Stella Dimoko Twitter Deletes IPOB Nnamdi Kanu's Threatening Tweet To Kill Nigerian Soldiers After Twitter Ban


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Sunday, June 06, 2021

Twitter Deletes IPOB Nnamdi Kanu's Threatening Tweet To Kill Nigerian Soldiers After Twitter Ban

Twitter, has deleted a tweet by Nnamdi Kanu,the leader of  the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

In the tweet he vowed that any soldier sent to the Southeast by the Nigerian Government will die.

Kanu, while reacting to the comment by President Muhammadu Buhari saying he would clamp down on those destroying government facilities in the South-East, had warned the army to keep off the region.

Buhari had while receiving briefing from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu over destruction of the commission’s offices by unknown gunmen in the region, said he would soon shock those behind the attacks.

And Kanu warned that no Nigerian Army deployed to the region would return alive.

Kanu made the assertion on Wednesday via a tweet on his official Twitter handle.

The tweet reads, “It’s not for the living to respond to the dead but given the lack of reasoning prevalent in the #Zoo Nigeria, I wish to assure @GarShehu, the Jihadi midget @elrufai & that Fulani lapdog Femi Adesina that any army they send to #Biafraland will die there. None will return alive”.

And nearly 24 hours after the Nigerian government announced a ban on Twitter, the platform has deleted the ‘inciting’ tweet from Kanu.

Twitter deleted the comment on Saturday, saying it violates its rules.

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  1. OK na. Oya KANU ban twitter. In short tj oya vex

    1. As they should.
      They have a rule any one that breaks it would have thier comments or even profile deleted simple.

  2. The only thing one will be hearing now is tweet deleted, twitter ban. Our leaders should focus on important and stop the distractions.

  3. So na now una go remove Kanus threat? Because Nigeria govt react? Twitter is biased. There was nothing wrong with the president's tweet. So igbos are happy about the destruction in the east? The madman even threatened Bishop Obinna ? Can you imagine? Kanu do your worse now oo. About 50 clergymen in Imo State including heads of all the orthodox churches in Imo State don snap with Hope Uzodinma. They are asking us, Imolites to support hope to make owerri peaceful. Shebi you said you will burn down any church that nears him? Come and burn down all the churches in owerri na, because all their leaders were represented. Then we will run IPOB out of this town. Most of the people yarning dust are outside the state. People are so hungry and can't afford most things because of your madness and yet you claim to be fighting for us. Bia nwokem, getaway. 2023, Hope ezuzuru puo. Our problem now is you, not Hope. We will run your demonic squad out of town, just watch and see.

    1. No, that tweep was never reported.

    2. I want biafra to succeed but the issue is biafra cannever succeed with a person like kanu as their leader. That guy is a fraud and has no direction. The question how can a house divided succeed? There is no single unity in the east, you are showing the rest of the country how you hate each other. How do you convince other states to join you? How can they trust you?
      Everybody is fed up with what is happening in Nigeria. You are not fighting and campaigning to remove the government but eating your own like maggot to meat.

    3. You are slow in your reasoning.
      Twitter doesn't work like magic, most comments are reported.

      Buharis own was noticed cus he is the president of a democratic nation, more viewers would see it. It drew more attention.

      Now that the same attention was drawn to nnamdis own, his was pulled down too.
      Stop sounding like Lai Mohammed, jack so send una.

      Even Trumps own wasn't deleted immediately, it was also reported.

      Sometimes be using your head now.

    4. Anon 10:34 so you are in support of how the soldiers and bandits are shooting our people? Go and see how many people that herdsmen killed in Ebonyi. Two brothers, graduates were among the people killed in Ebonyi. I don't think that you are an Igbo person. I am not in support of IPOB killing people or being violent, but saying you and your bishops are in support of Hope Uzodinma is very insensitive to what Igbos are going through right now. If your relative had been murdered by killer herdsmen you won't be jumping as you are doing. Stella please post my comment thanks.

    5. Tbvh I didn't see anything wrong with the president's tweet! But shey you see kanu's tweet... I felt it was all shades of wrong as I felt it was sending the wrong message. May God help us all. Amen

    6. You don't see anything wrong with Buhari's speech, but you see Kanu's as all shades of wrong? Typical! Well, the good thing is that this govt is dealing with both Tom, Dick and Harry. Let's enjoy it.

  4. Kanu is a moron

  5. Good it was deleted. No incitement shall be tolerated.

  6. This man should stop inciting war. I don't want war...

  7. Suddenly, Twitter has noticed a Tweet that had been sitting pretty gathering comments and likes and retweets. Funny....and some here were typically ranting without looking at the issues objectively. If TWITTER wants to play 'god', they need to come with clean hands and nil bias.
    Let's all be watching

  8. Before you ask why now, tweets have to be reported. Buhari's tweet was wrong so was this. Its good both tweets were deleted.

  9. Good move. Any inciting comments should be removed.


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