Stella Dimoko Actress Iyabo Ojo Sends Memo To All '' Evil Men And Women'' Plotting To Bring Her Down / Kill Her Over Baba Ijesha Saga


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Friday, July 09, 2021

Actress Iyabo Ojo Sends Memo To All '' Evil Men And Women'' Plotting To Bring Her Down / Kill Her Over Baba Ijesha Saga

Yoruba Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo posted this memo on Instagram to whom it may concern..
She lists Colleagues Baba Ijesha, Yomi Fabiyi and others plotting her downfall in the memo.
She says no one can silence her from speaking the truth....

She posted

''Baba Ijesha, Yomi Fabiyi and all you evil men and women supporting evil, plotting and trying all manner of evil to bring me down or end my life, i need you all to understand one thing, you all are wasting your time

Please take note!!! only God, I repeat, only God has the power to take my life @ his own appointed time & him alone will take all the glory when that time comes & until then, you all are wasting your evil time...

I can never be afraid of any man or woman nor can i ever be silence from speaking the truth,

Only the truth shall set you free..

Also, Never forget, One with God is a majority 💪🏾
My faith in God is solid & it can never be broken or shaken✊🏾

Moreover, We all will die one day and has it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: so why shall I fear death 🤷‍♀️


  1. Don't be afraid to stand for truth,God got you .
    Anybody planning to bring you down will forever remain under you and will never rise to the top.
    Those that plan evil for you ,may evil never depart from their lives and their households.
    Those that plan to take life they did not make ,let them perish and die before you.
    Let heaven rise and fight.
    Justice must be served.

  2. Yes maami!🙌. One woman battalion💪. The nemesis of perverts and paedophiles. The eternal fear of yomi diaper and tampan. Iyabo 1; mama Priscilla the TikTok queen. Carry go. Nothing does you mamito😘. Chai! Your love yaff scatter my Dada.

    All of dem join together nor reach 1 for God eye. May the wrath of God fall on anyone that's plotting evil against you for standing on the side of truth. As dem plenty reach, dem still dey fear you. Why? Because God Almighty is forever on your side. Rejoice!💃 #Saynotopaedophilia🚫

    1. Amen. Any pit they dug for you Iyabo there in they will fall in Jesus name.

  3. " The shame,the weeping ,the death and disgrace they plan for you will go back to them in million folds".
    You don't fight the truth, you will put to shame.

  4. They should leave her alone.

    The likes of Baba Ijesha will always support him, check their history/s, they have been violating minors but some parents are afraid to speak.

    God will protect Iyabo, amen.

  5. Their evil plans will boomerang hundred fold.

    Imagine, and these kinds of people like yomi and co will be expecting good governance in the country when the average citizen has such depth of wickedness.

    1. @ anon 11:51
      Even the spirits will be against them.
      Why you should stand for the truth and keep your minds and hearts clean.
      Whatever they plan will surly go back to them.

  6. They've gone the spiritual way for you ndo o

  7. Are you sure of what you are saying? This is a weighty allegation and you could be sued for it. I wish you God's protection if what you said is true.

    1. Go to her page and see the video one agbaya man did.

  8. Madam one week , one trouble!

    1. Follower of same'madam one week,one trouble'. Anywhere you hear her name,you can NEVER apply waka pass. You see her name online and your fingers develops epilepsy. Supporter of evil.

  9. She is doing well, like a trailblazer, a genuine person protecting the weak, as well as seeking justice for the abused. The daughter of Princess is not the only one, there are abused orphans, very young kids, with no one to speak for them, who are following this case and realising that someone is fighting for them and they are not alone anymore.

    Potential abusers are now rethinking their evil actions and realising it is not business as usual. Iyabo Ojo, if just one child is free from being molested or raped, then it is victory!

    Iyabo please continue,the Lord is with you, a lot of people are also with you supporting you however they can. The blessings upon you is divine, they are yea and Amen!

    You are doing well.

  10. Fear not, the truth will always prevail against evil.....

    1. How I watch how God is disgracing those that planned to bring me down.
      The funny thing is that they have become their own enemy and act like mad people.
      The thing made them blind not to see who their friends are as they are claiming that I'm their friend.
      I watching while making money.

  11. The rate at which people have lost their conscience is alarming!!! Grown men and women think that promoting evil is proper. I am just tired that men don't know that WE WILL BE JUDGED AFTER THIS LIFE!!! Madam please stand by the truth. Don't let these evil people scar you!!!


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