Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama - 307


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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Labour Room Drama - 307

Oh Jesus!

During the lockdown I noticed a lot of people around me were pregnant and I thought they weren’t smart, I couldn’t figure out how someone could be expecting during a period of so much uncertainty. I told my siblings that I would go crazy if I ever got pregnant that period, so I was ever cautious.

P.s My first delivery was so traumatic and painful. I felt let down by God or maybe I didn’t do something right.

I got over it and I realised God is God through it all. He is God even in the valley of death.

Well I missed my period and alas I was pregnant despite all I did. I cried but with the right support I was able to look unto God for strength.

The pregnancy itself was uneventful. I breastfed my older baby throughout till the day I delivered. I had read several LRDs about women who had easy delivery so I keyed to it and was trusting God.

I started feeling strong contractions at 35 weeks and by 38 weeks I fell into labour. Every time I picked my bag to go the hospital, labour would stop. After three days of excruciating pain, I packed up and left for the hospital. 

When I got there, the first person to attend to me was quite rude. Stating that I don’t look like someone who was in labour and she didn’t want to be disturbed. I approached a doctor and I was checked, it was very painful.

Before leaving home, I had prayed that I didn’t want that specific doctor to attend to me because she showed little or no empathy to the women in labour when I had mm first and here she was with my file in her hands.

I was told, I was 2cm gone and since my contractions was very strong I was asked to stay behind. I had a worship playlist which had prepared and I started to listen and worship along, I hardly felt any pain despite having strong contractions and I was told I would be giving birth in about four hours since I was progressing fast. All the doctors were amazed and kept hailing me for not being in pain and for not shouting.

After four hours, labour stopped and I was given oxytocin , the machine that was supposed to monitor the babys heart beat stopped working, another one was brought and it stopped working too, I wasn’t bothered, a nurse came in for night duty and told the doctors she wasn’t comfortable that the baby was not being monitored, she went against orders tinkered with the machine until it was fixed, attached it and stood by me. She said she felt led to pray with me.

While she was praying I kept falling asleep, she propped me up and held my hands to pray with her. She kept checking the machine and looking out for me, she said something strange was going on that she could only hear the baby’s heart beat from a weird angle.

 She proceeded to call the doctor “I didn’t want" and they went over and beyond to find out what was wrong, called consultants and all. The babys heart beat was dropping. They all kept “chooking" their hands to check, placed me on oxygen and announced that for some strange reason despite all, the baby’s head was no longer engaged for labour, that he had retracted back, I was made to touch my lower belly and it felt strangely soft all I felt was excruciating pain in my bottom.

So they opted for cesarean section. By this time I was almost running mad with pain. I was wheeled to the theatre and one of the consultants touched my belly and said I should be taken back to the labour room that my contractions were too strong and too fast.

The doctor “I didn’t want" stood her ground and insisted I should be operated upon.

I was given anaesthesia and It all started, I kept slipping in and out of consciousness and they did everything to wake me up. When I was opened up all the doctors started shouting saying God is great. And I was shown my baby. I was told the umbilical cord was wrapped several times around his neck and he was being strangulated during labour and they miraculously found him nestling back at the base of the placenta, he had turned back to the base, any progression in labour would have killed him.

I am immensely grateful to God for sending the “doctor I didn’t want to me”. God used her greatly to save I and my baby’s life, we were pampered all through our stay and everyone kept talking about the miracle baby.

This experience taught me that the ways of God is not the ways of man. And He is still God faithful and mighty, even when things don’t go as planned.

My little boo will be six months in few days and I am grateful.

