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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Dr Freaks Journal - 'Deliver Us From Evil' Works All The Time

 This is a must read!!!

One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, "Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples." He said to them, "When you pray, say: "Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come... deliver us from evil..." -Luke 11, Holy Bible.

If I may ask, when last did you say the Lord's prayer?


For eleven months between 2015 and 2016 I had the rare privilege of working with a very wealthy but private businessman with vast interests in real estate and oil & gas, amongst others. 

Little or nothing is known about him in social and political circles, but he is loaded to the teeth. We enjoyed a very robust working relationship. Age difference could not deter us. Even though he is more than 30 years or more older but he was/is a friend in the real sense of it. We took business seriously and we indulged occasionally.

 I do not "eat outside" (that is in people's homes, part of my hard training) and this gave him serious concerns at the initial stage, but it later earned me his eternal respect. So, if I've ever eaten at yours before, you are indeed very (very) special.

We were so close but I never took water, let alone food at his throughout my stint as his Company Secretary.

Why the sermon?

Due to the sensitive nature of the jobs we were doing at the time, we moved around without a chauffeur in only one car, either in his or mine and naturally I became the unofficial chauffeur. You do not expect a 72-year-old to be driving me around everyday......

In November 2015, my client and I had travel to Benin for an important meeting and he decided to hire one of his mechanics to drive us down in his Hummer2. They picked me up from my house as early as 6.00am and the mechanic cum chauffeur and I exchanged pleasantries. It was a smooth trip to and fro.

 Throughout the entire duration of the trip I can't remember engaging the guy under reference in any form of conversation.
We returned to Lagos and they dropped me off at my home.

Few days later, after one of our numerous strategy sessions, my client dropped a bombshell. In a very subtle manner he stated that what he was about to tell me would shock me and that he wasn't meant to tell me but he was willing to bend his rules, for my sake.

He cleared his throat and started his narration. When they got back home after the Benin trip, the chauffeur sought his audience and began to say unpleasant things about me. Let me not bore you with details. Long and short, he tried to pollute his mind and pitch him against me. Let me digress a bit. This guy was/is a mechanic. I was/am a legal practitioner. We were two parallel lines. I can't take his place. He cannot take my place, at least it would have taken him over 17 years to get to where I was at the time (5 years in the University if he completed SS3 and passed UME, 1 at the Nigerian Law School and 10 years at the Bar), yet he saw me as a threat. He probably could not fathom why a 72-year-old man and a "big man" would be according me that level of respect at the time.

I have deliberately reserved this part of the story. My client was peculiar in the sense that he was a man of many parts. He is an Alhaji. He travels to Mecca for Umrah every year. He has read the Holy Bible over and over several times and dishes out scriptures effortlessly, attends church services and encouraged me to take my Christian faith more seriously. He was very versed in "Ifa!" I didn't/don't have any issues with his faith and beliefs. That was/is his private affair simpliciter.

 At that point, Alhaji for the first time informed me that he consulted and sought knowledge about me from "Ifa" on a daily basis and that "Ifa" had never revealed anything negative or untoward about me to him, so why would he believe the rubbish that was emanating from the mouth of a fool.

He further stated that he queried him about his source of information, to which he responded that it was based on "instincts." Alhaji informed me that he simply laughed and fired the mechanic forthwith.


The moral of this short story is that whenever you find yourself at the top or on your way to the top, "haters" will always emerge and the amazing part of it is that sometimes, most of them don't even know you and they don't even know why they are doing it, but you know what, when you wake up in the morning say the Lord's Prayer "...deliver us from evil..." It works!

Its Kunle!


  1. Thank you for this Mr Kunle. I have been in a dark place for a while now. I can't recall the last time I prayed talk more of saying the Lord' prayer. I will take out time to oray now. I pray these phase pass hastily! Grief and unfulfillment can cause depression! May God help us all ❤❤

    1. Amen o, still trying to recover from the shock of my life. Stopped going to church, keep asking why would God allow such to happen to me. But you know what, God knows everything. Will try and go to church tomorrow, 1st of August.

