Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 80


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Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 80

My people another paternity scam is loading in Lagos....

I still wonder why some people go into toxic relationships with their full chests even when they see all the signs.

During the week, while I took a lady from a hotel to her destination very early in the morning, she asked if I knew anywhere around she could buy food because she was very hungry. We got chatty and she told me she gets very hungry these days so quickly unlike before.

As I drove, a call came in and she told me with palpable fear in her eyes to find a quiet place to park because  it was her main boyfriend calling. The guy asked her to switch over to her smart phone for a video call but she gave an excuse that her battery was low as there was no light through the night to charge.

After ending the call, I took her to her house to change from her skimpy clothes because she still had some running around to do. She told me to take her to a hospital for pregnancy test and once it is confirmed positive, she would stop sleeping around and stick to only her boyfriend because it was an abomination in her town to sleep with another guy who is not the father of the baby she might be pregnant with. 

I was just there wondering how she would know the one who owns the baby as it is obvious she has numerous boyfriends and sleeps around.

We got talking on the way to the hospital and she spoke about how her boyfriend monitors her with calls and intermittently tells her to send her live location via WhatsApp or switch to video call to be sure that there is no guy around. 

She also mentioned that the guy beats her from time to time but she loves him all the same as he spends heavily on her and will be excited to know she’s carrying his baby.

She also sought my opinion on a few issues. Hmmmmm ….. What do I know? Someone I just met telling me all these things and asking me for my opinion? If truly this guy spends heavily on her, why going around different men? The guy too must know that he is dating an ashawo for him to be monitoring her like that. Anyway, they say you attract what you are. I dey jejely mind my business.

Every Mallam to his kettle please …

*Oko Ashawo did you just name shame an Ashawo? Wonders shall never end!
Hmmm as for your story up there, the baby will have plenty Fathers until DNA is done.


  1. Wetin heavy spending dey cause for this life sha

    1. That is eh... Some people no get any sense of pride at all. Receiving beating from a guy and you stay because he spends heavily on you. I know many BVs here are on this table. Shame 😏

    2. Heavy spending and still gbeshing around ,may she be pregnant and confuse .

  2. Stella, thank you. I had a good laugh as usual reading your comments.

    I think Oko Ashawo saw an Ashawo that's more powerful than him and he was in shock πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜‚.

    But na wah o. Fear women

  3. Oko Ashawo, did you say you wonder why people go into toxic relationships with their full chest??🀣 My friend I was wondering the same about you the last time when you were clearly falling in love with an ashawo with your eyes wide opened.

    Well if she uses protection with the others and only sleeps raw with her boyfriend then she knows who exactly the father is.

  4. Oko ashawo why you call her ashawo na???I no like am....o
    Did the test come out positive!??

  5. It is quite appalling how people fear their traditions, even about immorality
    but do not have an iota of fear for the Word of God.
    God says, flee not commit adultery and so on...and someone is
    afraid of her traditions; she could sleep around until she gets pregnant?

  6. I dey wait for part two datsall. Please get us the concluding part Oko ashy.


  7. Hmmmmmm ...... I fear who no fear women. Except she's sleeping with her clients with protection and her main boyfriend, raw,she's ok somehow. Though, protection can still fail you,as in, not πŸ’―% sure.

    1. Girls and money. They will just go blind until they enter yawa

  8. She is there for the money, poverty is truly a decease. She hits you, yet you want to enter hell.

    1. E dey beat her
      She dey follow "spending heavily"


  9. So because of money ull collect beating?? Chaai.. Na her type go dey do pepper them for instagram...i hope she doesnt end up marrying that man is well..

  10. I don't trust any woman. Even when I have my kids, I'll take them codedly and do DNA test. I can't train another man's children. Women are to be feared🧐


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