Stella Dimoko Mrs Dees Corner - Health Challenges Triggered By Environment


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Friday, July 09, 2021

Mrs Dees Corner - Health Challenges Triggered By Environment

Some health challenges are not only caused by what we eat or genetics. Sometimes, they are triggered by the environment we live in.

I was born in Lagos, and spent the first ten years of my life here. My mum would always complain that Lagos did not suit her body and I would be wondering why she was certain it was linked with her location. Whenever she sweated and the sweat dried up, traces of fine salt would be everywhere on her skin.

 Yes you heard me right, salt!!!

She insisted that the salty water in Lagos played a major role on why she was passing out salt through her skin. I knew it was not from ingesting too much salt because our food was always moderately salted .

Few years later, we relocated to the East and she never experienced the issue again.

My mum is not the only one, the four years I spent in school was tough on me because of constant runny nose. I always had a handkerchief wherever I went and it was always soaked through and dripping from too much sneezing and catarrh.

 No medication helped.

I was always filled with trepidation when school session began and free from runny nose when at home. The doctor I complained to ascertained I was allergic to the environment and there was nothing tangible he could do.

These allergies triggered by the environment may manifest in other ways and It's best to tow the path of a change of environment to see if it abates.


  1. Yes I work in a clinic and one thing we noticed is that a lot of people have mold in their houses without knowing it and it leads to a lot of allergies which make life very uncomfortable. Some will even say it’s a spiritual attack. People pls try to do thorough spring cleaning at least 3 times a year. Move all the pictures and things hanging on the wall and clean behind. Also try and clean out ur AC filters and wipe ur fans. Makes a lot of difference

  2. Growing up in Nigeria, I never even knew what allergies were. I moved to the UK and gbam hay fever started. Spring and summer are not funny at all.

    1. I can relate anonymous, my children from one drowning nose the other red rashes like, i myself was diagnosed of Sarcoidosis, my face skin and eyes is always red.

  3. Black soot in port harcourt, that causes wide spread respiratory challenges for the residents.

    1. That black spot is a really big problem in Port Harcourt. My mum travelled for 2 months and when she came back,her house was filled with thick black soot! Despite all the windows being locked. And children are breathing all that in. God will help us.

  4. Poster you are not lying! I used to have serious runny nose, watery eyes when I was in my home country. I used to take antihistamines everyday! I live abroad now and it all vanished, guess it was definitely my environment back home


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