*OMG Praise GOD!!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus. I had a similar experience with my 2nd. My labour was progressing fast then for over one hour no movement. And the midwives i knew and wanted none were on duty. I even started calling them. The chief nurse i met there i hadn't seen her before and i was acting uncomfortable. She noticed. She kept making fun of me like am i scared? Why am i not confident in the system? Etc. Meanwhile i had prayed and asked God for the right medical personnel to be there. ( Note that with my 1st. I had the sweetest nurses & doctors, My labour progressed so fast within one hour, i had delivered, no screaming just occasional contractions and wen i shared my miraculous LRD it was unbelievable, Stella just said my threshold for pain was high, lol).
      Anyways wen it was almost 2 hours no progressing from 8.5cm, the chief nurse said something was wrong & stylishly gave me oxytocin even wen i kept saying no. She stared praying & even in tongues, I pushed quickly. See placenta tied round my baby's neck and hands. This baby didn't cry. Came out, colour started changing. See the midwife trying hard to resuscitate him. For long, no response oh. She didn't give up. She continued praying and pumping his heart while tapping him. I was just smiling saying devil u don loose this time again. My husband was there praying that he can't bury any child. Lo and behold my child coughed and came back to life. Indeed God's ways are not our ways. I'm grateful for that nurse. Best to always trust God's choice. I rejoice with u poster. Your baby shall be a Blessing in Jesus Name

    2. Congratulations, oni Γ¬αΉ£e Γ¬yanu ese.

  2. Awww I am so happy for you...Congratulations God works in mysterious way...Glory to God..Ehugs...

  3. God, i wud be due in few months time. Help me Jesus, please

    1. He will because he is God
      You will come back with testimonies

    2. God will send help your way in due time.

    3. You will deliver safely in Jesus name

    4. You will deliver your baby safely. Amen

  4. See how they were playing hide and seek with someone's life.

    Praise God it ended victoriously.

  5. Congratulations to you dear,I had same kind of delivery, I kept pushing by the time my LO came out,he was weak and oxygen was needed to resuscitate him...I was in labour for 26 hrs,serious pains..The cord was round his neck so hard...I am very grateful to God for his life,I was luck the doc on duty that night was the chief gynea of the hospital.God indeed is a great God...Congratulations sis

  6. Lagos Mainland Girl15 June 2021 at 13:28

    Praiseeeee God
    What a testimony

  7. Wow am touched by this... To God alone be all the glory.

  8. Oh wow.....Congratulations! Your joy shall be permanent

  9. God is good
    Congratulations to you

  10. Thank God you were adamant, some would have insisted on Hebrew

  11. Praise God! Had goosebumps while reading.

  12. Wow I am deeply touched. The way of man is not the way of God

  13. May Gods name be praised.

  14. Praise be to God Almighty.
    I will deliver safely and triumphantly in Jesus' name. Amen

  15. I had goosebumps reading this.

    Thank God for a successful delivery

  16. Congrats on the birth of your son. Praise God that it ended well.

  17. Awesome God.....
    Awamaridi Olorun.....
    Congratulations poster, never stop praising and serving God.
    He is indeed faithful

  18. Praiseeeee God!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

    Mum Glow

  19. Oniduro was ese oooo
    Glory be into God.....

  20. God works in mysterious ways. He uses both animate and inanimate to show his might

  21. Our God is great!!!
    Congratulations madam

  22. That was close, thank you Jesus for Poster and baby's life. So much can go wrong within a few minutes to hours during labour and delivery. God will continue to preserve and keep us.

  23. Congratulations. It can only be God

  24. God pls keep away all this oversabi waka waka cords from babies neck...πŸ™

  25. Thank you Jesus for this testimony.
    Thank you in advance for my own testimony in a few weeks

  26. Thank you Jesus. Poster thank God for your safe delivery.

  27. Jehovah is too faithful to fail. Congratulations poster

  28. Thank you Jesus

  29. Hallelujah

    Congratulations 🎊 πŸŽ‰ 😊 poster

  30. God indeed is Great, He is always faithful to the end.
    ThankGod for you and your bundle of joy. Congratulations

    Safe delivery to us all that are expecting soon😍

  31. Oh my God. Our God is indeed awesome. Those that trust in him will never be put to shame. Glory!!

    I'm so happy for you ma'am. Congratulations πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€—. Baby you are blessed and you shall fulfill purpose in Jesus name.

  32. Had goosebumps reading this. Thank you Lord for this miracle, indeed the baby is a miracle child. Congratulations poster, he shall be a blessing to your family.


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