Stella Dimoko Ex President Obasanjo's Message To Secessionist Agitators


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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ex President Obasanjo's Message To Secessionist Agitators



  1. They dont want Nigeria to break, yet they wont do things properly.

    1. St Elsewhere Phoenix10 June 2021 at 15:40

      The way this man poses as a saint and an angel of light is beyond me. There are some people not to be seen and not to be heard. OBJ you are a part of the rot of this colony. Period!!

  2. I agree with what he said. I am an Esan from Edo state. We have 20% of the population of Edo state. The Afemais have 24% , while binis have 56% . The binis have the political and economic advantage. They dominate the state at the expense of the rest of us. I wouldn't want the republic of Edo, where my people will be dominated and treated like slaves. Nigeria better for my people. I hear of Yoruba Nation, there was no place called Yoruba Nation before the colonialist came. There was Oyo empire and the vassal states. There was no Biafra/ Igbo empire in the East. They only had Clans. So the nonsense nations the thugs called Igboho and Kanu are fighting for makes no sense. There was the very organised and extensive Bini empire and its very vast vassal states.

    1. A lot of people won't like this but it's the truth.

      We act like if Nigeria breaks up, the countries that would emerge would be run based on egalitarianism. The majority tribes in the different countries that would emerge would marginalize their minorities, then another clamour for self-determination would start.

    2. Alexander you made good points. The entity Nigeria serves has a counter balance to the three major ethnic groups

    3. Are you implying the ancient Grecian Empire, Roman Empire etc should have remained till today?

      Has development not come to the breakaway nations that were once under these empires?

      Are those nations names not standing them in good stead in today's world?

      How good is the name Nigeria in this present time?


      Go check the smallest and safest countries in Africa.

      Although the richest African country by GDP, Nigeria does not feature in top 10 richest African countries by GDP per Capita? You already know why - the leaders and their cronies loot the public wealth leaving the economy of the nation in shambles.

      I think you are like the proverbial ostrich that hides its head in the sand.

      If it doesn't happen in this time, it will happen in the future.


    4. It is better to divide so that everybody goes their separate ways, even if they will not be recognized. At least they will have peace of mind, drink water drop cup. The issue of insecurity will be no more. Nepotism will go, because you will be with people of your kind. Everybody will manage their resources themselves. Fulani have been telling Obasanjo to use his voice to appeal to people to stay in this trap called Nigeria because they feel they have a lot to lose! Why would you want to remain with people you hate? ESSAH and Alexander hate Igbos so much, yet they want to remain with them in the same place????? Buhari does not like Igbos because he thinks they are head strong and a bitter nut to crack, yet he wants them to be with him? We the five states of Igbo extraction want out! Allow us to worry about being recognized or not. When we try it and it does not work out, then we can beg you to 'help' us, but till then allow us try it. For those thinking we are going with south south for their oil, Listen - Imo state has 163 oil wells, The state has several natural resources including crude oil, natural gas, lead, Calcium Carbonate and zinc.[10][12]
      Profitable flora including iroko, mahogany, obeche, bamboo, rubber tree and oil palm. Additionally white clay, fine sand and limestone are found in the state.[10]
      There are over 163 oil wells at over 12 different locations in the state.[10] The main petroleum companies operating in the state are Addax Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell and Agip.[10] Some of the established oil-rich local government councils include Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta, Oru East, Iho, Oru West, Obowo and Ngor Okpala.[13]
      Many more oil and gas opportunities are yet to be developed.[10] The federal government has been called to inspect newly discovered oil-rich areas which might help foster economic development and job creation.[16] per wikipedia.
      In the year 2006, a foundation-laying ceremony for the first Nigerian private refinery, Orient Petroleum Refinery (OPR), was made at Aguleri area.[16] The Orient Petroleum Resource Ltd, (OPRL) owners of OPR, was licensed in June 2002, by the Federal Government to construct a private refinery with a capacity of 55,000 barrels per day (~7,500 t/d).

      In 2012, following the efforts of Governor Peter Obi and other stakeholders of Orient Petroleum, Anambra State became an oil-producing state. The indigenous company struck oil in the Anambra River basin.[17] per wikipedia.

    5. CONTD
      The local government that produces oil in Abia is the only crude oil producing area in Abia state. Its oil-producing communities include: Owaza, Uzuaku, Umuokwor, Umuahala and Umuorie, amongst others.
      There are over 100 oil wells and 3 installed flow stations in Abia State.[9][10] There is also an associated gas plant, Abia/NNPC gas plant.[10] As of 2012, boundary Commission said it returned 42 oil wells from neighbouring Rivers State to Abia.[10] This would have meant Abia being fourth largest oil producing state in the country.[10] Oil giant, Shell, holds most of the licenses for the wells in the State and has concentrated on the estimated 50 wells that are considered high-yield.[9]

