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Friday, June 25, 2021

Mrs Dee's Corner - Verifying All Health Advice Given Online

The online world is filled with so many clues, solutions and remedies for different health and body challenges. 

 A few are tested and trusted, while a lot of other recommendations are just plain lies to deceive gullible people and gain followers and subscribers.

Few years ago, I watched a YouTube video where the content creator revealed the use of applying onion paste mixed with toothpaste as a perfect solution for reducing belly fat. Out of desperation, I tried it several times, but it just didn't work or let me assume I didn't try enough before I gave up.

Another well known 'instagrammer' mentioned boiling guava leaves to grow hair and stop hair breakage, I tried that too and I'm not too convinced it works.

The one time these remedies worked for me was during the peak of Covid-19 when I had severe cough that defied treatment. I was exhausted from the constant coughing and tried my hands on ginger, hot water and minty sweets but it only worsened the cough. I only got better after I used bitter cola as recommended by a food blogger on the gram.

I've long since learned to take these information constantly churned out with a pinch of salt. I ensure I verify and confirm from others who have tried it before using it or practicing for myself.


  1. People are so quick to "try and even believe" in fables being dished out to them online or by other women
    But they are so quick to condemn sound advice from doctors or from the Scripture.
    You will see a woman visit the doctor and she is told what to do for her ailment
    but once she returns, she appears on all blogs asking to verify or get a quick fix it all idea from comment sections.
    Or how about when you tell them faith based piece of advice like seeking Jesus in reading his teachings, fasting
    and prayer? Do they "try him?"
    Yes, some do but many begin arguing right from here.

  2. Just like some people swear the use of fenugreek oil can increase bumbum, why then are people going under the knife to enhance their bum which is more risky and expensive than using the fenugreek oil?

  3. Nicely put Mrs Dee,like the one they're talking about now..drinking one's urine.How can one drink something that the body reject.

  4. People have different body types and constitution, so it could work for someone else but not you. Doesn't change the fact that it worked for them.

  5. I have a blog I.D. am so happy.

    1. You're welcome

      Pretty Patience

  6. Some work while some don't. But at times it's risky


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