Stella Dimoko Philanthropist Tonto Dike Preaches About Leveraging On Controversy..


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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Philanthropist Tonto Dike Preaches About Leveraging On Controversy..

The Former Controversial ex actress is teaching people how Controversy works.... She should know better! 

Me - smiling at my Controversial days.... 



My only problem with CONTROVERSY is we Defuse it rather than USE IT..
Controversy is neither good nor bad and can either Make or break you..
To grow above and beyond controversy you will need to reach your breaking point to understand your strength, Your worth, Your Value and your Life essence.
Controversy can be leveraged for your own good.

Controversy is an Energy Source for
I believe if life gives you lemon you better make the greatest Lemonade and throw a party to Share...
I have been down but never stayed down..
I have failed 100times but Am not a failure cause every fail was a lesson & every stone threw at me was an Object to Add to My Development..
There is an ANGER that comes with pain and controversy that can be converted into YOUR ELEVATION.


  1. She said it all,tanks to God for d woman u are today, more grace.

    Ada ohafia

    1. Hmmm! Biko Stella, did you just call Tonto a Philanthropist? 😂😂🤣! Stella, you must be taking something in that your Obodo country that is affecting your thoughts !!! Who dash am Philanthropist? Guess this your néw friendship with her is on another flattery level!!!

    2. Hmmm! Biko Stella, did you just call Tonto a Philanthropist? 😂😂🤣! Stella, you must be taking something in that your Obodo country that is affecting your thoughts !!! Who dash am Philanthropist? Guess this your néw friendship with her is on another flattery level!!!

    3. Anon 19:16, I thought I was the only one that noticed. I even commented a while back but Stella didn’t print my comments. Ever heard Warren Buffet, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James and The Gates Family among other real philanthropists refer to themselves as philanthropists? Oprah built a girls school in SA and has put many of the firsts through college in America, with millions of dollars😄 Why are we this way? A woman with no discernible source of income is now a philantropist from the largesse of her looter men friends. Then we complain about how bad nigeria is. We know how those the world considers philantropists got money. Btw these glorified runs babes think they are successful at what age like the rich fool in the Bible. Successful doing what? Please point out your vocation or business. Some association then invites her give empty motivational talk and she thinks she is “successful” because of her account balance today!
      Dear Stella, it’s human to have favorites as I have favorites like Adesua and Banky, Ihuoma & Ibrahim Sulaiman, Chimamanda Adichie etc. Adesua & Banky whose testimony every TTC woman on this blog should watch on YouTube was something I actually thought Stella would carry and use in encouraging her TTC audience. You rarely feature them and yesterday or so I saw Ihuoma & Ibrahim Sulaiman and their cute boy. You never feature Kemi Adetiba, a hard working director of successful movies but seem to prefer the runs babes and the open breasted ones.

      Is there a reason? No matter how many times you try to shove this weed smoking runs babe, she is not a role model for Nigerian youths and will never be, what with the likes of Chimamanda Adichie, Adesua that graduated with a first class in Wolverhampton and her husband an Engineering graduate turned musician & entrepreneur who financed WizKid out of poverty, you didn’t emphasize for your TTC audience that both went through IVF, that he uses his platform and resources to support Lekki food bank, cancer foundations and so on.

      Where is Tonto’s evidence of her philanthropy. Servicing powerful men isn’t philantropy. We know what it’s called. The favoritism towards certain faces is too glaring. Our youths need a role model not a runs model. My opinion, not any other person’s. No abuse please as I’m sure Stella gets what I’m saying

    4. Stella actually featured Bank and Adesua's TTC story here so please get your facts right.

      As for Tonto, whatever seed we sow will eventually germinate.

  2. So proud of Tonto. I’ve been on her case when she took part in that Movie Stars competition & came second.,young fair & pretty , d days of Encomium. No body holy pass. Wish u well, my girl.

