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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - Angels Are Real

 Interesting read!!!

October 1996:

It was exactly one week to my Second Semester Final Year Examinations (Linguistics) and I cannot really remember what informed my decision of travelling home at such a critical moment. 

I got to Akure-Benin Motor Park at about 3.00pm, with my knapsack strapped to my back and my bag of "gari", my favourite and other "ancillary" foodstuffs resting somewhere "safe" while I waited for the "next-turn" vehicle to finish loading to it's full capacity. It was a long wait and I decided to "kill time" by "bazzing" (if you don't know, you don't know) then I walked into this elderly "looking" man who by my estimation should have been in his early 60's but he was still looking smart and handsome. 

We had boarded the same vehicle and I think we had that in common.

Despite the fact that he was looking so decent, more like a pastor and I was engaging in a bad habit (by Nigerian standard) at the time, this man did not judge me as I puffed the smoke of my B& H away and occasionally in his direction. We talked about virtually everything under the sun under those few minutes or close to an hour that we spent together. 

Meanwhile, he told me about Jesus and God, albeit, in a subtle manner. I cannot remember the full details of our conversation now. 

Eventually, we left Akure and headed for our destination -Benin.

The journey was a little bit bumpy because the supposed driver was not a professional driver as we later found out. He had only brought his father's car out to the park to make some quick money and the management of the motor park could not have been bothered. Just pay the "Agberos" and pronto, you are good to go. I can bet with my breakfast that the driver had not driven a car for up to one week at the time as his inexperience oozed from the very moment he drove out of that park.

I noticed that the tyres were not so smart but I was stuck! We had paid our fares and we were close to Ogbese, just before Uso and Owo now and the tyres had started to glide heavily. The journey continued amidst the confusion and uncertainty then I think after Ifon, before Odighe-Tule, I succumbed to the call of nature, I slept off and few minutes into my sleep, the "expected unexpected" happened. 

Before I proceed, let me state that I was seated at the back of the Toyota Corrolla where 4 (four) of us were packed like sardines. I sat next to my elderly friend who sat next to the door. I conceded that seat to him, even though I got to the park before him but I did not have difficulty taking that decision.

There had been a tyre burst and the vehicle was in the bush now. I think after the first somersault, I came alive and I could manage to mutter "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus".

 The vehicle eventually came to a complete halt and by-standers had already thronged the scene. I gathered from the by-standers that the car had somersaulted 3 (three) times and they had feared for our lives. Thank God, I was not hurt much. My head had hit the windshield and interestingly I had no bruises or fracture and I was just smiling. This got some of our rescuers worried though, how could I be smiling in that state! 

Few minutes later, I started feeling funny, I became thirsty but I was denied water for obvious reasons and I felt dizzy for like 5 (five) minutes but I recovered after some minutes.

Then it was time to gather the victims of the accident and put us in another Benin-bound vehicle, behold one of us was missing. The old man, my elderly friend was missing! 

The by-standers searched everywhere and he was nowhere to be found.

All I could remember was that throughout the period of that unfortunate incident, he held my hand and my memory could not take me beyond that. At some point, they gave up and put the rest of us in a bus. Many were badly injured but I was untouched. Even though my head did hurt for some weeks, but the good news is that my examinations were postponed and I had time to recover and prepare for my examinations.

To God alone be all the glory.

My elderly friend may have been an angel!

October 2005:

I had just graduated from University of Benin (Law) and I was preparing for the Nigerian Law School and boom, I broke down for a period of 10 (ten) months.

 Let me save the details for another day.

 I moved in and out of hospitals and there was no visible improvement until I yielded unto Christ. I was in a church, the one that is not associated with "mircacles" (the headquarters is associated with Gbagada) the Pastor was not talking to anyone in particular honestly, but the message was heavenly baked for me. The relevant passage from the Bible was Mark 11: 21 24 which talks about your faith being as little as the mustard seed and the potentials therein. In my heart, I said unto the mountain in my life, move and God heard and I was delivered. 

On that same Sunday, I went home and went into a trance-like mode and 3 (three) elderly men came into the room, held me by my hand and instructed me to follow them. One of them looked familiar, he is a leading Bishop in Nigeria (and he loves wearing white robes.) I had never been to his church and I had never had anything to do with his Ministry, but God healed me and I was able to resume at the Nigerian Law School few weeks after.

To God alone be the glory.

Those 3 (three) elderly men may have been angels too.

Stay safe..
Its me Kunle


  1. Wow..
    How i love hearing/reading about supernatural events. Such a faith booster.

    Thanks Kunle for sharing.

