Stella Dimoko OAP Nedu Laments On Backbiting And Slandering In His 'Industry'


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Sunday, July 11, 2021

OAP Nedu Laments On Backbiting And Slandering In His 'Industry'

 On Air personality Nedu made a rant post about how dangerous his industry has become....

Nedu is into a lot of hustles so it is difficult to pin point which Industry he is referring to..  Is it the Radio Industry? The skit Business? Comedy industry? Or could he be referring to the Entertainment Industry in general?


  1. Bros,rant with receipts or names or let it be

  2. It's everywhere actually. You will know those that backbite from what they tell you about others

    1. They are those that have no values in them.
      Their clients are always those that are better than them.
      I have them around here,and men for that matter.

    2. Na men dey gossip pass

  3. Replies
    1. As in. I work in a ftse100 company in the UK and if I talk wetin my eye don see ehn!! Add racism to the mix of the slandering and backbiting, then you can imagine. I continue to give my best and remain professional though.

    2. @ anon: 15;24
      Focus on what you came for.
      Don't give up because of them.

  4. Na dem sabi .

  5. It's 'Common' even in the household of God

  6. Hahaha Stella Jeweluchi you know he is referring to the entertainment industry, and everything you mentioned falls under it.

  7. It's everywhere bro, not just entertainment industry.

  8. It's here I know that backbiting get level,as in it is some people's daily business.
    Have been in this area for years for surprises me how those you don't know from anywhere or have ever had anything to do with will sit their lazy ass 'dey chook mouth' for another person life since I entered this area.
    I have never seen this kind of backbiting ,i dont think is ordinary.


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