      The State produced 36,000 barrels of crude oil per day; "Imoturu produces 23,000 barrels per day and Isimili flow station produces over 8,000 barrels of crude oil per day.[citation needed] Then four oil wells in Izaku go to Obigo flow station. About 30 oil wells from my village go to Umuri and about eight oil wells from Umurie go to Afam", lamented Samuel Okezie Nwogu, Chairman of Abia State Oil Producing Development Area Commission (ASOPADEC).
      However, the State has complained of poor funding from its oil revenue federal allocation
      In Ebonyi, there are oil and natural gas found in EZZA and a few other local govt.
      So far Imo has has the largest and has been producing oil for Nigeria since Oil exploration and production in Izombe area started in the early 1960s.[citation needed] Three major multinational oil companies including ChevronTexaco, Shell and Addax Petroleum operate in the area, producing over 70% of total oil from Oguta LGA.[citation needed] Ossu (some 55 km south of Onitsha), Izombe and Njaba are some of the oil wells in the area.[2]:1 By end of Q4 of 2008, Addax Petroleum Corporation announced it was set to expand its Operations in the Njaba River basin through its new oil discovery in its Njaba field in the neighbouring Awo-Omamma town.[3][4] The new discovery in the company's OML124 license area[4] on the Northeast edge of the Niger Delta contains undeveloped Njaba 2 well onshore Nigeria and other exploratory prospects,[5][6] On February 5, 2015, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc ("Seplat" or the "Company"), announced that it has completed the acquisition of a 40.00% working interest in OML 53 in the area from Chevron Nigeria Limited ("CNL") with NNPC holding the remaining 60.00% interest in Oil Mining License block.[7] per Wikipedia.

    6. CONTD
      Igbo people are not leaving because we are rich, but because we make on our own. We love our South South brothers and sisters, if they want to join the #BiafraExit# they can, but whereby they don't want please they free to go. You cannot force any body to join you, it will be like history repeating itself! Nigeria is a contraption of different people who don't really love each other because of their selfish interest. We don't want Biafra to be like Nigeria where people are forced to coexist with their haters! If they are finding it hard to let Biafra go, that up there I wrote is the reason! They are using the resources in our backyard to develop North and marginalize us, yet we say we are afraid because they will use "war" to threaten us! What happened to separating peacefully, must there be war? Why must you fight anyone who wants to leave you alone? You have the political power, you are holding the economy, you are also housing the war equipment, that is why you feel you can use war to threaten people to keep quiet. The world has changed, and things are no longer the same. Your power may disappoint you. For Alexander writing what he is writing, please you don't know our pain, speak for yourself and don't speak for others. Don't call people fools or touts or any kind of names when you see them fighting their battles, you don't know how it hurts them and what they are pursuing. Stay in Edo Nigeria and leave those who want to go and let them go. I ask you again what is the need of you wanting to stay with the people you hate with so much passion?

    7. Alexander you are blessed, imagine the Yorubas in Kwara states and even Kogi state they are minority in both state and religious wise the Christians are seen as minority in present Kwara state. Even in terms of admission in university Ilorin, people from Ilorin are the real indiigene and if Yoruba in both states even decides to follow the thug they will remain or worst minority in the Odรนduwร  nation. Staying together but making sure things are done right is the best.

    8. Anony 22:21/24, u may have all those things but remember that u are still a landlocked entity. U would still have to align with ur haters to realize income from ur resources. Then again, as it stands today, the Igbos aren't exactly great lovers of themselves, either. Anambra and Imo have issues between and within themselves. There are divisions right down to clans. The unity u see among the Igbos today (that is, those among them that are agitating) is bc they see themselves as fighting a common cause, so don't bank on it as enduring. Finally, the ppl that will govern this entity, will they fall from the sky? Will they not emerge from the same political class that's been part of the ruin of Nigeria? So what exactly do u hope to see different in this new nation? I doubt the agitators have really thought these things through. I advice they do because to pull away and expect ur haters to welcome u back if u fail, is being highly presumptuous, to say the very least.

  3. THANK YOU @ ANON 14:18,

    1. Salvage which country? Where some people feel privileged and feel like they are the masters of everybody. While others have become the willing slaves, suffering, smiling and salvaging. Salvagers una doo.

  4. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Pls, it's simple. Conduct a referendum. Let the people involved decided if they want to be part of this forceful marriage.

    I am sure that the easterners are doing very well around the globe. They can stand on their own. Very industrious and goal oriented individuals.. We don't need the north.

    1. Referendum is not in the constitution.

    2. Well let them put it there.

  5. Besides, if nepotism and injustice is removed from the present Nigeria, we all will be happy as one nation.. Treat all Nigerians as first class citizen and not cow before human attitude we get this days.

  6. if it happen ,your market will fall.

  7. One of the people that ruined this country. All of you are shameless.

  8. I rather Nigeria stand as one.

  9. The north is holding tightly to Nigeria all because of crude oil. Fulanis have a lotta dirt on obj dats y he's doing their bidding. See his spoon mouth

  10. Since different ethnic group wants to live so be it
    Biafra nation
    Ododuwa nation
    Ijaw nation
    Edo nation
    Since na so we want am.


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