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Monday, June 07, 2021

Monday In House News...


No Sun today oh #cookiesandcream


How is everyone keeping up? Hmmmmm I got so many chats praising me for asking my son to read up about Nigeria as his assignment working with me...
God bless you all............. especially the VIPS wey dey read this Blog

Meanwhile my Bambino told me Nigeria's story is too complicated and that he will submit a report tomorrow Tuesday.. 

I asked him so what did you do for me today.....
His reply was '' Mama i have been reading about Nigeria and the current news is
scary, so i have been distracted by thoughts of what is going on there'' I just could not say anything more.. lets see what he will submit tomorrow.

Blog PA please get numbers for data giveaway.

love and hugs to everyone....
Make i hurry go buy bread for tea..LOL



I want to thank God For the successful wedding /traditional marriage of my Younger Sister. It was indeed a day of Joy and Happiness in my Family.
God has settled the ladies in my family now is time for the guys. 

Oluwa settle me with a nice and beautiful woman before the end of next year.

Amen my darling!!!!



Got home from church and heard one of my neighbors laughing at the top of her voice, her younger sis too. Ha what happen, abi full family wan kolo the same time. It was strange and unusual. Later she came to knock at my door.

ME : Mama Ble, good afternoon. Hope all is well

MAMA BLESSING : My sis abeg I come ask you for something. Abeg eh those your mama gown dem wey she been dey wear before she die still dey?, i wan borrow dem ( she was laughing as she was saying all these)

Confused me was just looking at her.

ME : Madam wetin happen?

She actually came to gist me why she was laughing previously

She brought out her phone and gave me to read and see the messages for myself, ha. The messages reads:

''Dear Papa Blessing, why is it that you cannot stay in your own house, is your house chasing you. Anytime you don't have money, you'll remember to come home, but when you have small money, you'll vanish to your girlfriends. Pls stop coming to eat our food o, stay with your girlfriends and don't bother coming back again''

''Re : Dear Mama Blessing, you think i don't know what you've been doing, how you have been wearing bum shorts and short gowns and following men around?. I will keep running until you change and start dressing like a married woman''.

Hahahahahahahahhahahaha, chai wahala be like okra soup, you dey draw am, e dey draw you back.

That's why she came to ask for my mum's gowns so that she can look like a married woman for her hubby. She actually came to give me the gist and gossip him cos she knows i don't have mum's clothes in my house. That was why she was laughing with her younger sis. To think that it's her daughter that sent the text to her Dad, she told her what to type and send to her Father.

I was happy she picked up her broken heart and is living for her kids and paying their bills because i don't wish her kind of husband on my enemy. Everyone in the street knows him, the man matter long. People were even blaming her for staying in such an unhealthy marriage just to answer 'Mrs'.

But my annoyance is, why involve your kids, such young minds in your marital brouhaha. Tried to caution her sha, but for where, Akwa-Ibom woman no gree o. She said 'yem mustu know weyin their fara dey do.




I don't know if I should thank God or thank ***** So I am an adulteress, a whore and a useless woman. (I have qualified myself, don't stress yourself by adding more). So I got married a year and some months back, I was dating a married man before I got married, 8 months to my wedding date, I broke things off with him, but 2 months after the wedding, I relapsed. 

I can cite that my hubby (who I didn't have sex with before marriage) is a one minute man as an excuse, but thats no reason to cheat on this amazing man God gave me. The sex is terribly wack but he's a 100% in other aspect. Back to my confession, a month after I relapsed, I got pregnant. Of course, I panicked, I panicked so bad... I couldn't sleep for days, I wasn't sure who owned it amongst them. 

I cursed myself, hated myself, and then reminded myself that I was going to worry like this for 9 months, then still worry after birth till I did a DNA. And then I asked myself what will I do if it's not hubby's? Let's just say the worry and the anxiety wasn't worth it to me. (And knowing my sugar daddy he is going to make me keep that child, he can literally call my husband and tell him if he knows). So I aborted (murdered) the child. 

And ever since then, nothing, no pregnancy, nothing... After a year of our marriage we decided to go see a gynae, and there it was discovered that hubby's motility was very low. In the doctor's words, "There was no way the sperm could have gotten to my eggs." I am staying strong for hubby, he is a very good man that doesn't deserve any humiliation so I am just encouraging him to take his drugs and that soon we will be fine. But I am just grateful I had that abortion cos clearly it was sugar daddy's own. 

