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Thursday, June 03, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - A Narrative Worth Re- Telling

Life Is In Phases; Men Are In Sizes; Scams and Scammers Are In Phases and Sizes And Each Adopts A Different Strategy and Style ....

Do you belong to that school of thought that holds the view/belief that only the greedy ones are susceptible to scams? You know what? Perish the thought and get "born again" now!

Few months back, I had just returned home after one of those crazy days of my life at work and I think I was in my bedroom trying to do surf the internet for some materials when my phone rang. I hardly pick unregistered telephone numbers for personal reasons but the caller was lucky this time around, I broke one of my rigid rules. 

The introduction was short. He simply introduced himself as a "hired killer," no joke! He was a "hired killer" who had been hired to terminate (his father's life and not) my life. He engaged me in a familiar mind game by encouraging me to cast my mind back and imagine who could have sent him and the rest of his gang to exterminate me. I paused for a while to think but honestly, none popped up.

 I'm not perfect though but I am neither a contractor nor a businessman and all I do is Law! In fact, for some time now, my social life has been zero and it is going to be so for even a very long time to come. I cannot remember the last time I sat down to drink or eat with any of my friends. Anyway, my search returned no result. With the last dose of courage remaining in my now visibly drained body, I was able to mutter "no one" and I pressured him into revealing the identity of his principal and that got him infuriated. He at this point flared up and shouted that did I think he was kidding and added that my house had been surrounded by him and his boys.

On a very serious note, if he had said this many years back, I would not have flinched for a second and no joke, but hey, it was a full house. I was not even scared for my own life as much as I was for the lives of the rest of the family so I decided to tread with caution. One, I did not disclose to my wife Mech, at least until I was able to ascertain the quantum of the mess I was in and the chances of escape.

Then my phone rang again and my "would-be assassin" dished out further instructions. I was not to make any call and I was to await further instructions. He asked if I could come out like in another 30 minutes and drive to a to be disclosed location and I responded in the affirmative. Having instructed me not to make any call, within me I knew I was in real shit now, but a spirit prompted me to call my very good brother and friend in the Nigeria Police Force (name withheld for security reasons and I'm sure he might be reading this now) to share my experience with him. 

He empathised with me and promised to call me back immediately. I waited for another 2 to 3 minutes, then my phone rang again and it was my Police friend and brother! 

He laughed out loud and asked me to go and eat and drink that the coast was clear now. Initially, I was worried but he wasted no time! He disclosed to me that he had put a call through to my harraser and that truecaller (an app which discloses/reveals the identity of its subscribers or those whose details have been uploaded by other callers) as "ABC (name withheld to avoid stereotypes and ethnic profiling) Scammer" and that he also warned him that I was also covered and protected by the Police so he should go ahead and strike. 

Few moments later, my harasser who was not going to give up easily called back to rant. He was like "oh, you've broken the rules by calling in the Police right?" Fired up now, I got my "mojo" back and I deployed all the "swear languages" in the world to the extent that the guy had to prematurely terminate the call. The table had turned now and I had summoned up the courage to call him back to curse the living day out of him and that was how I persistently pac sent him curses for the next 7 days.

Flowing from the afore-written, I do not think I have displayed any shred of greed here, instead, my harraser had simply adopted one of the most potent weapon in the hands of cowards -FEAR! 

Early in life, I discovered that the only weapon or tool which cowards adopt and or deploy is fear and guess what, the strongest of the strongest most times fall for it. The joker attempted to create fear in me first (thank God I summoned up the courage to call my Police brother and friend and for his strategic and timely intervention) and once that stage is crossed, he would start dishing out instructions and other things would follow. One, he would have asked me to transfer money into the account of another victim or "mumu".

 To the benevolent ones who part with their account details easily to receive money for others, continue "oh" thank God for BVN. These guys actually rob people and collect their ATM cards and PIN numbers at gun point and they will quickly swipe as soon as you credit the accounts supplied by them.

Well, thank God I'm alive today to tell my story. Forewarned is forearmed.

I am Kunle


  1. Wow... It was an interesting read.

  2. Thank God you were smart o

  3. Why do we allow all these miscreants go free??
    Your police friend would have helped you track the number and get him arrested cos i believe you may not be his only victim.

    They have tried me in so many ways but failed.
    They tried using 'Friendship' strategy to get close ,I snub shit out of them.
    Lazy Nigeria youths that don't want to be useful.

    1. That's it. Arrest and lock up the miscreant. One less off the street. Ungun known men oshi.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Thank you for this write up Sir.I actually learnt one or two things.

  5. Is that all?

    There are so many counts here:

    Threat to life.
    Potential kidnap.
    Potential murder.
    Evident Harassment.
    Potential Extortion.

    And all you did 'was swear for him for 7 days.
    How did he get your number? Was your number sold to him? Is he working in a team? Who else has he successfully duped/kidnapped/killed as you certainly are not his first victim.

    So the story ends because you got your 'police friend' to bark loudly at him?

    What about others?

    What a pity.

    1. Honestly this pissed me off.
      And to think two professionals were involved,a Lawyer and police.
      Imagine calling him for 7days to swear for him,haba!! Someone that sent you a death threat.
      It's a no joke for me.

  6. Wow! If you weren't smart enough to call your police friend, only God knows what their plans were. I'm always learning one or more things, from each of your column 👍👍

  7. Hmm this is serious.
    I will broadcast to my family and loved ones

  8. Hmmmmm,this is serious and a just read for others to learn from...but your police friend should have allowed you to play along till you catch the idiot and make him pay for his sins, cos I believe he'll still be in the business ,duping unsuspecting people

  9. An eye opener.

  10. The hustle is getting ferocious. God we dey your hand o.

  11. Thanks for sharing, scammers have changed tactics

  12. I think the police should have traced the call, fished him from his hide out and arrested him. Who knows,may be he is part of a notorious gang.


  13. There are so many scammers all over the world now. I've been reading article after article of people scammed of their savings here in the UK. Safety is the watchword now.

  14. Can you imagine the scammers guts

    The most Complex B

  15. Thanks for this eye opener,my roomie needs to read this because she fears alot.


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