    1. Me too, Stella please do more post on the supernatural, it has a way of boosting my faith

    2. This is so interesting Bro Kunle.

  2. So you still bazz or you’ve stopped? I have a problem with you naming this write up “angels are real”, when you actually know better, being the omo agba that you are, story for another day.
    No angels, they’ve all left 9ja for our new UAR. The first man used ‘egbe’ and the second Bishop you saw in your trance like hallucinations was just your subconscious playing a trick on you. Same Bishop is human, not an Eck or angel, the white robes he wears manifest because of this white lie that angels wear white while demons are black.
    Nice read anyway but not outstanding, you can do better, and write better next time.
    Love from the real angels in UAR

    1. Stop doing pass yourself trying to form know all and projecting your shortsighted thoughts on the author.

    2. Pla, we don't need any negativity on Kunle's posts. It's always been positive vibes here, let's keep it that way 👍 Cheers

  3. Angels do exist as i've had my experience with this

  4. To God be the glory...


  5. Wow .... nice read oga Kunle. Yes, I believe Angels exist and they are always there for us in times like this.

  6. I wish I am not so busy to write my experience too. Angels truly exist.

  7. Good afternoon.i love too,i have seen angels.two in fact.via a dream/revelation.they were angels Michael and Gabriel.i requested for an identity card from one of them.probably gabriel.i knew they were Michael and gabriel by looking into their was serious looking(michael)and the other was king of less serious(gabriel).they came to the door steps of my family house.the way the turned back,the direction was with speed!...they came to chase away the devil that was in the form of my enemy roommate back then in nysc days.shalom.

    1. you would know!

      by the way I have been doing private christain prayers for long.i have done my first water baptism(immersion).by God's grace,I hope to do my second water baptism(immersion,not head only baptism) you see,there are still serious Christians in the world.i am female.i don't's called spiritual gifts/gifting in christianity.only serious christian believers would understand.end.cheerios.

  8. also,I just want to state here that I noticed some miraculous happenings in some foreign cartoons/films.i noticed that there was some form of miraculous release for the Cinderella,sleeping beauty,and perhaps snow had to do with the heart.also,as I was watching a foreign movie,on the basketball court were some youths(maybe mixed) were playing,I also noticed some black dust or so melting away from some of them(or were they disappearing)...same thing that happened to me on my way back to benin city from abuja(Road trip).well,it's well with me amen.i just wanted to share these here.anthing else(maybe of the supernatural)that should be shared on this blog,by God's grace,I'd do so here.bon appetit.cheerios.

  9. Awwww...Kunle you just took me down memory lane.

    The first elderly man was unarguably an angel. The church in the second story is Deeper Life (memories...). The three men in your dreams, angels too. The pastor, my dear father, Bishop Oyedepo.

    Keep the faith Kunle. It's the only thing of worth in life. God bless you.

    1. Does oyedepo wear white robe? Abi let Tb Joshua

  10. Thank God for your life, those he loves,he sends his angel to guide them at all time

  11. I really feel a little envious of you all that have encountered Angels. Please know that I don't mean it in a bad way, just that I have continuously struggled with my personal relationship with God.
    I have always hoped and yearned for an active relationship with God. Really hope someday soonest, it will be a thing of the past. I will keep trying.
    Thank you for sharing Kunle

    1. The Lord helped me and I believe strongly that He will help you this week. It’s not by power nor by might. Cheers.

    2. it is well with you anon 15:06.go for another water baptism by immersion,followed by some heartfelt prayers in whatever areas and maybe God would show you something.peace.

    3. Remember the Bible tells us to continue to seek and we will find. If you continue to seek God with your whole heart, you will surely find Him. It often will require commitment - time to study His Word, to worship etc.

  12. How i love reading ur write up...i so much enjoy it

  13. The first man was definitely an angel. But that second one was hallucination. Malaria does that a lot.


  14. Thank you Jesus 🙏. God is so gracious.❤️😘🥰

  15. …..This happened in my university days, second year to be precised. I had a dream where I saw a lady’s hand and I woke up.

    Not to long, our Maths results for first year first and second semesters came out. One was missing script the other was and F.
    I wept because I had already heard of stories about having carryovers.
    I prayed to my Daddy and then one night I had a dream….In that dream, my mom’s cousin who was actually a professor in my school saw me crying, told me to come and took me by my hands.
    We came to a door and saw a very giant man at the door. This my uncle was allowed to passed, but I was stopped at that door. So I called my uncle and he came and told the ‘giant man’, she’s with me. That was how I was allowed access into the house.
    On getting inside…I saw a long table with……

    ~Mrs ~E❤️

    1. Why half story, you for no write at all


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