If I had kept it, what would have become of me? I don't know if thanking God is appropriate but I am just relieved. And yes, me and sugar daddy have been over since I had the abortion...(he doesn't know I got pregnant). Pheeew.. That was close! Never again Lord, Never!

Na wah!!!



Yahoo Boys and ritualist in my Area have adopted a new Approach.

They throw Money into your compound at night, when you wake up, you see the money squeezed if you pick the MONEY that will be YOUR undoing.

I have noticed different denomination of the Naira each time I step out of my door to see them at different parts of my compound.

This is their new strategy. It has been reported in my neighbourhood that a woman died some days ago after picking up #200 on her premises.

Let's be careful, spread this news to your Children, they should be mindful.

Don't Pick money you have no idea of.

This is their New Pattern of Blood

Please don't keep this important message, share and save a life-

Culled from Whatsapp.




''Good morning, please don't be too hard on me I'm actually in a bad place. So I had my period last month and according to my calendar my ovulation day and high chance of getting pregnant was on 29th,that day the konji was uncontrollable and I was with my boyfriend cause he was sick.

We never planned to have sex but it happened so fast. Sincerely he didn't cum cause he was on malaria drugs. Now I feel sick and I'm so scared to check if I'm pregnant. My body temperature changes one minute I'm so hot and weak, the next minute I'm cold.

I noticed that I've been eating more than I did before.. I just wish its malaria and not pregnancy cause abortion isn't even an option ever. My calendar says my next period will be on 13th and I'm not seeing the signs I used to before my period comes....I'm so scared, do you think I'm pregnant?

Please don't use harsh words on me I'm not a strong.

*Its possible that you are pregnant.
Congrats on your baby mama status loading... abi una wan Marry?

If you are financially OK Then you dont have to fear anything...If the deed is done,then its done....

Why are you scared of harsh words? No be harsh preek put you for wetin you dey so?hehehehehehehehehhehe.



An engineering start-up company in Port Harcourt is looking for a
suitability qualified candidate for the role of company secretary.


Bachelor’s degree in any discipline preferably in Management or Social Sciences.
Fluent in written and Spoken English.

Good Computer Skills is a MUST.
Having working Experience is an advantage.

Send application with relevant documents to



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

     I fear no adversary, for Christ has already obtained the victory over every adversary, and my faith in the Word of God is the victory that overcomes the world. I dwell in the victory Christ wrought for me; thus, I'm no longer subject to any form of fear, limitation, or bondage, for Christ has set me free from sickness, disease, and death. I'm more than a conqueror!

  2. It's okay to stop and cry;it's not a weakness,it's an acknowledgement of your humanity.....but don't stay where you are...rise up and continue,GOD in you makes you Divinity!!!_Xtiana Elias

    1. I cry when I feel down, cry and sing a lot of worship songs as the worshipper that I am. After that feel light and relieved in my spirit

    2. Absolutely.... There are nights I only but laugh remembering those days I cried for survival. Mehn, I've seen and been through a lot. But for Grace, I am still standing.

  3. Pls my people who has used moringa seed here? Is it really beneficial to the body?pls i want reviews before i start using it, anything to make us healthy am in!

    1. It's very healthy, but like all things be moderate in its use.

      I know if you eat too much, it will purge you.

    2. Yes it is. But minimize your intake, especially if it is the seed.

    3. Moringa is very good n has a lot of positive health benefits, including d leaves.

      Ada ohafia.

  4. Beautiful Monday afternoon.

    Who loves cake like me? Come let's eat together.

    1. I love cake o, wait I am bringing juice

    2. Sandra nwannem nwanyi, good afternoon to you and other BVs. Yes I love cake and will like to eat but what are we celebrating ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

      Not as if we eat cakes only when we are celebrating, but you know nah. *Wink*

    3. I love cakes ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฐ red velvet and ice cream cake are my new crush now! So yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

      That's reminds me Sis @Essa wey the cake that you promised me ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿคท

    4. I loooooove cakes. Butterscotch, and vanilla. Now you know. ๐Ÿ˜

    5. My cake craving is here today and gone the next.
      @Sis, let's see in camera LOL.

    6. I love cake. where oi your address because I want to eat.

  5. Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are having a good day..

