here everyday.If u love urself,no man will treat u the way u are being treated and u still think of going back to such man...nough said.
    Poster2 that babe dey use u catch cruise,u are her sure she stored ur number as mumu on her phone..pls borrow urself brain and face front.


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