Stella Dimoko India's Govt Warns Twitter Of ''Unintended Consequences'' If It Fails To Comply With Its New Social Media Rules..


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Sunday, June 06, 2021

India's Govt Warns Twitter Of ''Unintended Consequences'' If It Fails To Comply With Its New Social Media Rules..

India’s government has told Twitter it could face “unintended consequences” if it fails to comply with the country’s new social media rules.

 India’s technology minister wrote in a June 5th letter to Twitter that the company’s responses to previous government letters about the new rules did not confirm whether Twitter was in full compliance, according to Reuters.

Under India’s Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, which took effect in May, social media companies could be subject to legal action if they fail to follow the code’s provisions, which are aimed at regulating the platforms’ content. The new rules call for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to remove content within 36 hours of receiving a legal order.

The rules also require the companies to have a grievance officer who acknowledges users’ complaints within 24 hours, a chief compliance officer, and a contact person who would be available to law enforcement agencies 24 hours a day.

The June 5th letter to Twitter said the company had not yet met the requirements for the new roles, Reuters reported, and could results in India holding Twitter legally liable for content on its platform. But the letter stated that “as gesture of goodwill, Twitter Inc is hereby given one last notice to immediately comply with the Rules.”

Twitter has tangled with the Indian government on several fronts in recent months.

 In April, the social platform removed tweets critical of the Indian government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and did so at the government’s request. And late last month, police in the Indian cities of Delhi and Gurgaon raided Twitter offices there as part of an investigation into why some tweets by government officials were labeled as “manipulated media” under Twitter’s policy. 

There were no employees in the offices at the time, as Twitter employees in India were working remotely.

Twitter declined to comment Saturday.

From Reuter.


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  2. Na twitter dey reign nau

  3. Dictators and suppressors of free speech springing up left, right and centre

  4. New Information Technology inventions will aim to bypass these wicked old-school politicians.

  5. Are you surprised at the type of countries having problems with twitter? Those countries who have oppressive leaders who don't want to be criticized. No western country with a sane minded leader(s) will be misbehaving like this.

  6. It seems a lot of people do not understand the gravity of what's going on. Twitter and other social media platforms are now setting themselves up as the new Caesarion. The Power of information is now being used and utilised as at will and as such standards have to be set. The level of misinformation and disinformation is astounding. These platforms show little or no responsibility except it 'violates their terms'... Terms that don't take cognizance of the peculiarities of the world as it is today. It's even worse now when their actions are beginning to have political coloration and connotations.
    The deleting of a country's presidents official tweet was WRONG. The consequence is what we're seeing and sure enough other nations are beginning to follow suit... Maybe not as forward as the F.g has done but definitely.
    Twitter has responded and now beginning to delete other inciting tweets they had overlooked before.
    Twitter has grown beyond what it probably was intended for and like every tree requires grooming else it becomes a nuisance

    1. And how is twitter supposed to verify news, twits or content posted on their platform? You the poster arent you supposed to verify your information before posting?? After all they arent in the said country.
      Deleting a presidential tweet, it violated their rules. Why didnt the president set up his own platform where he is the lord and not answerable to anyone or their rules? He clicked on i agree for T&C, so :/

  7. They don't want to be exposed and criticize


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