    Those people supporting oppression and injustice in this country are devils advocate. I understand that you are working for your bole and kpomo meal. It's disheartening when a living human sells his conscience for a paltry sum..

    Are you happy living in scarcity of food and rising insecurity? May God deliver you from poverty of body and mind in Jesus name amen.

    1. We live in an evil generation. A good number of people have no conscience.

    2. Which is the best preparation material for IELTS? Cambridge or crack iets with rob?

    3. Dead conscience and selfishness is the cause...

    4. The days are truly evil but God gat us always

    5. Amen๐Ÿ™

      Holla Momma๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ❤️

    6. Anon 14;25
      Cambridge is similar to the real questions
      You can complement with other resources for strategy

  6. Please, ladies do you prefer Sanitary pads to Tarpon ?

    What are the disadvantages of using Tarpon if any. Kindly respond if you have any experience.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Disadvantage of tampon
      It is a no way for virgins

  7. It's gist hot as usual, the poster that is an adultress, thank God you have repented. The poster with missing period, it's your mind messing with you, wait for 13th then if nothing, carry out a pregnancy test, if it's positive, congrats

  8. Good afternoon my wonderful people....I'm interested in the data giveaway o, PA please consider me,please my number is from previous giveaway. I can't send mail now, no data to send mail.God bless SDK.

    1. Una no dey tire to collect?
      Una dey forbid to give?

    2. 16:05
      I tire for this old bvs o. They have been collecting since 6-7 years that they have been on this blog, they are yet to give pencil to anyone here o but to collect no dey tire them. This bv treasures, most of her set no longer collect but she, jutswyt, Cynthia iyede and a few others no wan retire.

    3. Chilaka, you want to marry?Hope you now have a stable source of income? As at last year you were still applying for business giveaway o. No cone suffer person pikin o

    4. Anons stop it!!!! This is not nice! Stella never said there are categories of people who cannot apply! Its open for all. Leave treasure alone!!

    5. Anons leave treasure alone. No one enjoys begging, besides no criteria was stated for data giveaway. If you cannot be a solution do not be part of the problem

  9. Oh, BV chilaka is a guy. Congratulations to your family.

    Married poster, you want us to join you in thanking God? Na wa.

  10. Good afternoon everyone..Jeweluchi what you are doing is highly commendable...I look forward to seeing your Bambino's report...Jeweluchi which one be harsh preek got her pregnant lolzzz...But Poster that your boyfriend na wa even in malaria, he still dey knack its alright..

    Ijeoma this is gist sweet that woman sef na wa...Anonymous post writer Don't write yourself off when God has not done so...Forgive yourself and ask God for forgiveness...Just do what is right and I know God's mercies will still shine on you..You will carry your own babies Amen

  11. @the poster cheating on her husband. Instead of you to encourage your husband to go for treatment for his 1 minute action and together as a couple scale through. You decided it was much easier to cheat on him and you even got pregnant showing you were having unprotected sex with your side not only do you cheat on your husband, you didn't use protection. And now abortion and you are relieved. I pity you and I pity that your husband. He deserves so much better. You on the other hand will answer to God. You are not sorry you cheated, you are just happy you weren't caught cheating. I'm sorry to say but you're a cruel woman. I really wish I didn't read that nonsense you sent.

    1. Very cruel and shameless.

    2. Anon 24:16

      Did you finish the write up or you were in a hurry to comment and condemn her? She said it will not happen again and it's a promise to herself and her God. Go away with your open display of holiness.

      We all are sinners. If you have not aborted before, have not had premarital sex, lied, had grudges, swore not to forgive, stolen, gossiped, stingy, doubted God, discriminated against family, oppressed, condemned etc, then feel free to condemn her.

      Just tired of "condemn him/her" attitude here as if we are all saints.

      She had the mind to write it for the public to read, it's part of confession and being sorry. Those that send in posts or chronicles are not worse than those commenting.

      Back off.

    3. Which one is we are all sinners? Abeg let everybody answer their father’s name please. Na we she supposed confess to or her God and husband? Nigerian women, always scared of pregnancy but never worry about std’s. I wonder how condoms still sells in this country

  12. Good afternoon everyone
    I hope you all are enjoying your day, congratulations to your younger sister bv Chikala her home is blessed.
    Stella your bambino is right the Nigeria news are scary to read this days, it's well with us

  13. Ehen guys I heard one song trending "Ameno'' once the songs plays in the club..Guys dem will start declaring outrageously..Shey na true?

