Stella Dimoko Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Steps Down


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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Steps Down



  1. This is the way it should be. These people are way ahead of us in this thing.
    They take their time to set up a business that will last years after they're gone

  2. wawu...congrats to the new ceo

    1. At Anon Dee Well said. Look at Tolu Elumelu, Jim Ovia and Dangote in our country!!!! SMH!!!

  3. You guys see the way Jeff just naturally stepped down.
    If it was here, for where stepdown fire.
    The reason is simply because these guys are futuristic and from the word go, they have made provisions for taking over in their businesses.
    Ordinary Church GO will pass on here and church will scatter, because of lack of structure.
    Most African businesses have no mission nor visio statement, hence the businesses die with the founders.

    1. Stop generalizing, we have the likes of Akintola Williams still waxing strong. Just say you don't know of the ones that their businesses have clear mission and vision.

    2. Anon.15:26
      Can you SEE how many of them you named, please climb down from your horse and stoop for knowledge !
      See, my assertion on the lack of business structures in Africa not even in Nigeria alone, is backed with too many facts.
      Even people with special skills in Africa don't even pass them on, they would rather take yheir skills to the grave.
      Hey !
      Go and ask around or you can research it yourself and come back to thank me.
      Ordinary neighborhood stores in well structured systems are passed on, from one generation to the other.
      Please feel free to throw this up, as a topic on any blog, responses will shock you to your narrow......

    3. so why bring church to this gist? is church a business? church founded on God and lead by the Holy spirit cannot scatter. the redeem was started by one who is not even related to adeboye and i know except God says so Adeboye will not ask his son to be the next GO...every little gist u lot will attack the church yet call yourselves Christians...these are some of the little foxes that spoil your vines and prevent some of you making progress in life...our words, actions and some things we do even behind closed doors God sees all

    4. You are still generalizing, doesn't make sense to do so. State the facts now, since you have "facts".

      FYI- It is marrow, not narrow.

    5. 16.28 👌👌

  4. You guys don't get it, so you have not heard of the way million of Churches are passed down to the immediate family members of the founders ?
    My problem with you guys submission is that, you keep picking one working example and say it is so across board.
    Hypocrisy is wicked, because we all know, once the father is a Pastor, the wife, sons and daughters must become a pastor too in Nigeria and Africa at large.
    All the Pastors that laboured with the founder after his demise, get to be automatically under the family of the founder in hierarchy and every other things.
    Is there structure in that system like that ?
    I just used the church as an example because this act is prevalent there.
    And this does not reduce my fellowship with my God in any way.
    You should rather fight for the religious leader to get knowledge on "handing over" and proper structuring of their system.
    And why didn't Christ hand over to his family members ?
    Not like they can't hand over to their family members, in some cases, where the family was totally involved, but it shouldn't just be the other of the day.
    I had to break this down, because you seemed to
    castigate my belief, because l used the church as an example.
    And your sentiment about the church is uncalled for, remember God does not dwell in churches and their mode of worship, rather God dwells in our hearts, your relationship with God is personal and not church.
    Church gatherings are places of coming together to lift up ourselves in fellowship.
    And again, African Pastors are the ones teaching the Western world Pastors on how to hand over to their family members these days, this is what l know.
    It is well.
    I am over and out.

    1. You better be over and out cos there is no point in this whole epistle you've written.

    2. @Celebrant-sentiments would not allow them see road.

    3. Sozaya, you sef think you see road? Smh.


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