Stella Dimoko How Wives Can Demonstrate Value To Their Husbands..


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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

How Wives Can Demonstrate Value To Their Husbands..

 These are 9 ways by which wives can demonstrate their value to their husbands. 


At Recharge Conference 2021, Global Impact Church, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, the founding and lead Pastor of David's Christian Centre, spoke to the singles. He told them that there is only one word they need to know as individuals, and that word is 'VALUE.' All you need is value if you want to attract the right spouse. He explained that money is omnipresent, but we are not yet assigning enough value to it.

Going to the Bible, the man of God said that there are a lot of women who added value. Rebecca, Ruth and Naomi were three women who added value in the Bible. While Rebecca got her husband from the value she gave herself, Ruth added value by not leaving Naomi like Oprah did.

For the married ladies, Using the story of Abigail who was in her second marriage, the man of God discussed 9 ways by which wives can demonstrate their value to their husbands. 

They are

1. Being A Helper

The man of God revealed that the first lesson for women to remember is to be a helper just like how Abigail acted as a supporter. They were coming to kill her entire house, as well as Nabal's entire family, and she had heard about it and responded promptly. As a woman, you are meant to be a helper because the purpose of God creating woman in the first place was to assist. He didn't create them to be lovely, but to help. "Men are not like women in that they are very focused. Women have the ability to multitask, whereas men are typically one-directional. Don't be frightened to lend a helping hand", he said

2. Being homely

The man of God, informed women that men require domestic support at all times just like how Abigail did. Men can act as domestic terrorists by dispersing throughout the house. God has given women the power to manage their homes, he stated, and he warned them not to let society push them too far away from it. Don't try to be men; you are better than men. The devil is attempting to convince you that you are on par with men. If you try to be equal to men, you will be degraded by feminism.

3. Being Discrete

He advised them that just like how Abigail has discretion, they should also be discrete. He said that It is not every time you discuss issues and advised them that timing is very important if they are dealing with men. Men are not like you. Women talk and think at the same time, men don't talk and think at the same time. Men need time to think. Understanding the power of timing.

4. Being Respectful

Women, you need to realise that men like respect. In my years of counselling", he said. He revealed that the number one complain of all men is that their wives doesn't respect them. Men equate all problem in their marriage to disrespect. In Ephesians 5, God gave women an important tip about men. He admonished them to respect him and submit to him.

5. Appeal To His Reasoning

He advised women never to appeal to the emotions of If they are negotiating with them, instead they should appeal to their logic. He urged Ladies to stop treating men like women. "Don't always share it the way it is doing you, repackage it the way it will appeal to him", he said. Abigail appeal to his logic and not to his emotions. She spoke to him in a language he would understand.

6. Know his vision

When Abigail met David, she was telling David about God's plan for his life. He however advised ladies, whether single or married, that if they are relating with any man, they should talk about his future, talk about his life and also about what God is doing in his life.

7. Pray for him.

As Abigail prayed for David, the man of God advised women to pray for their husband instead of fighting him. Ask him what are your dreams and let him know that you are praying about the dream. Men are selfish, they will be excited that somebody is praying for them.

8. Don't ignore his friends

According to the man of God, the friends are the board of trustees. His buddies must vote whenever he is going to make a decision, good or bad. Pray for his friends and for the individuals that are around him. You can tell a lot about a person by the people he hangs out with. Ascertain that he has good and godly friends who will motivate him, as well as that you are aware of and respect those friends.

9. Learn the art of subtle marketing

He advised women against being too serious "They've not close church, you have left. Surely goodness and mercy, you are already in your car. Hang around, let people see you. Don't be desperate but be available", he said


  1. How can husbands demonstrate value to their wives?

    Abeg enough of the rules and regulations for women/wives.

    1. Only the wise wives apply wisdom in managing their homes and it comes from God alone.

      May God help us. Amen

      Good piece.

    2. Hello Sandra,

      Lady Stella has been posting messages to men/husbands by this same Pastor to the applause of female BVs and quietness from Male BVs.

      Just one for wives, all the kitchen shelves, plates and utensils are pulled down by you.

      Take it easy.

      I enjoy your sense of humour and wittiness however.

    3. That hang around after church no be me atall atall.

  2. "Pray for him but not fight him..."
    He is talking to those ladies that will
    write chronicles and tell us not to tell them to watch war room.

  3. This is a very good piece... highly enlightening and would be very helpful to those ladies who whose to apply it to their relationships/marriages..

  4. He isn't saying anything farfetched. We all must learn to regulate ourselves. Value isn't just financial, a peaceful home will add decades to ones years on this earth.

  5. Marriage is hard on women mehn!

  6. What is true feminism? Because I still don't get what number 2 have to do with it.

    And who will pray for the women? Because they need it the most.

    1. Sigh it is exhausting...women are supposed to be robots with endless energy to do ALL. All men have to do is exist😥.

  7. Abigal this Abigail that, she did these things when she was still Nabals wife. Abegeee Bathsheba(the adultress wet marry her husband killer) was still be the love of him life. Her pikin come still be king after David. What of Abigail the virtuous wife pikin, wetin Abigail gain??? Just get extraordinary beauty your own son set forget all this yarn.

  8. I love the number five,I learnt from it👌👌


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