  14. You aborted for sugar daddy, life goes on. A contrite heart is what God looks out for. Stay strong and run from anything that reminds or brings you close to him. Your husband will heal and you will carry your children.

    Good luck.

  15. Pls is there anyone who has had uterine prolapse and had a baby afterwards?

    Pls how is CS like?
    Is it scary.

    Really worried and scared since I was told it was my best bet.

  16. Good afternoon all..happy new week.

  17. Lord, pls settle everyone maritally in my family. No one had a real marriage in my family. We just have broken engagements (two ladies), separated live in lovers(a guy and myself) with baby mamas.

    The funny thing is our parents are married: mom as a virgin. Why this kind trend. Even with all my hopes, I joined the trend.

    Bv Chilaka, congratulations to your family

    1. The evil trend will be broken. God will do it according to your heart desires....

      Congratulations Chilaka...

    2. God will settle you guys. Keep praying.

    3. Don't be too hard on yourself. Always be reminded that what God cannot fix, what God cannot do, what God cannot solve does not exist kkk. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and hope for the living

    4. The ladies, it might not be in their hands but you guys, what's stopping you from officializing the relationships with your baby mamas?

    5. How is it not in the hands of the ladies? What stops them from getting married before getting pregnant or they don’t know unprotected sex leads to pregnancy? Always making excuses, never responsible for their actions

  18. Sunny afternoon here in the garden city. Need something chilled eeehh to step down. I did a little shopping this morning. Ladies, I think I now understand how you guys feel after going for shopping๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. That feeling is heavenly when you get value for money spent.

    A beautiful afternoon to you all.

    1. Na so now Teejay, enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜

    2. Hehehehe thank you anonymous 15:02.

  19. Please I don't know if this is a problem or not but anytime I feel sad or depressed and I perceive a familar perfume even tho I wouldn't know whose perfume it is, I feel better, like I instantly feel like there is hope and there is so much to live for. Anyone else have this experience??

  20. Sleeping with sugar daddy raw, you are not even scared of HIV? U get lion liver o, sugar daddy that is doing other babes skin to skin too..or you think a married man dat is cheating keeps only one sidechic?

    1. I don't know how people do this. Me I dey fear o.

  21. Replies
    1. Good afternoon Blog PA please I am also interested in the data giveaway abeg consider my request

  22. Ihn to hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    Good Afternoon everyone

    Congratulations ๐Ÿฅ‚ ๐Ÿพ to your @ Chilaka

  23. That last post is on point for confused ones that have lost sights looking for someone that will change their lives.
    How do you even have thoughts hoping that someone can change your life better than you?? Meaning,you don't believe in yourself.

    I was discussing with a colleague this morning.
    He told me that he eats out which makes him to spend much,his excuse was like " had it been I have a wife who cooks for me"
    I asked him ,will you be waiting till you get married to fix your life??
    I told him to start learning how to do things on his own,at least the woman is to come and support you not to push you.

    Don't just be there waiting for who will push you for you to start going,you are not ' Zombie'.
    Every one else has his own priorities and you hardly see someone that has time for such.
    Start from some where .

    1. Lolll 'awon had it been I have a wife who cooks for me' mofos.
      How an adult in 2021 can so shamelessly say this like a toddler is beyond me.

      See lazy tata waiting for someone to feed him because he is toO big to enter kitchen.

      Cooking is a life skill. Nobody was born with a spoon and frying pan in their hands.

      If as an adult, you can't make basic meals for yourself, Yam and egg. Jollof rice. Spaghetti/Noodles,and you are constantly urging women to come and cook for you, you're a FOOL.


      Too lazy to even buy stews and soups in bulk and warm where necessary while boiling rice/yam/potatoes. Tueh! And Ms dem can disturb with their finish demands for fresh soup and whining about size of meat etc. Rubbish.

      Grow up and go and learn a basic life skill.

      Its not rocket science.

      Before dem poison you with menstrual pant water.

    2. Over there a guy at 21 is free to live and take responsibility of his life.
      Here,some men above 30's and 40's are yet to know their left and right or are looking for a woman that will come and push them( as barrow pusher)
      Who has time to push adult-babies??.