  3. Replies
    1. Amazon😍 good to geah from you, l really missed you here

  4. 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺use these to put that your "beverage"


  6. Wait oo, did she give a TED talk???

    1. YES she gave a wonderful TED talk… More wins Tonto God’s got you girl!

    2. You can clearly see TEDX behind her and you are still asking JAMB question.

  7. I agree with the last line

  8. Anonymous. 22.29
    You are a very bitter person . Is Adesua the first person in life to graduate with first classs. If Banky that cheats on his wife is your role model,he is not mine. People tend to change everyday . Tonto is a changed person that this change is giving alot of you headache. You cannot curse one God has blessed . What has your Kemi Adetiba done for the society . Who and who has she helped. Tonto has a foundation and she is using it well. Forget how it is funded,if its with her kpekus. Let only God be her judge

  9. Some people just hate it when people make it without school but i know they would have liked that too. Lol.

  10. All these haters want is for Tonto to continue in controversy but intentionally feigning ignorance that d only constant thing in life is change. In my holy book, with d exception of JESUS , every other person that did amazingly well, was a sinner, including King David whose lineage JESUS came from. If u don’t know d story , go read ur Bible like a novel . All of us on earth, including U are sinners b4 GOD. Tonto has worked on her self tremendously & naturally has a sweet , humane heart. U know it but hate to accept it. I wasn’t her fan but now i am.

  11. Anon 6:56
    I reject bitterness in Jesus name. This is why many people do not comment. You accused Buhari but you are not different when you post with abuse.
    I’m not coming back for garbage but my point is that in civilized societies, “Philantropist” is NOT a prefix especially with no known source of income and no details of the philanthropic deeds.
    I’m not against anyone without college education and some of the best known philantropists who by the way don’t wear the title like Bill Gates, did not finish college.

    Insulting me by calling my children’s age group Adesua my role model is 😄 to me. I actually forward materials online from her and her born again Banky to young adults I mentor here. They are professionals making 6 figure (multimillionaires by Nigerian standard & naira value) with Fortune 500 who love WhizKid, know he helped “discover him”and will at least listen to the gospel through Banky & his wife.
    Stop your insults, you will be suprised at many who post anonymously. I wasn’t in Naija when Banky was younger or different and if I was I would still be proud of his achievements as an Engineering grad from Rensselaer, a music genius with a heart who, though he doesn’t boast helped discover the genius in WhizKid! I’m proud of his heart for God & family now. I have no human idol, just people I admire, younger or older.

    I wasn’t judging your idol. I just mentioned the need to put out role models whose Source of Income we know. If we cannot then it’s very bad, as Invictus, Hushpuppi and so on we’re not brought to justice in Nigeria which is very indicative of the mentality of “who cares what the source of income is”.
    They were celebrated in Nigeria while American justice got them. He even bribed his way to Forbes Africa. Nigeria will try to corrupt angels if possible so giving a talk at any Nigerian forum could mean anything, it does not legitimize your source of income or validate your “success”.

    Why complain about politicians banning Twitter when you try to ban contrary views by insulting those you don’t know? I insist we need the likes of Chimamanda, Adesua, Banky, Kemi, Okonjo, Olabisi Boyle in charge of Hyundai Electric Vehicle in America plus many unknown people like them as role models for different age groups simply because we know their journey and their SOURCE of income. If the source of income does not matter, let the dance floor open wider and let the looting continue in Nigeria🥂🍾. That’s what it means when the source of income does not matter. I apologize I didn’t see any prolonged celebration of the TTC journey. I saw a post. I see your idol everyday on the blog. I may have missed it.

    However saying someone’s husband sleeps around is unkind and the wrong tense. There is a past tense and a present tense with every human being who is saved. I expect you to know that was in his past. I’m sure you won’t like to be judged on your past especially as it comes with the terrain of being a non gospel musician on a forum Chivido20 was celebrated before the break up. He didn’t have baby mamas! I read about the ones with 4,6, etc baby mamas.

    I have only been insulted a couple of times on this blog. I’m sure Stella will prefer us login from here as she is a businesswoman🙂. Learn how to be civil in public discourse! There is a reason certain posts and posters are banned on global SM.


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