    2. Me too gotta learn the lords prayer again

    3. There's power in prayer.

  2. "The moral of this short story is that whenever you find yourself at the top or on your way to the top, "haters" will always emerge and the amazing part of it is that sometimes, most of them don't even know you and they don't even know why they are doing it, but you know what, when you wake up in the morning say the Lord's Prayer "...deliver us from evil..."

    We will pop champagne for your sake.
    Mehn,the last line loud gan.
    Devils are in human from .
    What do they do? They kill,steal and destroy(enemies of process).
    You know what? What is yours is yours.
    Thanks for this.

  3. That prayer is one powerful one, thank you Mr Kunle, I learn something new today

  4. Hmmmmm,nice piece . may God deliver us from evil o, the mecho is pure evil,as in why spoiling you to your boss, thank God for the kind of person your boss is, the mecho plan backfires ,

  5. Thank you Dr Freak for this beautiful post. I always look forward to reading your post every single day.I'v definitely learnt something new today. Thumbs up 👍

  6. You never disappoint,I have learn a great lesson today thanks.

  7. Princess Sarah31 July 2021 at 14:37

    Thank u Mr Kunle. Nice one to emulate.

  8. Another lesson. If you seek the downfall of another, your own downfall is right at your doorstep. This your story sweet me for belle.

  9. That's why some people blessings are unreachable.
    You pray for your own while you wish for another person downfall.
    I have experienced such and I watch those involved going down day by day.
    I don't know them,but they talk about me every minute to the existence they are crying.
    They have framed all sorts of stories using my name,I keep ignoring.
    They started interfering in my private life ,I keep ignoring.
    As in my presence is turning them mad and making them cry.
    I don't know you,why are you restless if not the demon spirit in you is tormenting you.
    Whatever you wish others should go back to you in thousand folds.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful post

  11. I like this story. It’s so sad that a man will be meeting his fellow man once and all his instinct will be telling him is evil evil. Ok, he thought the evil niyen o, fine, he didn’t leave it there, he had to tender the unfounded feeling /story to discourage Kunle’s helper! Human heart is desperately wicked! But God cannot be mocked, he reap what he sowed in no time. God punish devil!

  12. "Perceived enemy"

    The mechanic instinct is a rotten one. He perceived you as an enemy even when you don't have any business with him.

    Even in real life, on this blog. Some people judge people just by reading their comments. They label people liars or boastful. They won't give you a chance to prove yourself.

    Your experience is everyday life pattern. May God never shame us.

    Nice write up as usual.

  13. Honestly Mr Kunle, your writing style is really good. Always a delight to read your piece.
    This piece is a powerful lesson for everyone
    1. The power that God's word the bible has, we access this power through prayer

    2. We shouldn't plot anyone's downfall

  14. Beautiful piece... Thanks sir

  15. Best piece have read so far👍👍👍.. fact and true...

  16. I like your ethics of not eating outside your home. Keep it up 👍

  17. Thank God I read this piece.

  18. Deliver me from all evil baba God. Amen.

  19. So much lesson from this post. So much Uncle Kunle. I'll probably stop eating at people's place 😁.

    But what is more intriguing for me is the Character of this Boss of yours...

    Wealthy and yet low key, this is so much my desire as a person and even more a spiritual man!

    I can't seem to wrap my head around his personality though. One would think that once a non Christian reads the Bible they'd be converted and yet this man you said has read through it more than once.

    I know this life is deep Sha, this man is a mystery and I think I should take my life more seriously and my spirituality too.

    Thanks for this post Sir, always a delight to read your posts.

  20. Thanks a lot for sharing. This is so true.

  21. This right here is my prayer every time i'm going to a place for the first time, anyone that will see me as an enemy should be unavoidable absent........
    Nice write up.

  22. I look forward to your post always!
    I love this piece in particular
    Deliver me from evil lord now & always ��


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