  24. Lol Stella, this your daily cookieandcream hope no be you go announce you don carry belle next.

  25. Loaded IHN. It's a sunny afternoon here.

    Good day everyone.

  26. I hate when people come online to brag about their philandering actions.
    Why exactly do people send things like this?
    To glorify stupidity? I don't get it.
    Are you gloating or are we supposed to laugh that you cheated on your husband 2 months after your wedding? Without even protection? Tueh!
    You will still cheat again, e dey your body.

    1. Abeg madam take am easy,Everytime ur body go dey hot like say na only u dey dis naija.she said she has repented so carry ur judgemental sef face front.

    2. Anon 15:20,will your response be this calm if it was a man? I'm a woman btw but when we see wrong lets call it what it is. Madam,i hope you have truly repented

    3. Anon 15;20
      You must be naive to think that poster has repented.
      A married woman saying my Sugar Daddy this my Sugar Daddy that.
      Oya clap for her now, since we should all wallow in stupidity.
      Imagine finding out that your wife of JUST 2 months is already cheating and getting pregnant.
      I will condemn evil in its entirety biko!

    4. She was happy she was not caught. I said it before, any woman who sleeps with a married man, has no conscience. Dem no dey sell conscience in the market.

  27. Good afternoon everyone.

    Ijeoma with the saucy gists,the woman funny day she and her kids will gang up and beat the horseband.

    Congrats bv chilaka on ur sis traditional wedding,God bless her home and Amen to ur prayers.

    Madam adultress thank God u have repented,may God heal ur hubby so u won't relapse again.

    Bvs una dooh oo..e go surely be ✌️

  28. Hot weather since morning here in pitakwa.
    My people una doh
    Stella abeg tell ya boys it sall be well with us.
    Can you share his write up with us please?

    Ww go dey dey alright las las
    Don't give up!

  29. Haa married woman you no fear GOD O.
    Why marry when you still want to be out there.
    Thumbs up Stella as you are doing well with your boys.
    Good afternoon house

  30. How the news of Igangan, Oyo state isn't going viral is beyond me. God!!!! What's happening??? I'm shocked!! The gruesome murder of people is scary. Like the pictures I am seeing is so so heartbreaking

    1. Which people perpetrated that acts? When you get the answer, then you know why it's not going viral. The Media outlets and blogs have been caged. They will be quick to report IPOB or ESN but turn blind sight on Fulani terrorist killing people all over the country and being aided by the government. You won't hear the President threaten them in the language they will understand, neither will you see those blog visitors here who often gloat over crisis in the East condemn this.

    2. What appun???

    3. It's sad

  31. Bv Chilaka, congratulations to your sisters. The Lord will surely bless you and your brothers with good wives in Jesus name amen ๐Ÿ™.

    Poster, don't go back to cheating on your hubby again.

    My people how una dey?

  32. Good afternoon blogfams ihn is here

  33. Ehmmmm @period loading babe is like you are pregnant

  34. Hmmm babe make up your mind and go for check up so that you wont hurt yourself over nothing. Remain bless

  35. The girl that aborted for a supposed sugar daddy; the reason you aren't getting pregnant is because of that abortion.
    Check Exodus 1 and see how God honored the Hebrew Midwives by giving them families of their own,
    because they spared the lives of the Jewish kids.

    Do not kill the baby; God hates hands that shed innocent blood Proverbs 6:16-17
    Learn self control by fasting/praying.

  36. Let me drop this gist. My sister’s brother in-law who stays in usa met a fine girl on Instagram through his friend. They dated virtually for some months and the guy proposed and they planned to marry last year, but COVID-19 spoilt the arrangement. They moved it to Easter this year, but the guy bought a fake flight ticket, they cancelled it again. They chose last month but the insecurity in the East marred the plan. They then planned to have the traditional wedding in Lagos, since the guy would not come back to Nigeria again this year. The day they went to perform the traditional rite at her fathers house, the proposed groom’s sister who came from another state (she is married to another tribe) recognized the bride as her husband’s side chick who gave her hell during her youth service at her husband’s establishment. That was how the proposed marriage ended before the marriage rite could start. The proposed groom was the one consoling her sister during her period of pain, he said her sister’s pain affected him so much that if he goes ahead to marry the lady he may do something stupid one day. Who says karma no dey?


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